Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Bai Yinnian Side Story: Intern (3)

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Jian Chi quickly adapted to the change in his work location. Perhaps due to the proximity to the chairman’s office, colleagues on the same floor were not as candid as Jian Chi’s previous colleagues. The new colleagues’ attitude was more in line with Jian Chi’s imagination of a professional relationship—polite yet maintaining a certain distance. Jian Chi occasionally missed the previous work atmosphere, but during lunch breaks, he could still sit with his former colleagues.

The only difference was that he had transitioned from being an inconspicuous background figure to the center of conversation. Rumors circulated, claiming that he had gained Bai Yinnian’s favor and had swiftly advanced from a mere intern to the chairman’s secretary. Jian Chi had to explain that Bai Yinnian was an elder from his family, a somewhat inglorious reason but at least more plausible than the previous one, even though it was also false.

Regardless, the gossip gradually cooled down.

The secretary’s job was both simpler and more challenging than Jian Chi had expected. Bai Yinnian didn’t burden him with an overwhelming workload, but he had to maintain intense focus, requiring more energy.

In the end, Jian Chi was just a sophomore student with a few weeks of brief internship experience. Mastering all the work skills at once was something only a genius could achieve. Sometimes, when faced with unfamiliar terms and careless mistakes in the documents, Bai Yinnian would straightforwardly point them out without regard for face. However, his frank attitude never made Jian Chi feel embarrassed. From initial awkwardness to gradually becoming more cautious, Jian Chi, unaware, made fewer and fewer mistakes.

At times, he could even complete tasks assigned by Bai Yinnian ahead of schedule.

Jian Chi couldn’t be considered a genius, but he did have a talent for learning. While others needed to make mistakes three times to remember a process, he only needed one attempt. This enviable ability was limited to learning; whether it was for university exams or internship work, Jian Chi never doubted his ability to achieve his goals. Perhaps this statement has an element of exaggeration; he cared more about the satisfaction of the process than the result.

Bai Yinnian’s feedback was the best reference.

“We have a collaboration on Thursday, and you will come with me.”

After submitting the documents, Bai Yinnian unexpectedly called Jian Chi to stay in place. Quickly sifting through his memory, Jian Chi blurted out, “Is it the meeting with Mr. Anderson at three in the afternoon?”

Bai Yinnian seemed satisfied with his reaction. Pushing aside the files on the desk, he instructed, “Understand what you need to do, prepare, and if you don’t understand anything, you can ask me.”

This was the first time Bai Yinnian had extended an invitation to travel together during this period. Jian Chi saw it as recognition of his capabilities, earnestly took the files, nodded in acceptance, and as he was about to leave the office, Bai Yinnian stopped him, pausing imperceptibly for a few seconds. “Remember to dress more formally.”

Jian Chi wouldn’t forget that. “Sure.”

With two days until Thursday, Jian Chi almost put all his energy into studying the collaboration materials. When the day arrived, fully prepared, Jian Chi arrived at the destination with Bai Yinnian. Mr. Anderson in the restaurant stood up immediately to give Bai Yinnian a warm hug. Jian Chi, standing on the side, almost couldn’t maintain a calm expression.

“Long time no see, Bai. Your contact is always so sudden. How does it feel to be back in Boros? I guess you haven’t adjusted to the time difference yet. Is this young man your assistant? I’ve never seen this new face before.”

Bai Yinnian said, “He’s an intern at the company, serving as my temporary assistant today.”

Mr. Anderson’s gaze shifted to Jian Chi, replacing his not-so-small surprise with an even bigger one. He had typical Western features, appearing to be in his forties, but the information showed that he had just celebrated his 33rd birthday. Standing next to Bai Yinnian with a head that hinted at signs of thinning hair, he seemed like someone from a different generation. Jian Chi didn’t forget his current identity, shook hands with Mr. Anderson, extended to him, and said, “Just call me Jian Chi. Nice to meet you.”

“Chinese names really test my tongue,” Anderson made a small joke, showing no airs even when facing an assistant.

Jian Chi appeared calm, but he hadn’t expected the atmosphere to take this direction. The information hadn’t told him that Bai Yinnian had such a good personal relationship with this business partner.

What was originally a business negotiation suddenly turned into a reunion of friends.

All the prepared responses Jian Chi had in mind were now rendered useless. He could only sit quietly next to Bai Yinnian, fulfill the duties of a diligent assistant, and not forget to take notes during the conversation, even though the two of them didn’t discuss anything related to the collaboration.

From the conversation between Anderson and Bai Yinnian, Jian Chi learned that Bai Yinnian flew to Boros for a few months every year. This place had the most extensive coverage of the Bai family’s business outside of China, and Bai Yinnian needed to be aware of the situation at all times. At other times, Bai Yinnian often traveled around the world, rarely having a moment of leisure throughout the year.

Jian Chi couldn’t help but feel the challenges of being in a high position. While recording, he suddenly heard his name mentioned in their conversation and paused.

“Jian, what would you like to eat?”

“I…” Jian Chi never thought about having the business partner place an order for him, especially when he hadn’t had the chance to carefully examine the menu. Stuck in this dilemma, Bai Yinnian took over the conversation for him, “He’ll have what I’m having.”

Anderson raised an eyebrow but did not object, beckoning the waiter without displaying any airs.

Unlike some Boros residents Jian Chi knew, Anderson’s loquacity couldn’t be stopped even during meals. The dinner conversation leaped through countless topics. One moment, they were discussing the science and technology competition they participated in during college with Bai Yinnian as a senior, and the next moment, they swiftly transitioned to the details of their current collaboration. Anderson’s rapid speech left Jian Chi struggling to provide effective translations. 

Bai Yinnian could seamlessly and accurately pick up on every topic. Jian Chi couldn’t help but suspect whether Bai Yinnian had called him over because he genuinely needed an assistant. 

Based on the current situation, Bai Yinnian could handle it perfectly well on his own, and Jian Chi seemed to be lagging behind. 

Until it was over, Jian Chi didn’t feel like he had contributed much. When Bai Yinnian stepped out to take a call, Anderson engaged Jian Chi in conversation, unrelated to work. It seemed as if he was curious about how Jian Chi and Bai Yinnian had met. If he had to trace the reason for his acquaintance with Bai Yinnian, it was not something that could be explained in a few words. Jian Chi opted for a lazy response, “I met Mr. Bai through a friend two years ago, and we only became familiar after joining the company.” 

These two sentences immediately created some distance in their relationship. Anderson shook his head, wearing a mysterious expression. “He never brings an assistant to such occasions. This is the first time. My intuition tells me that reality might deviate a bit from what you think.” 

Before Jian Chi could ponder deeply, Bai Yinnian returned after finishing the call. It wasn’t until they left the restaurant that Jian Chi learned Bai Yinnian had settled the bill during his absence. 

Sitting in the air-conditioned car, Jian Chi relaxed, and Bai Yinnian said, “Fasten your seatbelt. I’ll take you home.” 

As the car smoothly drove onto the main road, Jian Chi lagged behind by two beats. “Do you know my home address?” 

Bai Yinnian stared ahead, his voice neither light nor heavy. “You filled out a form when you applied for the job.” 

Okay, he once again ignored the fact that Bai Yinnian was his boss. 

Suddenly, the words Anderson said echoed in Jian Chi’s mind. Unexpectedly, Jian Chi vaguely understood why he always found it difficult to embrace his new identity—because Bai Yinnian never regarded him as a subordinate. The way they interacted remained the same as two years ago. Although no one mentioned it, it seemed like an unspoken understanding. 

Bosses wouldn’t invite subordinates to lunch, wouldn’t send text messages to remind them about tomorrow’s rain, wouldn’t take them to meet friends from university, and wouldn’t naturally offer to drive them home. 

Jian Chi couldn’t figure out Bai Yinnian’s attitude. Were they friends? In his understanding, the way friends interacted should be lively, but he couldn’t imagine what being friends with Bai Yinnian would be like. 

“Why didn’t you tell me that the collaboration partner this time is your friend?” Jian Chi didn’t use a blaming tone, but rather expressed some discouragement. “I didn’t help much.” 

The car’s air conditioning silently blew cold air, isolating all external sounds. As the traffic light turned green, Bai Yinnian’s voice dispersed the silence without a sound. “If I let you experience the real business world for the first time and you make even a small mistake, you would blame yourself excessively. Some might become shadows that linger for a long time before overcoming them. This kind of training is still too early for you.” 

“So you already guessed that I wouldn’t perform well?” 

“This is a normal performance,” Bai Yinnian replied calmly. “My first business discussion with my father wasn’t much better than yours. At that time, I was filled with theoretical knowledge but lacked practical experience. When I truly got involved, I realized how different reality was from what my teachers had taught. After graduation, you’ll have many opportunities for experiences.” 

Jian Chi’s gloom dissipated quite a bit. In fact, when he saw Anderson, he had already guessed Bai Yinnian’s intention, and he was even more surprised by Bai Yinnian’s thoughtfulness. Indeed, as Bai Yinnian said, facing Anderson alone was challenging enough. It was hard to imagine dealing with other more formal and crucial collaborations. Reading a few documents wouldn’t be enough to master negotiation skills. 

Saying that he wasn’t disheartened was impossible, but Jian Chi now had new motivation and goals. The car came to a stop, the familiar apartment building reflected outside the window, and they had arrived at his home. 

Jian Chi unfastened his seatbelt, expressed his thanks, and reached for the car door. Bai Yinnian’s voice interrupted his movements unexpectedly. “Although today was just a simulation, you still need to write a report, summarizing the collaboration details mentioned by Anderson and adding your own insights.” 

“But I didn’t catch everything he said.” Jian Chi widened his eyes; there were several parts where he couldn’t keep up with Anderson’s race-like speed, coupled with translation delays, undoubtedly missing many key points. 

Bai Yinnian appeared unsurprised, lifted the corner of his lips, and pulled out a black pen from his suit pocket, holding it between two fingers. “Secretary Jian, your preparation is still not comprehensive.” 

It was a recording pen. 

Jian Chi was speechless, reaching out to take the pen. Unexpectedly, Bai Yinnian, without warning, turned his arm. Jian Chi missed, and along with losing the restraint of the seatbelt, his upper body almost fell over, uncertain whether it was shame or embarrassment. He whispered, “Can I borrow your pen?” 

“Not as a precedent,” Bai Yinnian whispered back, “Today, let me be your secretary temporarily.” 

He lowered his arm, gently inserting the pen into the pocket of Jian Chi’s suit. Jian Chi could feel the peculiar sensation of the hard pen body brushing against the fabric. Looking up, he noticed Bai Yinnian leaning unusually close through those deep, knowledgeable eyes. 

Thud, thud. Someone knocked on the car window.

 The sudden sound interrupted the atmosphere inside the car. Jian Chi subconsciously turned his head, and Ji Huaisi’s figure, at some point, stood outside the window, watching them.

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