Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Bai Yinnian Extra: Intern (2) 

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He hadn’t mistaken the figure that emerged from the car; it was Bai Yinnian. 

Jian Chi recalled the unintentional words of the woman during the interview, “Our chairman is also an alumnus of Saintston,” and a sense of destiny played its role. 

In the midst of his reverie, Bai Yinnian had already approached. Jian Chi anchored his scattered thoughts, not wanting to appear too surprised, “Long time no see. Are you working here too?” 

After saying it, he almost bit his own tongue. Wasn’t that a pointless question? 

Bai Yinnian seemed not to notice Jian Chi’s embarrassment, and his gaze shifted to the nameplate on Jian Chi’s shirt, “When did you join the company?” 

“Last Monday. I’m interning here for the summer,” Jian Chi answered truthfully. From the way others addressed Bai Yinnian, this might be one of the Bai family’s industries. Surprisingly, there was not a single webpage mentioning this. His luck was just too good. 

Jian Chi had already prepared himself for the next two months here, and Bai Yinnian, descending from the heavens, became his boss. The most absurd thing imaginable had become a reality. 

Thinking about this, Jian Chi realized his earlier behavior had been overly presumptuous. Although he and Bai Yinnian had spent a brief amount of time together due to some unexpected events, those things were in the past. Now, they were just two acquaintances who weren’t familiar with each other. 

The initial surprise gradually subsided, and Jian Chi didn’t forget the business at hand, “I have to go back; the manager will hold me accountable if I’m late.” 

Bai Yinnian didn’t ask which department he was in. His tone was casual, “Can I have your contact information?” 

Jian Chi hesitated for a few seconds, feeling the gaze of several managers behind Bai Yinnian. Now that Bai Yinnian was his boss, the only response he could give seemed to be, “Sure.” 

Nothing could be more bizarre. Jian Chi returned to his workstation, staring at the newly added number in his contacts, only then did he dare to confirm that everything that just happened wasn’t an illusion. 

The company closed at five o’clock sharp. Jian Chi wanted to share this episode with Ji Huaisi, who was picking him up, but thinking about Ji Huaisi’s bias against the Bai family and the possible worries that might come with it, he chose to keep it to himself. 

In such a large company, different departments, and with Bai Yinnian not being his immediate superior, the chances of encountering him again in the company were estimated to be one in a thousand. 

Several days of complete silence made Jian Chi almost forget about this incident. 

When he was summoned into the manager’s office, still reviewing whether he had made any mistakes in the past few days, he nervously pushed the door open. The smile on the manager’s face caused Jian Chi’s prepared words to get stuck in his throat. Before he could say anything, the manager spoke, “Jian Chi, you’ve been doing very well these two weeks. Are you interested in experiencing work in another department?” 

Jian Chi said, “I applied for the legal department, and my major is also in that field…” 

“You’re not a regular employee; it’s normal for interns to occasionally be transferred,” the manager waved his hand, reassuring him. “Different work experiences will be a great help to your internship. If you want, you can come back at any time, and I will keep your workstation reserved.” Were all companies so tolerant of interns? Jian Chi was puzzled, but at this point, all he could do was nod in agreement. Going back to pack up, the guy with glasses in front of him asked with great concern what had happened, as if thinking he had made a mistake and was being fired by the manager. Jian Chi didn’t know how to explain; he just said he was changing departments for his internship. The guy with glasses was surprised, “Did the manager ask you to change?” 

“He did mention that occasional transfers for interns are normal,” Jian Chi said. 

“I’ve never heard of such a thing since I joined. Are you sure you didn’t misunderstand?” the guy with glasses asked. 

“The manager did say that,” Jian Chi had this doubt as well. “He also said I can come back anytime.” 

Jian Chi and the guy with glasses looked at each other. The manager came over, interrupting them, and called Jian Chi, who had packed up, to go to his new workstation. As Jian Chi looked at the elevator display screen showing increasingly higher floors, he had a faint sense of unease. When he followed the manager to the door with the sign ‘Chairman’s Office,’ this sense of unease turned into reality. 

“Please come in.”

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