Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Tears 

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This was the second time that Jian Chi had come to Moore Building, and was pulled in by Shao Hang forcefully. 

“Shao Hang, you said that it’s enough to go to the piano room.” Jian Chi barely stabilized his mind. His brain turned fast, trying to break free from the wrist that was tightly held by Shao Hang. 

“I changed my mind.”

Shao Hang turned his head and looked at Jian Chi with a half-smile, “Why, is it embarrassing to walk with me?” 

Jian Chi wanted to tell him, yes. 

At this time, there were students all over the building who came to relax and have fun. He didn’t want to be implicated by Shao Hang and become the talk of those people. But Shao Hang was obviously used to indulgence or he didn’t care at all. Jian Chi’s mood sank to an unprecedented low. He buried his head very low, the light in front of his eyes was suddenly blocked, and a school uniform with residual warmth covered the top of his head. Jian Chi subconsciously wanted to tear the jacket off, but was grabbed by the wrist. 

“So troublesome.” 

Shao Hang clicked his tongue lightly and his slightly deep voice came through the school uniform. 

The things in front of him turned into darkness. Jian Chi felt a few eyes focused on his body, and the thought of wanting to tear off his jacket had to be temporarily extinguished. After walking the long path under his feet, then getting on the elevator, the floor changed from marble to a carpet with intricate patterns. Jian Chi had no idea where Shao Hang was taking him. 

He kept walking forward at a constant speed. His forehead suddenly hit a hard wall, and it took two seconds to realize that it was Shao Hang’s back. Jian Chi heard a laugh from Shao Hang, the sound of the door being closed, and the school uniform and coat in front of him fell. The sudden light made him close his eyes uncomfortably. After a while, he finally saw the scene in front of him. 

Shao Hang casually sat on the pure black sofa in front of him, smiled at Jian Chi who was still standing there, and raised his chin, “Did you become stupid?” 

Jian Chi was indeed stunned for a few seconds. 

The room was large, with a collision of black and white tones, with restrained white lamps embedded in the ceiling and abstract artworks on the walls. Neat glass display cases took up two full walls, reflecting the various aircraft models inside. There was also a spacious pool table on the right side of the sofa, and further inside was a built-in room. With a vague glimpse of the corner of the bar, a cabinet full of luxury wine bottles was stored.

The furnishings here seemed to have been specially created to cater to someone’s preferences. Jian Chi didn’t have to think much about it as he could guess that this must be a room like a private lounge. 

Although he had already seen Saintston’s unprincipled treatment of privileged students, he still had deep doubts about this system when he saw the room in front of him. 

Every time, it refreshed his knowledge. 

“Do you like these models?” Shao Hang walked behind Jian Chi at some point, interrupting his wandering thoughts. It was only then that Jian Chi realized that he was staring at the display cabinet in front of his for too long. He didn’t want to explain and replied “en” vaguely. 

Shao Hang asked, “Which one do you like the most?” 

Jian Chi glanced at him inexplicably, then pointed to the white model in the corner. It was difficult for him to see Shao Hang having a hobby like collecting models, but after seeing him sitting in front of the piano with his own eyes, Jian Chi was no longer shocked by such things. 

“Good eyesight,” Shao Hang smiled, “This one is worth a half-suite in the Royal Garden.” 

Jian Chi intended to take back the above sentence that he was no longer shocked. 

The original inconspicuous model inexplicably became a lot more pleasing to the eye. While calculating the price of the half-suite at the Royal Garden in the center of Chuanlin, Jian Chi lamented how the money of the rich was so easily cheated. In contrast, Zhang Yang, who was also a wealthy man, looked hideous every time he spent dozens of dollars in the cafeteria. If he hadn’t accidentally learned that he owned more than a dozen properties in a chat, Jian Chi would have almost forgotten that Zhang Yang was originally also a YC. “

It’s pretty.” Jian Chi complimented a little against his will. 

Shao Hang raised the corners of his lips on both sides, revealing two rows of neat teeth, and smiled brightly. His appearance was a bit of a ruffian, and he usually had a sneer or a playful expression. It was the first time that Jian Chi saw Shao Hang showing such a pure smile, like a child who got candy and unable to hide the joy and triumph in his eyes. 

To be honest, it was kind of silly. 

“Guess this one.” 

Jian Chi looked in the direction he pointed, and asked cooperatively, “A suite?” 

Shao Hang said: “Wrong, this one is not expensive, the price of one parking space.” 

Jian Chi dared not continue to ask if it was the price of the parking space in the Royal Garden.

This naive ‘You Ask I Guess’ game was played exceptionally harmoniously. Jian Chi gradually found out the rules. Shao Hang’s temper was like that of a spoiled young master. Others were only allowed to follow him and others were not allowed to disobey a single word of his. As long as Jian Chi properly showed curiosity, Shao Hang’s face would not show his uncertain madness as before and he would even tell the history behind each model with a smile. 

“My grandfather and I built this plane by hand,” Shao Hang looked at the blue-red plastic airplane model in the middle, his voice was not obvious when he said this, “Around when I was ten years old. I bought it at a small kiosk. The toy model I bought here should be the cheapest one, but I’ve always kept it.” 

Jian Chi noticed the rare warmth in his words, and couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you worried about putting these things here?” 

“This is just a portion,” Shao Hang rubbed a handful of hair and walked towards the bar as he spoke. His tone returned to his usual sloppy tone, “Some are too big to carry, do you think anyone would dare to come in and take them?” 

Obviously it was an ordinary rhetorical question, but Jian Chi could hear the almost arrogant confidence in Shao Hang’s words, somehow it was not as annoying as before, but only a little better. 

Jian Chi would never forget that Shao Hang was the one who brought him here just now. Although everything in front of him was novel, he wanted to hurry back and avoid Shao Hang’s surveillance range. 

Standing in front of the bar, Shao Hang turned his back to Jian Chi. The uniform jacket he took off was still thrown on the sofa. He opened a wine bottle and the strength of his arms revealed the arc of muscles under his shirt. Jian Chi was still thinking about what to do silently when he crossed out one option. 

As if sensing his sight, Shao Hang turned around and walked over, holding two glasses with pale yellow liquid in his hand. He handed one of them to Jian Chi, and shook it gently. 

“Have you drank alcohol before?” 

Jian Chi hesitated for two seconds, and reached out to take it. The cool wall of the cup was inexplicably hot, and he nodded under Shao Hang’s gaze. 

Shao Hang sat back on the sofa and took a sip of the alcohol, “Sit with me for a while.” 

“Can I leave after drinking?” Jian Chi asked without answering or refusing, holding the glass of alcohol. 

Shao Hang seemed to seriously think about this possibility, smiled playfully, and slowly spit out: “Yes.” 

Fine, he’ll endure a little longer. 

Jian Chi took a deep breath, made several layers of psychological construction and preparation for himself, closed his eyes, raised his head and poured the liquid inside.

The cold alcohol slid down his throat, and after a few seconds, it became hot from the inside out, like a fire was lit in his throat, burning straight into his stomach. Jian Chi choked and coughed, the cup in his hand was not steady, and rolled onto the carpet. Everything in front of him seemed to be blurred. He didn’t expect that this glass of alcohol would be so strong. 

“Are you stupid?” Shao Hang came over and pinched his chin, his face somber, “Didn’t I just ask you if you’ve ever drank before? Why would you swallow it all down in one mouthful, do you want to die?” 

Jian Chi felt a little hot in his eyes. He blinked and a few tears fell, “I’ve had beer before.” 

Shao Hang looked like he was laughing angrily, “You compare beer to this?” 

Jian Chi wanted to refute, but his still burning voice did not allow him to say more. Suddenly there was a knock on the closed door, accompanied by a voice that was no longer gentle that ordered: “Shao Hang, Open the door, or I’ll open the door and go in.” 

Before Jian Chi could realize what happened, the door had been forced open from the outside. Ji Huaisi, who was standing at the door, kept his eyes on Jian Chi’s tearful face, then moved to Shao Hang’s fearless and handsome appearance. Covered with a thin layer of dark clouds, mixed with unspeakable oppression, it was condensed into a short sentence squeezed out of his throat. 

“Put on your coat and come out on your own.”

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