Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Switching Seats 

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Three weeks passed faster than Jian Chi imagined. The library reopened and Jian Chi moved out of Ji Huaisi’s office. Before leaving, Ji Huaisi handed him a thick book. 

It was the “Xingkong Notes” that was taken away by Shao Hang. 

“No matter what happens in the future, remember to tell me as soon as possible,” Ji Huaisi looked at him deeply, “This is the responsibility of the student union and mine.” 

The last words fell lightly in his ears, mixed with a trace of inconspicuous strangeness. Jian Chi couldn’t label it, and just took the book in Ji Huaisi’s hand. 

Shao Hang never mentioned the matter of taking him to the piano room and Jian Chi also pretended to forget and avoided the places where he might meet Shao Hang. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t retire from the club, he would definitely submit an application for a club change as soon as possible. Even so, he couldn’t avoid the message that appeared when his phone vibrated. 

There was no way for Jian Chi to ignore it. Shao Hang always had a hundred ways to force him to reply. Compared with face-to-face, this way of being across the screen was not so unacceptable. Maybe his reply was too perfunctory. These days Shao Hang’s frequency of looking for him gradually decreased. 

“Bai Shuyun is coming back?” 

In the cafeteria, Zhang Yang, who was swiping HS, stopped his chopsticks and read out the content on his phone in surprise, “This semester is almost over, why did he choose to come back at this time?”

The name was familiar and Jian Chi didn’t remember it for a while and asked, “Who wants to come back?” 

“Bai Shuyun, the youngest son of the Bai family, one of the four BCs,” Zhang Yang gave the most accurate explanation in the most concise words, “He was not in good health, had congenital heart disease, and used to ask for leave every other day. He simply took a break from school for a while last semester, and now I guess he had recovered and is ready to come back.” 

Bai Shuyun, break from school, heart problem. 

These words were linked together and became a key to open his memory. Jian Chi’s heart skipped a few beats, and for a while, even Zhang Yang’s voice could not be heard clearly. 

He almost forgot that Bai Xiyu’s real identity was not a special recruit like him, but an illegitimate child brought back by the Bai family. It was clearly written in the book that Bai Xiyu had two older brothers. The eldest brother had taken over the company, and the second brother was the original youngest son of the Bai family, called Bai Shuyun.

If the ‘Jian Chi’ in the story was a trivial supporting role, then Bai Shuyun’s existence was like the ultimate villain, who framed Bai Xiyu tirelessly all the way to the end. He was born as a young master with a golden spoon in his mouth. In addition to his congenital disease, everyone gave him their spoiled love until Bai Xiyu appeared. His father, Bai Shengying, was very concerned out of guilt, and his eldest brother Bai Yinnian was also indifferent from the beginning. When he showed his concern silently, the always proud Bai Shuyun that was covered with a halo, felt his mood become depressed, driven to extremes by being unwilling to be jealous. 

The most important point was that Bai Shuyun liked Shao Hang. 

As if thinking together, Zhang Yang said: “If I remember correctly, Bai Shuyun and Shao Hang are childhood friends They were always seen walking together before and some people said they were a couple. But there are some people who say anything. It’s fine to just listen.” 

Jian Chi vaguely understood the reason why Shao Hang didn’t look for him for a while. 

Perhaps it was because he was also a vicious male side character, but Jian Chi was not as repulsed to Bai Shuyun, who he had never met before as described in the original book’s perspective. It was better that he can stay longer and distract Shao Hang’s entire attention. 

After a little delay on the way, when Jian Chi arrived at the literary club, the members were basically all together. He habitually walked to his seat, only took two steps, and found that there was already a person sitting in the seat. 

Shao Hang in the back held his chin, his expression a little sullen. The young man sitting in Jian Chi’s position seemed to have no sense of the low pressure on Shao Hang’s body at all, and said something to him affectionately. Jian Chi understood in his heart and was about to look for another vacancy when Shao Hang’s voice suddenly pulled him back.

“Why don’t you sit down?” 

The boy in front followed Shao Hang and turned his head. Wearing a delicate black brooch in front of his uniform, he had an extraordinarily beautiful face, which was different from Wen Chuan’s sharp-edged beauty and Bai Xiyu’s beauty. It was more feminine, with a small nose and mouth, and morbidly white skin. Even so, his gaze towards Jian Chi was not weak at all, like there was a small knife hiding in it. 

“Ah Hang, who is he?” The voice was thin, with natural arrogance and self-righteousness. At the first sight of him, Jian Chi guessed who the young man in front of him was. It was exactly the same as Bai Shuyun described in the book. 

Shao Hang didn’t answer, but said calmly, “You took his place.” 

Bai Shuyun suddenly raised his delicate eyebrows and snorted softly: “What if I took it? There was no name written here, am I right? I almost forgot, what’s your name?” 

Jian Chi met Bai Shuyun’s gaze, and replied after a beat: “My name is Jian Chi.” 

“Jian Chi,” Bai Shuyun repeated, with some pleading and frankness in his flickering eyes, “I like your seat, can you give it to me? Can you find another place to sit? Thank you.” 

His voice was not loud, and one sentence after another did not give anyone a chance to refuse at all. Jian Chi didn’t mind that his position was occupied. He was about to leave when his arm was suddenly pulled back by Shao Hang, and he almost fell directly on his lap. 

“Where are you going?” Shao Hang pressed Jian Chi next to him and smiled, “The empty seat is here, can’t you see?” 

Jian Chi was speechless for a while, then when he looked around, there was indeed no other spots as Shao Hang said. The movement here had caught the attention of some people, and Jian Chi could only swallow his dissatisfaction and silently move the chair to the side. 

“Aren’t you going to hide?” Shao Hang asked leisurely. 

Club activities were held twice a week and Jian Chi had frequently asked for leave since three weeks ago. If it weren’t for the fact that the club’s attendance rate was also linked to the total attendance rate, he would definitely not come here. It’s a pity that the club had to wait until the first semester of next year to be replaced, so Jian Chi had to come and report in. He didn’t expect to meet Bai Shuyun so unprepared. 

Jian Chi said succinctly: “To make up for attendance.”

Bai Shuyun, who had been silent since just now, seemed to have suddenly discovered something. His clear eyes were full of novelty, “Jian Chi, are you a special admissions student? I remember that special admissions have to pass the entrance exam. Are your grades very good?” 

Jian Chi replied in the same concise words: “It’s okay.” 

“I really envy you, it would be great if I could come to school every day,” Bai Shuyun sighed in disappointment, holding his slender chin, “But my health is so bad that I have missed many courses in half a year and my older brother doesn’t agree with me coming to school. He always treats me as a child, obviously I’m already eighteen.” 

Shao Hang raised his eyelids, “Your brother is right.” 

“Why are you biased towards my brother?” Bai Shuyun muttered dissatisfiedly, but one could see from his expression that he was not really angry. He turned his head and his eyes were shining, “Jian Chi, I haven’t come back to class for a long time and I don’t have friends to play together. In the future, can I come to play with you? If you have good grades, maybe you can help me make up for the missed courses.” 

He clearly only wandered off for a few seconds, but Jian Chi couldn’t keep up with the topic. He didn’t understand why Bai Shuyun looked at him so expectantly, as if he was waiting for him to nod. It’s impossible that the magnetic fields between the two malevolent male side characters suddenly connected right? 

Even with other things aside, Bai Shuyun and Bai Xiyu were indeed very similar, such as the same unstoppable enthusiasm and they both liked to ask him to help with their lessons. 

Jian Chi didn’t know how to refuse. He was searching for the barren words in his mind when a weight suddenly fell on his shoulders. Shao Hang hooked his body and pulled it in his direction, saying, “He doesn’t have time. If you want to make up the missed classes, let Uncle Bai hire a tutor to solve that.” 

The smile on Bai Shuyun’s face flashed, and he pressed the corner of his mouth, looking a little aggrieved. 

Having someone else do such an action might seem extraordinarily disobedient, but Bai Shuyun had a noble spirit that he had cultivated since childhood. Even if he made such a childish expression, it would be a bit more like arrogance in the eyes of others, like a spoiled young master. 

“You were always like this when you were young. You always liked to demolish my stage, and you would refuse in whatever I asked you to do, reluctantly,” Bai Shuyun complained, “If my brother wasn’t there, you would definitely bully me several times a day. Jian Chi, do you have a childhood sweetheart you grew up together with? If so, you can definitely understand the feeling.” 

Jian Chi felt Shao Hang’s eyes had also moved over, not understanding why the topic came back to him, but he still answered honestly: 


“You must have lost a lot of fun,” Bai Shuyun said in a regretful tone, then soon became happy again, “but it doesn’t matter, you are a friend of Ah Hang, so you are my friend. I didn’t introduce myself just now, my name is Bai Shuyun. Shu as in book and sun light’s yun. Where does your family live in Chuanlin? Do you have any younger siblings?” 


Jian Chi couldn’t handle these kinds of question the most. He could clearly feel the same impatience in Shao Hang. Before coming up with a reply, Shao Hang suddenly interrupted: “Okay, the club activities will start soon, you should quiet down now.” 

To be honest, this was the first time that Jian Chi felt that Shao Hang was not so annoying. 

The expression on Bai Shuyun’s face was clearly unhappy. His gaze stopped indistinctly on Jian Chi’s body, and he turned around, as if he had become angry with Shao Hang again. 

He didn’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but in chemistry class, Jian Chi met Bai Shuyun again. 

The second time the same day. Jian Chi greeted him politely. To his surprise, Bai Shuyun, who had said that he would be his friend with a smile in the morning, completely ignored his existence at the moment and raised his swan-like neck. In a crowd of vacancies, he sat next to Wen Chuan very naturally. 

He had to say that the two brothers’ choices were surprisingly consistent, and this idea popped into Jian Chi’s mind inexplicably. 

Zhang Yang came over to chat about gossip, apparently heard something, and asked about what happened in Jian Chi’s Literature Club. Yang Zheng was still preparing for the class on the stage. Wen Chuan appeared at the door on time for the first time. He came in with his textbook, and when he saw Bai Shuyun beside his seat, he frowned and walked over to Zhang Yang and stopped. 

“Real or fake? It seems that the rumors can’t be trusted…” Zhang Yang suddenly felt a shadow over his head, raised his head, and stared blankly at Wen Chuan’s gaze. 

“Change seats.”

Wen Chuan said that concisely, then threw the book in his hand on the table next to Jian Chi. He stretched his long legs and sat down, regardless of Zhang Yang who didn’t know where to go after getting up. 

Jian Chi felt another person in the front row sweep over, and there was another look from someone behind him. He lowered his head and stared at the textbook in front of him, trying to maintain a calm expression as much as possible, so as not to reveal the real turmoil and confusion in his heart. 

The sound of the lecture on the stage drew the attention of those who wanted to watch the show and Jian Chi temporarily put away the excess emotions in his mind. He pricked up his ears to listen to the lecture, then suddenly was interrupted by Wen Chuan’s voice: “Do you watch my competition on Thursday?” 

Jian Chi couldn’t help but type an extra period in his note-taking document.

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