Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Invitation 

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Ji Huaisi walked behind him at some point in a neat suit and purple sapphire that had an elegant light to it on his chest. He slowly faced Jian Chi with a smile in his eyes. 

“I was about to find you. I heard from my classmates that you and Zhang Yang were going in this direction. I didn’t expect to meet you.”

Jian Chi smiled reluctantly, wondering how the students of Saintston could always observe these strange things. 

Seeing the person coming, Zhang Yang nervously shouted ‘Vice President’. Ji Huaisi smiled at him, “Jian Chi and I have something to say.” 

Zhang Yang immediately understood the meaning of his words, and touched his head awkwardly, “I just remember something, so I’ll go first.” After speaking, he gave Jian Chi a look, “I’ll see you in the library.” 

Jian Chi opened his lips and wanted to stop Zhang Yang, but in the blink of an eye he could only see his blurry back. 

“Jian Chi.” Ji Huaisi took a few steps closer and asked warmly, “Are you free now? A few minutes are enough.” 

Naturally, he couldn’t pick the wrong words. Even if Jian Chi wanted to find an excuse to leave, he had to go ahead and ask: “Is there anything wrong with the vice president?” 

“I wanted to give this to you.” 

When his voice fell, Ji Huaisi took out an off-white envelope with dark patterns from his arms, sealed with golden lacquer, and sprayed with a faint scent of gardenias, making it extraordinarily textured in his hand. 

Jian Chi looked at Ji Huaisi, puzzled, then noticed a moment of indiscernible tension in Ji Huaisi’s eyes. He slowly recited, “There is a classical concert at the Villiger Concert Hall next week and I want to invite you to watch it together.” 


This word was like the key to open the memory gate and Jian Chi’s heart beat faster. 

If he remembered correctly, this concert was described in detail in the book and it was also invited by Ji Huaisi, but he invited Bai Xiyu who was injured in the equestrian competition.

This was an apology for Ji Huaisi’s conscious negligence of duty, and it was also in this interaction that Bai Xiyu had truly determined his heart’s feelings. 

Everything should have clearly followed the novel, but at this moment, this invitation letter that should have been given to Bai Xiyu appeared in his hand. 

“Jian Chi?” 

Jian Chi suddenly returned to his senses, his body was sweating as if he had just been fished out of the water. He put the invitation back into Ji Huaisi’s hand again, “Sorry, I can’t accept it.” 

This refusal came suddenly and bluntly, and as soon as Jian Chi said it, he found that it was too impulsive. Now, it was too late to replace it with a more euphemistic rhetoric. 

He was sensitively aware of the sudden loss in Ji Huaisi’s eyes. After being quiet for a few seconds, he resumed his previous smile, slowly and lightly, “Can you tell me the reason? I thought we could be considered friends.” 

Jian Chi didn’t know how to answer, it seemed that no matter what he said, it would hurt Ji Huaisi’s good intentions. 

When facing Shao Hang, he can be cold-faced without any burden. Facing Bai Xiyu, he could also find various reasons to avoid it, but only Ji Huaisi who had helped him countless times from the beginning to the present, he didn’t want to see him show the lonely look just now.

“…I heard that it is very inconvenient to leave school.” Jian Chi pursed her lips and replied with a toe curling reason. 

This sentence seemed to relieve Ji Huaisi of a bit of heaviness, and there was a little soft light in his eyes, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this matter.” 

Jian Chi moved his lips, and no matter how far-fetched the reason was, he became speechless and puzzled. 

He clearly remembered that Ji Huaisi in the book gave Bai Xiyu this invitation letter out of apology, so why did Ji Huaisi transfer the object to him now? 

When Jian Chi reacted, he realized that he had already asked the doubts in his heart out loud. 

Ji Huaisi lowered his eyes. No matter what kind of expression he made with his soft eyebrows, it made people feel natural and comfortable and there was something unknown in his voice, which seemed to make it more mellow and melodious than usual: “I hope you can come. When I asked for the invitation, I quickly thought of you, can that be considered a reason?” 

The words fell and Ji Huaisi looked at Jian Chi’s stuck expression. He pursed the corners of his lips, and couldn’t help but chuckle: “Besides, I think you will like it. I also invited Ze Xi and the others before, but they have no interest in music. Shu Ting had just returned to China, so I have been handling over the affairs of the student union for the past few days. When I have time to spare, I thought of you. Jian Chi, are you going to reject me a second time?” 

In the last sentence, there were some imperceptible grievances and sighs, which made Jian Chi almost think that his ears were hallucinating. The invitation letter was handed out from Ji Huaisi’s hand again, hanging in the air like a weight in his heart. He didn’t know how long he was silent, “Can I think about it?” 

Ji Huaisi smiled, “Of course.”

For a moment, Jian Chi felt that he had fallen into a set trap, but with the gentle eyes of Ji Huaisi, this strange thought was dismissed. He took the invitation letter as if he was holding a hot potato, and Ji Huaisi said at this moment, “Jane Chi.”

Jian Chi was no longer surprised to hear anything now, “What’s the matter?” 

“In the future, you can call me by my name directly. Hearing you call me vice president, it feels a bit too unfamiliar, what do you think?” 

Such an unremarkable request made the tense Jian Chi freeze for a moment, then nod slowly, “Ji Huaisi.” 

It was just a name. In a neither light nor heavy tone, there was nothing special compared to usual, but Ji Huaisi’s expression paused slightly and the corners of his lips rose to a deeper smile than usual. After a while, he said ‘en’ . 

“Jian Chi, what did the vice president tell you?” 

Originally said to meet at the library, but Zhang Yang couldn’t hold back his gossip heart. He just wanted to understand what happened just now and winked at Jian Chi. 

Without further explanation, Jian Chi took out the exquisite invitation letter. The envelope still had a faint fragrance after a long time and it fell into Zhang Yang’s surprised eyes. 

“This was given to you by the vice president?” Zhang Yang took it and touched it cautiously not daring to leave any wrinkles, “God, he invited you to a concert? This is an invitation letter from the Villiger Music Hall. Jian Chi, you tell me truthfully, have you saved the life of the vice president?” 

Jian Chi was amused by Zhang Yang’s half-truth question, but when he thought of the still unfulfilled answer, his smile gradually faded, “Should I agree?” 

Zhang Yang’s eyes widened, looking at Jian Chi as if he was looking at a freak, “Go, why not go? If you give me such a good opportunity, it would be enough for me to boast about it for the first half of the year! Jian Chi, the vice president really treats you as a friend. In the past, he would only invite members of the student union for this kind of concert, and for more important events, he would only go with President Shen. Their relationship had always been very good, but this is the first time for him to invite a person outside the student union.” 

All kinds of gossip news were readily available from Zhang Yang. When Jian Chi listened to him go on further and further, the uneasiness in his heart seemed to become more. 

Agree to it, but he had decided to stay away from the central characters of the novel; reject it, but as Ji Huaisi said, should he reject him a second time? 

Jian Chi couldn’t help recalling the content of the book. From Bai Xiyu’s point of view, the content about Ji Huaisi was the most prosperous at the beginning and gradually became a memory later, and occasionally it was the fuse that made a few men jealous. 

In addition to the accident at the end of the story that made him leave his home country, Ji Huaisi was not a real protagonist, but an important supporting role. 

Jian Chi suddenly found out that he was unconciously stripping Ji Huaisi from the novel and reality.

Someone grabbed his arm, and Jian Chi, who was disconnected because of his thoughts, was pulled aside by Zhang Yang. Before he understood what was going on, he heard Zhang Yang say angrily, “I forgot that Bai Xiyu was also in the library, he seemed to be looking at this side just now.” 

In a flash, a thought appeared in Jian Chi’s mind – Bai Xiyu. 

Yes, Bai Xiyu. 

He was the center of the novel and the most important character. He had not undergone some strange changes like Shao Hang and Ji Huaisi. So far, his words and deeds were perfectly in line with the description in the book. 

What if he could get the plot back on track? 

This idea had been lingering in his mind since it appeared. When he returned to the dormitory, Jian Chi couldn’t help turning on HS. In his few friends list, Ji Huaisi’s status was displayed as online. 

He went to the message box and sent out a sentence around his uneasy mood: Can I bring my friends? 

He thought he would have to wait for a while, but the next second the phone vibrated and Ji Huaisi’s reply popped up. 

Jian Chi’s heart suddenly fell back to its original position. 

Ji Huaisi: Of course. 

The author has something to say: 

First date plan, dead

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