Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Embarrassed

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Fortunately, it was during recess, so while supporting Wenchuan to the infirmary, they didn’t meet many people on the way. Jian Chi and Gao Yan put the unconscious Wen Chuan on the bed, and the dripping clothes printed deep wet stains on the white sheets. 

Gao Yan had another class next, so he explained the general situation to Qin Zhao and left Jian Chi alone.

 “38 degrees, high fever.” 

Qin Zhao retracted his gaze from the thermometer and his eyes under the gold-wire glasses stopped on Jian Chi, an unknown deep meaning flashed, “You always seem to be able to encounter all kinds of accidents.” 

Jian Chi twitched the corner of his mouth, pretending not to hear the irony in his words and rubbed his still sore waist, “If there is nothing else, I’ll go first.” 

“Where are you going?” Qin Zhao went over and opened the drawer, took out a pack of medical tissues and threw it in front of Jian Chi, “Take off his clothes and wipe off the water.”

Jian Chi stared at the package of tissues, then looked up at Qin Zhao for a while, “…Me?” 

“I’m only responsible for treating the sickness. You brought the person, of course, you are responsible for these things.” 

The misunderstanding last time was probably deeply rooted in Qin Zhao’s heart. He was nearly one meter away from Jian Chi, and he would rather throw things over than take these two steps.

Jian Chi looked over at the sleeping Wen Chuan in a hesitant manner. Now that he had come this far and Wen Chuan had lost consciousness, rather than making his condition worse, Jian Chi finally chose to silently say ‘sorry for the offense’ in his heart and stretch out his hand. He carefully untied the clothes stuck to Wen Chuan. 

The ferocious wounds were exposed in front of his eyes. Looking at them from a close distance, it seemed that the old and newly added wounds had not been treated as they should. There was a trace of doubt in Jian Chi’s heart, shouldn’t Bai Xiyu and Wen Chuan have become friends at this time? If he remembered correctly, Wen Chuan was accustomed to letting Bai Xiyu give him medicine and the wounds on his body should not be as terrifying as they are now. 

Doubts were doubts, and Jian Chi quickly focused his attention. In the past, when Jian Chengchao suffered from back pain, he would apply essential oils to help massage him. Although the gap was huge, it was nothing more than a job with his hand. 

Without looking at Wen Chuan’s face, the embarrassment in Jian Chi’s heart quickly disappeared. He threw away the used tissue and pulled the clean quilt from the infirmary over Wen Chuan. 

“The pants are also wet.” Qin Zhao’s voice came from behind. 

Jian Chi said helplessly, “I can’t take off his pants.” 

“Really? I thought you were very courageous,” Qin Zhao laughed inexplicably. “What’s the difference between you only taking off half of it and just now?”

Jian Chi couldn’t win over Qin Zhao’s words and he thought about leaving quickly. After hesitating for two seconds, he undid Wen Chuan’s belt and the metal buckle made a crisp ‘click’. 

He didn’t know if he sensed something strange on his body, but Wen Chuan’s eyelashes trembled slightly. He opened his eyes, and saw Jian Chi clearly in front of him, and the daze inside disappeared instantly. 


A hoarse voice squeezed out of his burnt throat. Jian Chi raised his head, and caught Wenchuan’s sober and cold eyes. 

After a long stalemate, Wen Chuan’s eyes fell on Jian Chi’s hand on his waist. The coldness in his eyes was filled with a hint of shameful anger, like a tiny beating flame, which was too weak to burst out at this moment. 

The back of Jian Chi’s hand was stared at and shivered for a while, and he raised it quickly, realizing that such an action seemed even more like a guilty conscience, and explained, “I’m sorry, I just…” 

Before he could finish speaking, Wen Chuan fainted again. 

The aura between him and Wen Chuan must not be compatible. 

This time, Jian Chi hurriedly left the infirmary without staying any longer. Qin Zhao had been staring at him defensively, obviously not giving him the chance to approach like last time. 

Jian Chi didn’t want to wait for Wen Chuan to wake up to stare at him. Looking back on the embarrassment just now, he was trying to find out the story about this fever in his memory, but he couldn’t come up with a reasonable result. 

He only remembered that Wen Chuan did have a fever, but he didn’t pass out in the bathroom like he did just now. Instead, he took a antipyretic medicine and a small piece of cake from Bai Xiyu when he had a fever. The story was only described here. 

After being seen by others, Bai Xiyu’s actions were posted on HS, which inevitably led to another bunch of discussions and articles. 

Jian Chi boarded the discussion section of Saintston College, which he hadn’t looked at for a long time. He scrolled down for a while. Sure enough, he saw a few posts discussing Bai Xiyu, and the floors (commenters) were basically over 100.

One of them mentioned Wen Chuan’s name. 

Original Poster: Early in the morning, I saw Yuyu sticking to Wen Chuan again, and placed a bag of things on his table openly. This landlord (original poster) sat a little far away and could only vaguely see the food inside. Does anyone know what that person’s brain thinks about all day long? 

1L: So funny, I just saw this bag in the trash can. Wen Chuan threw it away without touching it, as expected of him. 

2L: Why hasn’t this Yuyu given up yet? I don’t think the prince has bothered him for a while. I guess he’s already tired of playing. Why is he rushing to make people disgusted? Same as a dog skin plaster. 

3L: I guess when he heard Wen Chuan’s background and the prince route couldn’t work, he changed to fish a different handsome guy. 

4L: How could Wen Chuan like him? IMHO, can anyone really beat Wen Chuan himself? 

5L: None. 

6L: None. 

7L: Wen Chuan’s face can be judged as a the school belle, right? 

8L: Be careful when you speak upstairs (previous poster). I heard that Wen Chuan is actually quite crazy, and BC matters are rarely discussed in posts. 

45L: Am I the only one who doesn’t know what you’re talking about? Who is Yuyu? 

46L: I suggest you go upstairs to see “The Temptation of the Devil” and you’ll understand. 

47L: Let 45L know about popular science, Yuyu is the heroine Su Ruoyu in “The Temptation of the Devil”, no one doesn’t know about this classic dog-blood drama, right? Every man with a reputation likes the poor heroine in it. My sister used to watch it every day, and she scolded me when I complained. Having said that, don’t you think that Bai Xiyu is really like that wonderful heroine with a pure mind? They also have yu in their names. 

48L: F*ck, who came up with such a talented nickname? 

49L: I don’t know if he resembles it, I just hope those BCs don’t really get hooked like those mentally ret*rded male supporting cast in the show. 

Jian Chi swept across the following floors hastily, and the first sentence “Wen Chuan didn’t touch it” echoed in his mind.

In an instant, the fog cleared, and everything became clear. 

The original Wen Chuan took the box of Bai Xiyu’s medicine and the fever faded in the morning. But in reality, Wen Chuan directly threw all the medicine bags into the trash can, so the burning became more and more serious, and finally he fainted due to hypoxia in the stuffy bathroom. 

And he was unluckilyy at the scene. 

The change between Ji Huaisi and Shao Hang can be explained as the fact that they had contact without knowing it, but why Wen Chuan? He and Wen Chuan didn’t have anything to do with each other except two sentences that were spoken that was not friendly. Why did even Wen Chuan go off track? 

Jian Chi turned off his phone. His heart trembled, and he even began to wonder whether it was right or wrong to so laboriously avoid the plot. Maybe he shouldn’t pay attention to that book, he was not the original ‘Jian Chi’ after all. From the moment he stepped into Saintston, the story was written in a completely different direction. 

The more he cared about it, the more disorganized it became. 

Ideas were overturned, rebuilt, and overturned. 

On the stage, Yang Zheng tapped on the key points on the board and explained the topic of the new unit with a loud voice. Jian Chi looked at the empty seat behind him with his peripheral vision, scattering his thoughts a little. He turned the pen in his hand. 

Wen Chuan was late again. In the cadence of Yang Zheng’s lecture, he walked into the classroom as usual, his steady pace could not see the shadow of that day’s weakness. He ignored Yang Zheng without squinting, and there was a faint layer of icy light between his delicate eyebrows. 

When passing by Jian Chi, he stopped without warning. 

In just a short while, there were already several eyes gathered around inquiringly. As if Wen Chuan didn’t realize it, he lowered his head and spat out two hard words. His tone seemed a little reluctant, and the volume was neither light nor heavy enough for Jian Chi to hear clearly. 


The pen in Jian Chi’s hand was not steady and fell on the table.

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