Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Impulse

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This kind of exchange looked very attractive, Jian Chi even seriously thought about whether he was benefitting more or Wen Chuan.

After issuing the rejection, Wen Chuan didn’t reply. He didn’t know whether he saw it or not. Jian Chi leaned towards him seeing it but pretending not to. He went to the cafeteria with Zhang Yang in the afternoon, and unsurprisingly saw Wen Chuan in a familiar position. He didn’t notice the attention of the people around him, he just turned his head and followed with his cold eyes; once locked, unable to move away.

Jian Chen, who felt unlucky, was the one locked in.

Zhang Yang was very skeptical, “Is he relying on us?”

“Maybe.” Jian Chi said calmly.

The characters in these plots didn’t seem to understand the word ‘no’ at all, whether it was Shao Hang or Wen Chuan.

They have attachments and contradictions that Jian Chi can’t understand. If one had to describe it, their thinking on certain things did not seem like a normal person. However, their life trajectories have been contrary to ‘normal people’ from beginning to end.

Jian Chi can refuse Shao Hang easily, but it is difficult to be so straightforward when facing Wen Chuan. Zhang Yang didn’t seem to mind Wen Chuan joining, and after muttering a word, he went up to say hello.

Jian Chi was too late to stop him, so he could only acquiesce and sit beside Wen Chuan. Maybe it was because he was too quiet, it was not obvious that there was one more person. Sometimes Wen Chuan would echo him lightly, so only at this time will Jian Chi realize his existence.

Zhang Yang was very happy about this, and often spoke more vigorously. He was not angry even when Wen Chuan occupied his seat in chemistry class. After several times, every time Jian Chi went to class, he would see Wen Chuan next to his seat at first glance when he walked into the classroom.

“Keep up this attitude during this time.” Seeing Wen Chuan arriving on time for every class, Yang Zheng was very pleased, and deliberately walked around with his hands behind his back after class, “If there is anything you don’t understand, find me in the office after class. It’s okay to also ask Jian Chi, so study hard for next week’s exam during the weekend.”

Jian Chi, whose name was suddenly called, stopped cleaning up his textbooks and heard Wen Chuan say ‘ok’ beside him.

He didn’t know if he was responding to the first sentence or the last sentence.

Feeling his gaze, Wen Chuan turned his head. Even though he had seen it up close many times, Jian Chi would still feel a little unaccustomed to seeing this face suddenly, and he was stuck in what he wanted to say.

“What’s your next class?” Wen Chuan asked him.

“Advanced Mathematics.”

“Me too,” Wen Chuan said, “but not in the same class.”

For some reason, Jian Chi felt Wen Chuan was a bit displeased when he said this. There were only two minutes before the next class, Jian Chi sped up to pack the book, got up and said, “I’ll leave first.”

“Jian Chi.”

Jian Chi, who hadn’t walked out of the classroom, was stopped by Wen Chuan from behind, and he heard him be silent for a while, then whisper, “Can I ask you a question?”

Jian Chi was stunned for a while, then he realized what he was referring to and felt a little funny, “You can take pictures of the questions you don’t know and send them to me.”

Zhang Yang usually did this, especially the night before the exam. Although Zhang Yang’s grades were average, he was successful in his dilligence. Even if he was ranked low every time he took a test, he still had the confidence that he would definitely improve to the top ten next time.

Presumably Wen Chuan would not be more difficult to teach than Zhang Yang.

In the afternoon, Jian Chi came to the swimming pool ahead of schedule as always. To his surprise, there was not a single person in the huge pool. Just when Jian Chi thought the class had been canceled, a shout came from behind: “The swimming class has changed venues today.”

The person who spoke was a classmate in swimming class and the only person in the hall except Jian Chi. Jian Chi turned around and put down his phone, wondering, “Why wasn’t there a notice in advance?”

“Teacher Gao had already sent out an email. Some people’s mailboxes failed and they didn’t receive them. The venue was changed to the top floor of the Moore Building.”

Jian Chi had preconceived vigilance for the words ‘Moore building’, “Is there a swimming pool there?”

“There has always been a spare swimming pool, but it’s rarely used,” the classmate said in a natural tone, “I have to inform other people who have come here. Remember to tell Teacher Gao that I will go there right away when you arrive.”

Jian Chi opened his mailbox and didn’t see any new notifications, but as the other party said, it was very likely that the mailbox system was out of order. This was not the first time that this happened. Jian Chi glanced at the empty swimming pool behind him, and after waiting for a while, no one came.

During the waiting time, Jian Chi’s thoughts jumped repeatedly between ‘a prank’ and ‘indeed changed classrooms’. He really couldn’t think of anyone who would organize a prank like this, moreover Teacher Gao would not agree to do that, so he finally thanked the classmate and left the swimming pool.

There had been so many accidents during this time that Jian Chi had to be alert to any unusual changes and make a decision after careful consideration.

On the way, he remembered to send a message to Wen Chuan about the change in classroom. The elevator opened automatically when he reached the top floor, and the corridor was so quiet that even the sound of footsteps could not be detected. The carpet with intricate patterns embroidered under his feet reminded Jian Chi of the last time he was brought over by Shao Hang, and there was a momentary strangeness.

Walking straight along the only path, Jian Chi pushed open the half-open door at the end.

The extremely spacious open-air swimming pool was empty. It was called a swimming pool, but it was more like a place for party entertainment. The afternoon sun shone into the surface of the pool like broken gold. There were several beach chairs beside it, and two drinks were placed on the low table in the middle, one of which had obviously been touched.

What’s more obvious was that there was something wrong with the picture in front of him.

The alarm bell in Jian Chi’s heart rang instantly. When he turned to leave, Shao Hang’s figure came out of the room on the other side of the corridor at some point, blocking the only path.

Several strands of his wet red hair stuck to the side of his face. Except for the white bath towel draped over his shoulders, he was wearing only a pair of swimming trunks. The excellent figure was unabashedly displayed in front of his eyes, and his muscles were as aggressive as his facial features. Jian Chi subconsciously took a step back.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Shao Hang slowly came to Jian Chi, picked up the hair around his ear, and twisted it around his wet fingers deliberately, “Aren’t you going to swim?”

Jian Chi turned his head away.

He still underestimated Shao Hang’s methods. It is true that no normal person would go to great lengths to organize a prank, but Shao Hang was not within the scopes of a normal person.

“Did you arrange the person at the swimming pool?”

“Did he act well?” Shao Hang smiled and released him, “Was it a pleasant surprise?”

Jian Chi: “You should first learn the meaning of the word pleasant surprise.”

This didn’t seem to be the answer Shao Hang wanted. He raised his eyebrows and flashed a subtle dark color for a moment, “Don’t you like it?”

Jian Chi looked at him speechlessly for a while. Knowing that it wouldn’t work, he simply left a sentence: “I’m leaving.”

“Have I agreed to let you go?”

His arm was grabbed, and Jian Chi was forced to follow Shao Hang in the opposite direction. The smell of chlorine water unique to a swimming pool poured into his nose, and the light outside was a bit dazzling. Jian Chi had become accustomed to this kind of involuntary pulling. He twisted the wrist to be released, but did not turn back. He had just heard the door being locked.

“This place has been locked all the time,” Shao Hang walked over and took a sip of the drink on the low table, which seemed unpalatable. He frowned and put it back, “I had someone clean it. It’s barely presentable. If you want to swim, you can go directly.”

Jian Chi tried to find out the negative or ironic elements in this sentence, but the answer didn’t seem to be what he thought. He stared at Shao Hang’s back and couldn’t help asking, “Why did you do this?”

Why does it have to be him?

This question seemed strange to Shao Hang. He looked back and saw that the maverick red hair had a rare chance of not being piercing in the sun. Perhaps the afternoon light was softer, softening the dark color of his eyes for the first time, “Don’t you like swimming?”

Like swimming, so give him a pool?

Jian Chi felt that this answer was a bit ridiculous, but it seemed that it was something that a strange person like Shao Hang would do.

Shao Hang didn’t care about his silence, he threw the bath towel on the chair, walked into the pool, and after swimming for a while, his palms lifted up the red hair that was completely wet, revealing a smooth forehead. He raised a bright and playful look at Jian Chi, “Can’t you come down?”

“It’s already class time,” Jian Chi stood on the edge and looked at him, his calm eyes met the playfulness in Shao Hang’s eyes, “Teacher Gao will soon find out that I didn’t go to class. Thanks to you, my attendance rate is about to fall off the red line.”

“Why are you still so boring?”

Shao Hang made a soft ‘tsk’ sound, leaned over and plunged into the water. The splashes of water splashed a few drops onto Jian Chi’s trouser legs.

Knowing that there was no such change, Jian Chi didn’t give up and tried to open the door, but it was locked.

For a moment, Jian Chi remembered Ji Huaisi’s words, should he seek his help this time? After hesitating, Jian Chi noticed that the silence behind him was a little unusual. He turned around, and Shao Hang’s figure disappeared at some point.

Jian Chi’s heart thumped subconsciously. He walked quickly to the edge of the swimming pool. Before he could take a closer look, his ankle was pulled down by a force, and Jian Chi fell into the swimming pool. Even if you hold your breath at the moment of entering the water, it is inevitable to swallow in a few mouthfuls of cold water.

During the brief blindness, the only touch around him was Shao Hang’s warm and slippery body. Jian Chi subconsciously hooked his arms around his neck, and the palm that was firmly pressed on the back of his waist transmitted heat through the fabric, and the two bodies were very close to each other without even a gap. Even the smooth muscles could be felt personally, and a hoarse and moist laughter sounded in his ears.

“Don’t move.”

Jian Chi opened his eyes blurred by water with difficulty, gritted his teeth and said, “Release me.”

Shao Hang said, “It’s you who is holding me.”

At this time, Jian Chi realized his subconscious action. He loosened like an electric shock, his body that lost his center of gravity sank into the water. Shao Hang took the initiative to wrap his arms around his waist. Jian Chi resisted and pressed Shao Hang’s shoulder, trying to avoid it, but he didn’t expect Shao Hang to get close at this moment, and his cheek brushed a soft touch different from water.

Jian Chi stopped and was slightly stunned. The smile on the other body was also restrained, Shao Hang’s eyes changing slightly.

Realizing what happened, unspeakable absurdity welled up in Jian Chi’s heart. A sullen word ‘you’ just came out of his throat when Shao Hang unexpectedly lowered his head and touched his lips, with some novelty, playfulness and a difficult to perceive impulse.

At first it was just touching, and then slight astringent water rolled in as well.

At this moment, Jian Chi suspected that everything in front of him was a dream, but even in a dream he would never encounter such an unreasonable thing.

Unable to break free, Jian Chi raised his foot and kicked Shao Hang’s body underwater. The water flow weakened, and he heard a short groan from Shao Hang, and a rust-like bloody smell spread from his mouth.


Shao Hang opened his dark eyes and pressed with his palms the back of Jian Chi’s head that wanted to dodge. As if he had tasted some sweetness, he kissed even deeper than the beginning.

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