Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Truth 

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“It’s too crazy, how can Shao Hang let a rookie compete? It’s too… Jian Chi, Jian Chi? Where are you going?” 

Jian Chi didn’t care to explain to Zhang Yang that the advantage of the front row allowed him to approach Ji Huaisi very quickly. After waiting for him to communicate with others, he asked, “Will something happen to Bai Xiyu?” 

“Jian Chi, why did you come down?” Ji Huaisi turned around, seriousness and the ability to pacify a person in his eyes, “Someone will come to rescue him soon, and he will not have an accident, I guarantee you.” 

The word ‘guarantee’ somehow calmed the restlessness in Jian Chi’s heart. He didn’t dare to look at Bai Xiyu, and turned his eyes to Shao Hang, who was still unmoving. 

Shao Hang was also watching him, maintaining the same posture since just now, his eyes like torches. 

Why was he looking at him? Why was he not rescuing Bai Xiyu? Why didn’t things go the way he dreamed? Jian Chi had too many questions that sunk deep in his mind. 

With the help of rescuers, the horse finally stopped being cranky. 

Bai Xiyu was helped off the horse, his face was whiter than paper. He swept around in shock, and when he saw Jian Chi, tears welled up in his eyes.

“I thought I was really going to die this time… Jian Chi, I’m so scared…” 

Jian Chi couldn’t tell what complicated feeling in his heart was. He didn’t push away Bai Xiyu, who was hugging him, and finally patted his back with a hand that had nowhere to be placed, “It’s alright.” 

Wetness came from his shoulders. Bai Xiyu choked with tears and couldn’t help trembling in Jian Chi’s arms. Someone brought a stretcher from the infirmary, Ji Huaisi waited for Bai Xiyu’s mood to gradually stabilize, pulled him off Jian Chi, and said warmly, “You were shocked just now. Although you were not injured, you should still go to the doctor to have a look. Can you go by yourself?” 

Bai Xiyu shook her head, his eyes wet with tears. He was more pitifully fragile than usual, “I, my legs are a little soft.” 

“They can escort you there, the infirmary is close to here. You’ll be fine. Relax, take a deep breath. Feel better?” 

Ji Huaisi’s soothing had an excellent effect. Bai Xiyu’s tears gradually stopped, and he sat on a stretcher with the help of others. Jian Chi stood there, not sure whether to follow or leave. Ji Huaisi said at this moment, “Jian Chi, do you want to come together?”

“I won’t be of much help.” 

Ji Huaisi smiled: “He trusts you, that’s enough.” 

After a while, Jian Chi lifted his heels up. 

The deserted infirmary became crowded with Bai Xiyu’s appearance. After checking his body, Qin Zhao asked a few questions, then came out and said to Ji Huaisi: “There is no skin trauma, but he is very frightened and emotionally unstable. I can prescribe a tranquilizer and let him sleep here for a while.” 

Ji Huaisi nodded: “I’m sorry to have troubled you.” 

The members of the student union who came to help left one after another. Before leaving, Ji Huaisi gave them steps to deal with the follow-up tasks. 

When he spoke to the members, his tone was calm and soothing, but his aura revealed irresistible strength and calmness. Every matter was clearly organized. It was hard for Jian Chi to imagine that when he was handling the scene, requesting for rescue, or even comforting Bai Xiyu, at the same time, he had already thought up the follow-up solution.

“Are you going to stay here?” 

When Bai Xiyu fell asleep under the effect of the tranquilizer, Ji Huaisi called Jian Chi to the door. His cold eyebrows leaked a touch of self-blame and his smile became a bit more astringent, “I’m sorry, I always let you see these kind of bad things happen, I as a vice president have failed you.” 

“It’s not your fault.” Jian said. 

It’s his fault. 

He could have stopped it. After confirming that dream, he could obviously have found Ji Huaisi to strengthen the inspection of the racing horses, check the personnel, or simply reject Bai Xiyu’s application for the competition… He had a thousand ways to do it. To prevent this farce from happening, but instead, he chose to hide everything, just to verify the reality of his dream. 

Directly or indirectly, Jian Chi knew that Bai Xiyu’s suffering today was also in part due to him.

When Shao Hang’s eyes swept over, it seemed like a wake-up call, making him who thought he was sober suddenly see many things clearly. 

What happened in the dream had long been contrary to reality. He didn’t get lost on the first day of school, he didn’t meet Ji Huaisi, he didn’t get harassed by Shao Hang in the literature club, and he didn’t have a deadlock relationship with Wei An and become friends with Zhang Yang. 

The bucket of water that should have been poured on Bai Xiyu’s head landed on him. From the beginning, reality was completely different from the dream. 

Every flap of the butterfly’s wings pushed reality away from what he knew was going to happen. 

The truth seemed to be getting closer. 

When Jian Chi returned to the infirmary, the room that was still full of people just now was left with only Qin Zhao sitting behind the table. His phoenix eyes under his glasses slanted over, and his voice was sweet and deep: “Are you still having strange dreams?” 

“Not again.” 

Jian Chi walked over, lightly walked in order not to disturb the sleeping Bai Xiyu, and met Qin Zhao’s eyes deeply, “Can you do what you did last time?”

“Do what?” 

“Let me go back to the dream that day.” 

Qin Zhao glanced over Jian Chi inexplicably, stayed on his face without a trace of joke in his eyes, and slowly leaned back on the leather chair, “Excessive use of sleeping pills will make your brain dependent, which is not good for your health.” 

“It’s not sleeping pills.” Jian Chi didn’t know how to explain it. He was already sure that Qin Zhao was not the same person as that time. No matter what he said now, he would be regarded as nonsense by the other party. 

This kind of strange appearance made Jian Chi give up thinking, break the pot, and directly took Qin Zhao’s hand and put it on his forehead. 

“Can you remember now?” 

Qin Zhao’s expression seemed to be blank for a moment, then when he realized what Jian Chi was doing, a sullen undulation flashed across his eyes. He lowered his voice: “What are you doing—” 

Before he finished speaking, Jian Chi saw a familiar scene – the erasing of his life aura, and when he raised his eyes again, there was more interest and meaning that was not there before. 

Qin Zhao took off his gold-rimmed glasses, revealing his long and narrow phoenix eyes. He held Jian Chi’s hand in his palm, got up and forced him to the nearest bed, just a curtain away from Bai Xiyu. 

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Jian Chi stumbled on the bed, disregarding the safety distance that was broken, and stared at every detail on Qin Zhao’s face, “You are not him.”

“Does it matter who I am?” 

Qin Zhao drew his lips into a smile, his chest vibrated heavily with his voice, “It seems that you are paying attention to me, I am very happy.” 

“What did you do to me that day?” 

“Let me think about it,” Qin Zhao’s tone was unpleasantly frivolous. His fingertips slowly ran across Jian Chi’s face and stopped on his forehead, “I did what I’m doing to you now.” 

Jian Chi’s eyes suddenly darkened. 

He had another long dream, only this time, the perspective in the dream changed from ‘Jian Chi’ to Bai Xiyu. 

Bai Xiyu was born in a dilapidated city – Jiangcheng. 

He had lived with his mother for 18 years, until his mentally ill mother committed suicide by taking poison. Bai Xiyu found an old photo that had been touched until it faded when he was sorting out an album. The person in the photo was none other than the famous well known Bai family’s Bai Shengying. 

With a photo and a DNA test report, Bai Xiyu became the unrecognized illegitimate child of the Bai family. 

Bai Shengying was unconventional frivolous lifestyle in the past, but he became more perceptive when he got old. Because he was destined to be unable to announce Bai Xiyu’s existence to the outside world, he had a bit of guilt for this sensible illegitimate child. 

So he used his connections to send Bai Xiyu to Saintston College as a special enrollment. 

On the first day of school, Bai Xiyu met Shao Hang who taught Chi Ye a lesson. He poured water on him regardless, and fled when he met Shao Hang’s shadowy eyes. 

In his first biology class, he was surprised to see Wen Chuan, a senior who used to go to the same high school as him. Curiosity made Bai Xiyu approach the other party unconsciously, wanting to know why Wen Chuan came to Chuanlin from Jiangcheng and why he appeared at Saintston College after dropping out of school. However, he was completely ignored by the other party.

Since then, bad rumous began to spread in the mouths of HS and the students. Bai Xiyu would sometimes get wet by a basin of water falling from the sky while walking on the road, and would be locked in the bathroom by several special students, and forced to listen to the ridicule of those people.

He wore wet clothes, hid in the corner of the bathroom and didn’t dare to go out. Hearing the door being pushed open from the outside, he thought he would get a new round of revenge. 

“Are you okay?” Ji Huaisi’s eyes were full of worry and gentleness, “Can you stand up? Who did these things?” 

Bai Xiyu heard his heartbeat ringing in his ears, one thud, another thud, like a thunderbolt. 

He carefully held the hand that JiHuaisi stretched out, and the warmth in his palm dispelled all the coldness on his body. 

No one had ever cared so much about him. Ji Huaisi’s tenderness made Bai Xiyu take off his armor the first time they met. 

The pictures in the dream were constantly intertwined, and Jian Chi saw Bai Xiyu experiencing all kinds of traps, accidents, and constant entanglements with these BCs, like a silent and long movie. 

Whether it was Shao Hang, Wen Chuan or Shen Shuting, their attitude towards Bai Xiyu ranged from disgust and indifference at the beginning, to possession and pursuit at the end. Bai Xiyu refused again and again, and his eyes always stayed on Ji Huaisi’s back. He was the only person who moved his heart, but Ji Huaisi regarded him as a friend from beginning to end. 

Until a few men discovered Bai Xiyu’s hidden sincerity and were pushed to the extreme by anger and possessiveness. They created a cage exclusively for Bai Xiyu, cut off all his connections with the outside world, and imprisoned him in their world alone. 

Ji Huaisi was injured in an unexplained car accident and could no longer pick up the violin he had loved all his life. Traumatized, he chose to leave China and board a plane to a foreign country. Several men used a real car accident to forge Ji Huaisi’s death certificate. After Bai Xiyu cried out in his heart, he didn’t run away anymore.

He accepted this cage, and after getting along day and night, he understood their sincerity, gradually walked out of the shadow of Ji Huaisi’s death, and handed over his dependence and love. 

The four people live together harmoniously in this deformed relationship, and at this point, the story came to an end. 

Yes, the story. 

When Jian Chi’s consciousness was separated from the world, a book gradually appeared in front of him. The light on the book cover dissipated, revealing four words on it – “The Cage of Love” 

Opening the book, Jian Chi saw Bai Xiyu’s name, and the words outlined his every move, all the accidents and twists and turns that happened, including Jian Chi’s own name. 

After he framed Bai Xiyu, he was expelled from Saintston and Chuanlin by several men who admired Bai Xiyu. His name disappeared by one-third of the book. 

All the conjectures came true. The world he had lived in for 18 years actually came from a novel. 

And he was the male supporting character in the story, a vicious male supporting character.

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