Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Conflict

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“I, I didn’t mean to…” 

Bai Xiyu seemed to be unable to believe what he had done just now, and retracted his hand as if frightened. With a small pool of tears in his eyes, it weakened his momentum in the blink of an eye. 

Shao Hang twitched the corners of his mouth and his eyes leaked a deepening danger, “This is the second time. You are doing well, Bai Xiyu.” 

The last three words were slowly spat out and contained a certain threat. Bai Xiyu opened his pair of innocent deer eyes and defended himself in a low voice: “I thought you were going to hit me, so that’s why I defended myself. Just now…why didn’t you dodge?” 

“Which eye did you see that I was going to hit you?” Shao Hang said, “You slapped me, but now it’s my fault?” 

Bai Xiyu was speechless, but his expression contained great grievances. In comparison, it seemed as if Shao Hang had bullied him. If Jian Chi hadn’t witnessed the whole process, he would have thought so. 

“He’s absolutely finished,” Zhang Yang said firmly in his ear, “No one can get away after provoking Shao Hang. The last person who did this was sent to the ICU. I heard that he hasn’t come out yet.” 

Jian Chi didn’t think this was something worth showing off. Although the red-haired boy in front of him had a face like a movie star, he couldn’t cover the vileness in his eyes, which reminded people of dangerous gangs.

He didn’t seem to care about other people’s eyes at all. He stepped forward and pulled Bai Xiyu’s collar. Bai Xiyu dodged in a panic, his eyes swept over the people watching the show, and stayed on Jian Chi’s face. 

“Jian Chi!” He rekindled hope in his eyes and shouted with all his strength, “Save me!” 

Jian Chi only felt more than a dozen eyes had gathered on his body at once, full of uncomfortable expectations of wanting to watch drama and the most vivid expectation was from Bai Xiyu. 

He stood on the spot, unable to walk, or leave. His heart was tumbling for a few seconds, then he finally walked over slowly in the eyes of everyone. 

“Hello.” Jian Chi felt extremely tormented when he said each word and reminded politely, “Can you let him go first? Maybe there was some misunderstanding.” 

“Friend?” Shao Hang didn’t mean to let go at all and his height that was taller by half a head gave Jian Chi a rare sense of oppression, like a majestic lion dealing with the enemy who broke into his territory. He was unabashedly exuding dangerous signs. 

Jian Chi repeated: “You release him first.” 

Shao Hang glanced at him and his voice was mixed with a cold warning: “Mind your own business, get lost.” 

He didn’t hide his malice at all and he didn’t even bother to do any superficial work. 

Jian Chi frowned and didn’t continue to speak. In fact, he didn’t want to get involved or help anyone in his heart until he figured out the whole story. When he was about to step back, his wrist was suddenly grabbed by Bai Xiyu. It was hard to imagine that he would have so much strength that Jian Chi couldn’t break free for a while. 

The atmosphere was stagnant, then someone said ‘the vice president is here’, and the crowd automatically gave way to both sides. Ji Huaisi walked into the center with two members of the student union, and seemed to be patrolling. The focus naturally shifted from the three to Ji Huaisi, and the restlessness was no longer around.

Jian Chi secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he felt that Ji Huaisi’s eyes seemed to stay on him for two more seconds when he swept over. 

“Shao Hang, I have reminded you sixteen times in total that the school prohibits dyeing one’s hair red, blond, blue and another series of bright hair colors. You can dye it brown, this is the biggest concession of the student union.” Ji Huaisi said with a gentle voice and words that cannot be rejected, “This is the seventeenth time I have warned you, I hope I won’t see this red hair again when I see you next time. Also, school is not a place where you can mess around, please let go.” 

Shao Hang stared at him pitifully, “Didn’t you see that he provoked me first?” 

Ji Huaisi said, “I really didn’t see it.” 

Two seconds later, Bai Xiyu’s collar was thrown away by Shao Hang. He turned his wrist, his eyes slowly swept across Jian Chi and Bai Xiyu, then he raised a vicious and meaningful smile, causing Jian Chi to feel a chill down his back. He seemed to be very unlucky and was placed into the ‘enemy’ camp by Shao Hang in front of him.

“Okay, I’ve let it go,” Shao Hang said, “Is it alright now, Vice President?” 

He deliberately emphasized the word ‘vice’, which would be insulting and uncomfortable to anyone who heard it. Ji Huaisi’s face didn’t change at all, still wearing a decent smile, “Thank you for your cooperation, don’t forget about the hair.” 

Shao Hang had already turned around and walked off a distance. Hearing this, he continued to walk forward without looking back, showing his attitude. 

Ji Huaisi shook his head helplessly, finally placing his eyes back on Jian Chi. He eased his eyebrows, “Sorry, I was late, did he hurt you guys?” 

Jian Chi said “no” and looked at Bai Xiyu who was hiding behind him. He still looked shocked, and his fair neck had been marked with red by the collar of his uniform, which was particularly conspicuous. 

“The matter has been resolved, everyone don’t stay any longer.” The people behind Ji Huaisi found the right time to disperse the students who were watching the fun. 

When the crowd dispersed, Bai Xiyu returned to his soul and raised a flushed face, whether it was because of embarrassment or some other reason. 

“I’m sorry Jian Chi, I’ve dragged you down just now. I, I was just too scared and I only knew you out of so many people.” He whispered to Jian Chi, while lowering his eyes and biting his lower lip, showing an expression of vulnerability and self-blame that was hard to blame. 

“It’s okay, remember not to be so impulsive next time.” Saying that he didn’t mind was false, but seeing such an apologetic Bai Xiyu, Jian Chi’s words came from the heart. 

He can understand a person’s emergency actions in danger, not to mention in a strange environment where he has only lived for just a week. Bai Xiyu may have classified him, who was also a transfer student, as a reliable ‘person’. 

After listening to them, Ji Huaisi, who was standing by the side, asked aloud: “Shao Hang said that you beat him first, was there such a thing?” 

Bai Xiyu’s fingers kept stirring the hem of his clothes and he looked at Ji Huaisi nervously, “I thought Shao Hang wanted to hit me, so I hit him first. I’m sorry, I was too impulsive.”

“Why did you think he would hit you?” Ji Huaisi extracted the point, “Has he done anything to hurt you before?” 

“No,” Bai Xiyu waved his hands hastily, and hesitated a little after finishing, “I saw him and a group of people bullying a special recruit, punching and kicking that person and splashing him with water in a fit of rage. He should have bore grudges against me since then.” 

“I understand, I will handle this matter.” 

Ji Huaisi nodded slightly, as if he was not surprised to hear this answer and gave Bai Xiyu a reassuring smile, “If you encounter something in the future, first go to the student union, don’t solve it in private. If you have any questions, you can go to the office of the student union on the north side of the Smith Building. The logo is in a very conspicuous position, so don’t be afraid.” 

Bai Xiyu’s face was still very red, and he nodded slightly, “I remember, thank you vice president.”

“This is what a student should do.” 

Jian Chi felt that Ji Huaisi was like a qualified and successful salesman, dedicated to making the student union the support of every student. He looked at the crowd that had spread out, and felt that his legs were a little sore. Thinking that Zhang Yang might still be waiting, “Lunch break is almost over, I’ll go first.” 

“Have you been frightened by Shao Hang?” Ji Huaisi called out to Jian Chi with some concern in his eyes, “He has this kind of personality where he doesn’t obey discipline. If he still troubles you, remember to come to the student union.” 

“I know,” Jian Chi couldn’t help but smile, “I have already memorized the location, the north side of the Smith Building.” 

Ji Huaisi laughed when he heard it. He pursed his beautiful lips upwards and curved his eyebrows like ink paintings. Against the background of the arrogant Han Fang and the dangerous Shao Hang, Jian Chi felt that such an excellent and educated Ji Huaisi was like a rare species in Saintston. 

Zhang Yang jumped out from the back of the flower bed and tapped Jian Chi’s shoulder hard, unable to hide the gossip and surprise in his tone, “You actually know that special enrollment, and the vice president?” After speaking, he didn’t forget to look back, for fear of his own voice being noticed. 

Jian Chi didn’t expect that he would hide here, so it took him a second or two before saying, “I transferred over on the same day as Bai Xiyu and had a few words with him.” 

“What about the vice president?” Zhang Yang was obviously more curious about this. 

“I also exchanged a few words,” Jian Chi recalled the situation that day, and the wisteria flower came to mind, “He was very nice and helped me find the way to the classroom.” 

Zhang Yang’s expression was very strange and he seemed to be holding back a smile, “Are you sending him a good person card? But the vice president is indeed a well-known gentleman. Unfortunately I haven’t talked to him much since I came to Saintston for two years.” After he finished speaking, he pouted, and added with some pity, “Except seeing him patrolling the school every day.”

“The work of the student union seems to be very busy,” Jian Chi was puzzled. “Will you not miss class if you are on patrol every day?” 

“He’s not an ordinary person. I want to say that even if he doesn’t take a single class, the vice president can get all A+ grades in all his exams.” He was clearly talking about Ji Huaisi, but Zhang Yang was very excited with a sense of pride, “Last semester, the vice president participated in the Paganini International Violin Competition, and took a whole month’s leave. In the end, not only did he win the championship, but he even got first place for the annual exam in Saintston. Number one, he is simply not human!” 

The last exaggerated exclamation was full of admiration, but Jian Chi captured the violin competition in Zhang Yang’s words. 

Knowing a musical instrument or two was not uncommon for someone from a prominent background. Jian Chi sketched out the combination of Ji Huaisi and a violin in his mind. He felt that it wasn’t the violin aligning with the person, but more like the person aligning with the violin. 

“He’s not the same as those PCs.” Zhang Yang said. “I dare say that the vice president is the idol in the hearts of most Saintston students.”

Jian Chi believed this sentence, especially when he saw Zhang Yang’s fanciful expression on his crazy fan face. 

The author says: 

Xiao Bai is the original Shou in the text, and soon he will find out that he is actually a vicious male side character (* ̄︶ ̄)

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