Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Bias 

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Back in the bedroom, Wei An was buried in front of his desk and was meditating on some exercises. He glanced at Jian Chi when he heard some movement. His expression flickered slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he lowered his head and continued to study his math problem. 

Jian Chi was a little worried that the bottle-like lens on the bridge of his nose would slip onto the book, and asked, “Have you taken a shower?” 

“I came back to wash right after class.” Wei An said. “You finished so late, is it advanced math?” 

Jian Chi shook the two brick-like books in his hand, “It’s economics. On the way back, I went to the library to borrow a few reference books.” 

Of all his courses, economics was the most difficult one. It was also because Jian Chi never learned the field. It seems that all students have the basics by default in Saintston. Mr. Smith only spent two classes to briefly explain the introduction of economics. In the third class, he brought up a completely different level of problems and most of them were able to talk about the topic. This made Jian Chi feel some sense of crisis. 

While not necessarily striving for number one, he didn’t like the feeling that things were completely out of control. 

The hot water in the dormitory was available 24 hours a day. Jian Chi took a shower and finished his homework for the day. After clicking send, the time in the lower right corner of the screen had already passed nine o’clock. 

He looked at the “Principles of Economics” and “Macroeconomics” borrowed today, and decided to wait until tomorrow to start making up the missing foundation. After tidying up and laying on his bed, Wei An, who was opposite him, was still lying on the side of the table, maintaining his initial posture to write his math problem. His small figure seemed to contain endless willpower.

Jian Chi went on TT, which was Talk Time, the most downloaded social software in last year’s statistics. The interface was neat and clean, and it was very easy to use. 

His friend list looked even cleaner than the interface, and the only sticky chat was Jian Chengchao. 

Jian Chi clicked on the red dot next to it, saw a few storefront photos sent by the other party this morning, and asked him to give some advice. Jian Chengchao had been running his own small dry cleaner for half his life. Now that he had moved to Chuanlin, he also had a new goal: to run a larger dry cleaner. If he was lucky, it may even develop into a chain store. 

Now the plan was taking the first step – picking a storefront. At this time, it was up to Jian Chi to give some opinions. Jian Chengchao only had a junior high school diploma. Unlike some parents who love face, he particularly believed in Jian Chi’s judgment. 

After replying to the message, Jian Chi remembered the HS mentioned by Zhang Yang from his chemistry class and the invitation code that he had forgotten in the drawer. He leaned over and took it out. The software identified by the search was pure black, and the two letters were printed in elegant squiggles in the middle. It looked very characteristic. 

After entering the invitation code and filling out a series of personal information, Jian Chi found that there was an additional certification automatically at the bottom of his homepage for ‘Students at Saintston College’. 

He searched for the section of Saintston College. It was nearly ten o’clock in the evening, and the discussions were still in full swing. He swiped down to the third article. The theme was ‘Can someone tell me about the new special enrollment and Shao Hang’. Jian Chi paused, held the sliding finger and clicked in.

Main Building: As the title says, the method of the special enrollment was really clumsy to watch. First, when the prince was teaching Chi Ye a lesson, that fool poured water on him, then today he slapped the prince at the entrance of the cafeteria. It was so bold, was anyone at the scene? The prince’s face looked like he could strangle him to death in the next second. This method of attracting attention was used as early as 800 years ago, right? Have you watched too many brainless idol dramas? He looks very pure and his ambitions are not small. 

1L: At the scene, it was very exciting. With the attitude of the prince, I feel that there would be a follow-up. 

2L: Why did the landlord (original poster) bring up the prince’s name in the post? Be careful you might get a private appointment, wasn’t that guy Chi Ye admitted to the ICU because of this? 

3L: Don’t talk nonsense upstairs (person who posted before them so 2L), Chi Ye was targeted because he maliciously spread rumors about the prince and the subject of the post with his big name would just have limited effect at most. Did the landlord take pictures? I was not at the scene today, and was pulled by the union to do work.

4L: I have some, I took a few pictures when the vice president came. [Image] [image] 

5L: He looks really pure, but at first glance, you can see that he is full of scheme and he is too confident in herself. 

6L: As an aside, the vice president is really handsome. 

7L: Why is there someone next to them? It seems to be a fresh face, does he know that poor student? 

8L: It seems to be the friend of the poor student who went up to help him out of the siege, but was called out by the prince. 

9L: Dying of laughter, two poor people who are beyond their means. 

20L: Crooked building (person who strays from topic), why is there still special enrollment in the fourth semester? Isn’t it usually in the first semester? 

21L: I don’t know, but I know the fresh face. He almost got perfect for his entrance exam. So far, he hasn’t caused any trouble, seems to know his place. 

22L: I was in the same biology class as that special enrollment. On the first day of class, he sat next to Wen Chuan to talk to him. He was completely ignored. It seemed that his goal was not small. In his first week, he provoked 2 BC. 

23L: What? ? Looking for Wen Chuan to strike up a conversation? I really admire his thick skin. 

Jian Chi didn’t look any further, turned back to the previous posters, and clicked on the two blurred photos. You could see Shao Hang and Bai Xiyu in the center, as well as him and Ji Huaisi standing beside them. 

Maybe it was the shooting angle. This photo made him and Ji Huaisi look a little close. Jian Chi didn’t know that he had such an expression at that time and looked a little awkward. 

He quit the post and scrolled down. Most of them were gossip. Some of the titles were extremely explosive. Someone had an accident at home, or who was mixing with whom. Double the work. There were also lots of complaints about selected courses being too hard or roasting the teachers who liked to assign a lot of homework.

It is hard to imagine that these people who he brushed past every day would log on to the discussion board late at night and post some remarks and topics that were particularly inconsistent with their image. Jian Chi turned off his phone and felt a little sleepy. He tilted his head to look at the light source. Wei An was still sitting at the desk writing a question. The pen in his hand had been paused for a long time and it seemed that he had encountered a problem. 

“When are you going to rest? It’s getting late.” 

Wei An answered vaguely: “Just a little while longer, there will be an exam tomorrow, don’t you need to study?” 

Jian Chi got up and walked over and saw clearly that the problem that stumped Wei An was an advanced math problem. He asked aloud, “Need help? I’ve done this set of exercises before.” 

“No.” Wei An closed the book and refused a bit bluntly. After two seconds, he might have realized that his attitude was not good, and he said again: “You are right, it is very late, let’s turn off the lights and rest.” 

Jian Chi didn’t take Wei An’s refusal to hear, and was about to turn off the lights. Just as he put his hand on the switch, he was stopped by Wei An and turned around. 

“Jian Chi.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

Wei An pushed down his glasses, the reflection of the lenses made his eyes look sharper than usual, “You today – I’m just asking, don’t think too much. I heard that you helped that Bai Xiyu today and also met Shao Hang. When there is a conflict, why didn’t you avoid it? I remember saying don’t provoke those people, it’s not good for you.” 

His tough and even aggressive tone made Jian Chi feel a little uncomfortable, but he remained calm and said lightly, “Helping him is just a little effort from my part and it’s not a provocation.” 

“Also, did you have lunch with Zhang Yang?” Wei An’s face showed a trace of disdain and indignation, “Don’t be deceived by his appearance, maybe he is laughing at your stupidity behind your back. Don’t take the bait. The upper class pigs are all the same, you mustn’t be fooled by them.” 

Jian Chi didn’t reject him, but instead asked, “Do you think all the people except the special enrollment are high-class pigs?”

“I’m doing this for your own good,” Wei An stiffened his neck, the muscles on both sides of his cheeks swelling a little, “You just came here, so you don’t know their bad methods. No matter how good they are to you in the beginning, they always look down on us. They treat us special recruits as inferior people. Jian Chi, you have to stay away from them. We are here to study, and these relationships should be ignored.” 

“Wei An, rest first, there is an exam tomorrow,” Jian Chi’s voice was calm and patient, not angry, but he also didn’t agree with it, “I don’t think Zhang Yang is that kind of person. The school is divided into classes, not a person’s character, right? Also, looking at them with tinted glasses is actually not much different from the ‘upper class pigs’ in your mouth. With a little less prejudice, your mood may be better.” 

Jian Chi didn’t know what Wei An’s expression would look like after hearing these words, he had already turned off the lights in the bedroom first.

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