Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Specially 

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The Student Union of Saintston had the same rights to speak as the management level, and even more right to speak out than them in many things. 

The college itself depended on the family background of the students and the students also valued the excellent reputation of the college. The two were more like collaborators, rather than blindly obeying which side. 

On this basis, the selection process of members were extremely strict. 

Special enrollment can participate in the registration like other students, but Jian Chi heard Zhang Yang say that the student union in the past would not recruit special enrollment. It was not because of the discrimination of the internal members of the student union, but because of the college’s disdain in the hierarchy placed in public view. The admission of special enrollment would cause some dissatisfaction with YC and RC to some extent. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the student union had never allowed any shadow of a special enrollment. 

“I can’t be selected.” Jian Chi subconsciously retorted, feeling a little ridiculous in his heart, and didn’t understand why Ji Huaisi asked this. 

Ji Huaisi didn’t seem surprised to hear the rejection, “I didn’t say that you must participate. You can think about it slowly. There is still a week left for the registration. If you want, you can come to me at any time.” 

Jian Chi asked, “Isn’t special enrollment not allowed to join the club?” 

“There is no such rule,” The scented candles on the table wafted a faint fragrance, and the opposite Ji Huaisi looked at Jian Chi with a smile, “There have been examples of special enrollment joining the club before, but in recent years, it has not occurred because of the number of special enrollment who participated in the registration and fewer and poorer performance in the interviews. People always like to spread rumors, so they gradually became demonized in the end. In fact, the student union had always welcomed special admissions, and your overall ranking of subjects is the first among all special admissions.” 

At the end, Ji Huaisi lowered his voice: “Keep the rankings a secret, I secretly went to check.” 

Jian Chi’s pupils shrank slightly, and his slightly dull appearance made Ji Huaisi chuckle and blink, “Don’t worry, I’m very careful, I won’t be discovered.” 

Is this a being discovered or not problem?

It wasn’t until a long time later that Jian Chi came out of it. He didn’t expect that Ji Huaisi, who had always been clear about public and private matters to do such a thing: “I need to go back and think about it.” 

Ji Huaisi smiled back and said ‘en’, looking in a good mood. 

Back in the dormitory, Jian Chi logged into his student account and checked the selection conditions of the student union. At the end, he didn’t see anything that could be related to him – outgoing, stable, organized, leadership… Jian Chi breathed a sigh of relief, and had a better reason for rejection in his heart. 

“If I hadn’t had enough self-knowledge and I was afraid of trouble, I would have signed up long ago.” Zhang Yang no longer made a fuss about Ji Huaisi as he did at the beginning, but also made up his mind for Jian Chi, “Actually, if you join the student union, it’s not all bad. Think about it. The privileges of the student union is comparable to those of the PC, and you don’t have to apply for a particularly busy position. Just pick a spare position, wear the title of a student union member, how imposing would it be!” 

Jian Chi said, “You seem to believe that I can be selected.” 

Zhang Yang raised his eyebrows with a smile, “The vice president had invited you, isn’t he saying that as long as you sign up, you will definitely join the club?” 

In fact, what Jian Chi was struggling with was not the Student Union, but Ji Huaisi. 

From beginning to end, he had been rejecting Ji Huaisi. Those opportunities that others thought needed to be firmly grasped, he evaded them again and again and even had a lie exposed in front of that person. Thinking about it from a different position, Jian Chi felt that he was too indecisive, but Ji Huaisi could still face him with the same attitude. He felt ashamed when he thought about it. 

Jian Chi remembered all of Ji Huaisi’s tolerance and help, but he would not make a choice that he did not want simply because of the guilt in his heart. After waiting for a few days, Jian Chi sent Ji Huaisi a text message of rejection. He wrote a long paragraph, occupying a small half of the screen, and expressed his thanks and apology at the same time. After writing, he read it three times before pressing send.

Ji Huaisi: I see, your own wishes are more important. 

Ji Huaisi: Do you want to come and have a look on the day of the selection? I haven’t shown you the student union yet. 

Jian Chi’s fingers hovered above the screen, and finally returned a ‘ok’. 

To refuse again would be too cold. 

There were two rounds of selection for the Student Union. The first round was a written test and the second round was an interview. Jian Chi originally thought that ‘look at’ meant after the selection. How would he know that when he arrived at the student council, he would see a big group of people. 

Jian Chi confirmed that the time given by Ji Huaisi was correct, and had to stop in place. 

“Jian Chi?” A surprised voice sounded from the side, and Bai Xiyu, who had not seen him for a long time, came over with clear eyes, “Are you also here to participate in the selection of the student council?”

Also? Jian Chi caught the word and said, “I’m just here to look, not to participate.” 

In an instant, something flashed across his mind. 

He even forgot the most important plot. 

At this time, Bai Xiyu signed up for the selection of the student union for Ji Huaisi. In the original book, he was finally not selected because he was mercilessly attacked by Shen Shuting in the interview. Later, Ji Huaisi came out to comfort him and also handed a handkerchief to the sobbing Bai Xiyu. There was not much description of this in the book, so Jian Chi only remembered the last point, he did not link it with this selection at all. 

It seems that he made the right choice.

“So that’s the case,” Bai Xiyu patted his chest, breathed a sigh of relief, and said jokingly, “If you join Jian Chi, I’ll definitely have no chance of being selected.” 

“How come.” Jian Chi smiled and didn’t say much. 

He hadn’t run into Bai Xiyu for a long time. Maybe it was because of the alienation during this period of time or he finally realized his avoidance, now Bai Xiyu had lost a touch of enthusiasm regardless of the occasion and slowly returned to a normal social distance. 

“Jian Chi, you are here.” 

The clear and smooth voice instantly suppressed the noise of the crowd. Jian Chi’s heart jumped twice. He turned around and the students consciously made way to the sides. The dark blue suit made Ji Huaisi’s figure extraordinarily tall. He stopped in front of Jian Chi and smiled just right, “The materials you sent in have been approved, come and get them first.”

The chatter around him dissipated in half and Jian Chi’s heart temporarily returned to its original state. 

“Thank you.” Jian Chi said after walking in. 

“You’re welcome, I understand your concerns.” Ji Huaisi finished, paused slightly, “but if possible, I still want to be together with you as a friend.” 

Jian Chi pursed his lips and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t speak. 

Ji Huaisi didn’t stop on the above topic. He stood in front of a door with his nameplate hanging, tilted his head and smiled, “This is my office, come in and have a look.” 

Pressing down the handle, the whole spacious room of the room was revealed in front of his eyes. Jian Chi hesitated for two seconds, then walked in behind Ji Huaisi. 

Clean was the first feeling. 

Everything was orderly placed where it should be. There was a solid wood table and a leather sofa in front of the window. On the other side was a bookcase that occupied the entire wall. There was a splendid calligraphy on the wall, and a celadon vase was placed on the high platform to the right of the entrance, next to a pot of white gardenias. 

“Is it a little too monotonous?”

It took a long time for Jian Chi to regain his senses. Smelling the faint fragrance of flowers, his mood seemed to be calm down, “No, it feels very comfortable.” 

Ji Huaisi poured a cup of tea and handed it to Jian Chi, “I usually deal with the affairs and homework of the student union here. Compared with the PC study room, I prefer the environment here. Maybe it’s because I’m used to being alone and it’s not easy to be distracted here. It’s hot, be careful.” 

“Are these books yours?” Jian Chi took a sip of tea, and his attention was drawn to the bookcase as high as the ceiling. 

“Some of them belong to my father,” Ji Huaisi walked behind Jian Chi and looked at the bookcase with him. “He likes to collect books, calligraphy and paintings, and antiques. I borrowed a few and put them here. Shu Ting at the beginning said that this office was too spacious, and it is indeed much better after the decoration.” 

Jian Chi swept over the books. Some of them looked very old, and the binding seemed to be fading a little and turning slightly yellow. There were also some familiar world masterpieces and modern literature, but most of them were in English, and many books were from some country Jian Chi couldn’t recognize, the language of the title was obscure and difficult to understand. His erratic eyes fell on one of the books, and Jian Chi’s heart moved slightly, “Is that ‘Xingkong Notes’?” 

Following his line of sight, Ji Huaisi thought of something and the corners of his lips curled into a smile, “This book is not published in China. I specially asked someone to bring the original from abroad. Do you want to read it?” 

Jian Chi nodded involuntarily. 

He usually didn’t like reading books very much. Words were no better than numbers. If he read too much, Jian Chi would be dizzy for a while. Except for the books of Logan J. Wells, his sci-fi books always had an indescribable sense of fantasy and romance. Jian Chi had read some of his most famous books. As Logan’s debut composition, “Xingkong Notes” was slightly raw, with mediocre achievements, and had not been published in China.

But Jian Chi liked that story, and had paid special attention to the discussion section of “Xingkong Notes” on HS. Unfortunately, there were only a few dozen people who participated. He didn’t expect such a surprise today. 

Ji Huaisi reached out and took out the book that was placed a little higher, his arm lightly brushing Jian Chi’s shoulder. It seemed to cover his body for a moment and there was a stronger floral fragrance mixed with a smell that belonged to him. 

With another chest vaguely attached to his back, Jian Chi couldn’t help losing focus a little. After parting, there seemed to be some residual warmth. 

“You can take it back and read it slowly,” Ji Huaisi lowered his head slightly and stretched out a natural and gentle smile, “You can borrow the books here at any time and there are many English originals, you might be interested.” 

Jian Chi took the heavy book and wiped away the strange feeling in his heart, “Thank…” 

Two regular knocks of interrupted the conversation in the room. The door opened at an unknown time, and Shen Shuting’s figure stood quietly beside the door. 

The neckline of his shirt was buttoned to the last button, revealing a small beautiful neck arc. The suit uniform on his body had no wrinkles and the pale blond hair made his complexion particularly pale. His deep emerald eyes stared quietly in front of the bookcase where two people were very close. Without any extra emotions, he opened his thin lips lightly. 

“The selection is about to begin.” 

The tone was calm with the ending note slightly raised, an indescribable cold charm.

Except for the distant glimpse at the equestrian competition, this was the first time Jian Chi had seen the rumored Shen Shuting up close. 

Different from the affinity that Ji Huaisi melted into his bones, even if he looked up, Shen Shuting still gave Jian Chi a feeling of standing on a towering height with his eyes half-drooping and looking down coldly. Just one glance seemed to be a supreme charity for the poor.

Zhang Yang’s very apt evaluation suddenly popped out of his mind–inhuman.

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