Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Compensation

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Jian Chi subconsciously supported the ground with his backhand, barely lessening the impact. After the dizziness dissipated, although he couldn’t see clearly in the night, he also knew that his hands and clothes must have pressed into the soil and stones.

Remembering that he had promised to return the suit to Ji Huaisi, Jian Chi raised his heart and endured the pain to get up to check whether his clothes were scratched. Ignoring the maintenance of a distance, Shen Shuting walked over and roughly dragged him aside, staring at the broken flower branches on the ground.

At the moment of the fall, Jian Chi subconsciously wanted to grab something, but he didn’t expect to break the flowers next to him. He looked at Shen Shuting’s unpredictable face and whispered, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Shen Shuting didn’t look at him, his voice was as ethereal as the moonlight, and every word echoed out loud: “I brought this bunch of Calda roses via plane from Boros and raised them for three years. Do you know how much the two roses you broke are worth?”

Jian Chi felt a chill in his heart, he didn’t want to know at all, but the silent low air pressure made it hard for him to breathe, so he bit his mouth and asked, “How much?”

“This bundle is 2 million in Boros currency, equivalent to 17 million Chinese currency,” Shen Shuting said, “You broke two pieces, a total of 5 million.”

Jian Chi had not seen, nor hear of such a large amount. His heart felt like he had been hit hard, and he broke out in cold sweat and deep annoyance. If it weren’t for his curiosity, he would never have looked in through the door. If he and Bai Xiyu walked back to the dormitory just now, he would never have met Shen Shuting here and be hit on the head by this unfortunate incident.

Bai Xiyu……

Immediately, when he heard Shen Shuting stop halting, the fragments that had crossed his mind reappeared, and his heartbeat was accelerated in bursts.

In the original book, Bai Xiyu also broke into a garden, accidentally stepping on flowers and plants when walking in, and was discovered by Shen Shuting in the garden.

At that time, Bai Xiyu became a thorn in the eyes of Bai Shuyun and the whole school because of Shao Hang. After being slandered, he became depressed and lost his way on campus. Who knew that he would stray into Shen Shuting’s garden and damage the flowers. Bai Xiyu apologized and offered to help Shen Shuting take care of the garden as an apology. Of course Shen Shuting refused him, but Bai Xiyu came uninvited the next day, and every day after that. Shen Shuting rejected it with a cold face at first, and then acquiesced to all this happening.

It stands to reason that this episode happened before the dance. Although Jian Chi had an impression, he also thought that it had disappeared in the derailed episodes. Yet unexpectedly, the episode was not only delayed, but also fell on his head again.

Jian Chi recalled Bai Xiyu who was sitting next to the fountain just now. If he didn’t come out to relax and tell the depressed Bai Xiyu go back to the dormitory to rest, would Bai Xiyu continue to walk forward and break into this garden? Will the plot have also happened to the right people?

This thought made Jian Chi’s heart sink, as if he had stepped out of the cloud, weightless and lost until Shen Shuting’s voice sounded again, mercilessly: “Have you thought about the way of compensation?”

“I…” Jian Chi felt a heavy debt on his shoulders and was speechless, “I don’t have that much money.”

In fact, he wanted to ask Shen Shuting why he planted such precious flowers in the open-air garden. There are people coming and going all over the campus, isn’t he worried about an accident like just now?

However, Shao Hang was able to drop a model worth half a suite without hesitation. Shen Shuting, who was also BC, building a private garden in the school, didn’t sound much more of an exaggeration.

Jian Chi gave birth to a hint of despair, and his thinking seemed to be slowly assimilated by Saintston.

“If you don’t have money, just take out something worth five million.”

Shen Shuting took a few steps back, took out a clean handkerchief, and wiped the fingers that had brushed Jian Chi’s, his expression was calm and he couldn’t see the slightest bit of anger that occurred just now. When he said five million, it was as simple as saying five. Jian Chi clearly realized that Shen Shuting didn’t care about money at all, he just wanted to humiliate and see him in trouble.

At this moment, Jian Chi thought of Bai Xiyu, who could make a person like Shen Shuting who lost his emotions and desires to finally fall in love. Whether it was the reason for the protagonist’s halo or not, his courage and perseverance were enough to make Jian Chi admire it.

“President Shen, I think you misunderstood something.”

Jian Chi looked into Shen Shuting’s eyes and said what he had always wanted to say.

“Ji Huaisi and I are friends, and the same for Wen Chuan. Friends will help each other, and of course they will be closer than ordinary classmates. You misunderstood me because of this, just because you think that special enrollments are not worthy of you, BCs’, otherwise with me staying with Zhang Yang every day, why don’t you suspect that there is something between me and him? You have preconceived misunderstandings, but everything should take into consideration the evidence. “

Jian Chi paused for a few seconds, “I went to Shao Hang’s dormitory that day because I was threatened by him, and I came out of Wen Chuan’s dormitory because something happened in his home. Zhang Yang and I went to visit, but because of his class, Zhang Yang left early. I left after a while. What you see is only one-sided, based on conjectures, and I don’t think it’s fair to convict me decisively.”

If facing Shao Hang, Jian Chi would never have the patience to explain, but Shen Shuting was Ji Huaisi’s friend, and he was more willing to believe that Shen Shuting was not as bad as Shao Hang. More importantly, Shen Shuting was the president of the student union, and he didn’t want to be targeted like this by Shen Shuting the next year.

His voice slowly fell, and as the last word disappeared into the air, Shen Shuting’s face changed. It was difficult to distinguish in the dark. After a while, he said coldly: “You can’t deny that all the disputes and fights between Shao Hang and Wen Chuan are related to you.”

This crime made Jian Chi frown and feel exhausted, “I have never been involved in a quarrel or a fight, so can this be counted as me being the party at fault?”

“I’ve known Ji Huaisi for many years,” interrupted Shen Shuting in a deep voice, staring at Jian Chi with his mixed-race eyes, “He never cares so much about an ordinary person, what’s so special about you?”

“President Shen, you are also an ordinary person.”

These three words made Jian Chi give birth to a trace of unhappiness. He put down his arms, and a calm voice sounded in the night: “Everyone will experience birth, old age, sickness and death, others say that you are like a cold machine, but this joke will not make you immortal. It is impossible even with more than 10 million yuan. You are only one of the ‘ordinary people’ you mentioned in your mouth. Family background is an advantage, but they should not be your weapons to belittle others. For these reasons, President Shen should understand it better than me, this special enrollment.”

The last sentence was mixed with some irony. After being quiet for a long time, the dark color in Shen Shuting’s eyes had some slight ups and downs, and the corners of his lips twitched, like an ironic smile. The domineering momentum just now went down a little, and he walked past him. When Jian Chi was beside him, he still showed cold arrogance from a high position, but his thin lips slightly parted and left a sentence of unknown meaning.

“I’m not like you.”

When Jian Chi turned around, Shen Shuting’s back had gradually merged into the night and disappeared from sight.

He didn’t mention the five million just now.

“Jian Chi.”

Jian Chi raised his head, followed the light source of the auditorium and walked out of the labyrinth-like campus. Wen Chuan’s figure walked in front of him through the blurry night, and the nervousness that flashed on his face was quickly covered up, confirming that Jian Chi was safe and sound. He loosened the eyebrows that had been tight all the way.

“Where have you been? I couldn’t find you.”

“I went for a walk in the back just now to get some air,” Jian Chi said. “The dance is almost over, isn’t it?”


An unknown dark light flashed through Wen Chuan’s ink-like eyes, as if there were a lot of things he wanted to say. After being silent, he whispered, “Is what Shao Hang said true?”

When Jian Chi heard this question, he looked away tiredly, answering a little vaguely: “He’s talking nonsense.”

From Wen Chuan’s expression, he couldn’t tell whether he believed it or not. He paused for a few seconds, it was difficult to hear the difference in his words: “Shao Hang just drank wine, and after smashing the bottle, he scolded a few waiters, and left half an hour ago.”

“Didn’t Ji Huaisi stop it?” Jian Chi turned his eyes somewhat unexpectedly.

Wen Chuan looked at Jian Chi and replied indifferently for a long time, “He left very early on.”

“This,” Jian Chi couldn’t explain why there was such an incident, and his overworked brain also needed to rest, “Let’s go back early, I’m a little sleepy.”

This sentence was not mixed with any falsehood. Jian Chi threw Shen Shuting, Ji Huaisi, and Bai Xiyu out of his mind one by one, covered his mouth and yawned. Just after walking a few steps, he was suddenly stopped by Wen Chuan who was behind him.

“Jian Chi.”

“What’s wrong?”

Wen Chuan lowered his head and took out a palm-sized box from his pocket, held it tightly in the palm of his hand, walked in front of him, and placed it in the hands of Jian Chi, who hadn’t reacted yet. His half-drooped eyelashes trembled, and his voice was slightly unsteady: “Gift.”


“Your birthday present.”

A pair of obsidian cuffs laid in the box. Jian Chi raised his head, the surprise was not so obvious under the dazed cover, “This…”

“It’s not very valuable,” Wen Chuan interrupted in a muffled voice, “Accept it.”

Of course, the price of obsidian cuffs is not that expensive. Obviously, Wen Chuan bought it with the money he saved. Thinking of this, Jian Chi could not accept it with peace of mind, and closed the lid, “Thank you, but that happy birthday statement was already a good gift.”

Wen Chuan could see his concerns, his eyes were purer, more free of impurities than the obsidian in the box under the cold moonlight. His cold voice was filled with uncontrollable ups and downs, trying his best to say something.

“The gift is very simple, but there will be better ones in the future, don’t dislike it, accept it.”

After he finished speaking, he added a sentence.

“Is that okay?”

President Shen’s impression: -100+50-50

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