Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Sneak Attack

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With a “bang”, the car door was slammed shut, and Jian Chi fell down on the soft leather seat of the car. He stood up to open the door regardless of the pain of the bump, but only one second later, the driver quickly locked all the doors and windows and the car started to drive straight in the direction of leaving Sanston.

Jian Chi reluctantly pulled the door handle, repeatedly until his wrist became sore, and he couldn’t help shaking. Shao Xianhua, who was silent from beginning to end, sat upright at the other end of the back seat, until Jian Chi was exhausted, and then he spoke loudly in the closed car: “Don’t do this useless work, relax, I won’t do anything to you.”

“What do you want to do?” Jian Chi pressed close to the car door, staring at Shao Xianhua’s profile, not daring to be distracted for a moment, “Where are you taking me? Mr. Shao, this is kidnapping, you know? “

These words from Jian Chi’s uneasy heart sounded like a child playing at home to Shao Xianhua. He said ‘ha’, and when he raised his eyebrows, there was a sharpness that often appeared in Shao Hang’s eyes, but it was more majestic and even more dignified, restrained, sophisticated and frightening.

“There’s still an hour,” Shao Xianhua said. “I didn’t want to hurt you, but if you insist on resisting, I have to take some special counter measures.”

As for what ‘special counter measures’ mean, don’t even think about it. .

The narrow space in the back made it difficult for Jian Chi to breathe. This unknown, completely oppressed fear was even worse than the previous kidnapping, “What an hour?”

“In an hour, the car will stop at the entrance of the Shao house. When we arrive at that time, I don’t want to see the same thing happen again, and don’t try to escape.” Shao Xianhua turned his head and glanced at Jian Chi’s vigilant face. 

“You have to tell me what you are doing in the first place. I don’t think I have offended you or the Shao family.”

“You know why.”

After Shao Xianhua finished saying this, he turned his eyes to the scenery outside the window. The weather became gloomy for some reason, just like the suppressed air in the car, “Shao Hang said unkind words due to you and contradicted me. This is not the first time this kind of thing had happened. He had always had a bad temper and was not disciplined, but this was the first time he had declared war against his father for others.”

It’s hard to hear a father’s evaluation of his son. When Shao Xianhua said the word ‘bad’, he couldn’t hear the disappointment at all, as if he was talking about a stranger who had nothing to do with him.

Ironically, his only emotionally charged word was ‘declaring war’.

‘Father’ fell into Jian Chi’s ears with boundless irony. He clearly remembered the day when Shao Hang was alone in the piano room and got drunk, leaning all his weight on him, and when he talked about his father, his face was sullen and self-deprecating, a deep-seated disgust, and a deep-seated disappointment that didn’t want to be noticed.

“So what? Does this have anything to do with you kidnapping me?”

There was no hidden object in the words, so Shao Xianhua looked directly at Jian Chi for the first time since he got in the car. It’s scary, him looking at Jian Chi, “Shao Hang’s contradiction this time is not a simple joke. I also know for the first time that my son has been fascinated by an unknown person at some point, not knowing right and wrong. Meeting today, I invite you as a father to be a guest at the Shao house, and along the way, persuade Shao Hang to make him realize his mistake.”

Guest, persuade.

Jian Chi understood everything, but couldn’t help but want to laugh. Of course he was afraid of Shao Xianhua, a man who was completely different from him, and could even step on him easily. But Jian Chi couldn’t hold back his anger that scurried in his chest irregularly, “You don’t want to bow your head, so you forcibly entrusted this task to me? What you want is not reconciliation, but to make Shao Hang realize his mistake. With all due respect , Mr. Shao, did he really contradict you for no reason, or did you also make mistakes that you don’t want to admit?”

In an instant, Shao Xianhua’s eyes were terrifyingly gloomy, and Jian Chi had no doubt that if he hadn’t had value at this moment, Shao Xianhua would have ‘handled’ him without hesitation. In just a moment, the danger disappeared from Shao Xianhua’s face.

“You can refuse, turn around and go back now. Maybe you can catch up with the afternoon class.”

Jian Chi was not happy at all, but there was a drum in his heart. Shao Xianhua’s kindness was like turbulent waves under the calm waves, a new brewing conspiracy.

As predicted.

“However, I also have to change my mind and have the people squatting at the door of Jian Chengchao’s laundry do something,” Shao Xianhua said, “I’m sure you don’t want to see that picture.”

His heart tightened suddenly, and Jian Chi almost jumped out of his seat. He got up, but the reality was that he could only stare at Shao Xianhua’s calm face angrily. When his anger reached a critical value, it sank like a punctured balloon, filled with bitterness and powerlessness.

“Okay,” Jian Chi said, “I’ll do as you say.”

He suddenly remembered something irrelevant.

Zhang Yang once said that Wei An discredited many people in HS, including political rumors about Shao Hang’s father, saying that Shao Xianhua paid bribes to cover up, which was unclean, and a rumor that had not had time to spread was immediately exchanged for severe punishment. Jian Chi heard preconceived sympathy for Shao Hang’s father at the beginning, but at this moment, most of Jian Chi’s grudge against Wei An had dissipated. Compared with the petty troubles in school, every word of Shao Xianhua was real oppression and reality. Jian Chi knew that the danger was hanging over his head, and Shao Xianhua could cut the rope at any time, and he would plummet.

The car drove smoothly into the courtyard, and Jian Chi got out of the car and followed behind Shao Xianhua, all the way silently and without any resistance. Shao Xianhua didn’t seem to regard him as a threat, or he was too confident in himself that he was too lazy to distract himself. He walked through the huge Chinese-style courtyard into the bedroom on the third floor, and stopped in front of the closed door.

“Do not let me down.”

He patted Jian Chi’s shoulder lightly, showing his first smile since today, like a kind elder caring for his younger generation. Jian Chi felt a chill.

“Get lost, don’t bother me.”

As soon as the door was opened, a ceramic ornament smashed hard on the wall a foot away from Jian Chi. The sudden power made Jian Chi’s body stiff for a moment, then the silence seemed to spread. Shao Hang, who was out of control, noticed that it was unusual, and the moment he raised his head, the dark and scarlet eyes in his eyes were frozen.

He couldn’t believe what he saw.

Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat without warning. The last time he met with Shao Hang dates back to before he was kidnapped off the ship by Bai Shuyun. The large blank memory in the middle made Jian Chi unable to immediately pair the gloomy teenager to be associated with the arrogant Shao Hang in his memory.

He was like a trapped beast that had fallen into violence and was out of control due to injury. He made a sound to resist the threat of the intruder. When his eyes were fixed on Jian Chi’s face, a beam of light ignited in Shao Hang’s eyes, he walked towards Jian Chi quickly, and made a hoarse confirmation.

“Jian Chi?”

“It’s me,” perhaps because of the cold-blooded Shao Xianhua, or because Shao Hang couldn’t hide his sorry appearance, Jian Chi had a faint sense of guilt and discomfort, “It’s your father… He brought me here.”

Shao Hang’s bloodshot eyes swept Jian Chi from head to toe. Confirming that he was safe and unharmed, his sharp eyes drooped, and the sharp thorns all over his body were also at this moment, closed up, domesticated. He held Jian Chi’s wrist, rubbed the pulp of his fingers lightly on his skin, bent his spine, and rested his chin on Jian Chi’s shoulder, “Why did you come here?” 

The dull voice revealed inexplicable grievance, and pressed against his earlobe, Jian Chi had shudder.


“You don’t have to hide it from me, he forced you here, right?”

Jian Chi froze slightly, fell silent for a long time, and let out a tired sigh: “Yes, your father took me from school. He wants me to do ideological work for you, and insisted that you made a mistake because of me.”

“You don’t have to take his words to heart, he had always been disgusting,” Shao Hang’s voice that flowed into his eardrum was cold, “After you disappeared, I tried to use my strength to find you, but his spy saw and reported it. He doesn’t care about me, but he wants to control me. I had a fight with him, and was smashed in the arm with an ashtray. He was angry that he was stabbed in the foot by me, and he was so angry that he simply locked me here.”

Perhaps the commonality of families with money was the implementation of confinement that only exists in feudal society. Jian Chi was startled when he heard it, and looked down at Shao Hang’s arm subconsciously, “Is it seriously injured?”

Shao Hang pushed up his sleeve, and the large bruises on his forearm were shocking. There were two unhealed wounds, the marks drawn by the broken ashtray revealed the strength of Shao Xianhua’s attack.

Jian Chi felt that his arm was also hurting. He couldn’t tell whether it was accusation or concern: “Why don’t you take some medicine?”

In Jian Chi’s ear, he lowered his voice: “It won’t hurt if you kiss it.”

As soon as Jian Chi, who was full of guilt, heard this, he couldn’t help slapping Shao Hang’s outstretched arm, but when it landed, he couldn’t bear it in his heart. He bypassed the bruise, gritted his teeth and said, “Can you be more serious at this time?”

“Didn’t you come to save me? Why did you add new injuries to me?”

Shao Hang looked painful, brows furrowed, unable to part for a long time. Jian Chi thought that he had accidentally hit his injured place just now. As soon as he lowered his head to check, he was kissed on the cheek. When he was astonished, he raised his head, and a kiss from Shao Hang immediately fell on his lips. Holding the back of Jian Chi’s head with one hand, he did not lose his strength at all. After reacting, Jian Chi bit Shao Hang’s tongue angrily, forcibly ending the short kiss.


This time it seemed like it was really hurting. Shao Hang wiped his lower lip and looked at the blood remaining on the back of his hand, but the corners of his lips curved upwards. The gloom of just now was swept away. “It’s amazing. After kissing the arm, the pain is gone, but it started to hurt again. Can you kiss it again?”

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