Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Request

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As Jian Chi thought, gossip is always the thing that spreads the fastest, chasing after the wind and shadows and can be discussed for a while. Not to mention the fact, countless pairs of eyes had seen it. Jian Chi turned on HS early in the morning, and the content about the dance occupied most of the section.

Some were discussing the females, some were sharing the photos taken last night, and some were talking about the embarrassment that they accidentally stepped on a female’s skirt. Jian Chi’s eyes stopped on a title titled ‘Chat with the president prince and the special student last night’, his heart sank slightly. After clicking in, he didn’t see the main post clearly. The screen jumped, and a pop-up, ‘The post you visited has been completely deleted’.

Jian Chi refreshed several times and it was still the same. Entering his name in the board, the result was blank.

People in Saintston didn’t have such kindness, doubts dissipated as soon as they arose. Having experienced it the last time, Jian Chi knew that someone must be doing something behind the scenes to guide the direction of public opinion. As if he was stifled for too long and finally breathed a breath of fresh air, Jian Chi put down his phone, and his heart that had been suspended all night fell steadily back to its original place.

Who could it be?

There was a candidate in mind, but Jian Chi dare not decide too early.

This morning, students have already left the school one after another. Most of them were received by drivers from their families. Those who did not have such options could take the car assigned by the school. They would not be able to go home until noon the day after tomorrow at the earliest. Jian Chi was not in a hurry, he was accustomed to preparing in advance and packed all his luggage.

Zhang Yang was leaving in the afternoon, and came over to say bye and wanted to drive him back along the way, but considering that the directions of the two families were completely opposite, Jian Chi refused, anyways, there was only a little more than a day left.

Zhang Yang asked about the dance last night, and at the same time touched his nose embarrassedly, “Fang Yu and I went to chat on the balcony, and when we came back, I saw that you were not there. Wen Chuan didn’t tell me what happened and when I asked, he had a cold face. There was no need to even mention Shao Hang. He lost his temper as if everyone provoked him. I only heard about this later but it’s strange. I could still see the post in HS in the morning but now it’s all gone.”

“President Shen asked me about something last night. I went upstairs to chat with him for a while. The air in the auditorium was too stuffy, and I can’t dance, so I just walked around the school a few times by myself, nothing happened. “

“You don’t know, but it scared me last night.”

“What about you and that girl?” Jian Chi changed the subject and smiled, “Is her name Fang Yu? You seemed to have a good chat.”

“It’s alright,” Zhang Yang said with a grin, as if remembering something, “I only found out after chatting yesterday that she and I are actually from the same kindergarten, but we didn’t know each other that well. I didn’t expect to talk about that topic and the night would go by just like that.”

Before leaving, Zhang Yang did not forget to leave his home address, saying that he should go to his to play when he had time during the short holiday. Jian Chi agreed, sent Zhang Yang away, sat back at the desk and planned to watch a movie to relax. Just as he turned on the phone, there was a movement outside the door. Jian Chi thought it was Zhang Yang coming back, “What did you leave behin …”

Without saying the last ‘d’, Shao Hang slammed the door behind him and walked straight towards Jian Chi without giving him any time to react. The book on the desk was swept to the ground, and Shao Hang’s face that was close at hand showed an uncontrollable coldness. He pinched Jian Chi’s chin, who was forced to the corner of the table, and pressed his fingers hard, squeezing a few hoarse words from his throat: “Are you trying to piss me off on purpose?”

Jian Chi smelled a pungent smell of alcohol, and tried to avoid it. His stiff heart finally beat again when he heard these words, which was extraordinarily absurd. He stabilized his turbulent breathing, “If you are talking about last night, it was you who embarrassed me in front of everyone.”

“You and Ji Huaisi are really good,” Shao Hang’s voice was hoarse with alcohol, and the heat brushed his face, “He gave you that suit, then you put on another brooch on the suit, for fear that others would not know your relationship. Where’s the brooch I gave you? Is it that shameful? Huh?”

“I never accepted anything from you.”

Jian Chi couldn’t even raise the strength to clarify, so he was forced to raise his neck. He was breathing hard and had to slow down his voice: “This is the third time you broke into my dorm room without authorization. Shao Hang, do you understand how to write the word “respect”?”

This was probably a very funny question. Shao Hang sneered, “As long as I want to go there, no corner of Saintston can be blocked.”

Jian Chi thought that it was not that Shao Hang did not understand, but that he did not want to.

In Shao Hang’s eyes, his identity did not deserve respect at all. The waiter at the ball was actually no different from him. When he lost his temper, he can belittle him without leaving him any room. When he is in a good mood, he would do him a little favor. The benefits flowing from Shao Hang’s fingers were enough to make people go on and on, but when his rebellious side surged up, he would choose to avoid him.

Perhaps for Shao Hang, his reaction meant he couldn’t tell good from bad, and his refusal was loosening the reins to grasp them better.

Jian Chi closed his eyes a little tiredly, and when he opened it, he returned to his usual calmness and asked seriously, “What do you want?”

Shao Hang stared at him for a long time, and a word came out of his lips: “You.”

“Okay,” Jian Chi replied kindly, “I can agree, but I also have a few requests.”

This seemed to arouse Shao Hang’s interest. His eyes darkened slightly, and he took the bait in silence for a few seconds: “What request?”

Jian Chi listed them one by one: “You can’t break into the dorm room without my consent, you can’t make moves as soon as you come up, you can’t refute me like you just did, you can’t do this in front of everyone, you can’t force gifts, you can’t… .”

Speaking until his throat was dry, Jian Chi himself didn’t know how many outrageous requests he made. His eyes stopped on Shao Hang’s eye-catching red hair, and he finished the last two sentences: “I don’t like red, neither do I like people with poor grades.”

When the words fell, Shao Hang’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot. He raised the corner of his lips in a funny way, let go of his hand, looked at Jian Chi as if he was looking at someone he just met for the first time, and raised his volume unconsciously.

“Are you crazy, or am I crazy?”

“Of course you have to give if you want something in return,” Jian Chi still looked at him and said without changing his face, “As long as you can meet all the above requirements, I will not stop you from doing anything, but now please get out.”

After the evacuation order was issued, Shao Hang narrowed his eyes dangerously, grinding his back molars, “Do you really think of yourself as something?”

“I’m also very surprised, why are you getting so angry about a ‘something’ like me.”

Saying this sentence made Jian Chi somewhat disgusted, biting onto the words that came out of Shao Hang’s mouth. Shao Hang raised his eyebrows slightly, and there seemed to be a strange look on his handsome face. He turned his face away and sneered: “Who is angry? You are just imagining things.”

Jian Chi didn’t know who the one imagining things was.

“I see that you are very tolerant towards Ji Huaisi. Why is he better than me?” Shao Hang asked indistinctly.

Jian Chi fixed the collar that was messed up by Shao Hang just now, and replied, “His grades are excellent, and he abides by the school rules. More importantly, he won’t yell at people casually, which is rude.”

Shao Hang seemed to have his hairy tail stepped on, he turned his head with a gloomy face, gritted his teeth and said, “I let you praise him and you really praise him?”

Jian Chi was speechless, “This is the truth.”

“Very good,” Shao Hang nodded, stared at Jian Chi and said word by word, “When you regret it, don’t come back and beg for me.”

He turned around and left, walking too fast, almost hitting the door. He kicked it open with displeasure all over his body, and Jian Chi reminded at the back, “Remember to close the door.”

Shao Hang backhanded it to close it and it was quiet for a while outside, then there was a swear word that couldn’t be covered.

Jian Chi rarely wanted to laugh. The drunk Shao Hang was a little less annoying than his usual gloomy and uncertain appearance.

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