Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Suspicion

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Shao Hang didn’t seem to notice the cold air in Ji Huaisi’s words at all. With a constant smile on the corners of his mouth, he took a few steps forward and said with a long extended note at the end: “The vice president is really managing a wide area, is this also your student union land?” 

“Some members saw that you brought someone here and the other party seemed reluctant. I just came to check the situation.” 

Ji Huaisi looked at him calmly, “Shao Hang, I have warned you many times that the school is not your home, and it is impossible for you to run wild.”

“Really? I think you take this place as your own territory with a peace of mind, and enter whenever you want to enter.” 

Shao Hang’s voice suddenly cooled down. He held the door frame and pressed towards Ji Huaisi oppressively, “I have warned you many times, don’t mind my business.” 

One cold, one heavy gaze collided in the air. Ji Huaisi completely ignored the danger emanating from Shao Hang, looked at Jian Chi who was standing inside. His clenched eyebrows slowly softened, expressing concern, “Jian Chi, Are you alright?” 

Jian Chi’s head was still dizzy because of the glass of alchohol, and he nodded after realizing what was happening. Ji Huaisi walked in past Shao Hang, took out a handkerchief from his arms, and gently wiped away the tears from the end of Jian Chi’s eyes. The long eyelashes were half-drooped, covering the emotions of unknown meaning below, and it was impossible to tell if he was angry. 

Still thinking of something else. Jian Chi let Ji Huaisi move and didn’t dare to dodge, thinking that he was about to hear some blame or inquiry. However, Ji Huaisi put away the handkerchief and said warmly, “I’ll take you back.” 

“I brought the person, you think you can take them away if you wanted?” Shao Hang’s deep voice came from behind. 

“Do you think he is willing to stay here?” Ji Huaisi swept over Shao Hang’s gloomy face, showing his rare lost of patience. His official words were mixed with irresistible coldness, “Shao Hang, you need to get something clear here. I have more power than you to do these things, understand? Remember to come to the student union at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.” 

Jian Chi didn’t dare to look at Shao Hang’s face at this moment or rather, even without looking, he could feel the oppressive gaze focused on his back, as if piercing his body through his clothes. His back started to feel numb. After walking a distance, there was a loud noise from behind, as if the door was being kicked. Jian Chi subconsciously wanted to turn back, but a warm palm pressed the back of his head. 

“He will handle it,” Ji Huaisi said. “Now, tell me why you came here with Shao Hang?” 

Ji Huaisi’s voice was neither light nor heavy, and drifted in his ears like the wind. Jian Chi felt a little guilty for no reason. In addition, his brain was paralyzed by alcohol, so he couldn’t think of a reasonable excuse, and whispered: “Shao Hang take the book you gave me.” 

“Did he threaten you with this?” Ji Huaisi asked in an instant. 


In an instant, the frost in Ji Huaisi’s eyes seemed to melt like spring, slowly melting from a solid shape into a pool of gentle water. He stopped and met Jian Chi’s eyes, the words of reproach did not contain the corresponding emotion at all: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I won’t be angry about this kind of thing. You don’t have to worry, I will deal with it tomorrow. Everything, including that book.”

In fact, Jian Chi clearly knew that Ji Huaisi would not blame him, but it was because of this, that he did not want to do anything that might make Ji Huaisi sad. 

Jian Chi claimed to be not a kind-hearted person. When facing Ji Huaisi, many of the things that were not difficult to say become somewhat unspeakable. In the end, it turned into two words that can’t go wrong. 

“Thank you.” 

Under the guide of Ji Huaisi, Jian Chi left the Moore Building through the back door, returned to the dormitory, and slept until the next morning. He unconsciously touched his phone to check the time, and a friend request from yesterday popped up on the screen. The name was a simple ‘Shao’, and he was sober in an instant, he didn’t need to guess who it was. 

There were only one word to explain, Shao Hang’s always domineering style. Accept? 

Jian Chi pretended not to see it, and slipped his finger over the message. His head still ached, and he didn’t know what the glass of alcohol was yesterday, so he struggled to get up from the bed to wash up. New friend request. 

Shao: I know you saw it. Accept.

Shao: If you don’t accpt in a minute, I’ll go look for you. 

Jian Chi knew that his escape mentality had been pinched by Shao Hang, and reluctantly accepted the request. A few minutes later, Shao Hang sent a message: Awake? 

Jian Chi didn’t reply, and swiped Shao Hang’s HS homepage to the left. 

The background of his avatar was an eagle soaring in a blue sky, and there were only a handful of posts, most of which were reposts: the pool table in the lounge, the piano, and the wine on the table. Except for the occasional exposed hand, Shao Hang never appeared in the camera, but almost half of the thousands of comments were licking the screen. Some words were simply unsightly, and some reposts came from prominent figures in the industry, with words of praise: As expected of the son of Standing Committee Member Shao, he is young and promising plus a thumbs up. 

Jian Chi can’t imagine how he could see the words ‘young and promising’ from these unnutritious photos. 

Suddenly a new message popped up: Are you looking at my photos? 

Jian Chi returned and slowly put out a question mark. 

Shao: You can see the visitors in the background. You stopped on my homepage for five minutes.

After downloading it for two months, Jian Chi knew for the first time that HS had this kind of function. After a moment of embarrassment, it disappeared quickly: Can’t I watch it? 

Shao Hang replied: I look better than the photos. 

Jian Chi replied with a series of ellipses, representing his mood at this time. 

It seemed that Shao Hang wasn’t angry with him because of what happened yesterday. He didn’t know what Ji Huaisi said that briefly suppressed Shao Hang’s temper. 

Out of apprehension, Jian Chi still clicked on the forum, scanned around, and saw a post about Shao Hang, which was posted yesterday. 

Main Poster: The prince seems to have taken someone to his lounge. Does anyone know who this is? I discussed with my friends all afternoon and didn’t see them come out. [Image] [image] 

The perspective of the two candid shots in the building was not clear. Shao Hang strode forward and the blurry image quality could not stop the handsome and compelling profile. The person behind him was a little shorter than him, and his face was tightly covered by the school uniform jacket. One could only tell that it was a thin back figure, dragged by Shao Hang’s wrist and seemed to be walking reluctantly. 

1L: Why did he block his face? Can anyone recognize who this person is? 

2L: F*ck, the Prince’s move is a bit cool. 

3L: The school uniform should be the Prince’s, there’s a BC brooch hanging on it. Is it because he didn’t want others to recognize the person behind? 

4L: To be honest, this is the first time I have seen the Prince so caring. 

5L: I came too early. Has anyone recognized this person yet? Could it be Bai Xiyu? I remember them getting very close some time ago. 

6L: How could it be possible, have you seen the prince deal with Yuyu during this period of time?

7L: It shouldn’t be Yuyu. He is much shorter than the person in the picture, so it doesn’t match at first glance. 

8L: Don’t worry. 

9L: Don’t worry. 

78L: So no one has recognized who this is yet? ? 

79L: With such a blurry back, I found ten identical ones on the road. 

80L: Another unsolved mystery of Saintston to be added again. Who did the prince take to his lounge? 

81L: Any guesses? Anyways, it is another one who is rushing to sell themself, and he will be bored after some time. 

Jian Chi’s heart temporarily calmed down, and the hundreds of posts on the discussion did not guess who the person in the photo was at the end. Turning off his phone, a thought suddenly flashed in his mind. Ji Huaisi knocked on the door in an unkind tone. When he saw him inside, there was no surprise except for the coldness on his face, as if he knew from the beginning that the man was him.

No one had guessed it, how could Ji Huaisi know? 

Jian Chi pressed his eyebrows and shook off this strange thought. Maybe he was just thinking too much.

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