Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Magic Power

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Jian Chi couldn’t believe everything was going so smoothly.

It’s been a long time since he ran so violently. The howling wind pierced his eardrums. Shao Hang pulled his wrist, running in a direction he didn’t know where he was going. A strong wind blew on his clothes revealing a small part of his lean, strong waist. Jian Chi was really out of breath, stepping on the concrete floor was getting harder and harder, and he was trying his best to hold onto Shao Hang.

“Slow, slow down.”

Shao Hang turned his head and stopped unprepared. Jian Chi, who was dizzy from running, planted his head on his chest. At this time, he couldn’t care about anything else, and Jian Chi was leaning against a wall, calming his turbulent breathing, “Is it far enough? Is anyone chasing after?”

“No one is chasing.”

“Where is this place?” 

Unexpectedly, Shao Hang laughed: “I don’t know either.”

Trembling, Jian Chi raised his head like given an electric shock, and circled around the road. The road was silent and uninhabited. The strange scenery was seen in the car when he came over, but it also seemed as if he had not. Jian Chi’s fast-beating heart was getting heavier and heavier, “We’re lost?”

“What are you afraid of? Isn’t elopement about escaping to the ends of the earth, where no one can find it.”

Jian Chi really wanted to knock Shao Hang’s head off. Unfortunately, when Shao Hang attached those words to his ears, he also felt that Shao Hang was not so useless.

Their plan was to tie the clothes and towels in the room into a rope to escape from the third floor, which would take a lot of time. Worrying that Shao Xianhua would be suspicious outside and discover their whereabouts in advance, Jian Chi and Shao Hang performed a play, which made Shao Xianhua more at ease, and at the same time determined that they could not reach a consensus and organized an escape.

Jian Chi was circling outside, and Shao Hang was preparing the rope in the room. The words on the paper were what Jian Chi had planned. When he was about to leave, Shao Hang turned back and drew the provocative image on it.

Although Jian Chi didn’t want to admit it, the previous experience made the matter of climbing the wall recalled again and again. The excitement lasted until he ran for a long time and until he could no longer run. Jian Chi finally thought of a fatal question: where should they go?

“Anywhere,” Shao Hang curled the corners of his lower lip, “isn’t a place with only the two of us good?”

Jian Chi said, “I’m serious, now that we have escaped, should we go back to school first?”

Shao Hang walked in front, unmoved.

Jian Chi hurriedly followed his pace, waited for a long time without a reply, and couldn’t help but say: “Even if we as you planned, we can’t even get out of this area now, you don’t have a mobile phone, and my mobile phone is gone too. Now, what other solutions do you have?”

It sounded amazing, but maybe Jian Chi’s cell phone was destined to have no fate with him. The last time he was kidnapped and thrown on the deck, he was lucky enough to survive. This time, Jian Chi didn’t remember when he even lost it. After thinking about it, it was probably when he was pushed into the car by the man in the suit, the phone must have also slipped out. This time, it was estimated that he would not be as lucky as last time.

Shao Hang was still walking on the side of the road when he heard the last sentence of Jian Chi’s question with obvious distrust. He raised his eyebrows lightly, “Who said I had no plan?”

Quickly, Jian Chi saw what Shao Hang meant by ‘plan’.

Although this area was sparsely populated, there would occasionally be a few cars passing by on the side of the road. When they saw a car approaching, Shao Hang went up to stop them. The first two car owners seemed to regard them as gangsters and ignored them. When the car stopped, a middle-aged man with a pot belly rolled down the window of his Volkswagen car, “Little classmate, what’s the matter with you?”

Shao Hang leaned on the roof without a word of nonsense, “Did you bring a pos machine?”


“Didn’t bring it?” Shao Hang wasn’t annoyed, but he seemed a little troubled. He took out a stack of checkbooks from who knows where, “Uncle, how much is this car?”

The man didn’t understand what he wanted to do, and was fooled by Shao Hang’s appearance and aura, and subconsciously replied: “A, a hundred thousand yuan?”

Shao Hang lowered his head and wrote a number on the check, tore it out, and held it between his fingertips, laughing, and actually appearing a little harmless to humans and animals, “Sell it to me for 200,000 yuan, will you make the deal?” 

The man probably thought he had a disease in his head, but in fact, Jian Chi thought so too.

After several phone calls, the bank confirmed that the check was genuine. As soon as the car door was opened and closed, the person in the driver’s seat became Shao Hang. The engine roared, and Jian Chi, who was sitting in the co-pilot, clung to the seat belt stiffly. From the rearview mirror, he could still see a man with a check in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, not knowing who to call. Jian Chi felt that if he took his place, he might not be able to help tell his friend what kind of bullying he encountered today.

The car was not even 80% new. In the second-hand market, it was estimated that even 50,000 was enough. Now, he had made 150,000 for nothing. It was not his own money that was spent, but Jian Chi’s heart was aching.

“Is this what you meant by plan?”

Hearing the gnashing of teeth in Jian Chi’s words, Shao Hang didn’t know the reason, so he picked up the sunglasses that the driver forgot to take away and put them on the bridge of his nose, “Isn’t the problem solved now?”

Jian Chi had nothing to say. For the first time, he felt what was called the ability of money at close range. Looking at Shao Hang’s face, he felt that half of it was written with ‘capital’ and half of it was written with ‘ism’.

“Why do you carry that kind of thing with you?” Are you ready to splurge at any time?

“Have to be prepared,” Shao Hang clicked, “I didn’t want to use a check, it’s more convenient to swipe a card, but that uncle doesn’t have a pos machine.”

Who would carry that thing with him? Jian Chi murmured, then thinking of the most important question at the moment: “Do you have a driver’s license?” 

“I have tested, today is the first time on the road.” 

The calm tone made Jian Chi feel a hint of despair, “The first time? Do you know how to drive? Do you want to navigate back to school, here…”

Shao Hang tilted his head, but the shade of the sunglasses made his face look more handsome and stylish. With thin lips pouting a smile that was completely different from a good student, “Who said I was going to school?”

Jian Chi felt even more hopeless.

The Volkswagen was driven by Shao Hang and almost flew off from the ground. The sparse scene gradually changed to people and tall buildings. He didn’t know if it was accidentally done by Shao Hang, or if he really knew the direction, but 40 minutes later, the busiest shopping plaza in the city center entered his sight.

“Let’s go.”

After getting out of the car, Jian Chi was extremely confused, “Where are you going?”

Shao Hang took off his sunglasses, threw it into the car, and put his arms around Jian Chi’s shoulders, “Elope and take you on a date.”

Shao Xianhua probably would not expect that as soon as the two escaped the siege, they immediately would go to the most densely populated city center for a date. Jian Chi was pulled into a mobile phone store. Watching Shao Hang buy two mobile phones without blinking, holding them like a hot potato, he couldn’t help but say, “I’ll transfer the money to you later, you don’t buy things indiscriminately.”

“It’s just a mobile phone, you can just take it,” Shao Hang said, “You didn’t feel so distressed when you saw me smashing my model.”

Jian Chi thought, that was before, now was now, and the model had always been Shao Hang’s thing, but now the mobile phone was something that Shao Hang gave him, so they can’t be mixed together. But it seemed that Shao Hang said something a bit right. At that time, Jian Chi only felt that Shao Hang was sick and unreasonable, and he never felt distressed about the money he spent as now.

“You… Forget it.”

Jian Chi didn’t want to make trouble with Shao Hang in public, so he chose to swallow his words.

The phone with the newly bought calling card was successfully turned on, and Jian Chi first dialed Jian Chengchao ‘s number, “Hey, Dad, are you still working?”

It was a bit noisy and Jian Chengchao seemed surprised: “Jian Chi, did you change numbers? I have a guest right now, did something happen?”

Hearing Jian Chengchao’s super-normal tone and the guest’s inquiring voice, Jian Chi’s heart that had not been put down finally fell back to its original position, “It’s nothing, it’s just that I’m a little tired from reviewing, and I wanted to chat with you. You work first, I’ll call you again later. By the way, call this number temporarily, the original number is out of order.”

After hanging up, Jian Chi looked at the still lit call interface and didn’t turn off his phone. Since the last time he was kidnapped, he couldn’t even remember a number, so after returning home, Jian Chi deliberately memorized the numbers of Zhang Yang and Ji Huaisi. He hesitated in the beginning and Shao Hang’s voice caught him off guard: “Who do you still need to call?”

Jian Chi was taken aback, “Zhang Yang.” Shao Hang leaned over to Jian Chi’s head and swiped the unfinished numbers on the screen, “Is it Zhang Yang or Ji Huaisi?”

It was too late, Shao Hang let out a ‘heh’ and brushed the back of his neck coldly. Before he could find a suitable excuse, Shao Hang took the phone away within two minutes of him getting it.

“It’s forbidden to be distracted during a date, especially thinking about other men.”

Jian Chi twitched his brows, “Shao Hang, did you forget, Ji Huaisi and I…”

His mouth was covered involuntarily, and Jian Chi froze. All his body senses were concentrated on the palm of his hand close to his cheek, and Shao Hang’s cold eyes stared straight at him, like a ban, making Jian Chi unable to speak.

“Specifically, mentioning other men’s names.”

This sentence was very deep, and each word fell into his ears.

Very unreasonable, but Jian Chi forgot to refute for a while.

He remembered the words Bai Shuyun said when he went crazy, ‘He said he likes you, but I want to see how much he likes you. Will he dare to fight for you? Fight against me and the Bai family?’. Jian Chi didn’t answer at the time, but he thought how could it be possible? However, the reality was that Shao Hang was fined and grounded because of him, and now Shao Hang came up with an idea to bring him out, he even spent a lot of money to come here, just for the word ‘elope’ that sounded like a joke.

Although Jian Chi and Shao Hang always had different views, he was not angry. On the contrary, Jian Chi had a panic that things were gradually getting out of control, and he tried to fill this opening with the most familiar way of getting along, but the effect was very small.

Jian Chi looked at Shao Hang’s back walking in front of him, shrouded in gloomy displeasure. He strode forward for a while, stopped, and then turned around, “Are you still angry about not being able to contact Ji Huaisi?” 

Shao Hang probably didn’t want to hear the answer, so he rubbed his hair irritably, “Forget it, I don’t want to hear his name, hurry up and follow.”

Anyone would feel that his tone sounded stiff and uncomfortable, however, Jian Chi knew that this was the result of Shao Hang’s great patience, and it was much better than the nasty words he couldn’t help saying before.

Without warning, Jian Chi remembered the last time he saw Shao Hang on the cruise ship, an unhappy breakup. But at this moment, what Shao Hang said to him at that time echoed very clearly in his mind.

‘I hate when people defy me, but with you, I have used all my patience.’

The magic of some words will not show its subtle and startling ability until a long time later.

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