Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Dazzling 

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Jian Chi didn’t know whether the decision was right or wrong. 

He thought about replacing the inquiry sent to Ji Huaisi with a rejection, but he also thought that if he did, the consequence would be that the content of the concert in the book would be completely erased. 

A small change can affect the overall development. 

He had become a new variable, and if he continued to forcefully reverse the plot, it may bring about more incalculable butterfly effects. 

Thinking of the end, the best plan Jian Chi could come up with was to let the plot go on as written. The gap was unavoidable, he could only minimize it as much as possible. For example, bringing Bai Xiyu to the appointment together, finding an excuse to leave in the middle, and create the same plot as the original book. 

The rest is left to fate. 

After getting the news, Bai Xiyu’s reaction was just as Jian Chi expected. First, he asked him aggrievedly about his avoidance during this period of time, followed by this unprepared invitation. 

Deceiving simple people made Jian Chi unavoidably feel guilty. He told Bai Xiyu that he was too busy with schoolwork and could not spare the time. Bai Xiyu seemed to have no doubts about this reason. It seemed so easy for him to trust someone. 

“But the vice president never told me about the concert.” When Bai Xiyu heard Jian Chi’s last sentence, he first smiled in surprise, then blinked his eyes in confusion. 

“The vice president bumped into me yesterday and asked me to tell you about it,” Jian Chi said. “He is sorry for the accident last time. He hopes this concert can make you feel better.” 

This was what Ji Huaisi said to Bai Xiyu in the original book, and it can’t be regarded as a lie in a sense.

“Actually, I’ve gotten a lot better,” Bai Xiyu’s cheeks seemed to be slightly red because of embarrassment, and he tugged at the corner of his clothes, “I’ll go over and thank the vice president in person.” 

“No,” Jian Chi said briefly, and added when sensing Bai Xiyu’s doubts, “He said this is what he should do, no need to thank him.” 

The look in Bai Xiyu’s eyes seemed to be brighter, and he nodded heavily. 

Weekends in Sainntston were leisure time for students, there were no scheduled classes, and there were occasional club activities and sports. Most of the students head west to the Moore Building, a five-story building containing a variety of entertainment venues—bars, book bars, billiards, game rooms, etc.—still marked with strict conditions of use. Jian Chi followed Zhang Yang once and chose to return to the comfortable library the next day. 

This weekend was Jian Chi’s first time out of school since he entered. He got into the limousine that came to pick him up. He felt a sense of relief and relaxation that he had unshackled. 

Bai Xiyu put on casual clothes, sat in the back of the car and looked out the window, unable to hide the excitement and anticipation on his face. Every two minutes he would ask some ridiculous content, and his voice didn’t stop for a moment. 

“Jian Chi, look at that car, it’s strange that the door can be opened upwards.” 

“There are such trees in Jiangcheng too, but they are not as beautiful as Chuanlin.” 

“Did you see that bakery? There was such a long line…”

Jian Chi felt that there were countless speakers pressing play in his ears, and he threw a topic in to distract Bai Xiyu’s attention: “Are you from Jiangcheng?” 

This question seemed to make Bai Xiyu suddenly fall into some kind of unspeakable emotion. The smile on his face faded. Looking at the street scene flashing outside the window, he said, “I grew up in Jiangcheng, but my mother is from Chuanlin. In fact …I should have been living in Jiangcheng all my life.” 

When he said this, he didn’t say any more, but Jian Chi understood the hidden meaning of his words. He couldn’t help but slow down his voice: “What kind of city is Jiangcheng?” 

The light in Bai Xiyu’s eyes had a different color than before. For Jian Chi, he mentioned all the schools in Jiangcheng, the streets, the stray cats downstairs, and the unchanging sultry climate. In the sound of chatting all the way, the car stopped at Villiger Music’s hall door. 

The concert hall stood in front of them like a theater of the last century, and the pouring sunlight coated the dome with a thin jewel-encrusted coat. Entering the hall, people in formal attire came and went. Roman columns with beautifully carved patterns held up the huge roof that looked up into a large piece of classical frescoes and golden crystal chandeliers that reflected dazzling light from all angles. 

Bai Xiyu was almost stunned. The expression on his face gradually changed from surprise to nervousness and embarrassment. He walked closer to Jian Chi. 

“Isn’t the vice president here?” 

Jian Chi wanted to say something. The words came to his lips, but he paused, “I don’t know either.” 

He actually knew that Ji Huaisi was about to perform a violin solo on the highly anticipated stage, but Bai Xiyu from the original book didn’t know this ‘surprise’ from the beginning to the end, until he saw Ji Huaisi appear. It was then that his heart was surprised and throbbed to the top. This concert also frequently appeared in Bai Xiyu’s countless memories in the future. 

What about this time? 

The uncertainty in Jian Chi’s heart made him appreciate the luxurious concert hall and everything in the novel. He sat down with Bai Xiyu, the conversation around him gradually faded with the dim lights. The man in the tuxedo raised the baton in his hand, and the first tune played.

Ji Huaisi once said that he would like this concert, but Jian Chi didn’t understand where the basis for this sentence came from. Apart from the beautiful tunes and the subtle admiration of the people around him, he couldn’t imagine more viewing pleasure that that. He didn’t even know the names of the instruments on the stage. 

The two-hour concert was sometimes melodious and sometimes passionate, Jian Chi felt a little sleepy, and quietly looked over Bai Xiyu beside him with the corner of his eye, and found that he was watching very attentively and seriously, so he couldn’t help but sigh. He sat up straight and braced himself. 

When the song ended, the lights suddenly dimmed. 


The next moment, Bai Xiyu let out a short exclamation, stared at the center of the stage without blinking, almost jumped up from his seat, and murmured in disbelief. 

“Vice…Vice President?” 

Following everyone’s gaze, Jian Chi’s sleepiness completely dissipated when he saw Ji Huaisi in the center of the stage.

The murals and lights behind the high platform were intertwined and shone on Ji Huaisi, who was wearing a white tuxedo. His hair was combed up, revealing a smooth forehead and warm eyebrows like an ink painting. He bowed to the audience, lowered his focused eyes, raised the violin to his shoulders, placed his right hand holding the bow on the strings, and played the first note. 

Jian Chi couldn’t take his eyes away. 

Facing everyone’s attention, Ji Huaisi waved the bow in his hand with the ups and downs of the tones. He didn’t seem to be playing, but more like he was immersed in a feast, a dance, and his figure seemed to be under the torrent of surging waves. It was filled with indelible strength and elegance. 

Jian Chi’s perception was dominated by this sound and the emotions in the music clearly rushed to him, from melancholy and sorrow, to sudden eagerness and aggressiveness, each syllable was like a jumping cold flame, soothing, melodious and long, a burst of melody. The numbness spread from his scalp to his whole body. 

The cellos on both sides of the stage became the background against the violin. For the first time, Jian Chi personally understood Zhang Yang’s admiration for Ji Huaisi. Ji Huaisi, who picked up the violin, bore all the radiance and honor, his pure white elegant tuxedo and the joints on his clear hands. He inadvertently raised his eyes to look at the audience, with a drowning tender smile in his eyes. 

For a moment, Jian Chi thought that Ji Huaisi was looking at him. 

He still had a trace of reason and pulled his consciousness away from this musical feast and looked at Bai Xiyu beside him. At this moment, the concentration on Bai Xiyu’s face had been replaced by obsession, staring firmly at Ji Huaisi in the center of the stage, pursing his lips. Every cell in his body seemed to be restless and tense. 

This look first appeared when Bai Xiyu saw Ji Huaisi, but it was not as strong as one-tenth of the current one. 

Jian Chi’s heart moved slightly. 

The story, maybe back on track.

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    • He realized that everything that was supposed to be happening to BXY in the OG storyline was happening to him. Because he doesn’t want that fate, and would rather stick to the plot of the future he already is aware of (then he can avoid it), he’s trying to get the plot back on track. Which is selfish, but personally, understandable. (Idk or care if this makes me a shitty person but I can see why he wouldn’t want to be the MC of the novel ‘Cage of Love’. Apart from bringing BXY in to intercept it, what else can be done?)

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