Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Membership

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“Jian Chi,” Zhang Yang asked after a long struggle, “Have you read HS’s post recently?” 

Jian Chi almost understood why Zhang Yang asked this question and why he was so cautious, “Did someone post something about me?” 

Zhang Yang didn’t say a word. He racked his brains for a while, then came up with a few words of comfort: “Don’t look at it, even if you look at it, don’t worry about it. They are just eating their fill, and they’ll forget about it after a while.” 

Don’t have to look, Jian Chi could also guess the content of those posts. 

When Wen Chuan’s ‘thank you’ fell in his ears, Jian Chi actually stopped for three seconds. Compared with hearing a BC’s personal thanks, he felt more clearly – it was over. 

Wen Chuan didn’t reduce his volume and stopped beside him in class where everyone was watching. Jian Chi was certain that the person sitting in the back row must have heard this sentence. Even if they were separated by a certain distance, they could infer those two simple words based on his mouth shape. 

Jian Chi learned early in the morning the gossip ability of Saintston students. The closed education allowed them to live on campus for two-thirds of the year, gradually turning the school into a small society.

Every move of the people around them was the topic of conversations for them when they were bored between classes. Jian Chi had witnessed several times that YC and RC would intercept special enrollments, tease them like domestic pets, and show them no respect. A few PCs that were not involved tend to sit and watch, and occasionally give a smile when they find it interesting. 

It’s hard to imagine the real faces of these elite children in the eyes of ordinary people. Saintston was a safe protected area for them and all the people around them were of the same kind. They grab hold of each other’s weaknesses, so they can release the evil in their hearts more recklessly. When they graduate and leave school, they will unite together, put on a mask of a gentleman, and praise the famous alumni school. No one would know the cruel class division and the continuous bullying. 

Wen Chuan hadn’t done anything since he said ‘thank you’. Except sometimes in swimming lessons, he won’t look at him with eyes that prevented strangers from approaching; every time he did look at him, Jian Chi’s heart was still chilled. Now, he became the first to come and go in swimming class. 

He could feel the slight changes in the eyes of the people around him. In particular, since Jian Chi had long been accustomed to being a transparent person, facing the sudden focus, he only felt irritable and flustered. 

Even if he went back to the dormitory, he couldn’t get the relaxation he deserved. Wei An would take joy in his calamity and give him a disgusted look. Once on a phone call, he deliberately turned up the volume and said, ‘He and that Bai Xiyu are the same type. They are both social climbers, sooner or later, they will court disaster.’

At that time, Jian Chi was washing in the bathroom and the sound was clearly transmitted through the wall. The next day, he went to a teacher to inquire about a request to change dormitories, but was politely dismissed by saying ‘there was no free bed’.

It was out of the question, but that wasn’t a surprise. 

In the morning economics class, Mr. Smith’s lecture speed was three times that of other teachers as usual. Jian Chi did not dare to be distracted for a moment while sitting in the back row and barely took down all the notes. The phone in his pocket vibrated, but Jian Chi didn’t pay attention. He didn’t see the news until after class. It was from Ji Huaisi two hours ago. 

Ji Huaisi: Are you free at noon? Do you want to eat together?

Jian Chi read the message several times and replied slowly: I am eating on the first floor. 

He thought that Ji Huaisi should be able to understand the meaning of this sentence. Although the division of the brooch was lacking in morals, it can sometimes be used as a shield. Unexpectedly, Ji Huaisi said quickly: I’ll go to the first floor to find you. 

A PC appearing in the special enrollment cafeteria, and it is Ji Huaisi? Jian Chi could almost already think of the title of the post the next day, and the people around him watching him like a monkey. The picture that popped up in his mind made Jian Chi shudder. He quickly replied: That’d be too troublesome, what’s the matter? 

Ji Huaisi: Can’t I have a meal with you? 

It was clearly a simple inquiry, but Jian Chi read a hint of loss from the text: I don’t want to trouble you. 

In fact, Jian Chi just didn’t want to cause trouble for himself. 

But Ji Huaisi’s gentleness was not the same as weakness. His compromise was always mixed with a hint of imperceptible strength: I will go to the library to find you after class, is that okay? 

Whether it was the cafeteria or the library, it was unavoidable to meet others. In contrast, the PC cafeteria had better confidentiality. Jian Chi actually persuaded himself a little, then after a while, he silently replied: I’ll see you in the cafeteria. 

Ji Huaisi quickly replied “I’ll wait for you”, followed by HS’s own emoji, a smiling little soybean with two sparkling stars on his face, in a good mood. 

“Jian Chi, what do you want to eat?” 

The elevator to the upper floor of the cafeteria required a student card to operate, so Jian Chi especially walked into the cafeteria a few minutes before meal time. Ji Huaisi beckoned not far away, opened the elevator and pressed the fourth floor, while asking this sentence with a smile. 

Jian Chi was still thinking about why Ji Huaisi was looking for him. After hearing this, he couldn’t help but be startled: “Can I order food in the cafeteria?” 

Ji Huaisi said: “All the dishes are made fresh. If you have something you want to eat, I can tell the chef. It’s not a troublesome thing.”

PC’s cafeteria may no longer be called a cafeteria, it was more luxurious than any restaurant that Jian Chi has ever been to. A giant crystal lamp hung from the ceiling, and the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows can directly see the scenery outside. A man in a tuxedo sat and played in front of the piano on the high platform. A few PCs were distributed in the huge dining area. At a round table for two, there were delicately carved scented candles and two white roses. 

This kind of scene made Jian Chi feel an indescribable feeling. When Ji Huaisi finished ordering, he took a sip of water to suppress his strange feeling, and asked, “Do you have anything to tell me?” 

Ji Huaisi looked at Jian Chi helplessly, put the tableware in front of the two of them, and said slowly: “Instead of that, I just want to have a good meal with you. It’s hard for me to see you at school during this time. I happened to see you walking into the library a few times, and I wanted to follow, but I was afraid that you would be disturbed, so I didn’t do it after thinking about it.” 

Jian Chi was stunned for a moment, not knowing how to answer. Obviously, Ji Huaisi didn’t need an answer. Putting aside this topic, he naturally and gently talked about some recent events. Jian Chi was a little absent-minded at first, but it was difficult to avert away from the focused eyes of Ji Huaisi. When the lunch was brought out, the troubles at the beginning were gradually forgotten with the chat. 

“I heard that Wen Chuan fainted in the dressing room last time and you took him to the infirmary.” 

“Did anyone see it?” Jian Chi’s hand tightened slightly as he held the cup. 

Ji Huaisi skillfully used a knife and fork to cut a medium-rare steak. Even with such an action, there was an elegance that no one else had, “When you and Teacher Gao sent Wen Chuan to the infirmary, a student council member happened to see it. He told me about it while chatting. I went to visit Wen Chuan later, but fortunately there was no serious problem. If you were not present at the time, the consequences might have been disastrous. “

“It’s just a little effort, anyone would do the same.” 

“You don’t have to avoid compliments all the time, it’s the truth.” 

Ji Huaisi put down the tableware in his hand, and met Jian Chi’s eyes. It contained a subtle and soft light, which made Jian Chi unconsciously feel his heart lift up, then he heard Ji Huaisi in front of him say: “Jian Chi, have you thought about joining the student council?”

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