Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Retaliation

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This time, Jian Chi patted Shao Hang’s injured place without mercy, and pulled out his wrist, “I think you are doing well here, you don’t need my help, I’ll go first.”

Jian Chi was not truly leaving. According to Shao Xianhua’s attitude along the way, he would not be able to be sent back to school safely if he did not complete the task. He wondered if Zhang Yang noticed what he meant and told Ji Huaisi the matter. But Jian Chi didn’t want to pin all his hopes on Ji Huaisi, so he sat back and waited for someone else’s rescue with Shao Hang.

The indifferent words helped Shao Hang to restrain himself from being serious, but the smile at the corner of his mouth did not weaken. He walked to the bedside, his voice as loose as his sitting posture: “What did he tell you on the way?”

“He wants me to persuade you to admit your mistake and apologize to him.” Jian Chi frowned. Shao Hang admitting defeat was the best choice at the moment, but when he recalled that the object of apology was Shao Xianhua, who didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong, Jian Chi felt a little suffocated for Shao Hang. 

When more hated people appear, the originally hated people become less hated. Now, he and Shao Hang were teammates on the same front, which made Jian Chi feel a little bit of subtlety that he didn’t know where to start.

Shao Hang sneered, “Apologize? He thinks too  well, I can never apologize to him.”

The absoluteness in the words made Jian Chi’s heart move slightly, but soon, he considered more realistic issues: “Then what are you going to do? What should I do?”

Jian Chi didn’t think there was anything wrong with this question, but Shao Hang locked him with his eyes, dark light in his sharp eyes flickered several times, then was finally replaced by a brighter and more tenacious look.

“Jian Chi, how about we elope?”

Shao Hang’s mouth still had a smirk on his lips when he said this, but he was less condescending. Even his posture, expression, and his all kinds of past made it difficult for Jian Chi to equate him with seriousness, but at this moment, Jian Chi clearly felt the seriousness of Shao Hang when he uttered the word ‘elope’.

Shao Hang seemed to have changed a lot after not seeing each other for a long time. Jian Chi couldn’t say anything specific, or give an intuitive example, he just felt that Shao Hang didn’t use the word ‘what is it’ from the past, nor would he do such a contemplation.

A month of confinement had smoothed out the protruding edges and corners of Shao Hang’s body, and the restrained and calm part of his bones had been stimulated. For a moment, Jian Chi even saw a bit of Shao Xianhua’s shadow on his face.

No matter how disgusting it was, it was impossible to escape the power of blood, but it was precisely because of disgust that Shao Hang’s inherited part abandoned Shao Xianhua’s disgusting unscrupulousness and arrogance, leaving behind the composure between a boy and a man. Jian Chi looked at Shao Hang for a long time, then realized that he had not answered yet, but he was less firm after the rebuttal he had planned to say.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I’m serious.”

Shao Hang flipped out of bed and took a few steps to the window. It was a casement window overlooking half of the courtyard. Pushing it, the window was not locked. He turned his head and said to the stunned Jian Chi, “If you want to escape from this room, you only need to have feet.”

“Then why didn’t you escape before?” Jian Chi’s question blurted out.

“How do you know I haven’t tried it,” Shao Hang turned around and leaned against the window with his arms against his chest, “Escape from the room is not difficult, but leaving this house is the hardest. From a long distance, you can see a group of guards standing at the door. Relying on me alone, I can’t climb the wall and I can’t beat them.”

Shao Hang admitted with an unhappy last sentence.

Jian Chi said, “If you can’t fight, I can’t fight even more.”

Shao Hang laughed out loud, walked over, and pinched Jian Chi’s earlobe, “How could I let you fight? Who would be responsible for the injury?” 

Just as Jian Chi was about to say ‘it’s not you anyway’, Shao Hang showed a reluctant expression, “It’s not impossible for me.”


“Okay, let’s get serious.” Shao Hang let go of his hand immediately, stopping a second before Jian Chi ‘vented his anger’, with a half-smile that was not a smile. He seemed to have figured out the rules, and Jian Chi even wondered if Shao Hang had gotten smarter during the time he was locked up. If Shao Hang heard this, he would probably answer ‘I’ve always been smart’.

“It’s difficult for one person, two people are different. We can go out over the wall, just like last time.” Shao Hang said the last sentence ambiguously, Jian Chi knew what he was thinking, and his temples jumped twice.

“I can’t go with you.” 

The opening was a refusal.

Jian Chi remembered the threat of Shao Xianhua in the car, and his chest and voice became stuffy: “My family will be in danger.” 

As soon as the voice fell, Shao Hang’s eyes instantly sharpened, “He is controlling uncle?”

Jian Chi was silent and nodded.

Silence spread in the air, solidifying a little. The real problems were in front of him, and the imagination became vulnerable. The corners of Shao Hang’s lips pursed tightly, suppressing the violence and taunting of Shao Xianhua’s shameless methods. He rubbed his hair and sat beside the bed. Jian Chi felt the familiar powerlessness again, and whispered, “Shao Hang, now…” 

As soon as he uttered the words, Shao Hang suddenly stood up, it took only half a minute for him to sit down and stand up. Jian Chi was taken aback. He watched Shao Hang come to the front with an unfathomable smile, leaned close to his ear, his voice low and powerful: “I have an idea, do you want to hear it?”

Jian Chi had no right to refuse because Shao Hang had already gone on. Every word formed a sentence and floated into his ears, Jian Chi’s heart beat faster and faster, he looked at Shao Hang’s profile, “Won’t you be found out?”

Shao Hang chuckled, showing a bit of arrogant confidence, “Just trust me.”

At this moment, Jian Chi realized that Shao Hang, who was so arrogant, was not so annoying.

The sound insulation of the door could not resist the movement of heavy objects hitting the wall, mixed with a few manic roars. After a moment of silence, the door slammed open, and Jian Chi was pushed out involuntarily. Just after uttering the word ‘Shao’, Shao Hang’s cold voice revealed a strong threat: “Go away, don’t appear in front of me again.”

Jian Chi covered the shoved arm and the door in front of him slammed shut, almost hitting the tip of his nose. Jian Chi froze for a few seconds before recovering from the horror. He turned around and Shao Xianhua’s figure walked out from the next room. Behind him was a man, who was the man in the suit who had pushed Jian Chi into the car earlier.

In order to avoid being suspected, Jian Chi glanced at him and hurriedly looked away, and said in a low voice, “Mr. Shao, I can’t persuade Shao Hang.” 

Shao Xianhua’s eyes glanced at his injured arm, it was unclear if he believed him: “What’s his attitude?”

“Unwilling to apologize,” Jian Chi said truthfully, “I don’t think he wants to see me.”


This was an intriguing voice.

Jian Chi guessed that Shao Xianhua was definitely not that easy to fool, and there was some unspeakable embarrassment on his face, which was quickly covered up by him, but Jian Chi knew that Shao Xianhua would definitely pay attention, “You know Shao Hang’s temper better than me, if he decided something, how can he be persuaded by an outsider like me?”

“An outsider? He won’t plead and start conflicts for an outsider. I know a lot more than you think, don’t play these little tricks.”

“Then you should also know, Shao Hang and I have nothing to do with each other for a long time now,” Jian Chi summoned up the courage to look directly at Shao Xianhua’s scrutiny, “I did have some misunderstandings with Shao Hang before, and we had crossed paths, but since I am with another, Shao Hang hated it. If you don’t believe me, you can go and investigate again. There are even rumors in the school that Shao Hang wants to harm me, although not to that extent, but it’s about the same.” 

It’s easy to detect a lie but if there is truth within the lie, it made Jian Chi almost believe it.

Taking advantage of Shao Xianhua’s free time of contemplation, Jian Chi showed his life’s acting skills, and lowered his eyes as if he was in a huge struggle, “Mr. Shao, I know you won’t let me go easily, I can try again for the last time and have a good chat with Shao Hang, but if it still ends like this, I can’t do anything about it.”

Even if Shao Xianhua had a lot of power, he also had the common problem that most high-ranking people have, contempt for the weak and undefended. Jian Chi saw that Shao Xianhua was a person who was extremely confident in his personal abilities. From the neglect of him when he got out of the car, from the windows that were not locked for Shao Hang, it could be seen that Shao Xianhua did not take them seriously at all. Being in a high position for too long made everyone look like an ant to them.

It was normal for Jian Chi to show weakness to him. It was difficult for anyone to maintain the toughness at the beginning after experiencing kidnapping, threats to their relatives, and physical injuries. Shao Xianhua thought about it in an instant, and the smile seemed very hypocritical in Jian Chi’s eyes, “You just need to do what you can, don’t worry, Shao Hang sometimes just talks hard and doesn’t do the same in his heart. Try again, maybe there will be some effect.”

“Then my dad…”

“The people had been removed,” Shao Xianhua said, “don’t worry, I don’t want to hurt anyone, as long as you do what I say, nothing will happen.”

No matter if this sentence was true or false, Jian Chi breathed a sigh of relief. He regained his courage and patience, and opened the door.

This time, there were no smashing objects and no roars, and the room fell silent. It seemed that he really wanted to have a ‘talking’ with Shao Hang as Jian Chi had said. However, the silence lasted for nearly three hours, until it revealed an unusual meaning. Shao Xianhua was not suspicious at first. In his opinion, Jian Chi would not have the courage to deceive him at all, and the new information was delivered to his hands quickly. The situation was basically the same as what Jian Chi said, which made him more certain.

“Is the money ready?”

“Two million, all in this card.”

Shao Xianhua didn’t even look at the card in the man’s hand, and took a sip of tea, “I thought that the person Shao Hang liked had at least ambition, and it would take five million to get rid of it. Now it seems that the person he likes is just as naive and ridiculous, two million is more than enough. This Jian Chi doesn’t look like a lion, but if he takes the money and dares to make other demands…”

Before he finished speaking, the man in the suit understood, “I know what to do and how to deal with it.”

Shao Xianhua said ‘en’, the tea in his hand gradually bottomed out as time passed, and another hour passed. Shao Xianhua was already a little impatient, and frowned, “Is there still no movement?” 

The man in the suit returned and shook his head.

The teacup was placed on the table, Shao Xianhua got up and went to the door. He had the man in the suit knock twice first, but there was no movement, he then said: “Shao Hang, open the door.”

It was still so quiet that there was no sound.

A bad premonition rose faintly. Shao Xianhua tightened his hands behind him, and put on a deterrent voice when he ordered again: “One last time, open the door.”

No one opened the door, and the man in the suit kicked the door directly. .

Apart from the furniture, no one could be seen in the huge bedroom. The windows were open to both sides, and the wind blowing into the room moved the curtains and pressed to the table was a piece of paper. The man in the suit took the note and handed it to Shao Xianhua. After a while, the fragile paper was squeezed into the palm of Shao Xianhua’s hand and smashed against the wall behind him.

“Sir, do you need me to go…”

Shao Xianhua, whose face was ashen, raised his hand to stop him, “Don’t do anything.”


Watching Shao Xianhua leave with oppression and anger, the man in the suit picked up the paper ball, unfolded it on the side with the words. On the crumpled paper, a short line of words was written.

‘Mr. Shao, I have persuaded Shao Hang, and now he is by my side. Don’t hurt my family, otherwise I can’t guarantee his safety – Jian Chi’

Below the words was a hand with a vertical middle finger, and the handwriting was arrogant and scribbled, and one can tell whose hand it came from at a glance.

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