Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Extra 1: “Brother”

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Since Jian Chi rented this apartment close to the university, Shen Shuting had only been there once. Judging from the frowning of his brows, it probably could not escape his dislike for this two-bedroom apartment.

At first, Jian Chi was somewhat dissatisfied with this, but when he came to Shen Shuting’s house, this feeling disappeared immediately.

Shen Shuting had every reason to dislike his apartment.

From Monday to Friday, Shen Shuting lived in a three-storey villa bought near the university. It only took ten minutes to drive from the expensive rich neighborhood to the school. He would go home regularly on Saturdays and Sundays. This ‘home’ referred to the residence where Shen Shuting lived with his family.

Before high school, Shen Shuting had been living in Boros and received education there. Besides that, Jian Chi seldom heard Shen Shuting bring up the topic of “home”, perhaps because of Shen Shuting’s unhappy childhood and his special identity.

This was not obvious in ordinary life, but sometimes it would bring unprecedented shock. For example, when the TV news broadcasted King Boros’s speech at a certain festival, Shen Shuting could cut to a middle-aged blonde man in a fancy outfit and say abruptly, “That’s my father.”

Jian Chi almost lost his grip on the remote control and dropped it to the ground.

Strictly speaking, Shen Shuting was indeed the prince of this country.

In high school, it was okay. Compared with the weird title of prince, the students of Sainston regarded him as the superior president. But when Shen Shuting returned to Boros and started majoring in art history at the capital University, Jian Chi saw the news headlines about Prince Richard’s studies that day.

It’s not an in-site forum like HS, but an ink newspaper for sale on a newsstand, with a full-body photo of Shen Shuting taken by the media when he got off the plane.

Jian Chi bought a newspaper and realized for the first time the sensitivity and specialness of Shen Shuting’s identity.

Other than the occasional side glances while walking around campus together, the interludes didn’t cause much disruption in their day-to-day lives. Jian Chi seldom thought too much, and never asked about Shen Shuting’s home during conversations, until one ordinary Friday, Shen Shuting took the initiative to speak:

“Come home with me tomorrow.”


When Jian Chi realized that this “home” did not refer to the villa where Shen Shuting usually lived, Shen Shuting lowered his cold eyes and added: “Then it’s decided.”

Jian Chi: “…”

Fortunately, Shen Shuting did not live with his parents, otherwise he would not have dared to imagine that scene.

Members of the royal family had their own residences. The king and his wife live in the Snaghi Palace, where the monarch has lived for generations, and Shen Shuting lived in the St. Lenz Palace. Yes, it was a real palace. The car drove into the main road and passed through a large lawn. Jian Chi marveled at this ancient and majestic building, and guessed where Shen Shuting’s residence was. The car stopped in front of the main entrance, and the butler stooped to open the door, Jian Chi realized that he might be thinking a little more conservatively.

The entire palace was Shen Shuting’s home.

“What are you thinking of?”

Shen Shuting at some time had walked up to Jian Chi, stretched out his arms, with the same indifferent expression as before, “It’s time to come down.”

Jian Chi held his arm to get out of the car, and as soon as he stood firmly, Shen Shuting changed into a holding position. He wanted to pull his arm out, but Shen Shuting pulled him back tightly.

“Is it that hard to hold onto my arm in public?”

“…This is your home.” Jian Chi was slapped with a hat without saying anything, and defended himself in a low voice.

Shen Shuting’s expression softened a little, “They won’t look or talk nonsense.”

Jian Chi was not only worried about this, Shen Shuting’s actions just now were too obvious, it would be difficult not to be noticed by the housekeeper guarding the door.

Letting go now seemed even more pretentious, Jian Chi had no choice but to give up this idea, and follow Shen Shuting’s pace through the long corridor, the scene in front of him made him slightly stunned.

A woman in a gray knee-length dress was sitting on the sofa, her natural long brown hair was coiled on top of her head, and she was holding a thick book in her hands. The page-turning movement stopped at the moment Shen Shuting came in. She somehow noticed them and turned her head.

The three-dimensional facial features were placed on this mixed-race face, eye sockets were slightly deep, and the high cheekbones connected to the chin, which cut off some femininity and added some heroism. A pair of emerald pupils exactly the same as Shen Shuting’s was locked on the two of them. At the moment of being stared at, Jian Chi forgot to breathe, recalling the condescending scrutiny when he first saw Shen Shuting. It had appeared on the woman’s face indistinguishably.

Without malice and warmth, it only made people feel the insurmountable gap between their identities.

“Sister.” Shen Shuting interrupted the silent staring.

The woman withdrew her gaze, “Did you bring him back?”

When two people talked face to face, they looked like they were looking in a mirror. Different genders with similar appearances, a replica of the temperament, there was no third person who could be more similar.

Jian Chi caught the woman’s unsurprising question, as if she knew he was coming.

Shen Shuting didn’t give Jian Chi a chance to ask questions, and introduced with the shortest words: “She is my sister, Shen Xinyou.”

A name that doesn’t quite match its appearance, but sounded nice. Jian Chi called out ‘sister’ confusedly, before he could react, his hand was held by Shen Shuting, and then he heard him say nonchalantly: “This is Jian Chi, my boyfriend.”

It was like announcing an important thing but didn’t want the said people to notice this important thing.

Shen Xinyou moved her lips melodiously when Jian Chi called her sister. When it was Shen Shuting’s turn to speak, she immediately returned to her original indifference, snorted softly, and sat lazily on the back of the sofa, “Got it, you’ve said the same thing three times.”

Shen Shuting didn’t change his expression: “I’m afraid you’d forget.”

“I’m just seven years older than you, not seventy.”

Jian Chi who was standing by the side didn’t dare to speak out: “…”

Is this way of speaking Shen Shuting’s family characteristic?

Probably feeling that she shouldn’t be too unreasonable when she first met her sister-in-law, Shen Xinyou closed the book and put it on her knees, brushed the scattered hair by her ears, and smiled to ease the sense of distance brought by the first glance, “Richard has already introduced me, but I still have to say it myself, I am Shen Xinyou, you can call me sister like Richard, nice to meet you, Jian Chi.”

The last two words flowed out of her lips and teeth naturally, obviously it was not the first time she said it. Jian Chi reasonably suspected that before he knew it, Shen Shuting had mentioned him many times in front of Shen Xinyou. After saying hello, Jian Chi held Shen Xinyou’s outstretched hand, and was surprised to find that the other party stood a little taller than him.

The genes of Shen Shuting’s family were undoubtedly excellent, so when this equally delicate mixed-race face was zoomed in before his eyes, Jian Chi was in a daze for a moment, and then Shen Shuting intercepted his gaze and pulled the hand he and Shen Xinyou had just shook hands with. Shen Xinyou didn’t look surprised, she glanced at Shen Shuting with a chuckle, bent down to pick up the book on the sofa and walked towards the door.

“I won’t disturb your two-person world, tell Richard or the servant if you need anything, see you at dinner.”

Two seconds later, Jian Chi realized that Shen Xinyou was talking to himself, and when he wanted to respond, she was already out of sight.

He hadn’t taken his eyes back when his face was turned around first. Facing Shen Shuting’s dark green eyes, Jian Chi was still immersed in the episode of meeting the parents just now, and sighed: “You and your sister really look alike.”

Anyone who has met Shen Shuting and Shen Xinyou must think so, but Shen Shuting’s brain circuit was obviously different from ordinary people, and his eyebrows frowned, “So you have to keep staring at her?”


Looking at each other, Jian Chi realized his ridiculous question, and couldn’t help but say, “She is your older sister.”

“I know,” Shen Shuting said, “She asked you to call her sister, so you have to call her that? You never called me brother.”

Jian Chi felt that it was very stupid to discuss the issue of calling elder brother and elder sister with Shen Shuting in a serious manner here, it was a little bit funny. Shen Shuting didn’t think so, he lowered his eyes slightly, as if calculating in his head, then finally came to a conclusion: “You really should call me brother.”

At this time, Jian Chi had already left the room with selective deafness.

One afternoon was not enough time to visit the whole palace. Fortunately, Shen Shuting had no such plan, and he would just accompany Jian Chi wherever he wanted to see, acting as a competent tour guide. During dinner time, the three of them sat at a long table, with exquisite candlesticks and flower arrangements in the middle. Jian Chi was unavoidably cautious. Shen Xinyou was obviously a better guide than Shen Shuting. She asked about Jian Chi’s family and life, and under Shen Shuting’s cold expression would occasionally bring up his name but the focus was on Jian Chi.

“The first time I heard Richard mention you, I thought he was joking.”

With a smile on Shen Xinyou’s lips, she propped her chin and looked in Jian Chi’s direction, “I’m surprised that someone was so unlucky to have him fall in love with them.”

Jian Chi squeezed his fingertips, so as not to show his approval in front of Shen Shuting. Shen Xinyou seemed to see something, took a sip of the red wine in the goblet, “Richard, go to the kitchen to see why dinner is not ready yet.”

Shen Shuting rolled his eyes, “If you want to get rid of me, just say it.”

Shen Xinyou was noncommittal, “You can think so if you want, go quickly.”

It was the first time that Jian Chi saw someone dare to speak to Shen Shuting in such a tone, saying that she was commanding him was more appropriate. What was even more surprising was that apart from pursing the corners of his lips to show dissatisfaction, Shen Shuting got up and left without any resistance.

Shen Xinyou’s voice brought Jian Chi’s thoughts back: “What about him, did he mention his sister to you?”

Thinking of this, Jian Chi felt a little embarrassed, “He told me something about his childhood.”

It can be expected that there would be bad memories behind this answer. Shen Xinyou paused for a moment and pondered: “When Richard was young, I was a very excessive sister. I didn’t understand the responsibility brought by this title. I just blindly carried my personal emotions and hated him. This kind of anger was unreasonable, but at that time, I was just an ignorant and arrogant child.”

Jian Chi did not interrupt Shen Xinyou.

“Things during that time are not worth remembering. Later, I wanted to restore this sibling relationship that I had neglected for too long, but the result is like what you saw. I don’t know whether it is a success or a failure.” Shen Xinyou leaned back on the chair, holding the goblet for a long time without drinking it, “Because of your presence today, he didn’t act too indifferent.”

Jian Chi clearly remembered that the first time Shen Shuting mentioned his childhood and his sister, it was definitely not disgust. Shen Xinyou’s dislike was the first hurt Shen Shuting suffered when he was a child, and the second was from his parents. Regarding Shen Xinyou’s self-deprecation, Jian Chi did not agree.

“Can I say something of my own thoughts?”


“I think Shen Shuting cares about his sister very much.”

Shen Xinyou’s eyes flickered for a moment, and she gently put down the goblet, showing the most sincere smile so far, “I am already very happy to hear these words.”

“This is the truth,” Jian Chi looked at her seriously, “Shen Shuting is a very stubborn person, no matter in high school or university, he wants to be the leader of all the students. He is used to being the one who gives orders. But just now you told him to leave, and he didn’t refute.”

“I thought he just didn’t want to get into more trouble for refusing.”

Shen Xinyou seemed to be caught in a distant memory, “He is indeed a very stubborn person. He has been a very stubborn person since he was a child. It was the first time he discovered the secret of his parents. Of course, it is no longer a secret. He had a high fever. After waking up, he followed me every day and asked how he could restore this home to its original appearance. He was only seven years old, believed that there was a Santa Claus in this world, and believed that the stories in fairy tale books were true. At that time, I was eager to put aside this trouble, I impatiently told him that only by raising all the flowers in the garden can his wish come true, but in fact, I just happened to see the gardener in the garden and said it casually. But he took it seriously.”

Shen Xinyou said: “A child, I don’t know where his inexhaustible perseverance comes from.”

Jian Chi was stunned for a while, unconsciously tightened his hand on the table, and after a long time he found his voice: “So that’s how it is.”

Hobbies are always strange and came from a momentary idea or because of a dream. Jian Chi never thought that Shen Shuting’s enthusiasm for gardening came from such a story.

The cover and the heavy colors didn’t match.

Shen Xinyou’s voice broke the stagnant atmosphere, “Is he still doing these things?”

“It never stopped.” Jian Chi said.

“I don’t know why, but hearing this answer makes me feel at ease.” Shen Xinyou smiled relieved, “Richard is a boring gourd, but fortunately he didn’t find a partner who is more boring than him. I heard that the tastes of siblings are very similar. I like you too, Jian Chi.”

The sudden appreciation made Jian Chi not think about how to react, after a long while, he said softly, “Thank you.”

“Shouldn’t you be calling me sister?”

Shen Xinyou blinked, Jian Chi suddenly felt that Shen Xinyou in this appearance was very similar to Shen Shuting who asked him to call him brother.

As night fell, Jian Chi came out of the shower and found that there was no figure of Shen Shuting in the room. When he walked forward, the back figure on the balcony came into view. Looking down from there, one can overlook the entire back garden.

“What are you doing standing there?”

Jian Chi walked over while talking, the temperature at night was quite different from that during the day, and he shivered as soon as he stepped through the glass door.

“Taking a breather.”

Jian Chi thought that Shen Shuting, who had his back turned to him, should not have seen his freezing appearance just now, but before he could stand still, a coat fell onto his body, leaving the warmth of Shen Shuting’s body.


Shen Shuting turned around, his eyes flickered with dark green light under the night, “What did you guys talk about at dinner?”

“Something from a long time ago.” Jian Chi pinched his coat, thinking about how to answer, “Your sister feels guilty about what she did when she was a child, and she has been working hard to repair your relationship.”

To Jian Chi’s surprise, Shen Shuting replied: “I know.”

“Then you…”

“I know what she’s thinking, so to compensate for everything she has done, I wanted her to see you.”

Shen Shuting approached his direction, slowly until his breath was blowing across his face along with the evening wind, bringing a slight trembling, “By the way, tell her, I’ve let it go a long time ago now.”

What Shen Xinyou said was right, Shen Shuting is a stubborn gourd, he doesn’t know how to show favor with words, but chose to expand his own world, and silently give out cryptic answers.

Jian Chi was his world.


His chin was pinched, preventing Jian Chi’s remaining words of inquiry. Shen Shuting’s voice had some other meanings: “This is the end of the words about Shen Xinyou, now it’s my turn.”

Jian Chi had a bad premonition until Shen Shuting’s next sentence sounded: “Today you said eight sisters in total.”

“When did you count such things?”

Jian Chi wanted to laugh, but Shen Shuting told him that this sentence was not a joke. When his lips were pressed together, Jian Chi subconsciously leaned towards the balcony, and what hit his back was not a solid stone pillar, but Shen Shuting’s hand protecting his lower back. 


During the interval of breathing, Shen Shuting raised his dark green eyes, like facets of gemstones reflecting light. Jian Chi’s heart inevitably jumped a bit more, and just as he made a sound, he was stopped halfway by a hot kiss.

Jian Chi heard Shen Shuting’s heavy breathing against his ear, and the cold tone revealed unspeakable sexiness at this moment, triggering the switch of desire.

“I want to hear you call me brother.”


At this time, Jian Chi still had a sliver of reason, and he refused unswervingly.

What he did not know was that in the long night to come, Shen Shuting would have many ways to make him voluntarily say these two words.

In the end, Jian Chi couldn’t remember how many times he called “Brother” with a red face.

Note: I was only able to find 2 of the extras so if anyone can find the rest, I would be more than willing to translate and post! :)

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