Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Aftertaste

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The soaked uniform was stuck to his body, and the scorching temperature mixed with the water surged up. He didn’t know if it was the water or something else that blocked him so he couldn’t breathe. The moment he felt Shao Hang relax, he pushed the person on his body hard, then he did what he had always wanted to do to the face in front of him, he hit him mercilessly.

Shao Hang’s head was thrown back by this, and a few strands of messy red hair fell to his forehead, while the rest had been long in a disarray because of the water. It was rare that he didn’t suddenly change his face and say something sinister, besides for a grunt from his nose, he didn’t express any thoughts on this sudden punch.

This moment lasted for a few seconds. Shao Hang slowly turned to look at Jian Chi, there was something more in his dark eyes than before, which made Jian Chi feel a strong disgust.

In the silence, only the occasional ‘clapping’ sound of the water clapping on the shore could be heard. Jian Chi dragged his clothes heavily soaked in water and walked ashore, the eyes glued to his back were sharp and piercing.

The last words that were stuck in his mouth just now could not be uttered, and his anger rushed to the top at the moment when Shao Hang kissed him. He was tired from trying to break free. He didn’t have the strength to listen to Shao Hang’s nonsense any more. His lips probably had an open wound, causing a faint tingling pain. The wind blew on his wet body, causing a chill in his bones.

“The towel is on the chair.”

Shao Hang’s faint voice came from behind him.

Jian Chi ignored it, picked up the bag he had dropped and walked straight towards the door. After pushing it, he remembered that it was still locked. He turned around and asked, “The key.”

After a few seconds of silence, Shao Hang said, “In my coat.”

A uniform jacket was hung on the chair with bath towels, easily overlooked. Jian Chi took out the key from his pocket and was about to insert it into the keyhole, when there was a sudden violent knock on the door, the sound of ‘bang bang’ almost smashed the whole door.

Jian Chi stepped back subconsciously, not knowing whether to continue or not, until he heard Wen Chuan’s chilling voice from outside the door: “Jian Chi, are you inside?”

His heart froze slightly, beating faster.

The unlocked door was pushed open from the outside. Wen Chuan’s chest was heaving up and down because of his violent running all the way. Seeing Jian Chi who was covered in water in front of him, his icy eyebrows was suddenly covered with a darker cloud. Without saying a word, he took off his coat and put it on Jian Chi, raised his feet to the swimming pool, and punched Shao Hang who had just stepped out of the water.

The punch failed to hit the target as Jian Chi had just done.

Shao Hang grabbed the fist that was close at hand without blinking his eyes. The aura he had softened just now was instantly replaced by a familiar danger. He swept over Wen Chuan from top to bottom, and then from his feet to the cold face in front of him, evoking a disdainful and sarcastic smile, “Before throwing a fist, think if you are worthy first.”

Wen Chuan’s eyes couldn’t see the slightest fluctuation, he withdrew the punched fist, there was a circle of light blue bruises on the cold white skin on his wrist. .

“You are not worthy.”

The fist attacked his abdomen fiercely, so fast that only a momentary afterimage could be captured. Shao Hang dodged sideways, brushing the corner of his clothes. Wen Chuan’s eyes focused sharply in an instant, pressing step by step, punching with the wind behind him, and hitting the opponent’s vital points with every blow.

Shao Hang’s original sloppiness receded for the most part. Shrouded in gloom and seriousness, he was caught off guard with such a dense and violent offensive. He stepped back to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes seemed to be burning with a blazing fire.

“Do you know how the outside world is talking about you?” He fiercely intercepted Wen Chuan’s arm, with a ‘kaka’ sound as if he was about to unscrew his arm, “A b*stard, not even a dog from the Fu family, how dare you come to provoke me?”

There was a trace of blood in Wen Chuan’s eyes, and an unstoppable murderous aura spread all over his body. This fight between the two sides was completely heading for an out of control direction, which was completely beyond Jian Chi’s expectations.

In just a blink of an eye, the men who had been going back and forth with every move just now instantly turned into two competing beasts tearing at each other, with no so-called rules and gentlemen like manners at all. Jian Chi was terrified when he saw this, he couldn’t figure out how things could become like this. The mood of wanting to go up and stop the fight was overwhelmed by reason, he was not a match for any of them.

After making the decision, Jian Chi turned around and ran out, quickly pressing the elevator to the first floor.

His mobile phone signal only showed one bar in the elevator. Jian Chi opened Ji Huaisi’s chat box without hesitation to send a message. The gray dots beside it kept spinning, and Jian Chi hurriedly walked out of the elevator after hearing a ‘ding’ sound, completely unaware of the figure standing outside, and ran straight into them.

His eyes went dark for a moment, and before Jian Chi had time to step back, the person who was hit took the lead to pull a large distance away from him as if infected with a virus.

“Sorry.” Jian Chi said subconsciously.

Shen Shuting took out a handkerchief from his arms, wiped the water stains on his shoulders and sleeves, his face lost his decency for the first time. He raised his green eyes, and squeezed a cold tone from his thin lips: “Where are your eyes?”

Jian Chi muttered a word of bad luck in his heart, silently distanced himself from Shen Shuting, then thought of the need to leave here. When he just took two steps, he was called back by Shen Shuting.

“What happened upstairs?”

Jian Chi had to stop. For a while, he didn’t know how to organize his words to explain what just happened. Shen Shuting asked again, “Who is up there?”

“Shao Hang,” Jian Chi knew that his face must be ugly when he said the name, “and Wen Chuan.”

Shen Shuting took back his scrutiny and walked into the elevator with steady elegant steps, not forgetting to throw the used handkerchief into the trash can next to him. Jian Chi’s eyebrows twitched, and the phone vibrated suddenly, Ji Huaisi’s message appeared: Don’t leave, I’ll bring someone over immediately.

This text seemed to have a kind of wonderful magic power, pulling Jian Chi’s heart from the cold water unexpectedly to contact a hint of warmer temperature.

When Jian Chi took the elevator to rush over, what he saw was Shen Shuting skillfully pulling out a folding electric baton from behind his waist and hitting Shao Hang and Wen Chuan on the back like a long sword.

Wen Chuan let out a groan and Shao Hang cursed secretly, shaking off the strength in his hands.

“Fight in private, this situation is serious. Get dressed and come to the student union.”

Shen Shuting’s emotionless voice sounded in the air, and there was no room for refutation. Jian Chi couldn’t help but admire the speed of this law enforcement, and suddenly saw Shen Shuting’s eyes turn and fall on him faintly.

“You too.”

This was the second time Jian Chi had been escorted into the student council.

Probably because the collision was too hard just now, Jian Chi was a little dizzy all the way, and needed to concentrate to focus on the road in front of him. What Shen Shuting said later, and what kind of punishment was handed down, Jian Chi had a hard time remembering. The half-dry clothes were clinging to his body, and a coat couldn’t stop the invading cold air. He couldn’t help it and sneezed, a faintly rising heat bringing bad premonitions.

“You caught a cold.”

When he came out of the student council, Wen Chuan’s voice came from behind him in a low voice. Jian Chi pressed his temples a bit late, and then replied after a half beat, “It seems a little bit.”

“I’ll take you back.”

Wen Chuan seemed to want to hold Jian Chi, but after hesitating for a moment, the raised hand returned to its original position silently.

Jian Chi didn’t notice this little movement, and suddenly there was a burning gaze behind him. He turned his head to meet Shao Hang, who came out. The moment their eyes met, Shao Hang in front of him moved away as if he received an electric shock. His injured face did not decrease his handsomeness, but there was an irritability and silence that he didn’t have before, and the ears hidden under his hair seemed to be a little red for some reason.

The scene just now flashed uncontrollably in front of his eyes again, and Jian Chi felt a burst of nausea in his stomach. He was kissed by the same sex, by Shao Hang. The rejection of the latter far outweighed the former.

He didn’t know why Shao Hang became crazy just now, maybe it was a new prank, maybe it was fun and fresh, no matter what the reason was, Jian Chi felt that Shao Hang won this time, he completely lost his last trace of patience.

The lingering annoyance didn’t dissipate until after taking a hot shower, but the swelling and pain on his head became more obvious. Pushing open the bathroom door, Jian Chi didn’t think that Wen Chuan would be still there. After Wei An left, he was the only one living in the entire dorm room. At this time, Jian Chi noticed that Wen Chuan was also injured.

Jian Chi pulled out the ointment that Wen Chuan had given him before from the bag under the bed, thinking about whether to give it out, “How did you find it there?”

“I saw your message,” Wen Chuan said. “Swimming lessons have been changed to the open-air swimming pool, not in the Moore Building.”

This confirmed Jian Chi’s later guess. The unrelieved pain on his lips made him a little irritable. He tried his best to cover up the uncomfortable feeling in front of Wen Chuan, “Thank you for coming, and don’t be so impulsive in the future.”

Wen Chuan took the medicine from Jian Chi’s hand, pursed his lips, he seemed to have a lot to say, but in the end he just clenched the ointment in his hand tightly and said in a deep voice, “This is what I should do.”

“I want to rest for a while. If I don’t go to class tomorrow morning, please ask for leave for me from Teacher Yang.”


After Jian Chi laid down, he fell into a drowsy sleep. He had not experienced the feeling of being sick for a long time. His memory drifted back to a few years ago following the current bad reality. There was a period of time when Jian Chengchao was too busy to be at home every day, and he fell sick several times in the middle of the night. When he got up, Jian Chi would pull out medicine from the cabinet and drink it all by himself. Later, he accidentally drank expired cold medicine and perhaps because his condition was very serious and he had accidental ingestion, he got a fever and was sent to the hospital. Jian Chengchao closed the store and came to accompany him. Until now, Jian Chi can still remember there was a cloud of guilt in his eyes. After that illness, Jian Chi never got sick again.

In his hazy memories, Jian Chi couldn’t tell whether he was in a dream or a reality. It seemed that someone came to his side and he could feel the slightly sunken mattress. The dry and soft palm touched his forehead lightly, and a cold wet towel was placed on his forehead, while the slipping quilt was pulled to his shoulders. They seemed to pause before leaving, and soft finger pads ran across his cheeks, caressing a strand of hair, nostalgically.

There was a faint, pleasant smell of gardenias.

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