Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Change

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Jian Chi heard from Zhang Yang that the equestrian competition had been a tradition of Saintston College since its establishment. The champion can get a one-year BC privilege, have an independent lounge, wear a black brooch, and have priority in all aspects. 

Thousands of people sign up every year, but the championship often only went to a few specific people. 

The first year was Shao Hang, and the second year was Shen Shuting. 

This competition was a test of guts and agility, and most importantly, experience. Without learning from childhood and systematic training, it is impossible to stand out among the elite children. 

The award that Zhang Yang ridiculed was just in name only. Only a few top BCs can win the championship. The so-called privilege was completely worthless to those people. In the end, the award was forgotten by most people. 

“But the competition itself is really exciting,” Zhang Yang reluctantly exaggerated at the end, “You can go to the official website to see, there are videos of equestrian competitions every year.” 

Jian Chi didn’t have much interest. When he was sure that everything in his dream corresponded to reality, he had already doubted the reality of this world. But he did not disappoint Zhang Yang and made an appointment to go with him to watch the game. 

At the same time, it was also to verify the last fluke in his heart.

It was sunny in the morning and the viewing area around the stadium was already full of people. Jian Chi almost got separated from Zhang Yang, when someone patted his shoulder suddenly. A boy with a red brooch stood behind him and said, “Jian Chi, your position is in front.” 

Zhang Yang didn’t know where he came back from, but he looked at the other person very strangely, “Zixi, what are you doing here? Isn’t it stated that YCs’ can bring friends to sit together?” 

The viewing area was as strictly divided as the brooch. If there was no Zhang Yang, Jian Chi would sit in the back row with all the special students, that is, the position with the worst view. 

Zhao Zexi shrugged, “The vice president asked me to find Jian Chi and move him to the front.” 

“Vice president?” 

Zhang Yang looked at Jian Chi blankly and asked Zhao Zexi half-believingly, “Did you ask why?” 

“I’m just here to send a message.” 

Jian Chi was also a little puzzled, and then remembered what he said when he met Ji Huaisi last time. 

At that time, he was only half awake, and those confused and upside-down questions must have been strange to anyone who heard it. Suddenly there was a conjecture in his heart that Ji Huaisi probably mistook him for an equstrian lover.

Before Zhang Yang tried to ask more questions, Jian Chi took a step forward, “Where is the location, can you take us there?” 

Zhao Zexi nodded, “Come with me.” 

“Why relationship do you have with the vice president?” Zhang Yang whispered to Jian Chi’s ear while walking behind Zhao Zexi, with a suspicious look of ‘don’t try to lie to me’. 

Jian Chi said without changing his face: “Last time I was splashed with water, he blamed himself for not stopping him in time. Maybe he wanted to change my seats as compensation. Apart from this, I can’t think of any other reasons.” 

Zhang Yang suddenly realized something and the familiar light of admiration ignited in his eyes again, “Yes, the vice president always takes care of everything, this time it’s my turn to touch some of your light.” 

There were only a few people in the front row and Jian Chi and Zhang Yang chose two vacant seats to sit down. 

The arena was already doing the final inspection. Amidst the shouts, a man in a black cavalry uniform led a horse into the track. 

In an instant, there was a louder noise. 

He was well-proportioned and slender, his legs wrapped in black boots, his steps graceful and imposing, and he held a domed helmet in his hands in white gloves. 

The fluffy blond hair shimmered dazzlingly in the sun. His eyes were deep and rare emeralds, and his facial features hadd the charm of both the East and the West at the same time, like the gods engraved in the church frescoes. People can’t help but forget to breathe when seeing him. 

Jian Chi heard someone behind him shouting words like ‘President’ and ‘Shen Shuting’. Although he had expected it, his heart stopped suddenly when he saw the same face as in his dream. 

“The president has returned to China?” Zhang Yang looked at Shen Shuting who had entered the venue in surprise, “Why was there no news at all?” 

The noise of the outside world seemed to be ignored by Shen Shuting. He put on his helmet, held the reins and stepped onto the horse’s back. His movements were so fast that he could only capture an afterimage. The pure white horse followed the bend and carried his master to the arena. 

The first event was the individual obstacle event, followed by the team event. 

Jian Chi couldn’t understand the competition system, and guessed the progress of the competition from the cheers of the people around him. It was undeniable that amongst the contestants, Shen Shuting and Shao Hang were indeed the two most eye-catching.

Shen Shuting on horseback was calm, with natural elegance in any movement. His speed was not inferior to any. Even though the grains of sand were flying everywhere, his body remained spotless.

Shao Hang was the exact opposite of the word ‘elegant’. He rode with an unstoppable and aggressive momentum. The muscles on his body tensed and exerted force with the jump of the dark horse. It made Jian Chi tense and nervous that he would not be able to control his strength and rush towards the audience seat. 

“It seems that the championship is a race between them again.” 

The situation was already clear. Zhang Yang, who had watched the same competition twice, yawned, “It’s either the president or Shao Hang. I think Shao Hang has a better chance of winning this time. The president has just returned from Boros, so his energy should not be able to keep up.”

“Is President Shen a person from Boros?” 

This explains the other’s blond and blue eyes very well. 

“He is a mixture of France and Boros. His father is the crown prince of Boros, and he has an older sister. After careful calculation, he is actually the most noble of all BCs. After all, he has a real noble bloodline.” 

Having said that, Zhang Yang curled the corners of his mouth, “But he’s too impersonal. He’s just like a machine, and he’s very businesslike. I still support the vice president more.” 

“I think I heard my name.” 

A familiar voice came from behind. The low volume contained some kind of unique magic and was not covered by the noise at all. Zhang Yang stood up abruptly, his wheat-colored cheeks covered with red. He hurriedly shouted: “Vice, vice president, hello!” 

Ji Huaisi took a seat beside Jian Chi and gave Zhang Yang a gentle smile, “Sit down first, how far along is the competition?” 

It’s hard to imagine a person with a height of about 1.8 meters tall would be obediently talking to Ji Huaisi about the progress of the competition in the posture of an elementary school student. It was the first time that Jian Chi saw such a cramped, ill at ease, Zhang Yang. He couldn’t help but want to laugh. He suddenly felt a gaze on his body, and turned his head slightly, just to meet Ji Huaisi’s eyes. 

“Is the competition still interesting?” He asked with a small smile, and regret flashed across his eyes for a moment, “I was dealing with the affairs of the student union just now, and I didn’t have time to watch the first half.” 

Jian Chi said truthfully: “I don’t understand it very well. Zhang Yang said that the championship should be between Shao Hang and the president.” 

“It’s been like this in previous years, but I’m also looking forward to the birth of new candidates this year. After all, it’s the two of them every year. I think everyone is like me and am a little tired of it.”

Jian Chi couldn’t help but glance at Ji Huaisi more. Ji Huaisi noticed his gaze and smiled, with a faint smile at the end of his eyes, “Is it strange for me to say that?” 

“No.” Jian Chi shook his head. Maybe because Ji Huaisi felt too elegant and harmless, Jian Chi once thought that the other party would not say anything to spoil the mood. Even in the dream, Ji Huaisi’s rebuke was the gentlest of all. 

Jian Chi felt that he couldn’t go on thinking about it any longer, and he actually wanted to distinguish Ji Huaisi, the one from his dream from the one in reality, in his heart. 

Except for him, everyone was exactly the same as the prophecy dream and JiHuaisi would eventually go further and further away. 

If the world was compared to a book or a movie, Jian Chi thought that he must be the villain in it. Not the biggest villain, just a small stumbling block on the way, a name that was difficult to be remembered, while Bai Xiyu and the people around him should be the same existence as the protagonists. Although ill-fated, they will eventually meet a happy ending. 

This thought made Jian Chi wake up a lot in an instant. Although he still didn’t understand where the dream came from, he vaguely guessed that maybe it was a reminder from the world to let him bypass the original tragedy of ‘Jian Chi’ and get out of the way to have a new lease in life.

Everything seemed to have a reasonable explanation. Just when Jian Chi was thinking about how to circumvent the original incident, he suddenly heard Zhang Yang exclaim: “Oh my God, how could he participate in the competition? Did he really make that bet with Shao Hang!?” 

Jian Chi returned to his senses and looked at the arena, the cheers around him were replaced by discussions one after another at some point. 

The cavalry uniform made Bai Xiyu’s body extraordinarily slender. He rode on a brown horse, and his face was bloodless under the helmet. Even at a glance, he could detect his stiff body and uneasy breathing – he was a complete novice. 

“How long did he learn to participate in the equestrian competition, does he want to die?” 

“I heard that Bai Xiyu made a bet with Shao Hang. As long as he wins, Shao Hang will no longer trouble him. He even dares to agree to such an impossible thing.” 

“There’s another good show to watch.” 

Everything was as Jian Chi thought, but when he actually witnessed this scene, he still raised an unspeakable nervousness for Bai Xiyu. 

“Isn’t he going to have an accident?” Zhang Yang, who had always been uncomfortable with Bai Xiyu, also put aside his prejudice and asked hesitantly. 

Jian Chi reassured: “It will be fine.” 

He was talking to Zhang Yang and convincing himself. 

If everything developed according to the situation in his dream, the horse will soon be out of control, and Bai Xiyu will be rescued by Shao Hang before falling off the horse. Although it is dangerous, it was not a big problem. 

Ji Huaisi, who was beside him, didn’t know when he put away his smile. He stared solemnly at the horse under Bai Xiyu that crossed the layers of obstacles, and whispered, “This horse is very anxious.” 

Jian Chi clenched his palms unconsciously, “Is it frightened?” 

“It’s resisting the armature and trying to get rid of the person on it.” 

Ji Huaisi dialed a number quickly, and asked in a rare deep voice, “Who chose the horse of contestant No. 30? Haven’t you checked it beforehand? Letting a novice ride a thoroughbred horse, do you want to let him fall in front of everyone’s eyes?”

The other end should have given an answer that didn’t surprise Ji Huaisi. He hung up the phone, and before he got up, the crowd burst into a scream. 

The horse swayed his neck and body uncontrollably as he stepped over the sixth obstacle, and Bai Xiyu’s panicked face was magnified on the central screen through the camera. He clenched the reins tightly and tried to press down on the horse’s back, but the more eager he became, the more irritable the horse became. It swept by all the obstacles in the field, and there was a commotion in the crowd watching the competition. 

Ji Huaisi had already stepped down from the viewing area and communicated with the coaches and referees off the field to find a solution. Jian Chi sat in the same position, and since the beginning of the chaos, he had set his sights on Shao Hang not far away. 

He was wearing that valiant calvalry uniform, stroking the dark horse beside him with one hand, looking at Bai Xiyu who was in danger, with a casual and lazy smile on his face from beginning to end, as if all the chaos had nothing to do with him. 

Jian Chi was waiting, he waited for a long time, and when Bai Xiyu almost fell off his horse, the scene was chaotic, and the crowd was dispersed by the student union for the most part. Shao Hang still maintained his original posture and even looked back and comforted his horse. The movement of his hand did not stop, but his eyes swept sharply, and directly met Jian Chi’s flickering and restless eyes. 

The sight collided in the air, rubbing out subtle sparks. 

The smile on his mouth widened slightly, and at a distance, Jian Chi could feel the undisguised oppression and danger of Shao Hang’s body. His lips slowly opened and closed, as if they were whispering in his ear like yesterday——good show?

Shao Hang did not go to save Bai Xiyu, but he clearly should go to save Bai Xiyu. 


The author has something to say: Boros is set up as a constitutional monarchy like the UK

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