Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Big Brother

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Jian Chengchao opened the door, saw Jian Chi at the door and showed a round face with a smile. He quickly wiped his hands with his apron and took the luggage that Jian Chi was carrying, “I wanted to go down to pick you up just now, why didn’t you call first?”

“You’re in the kitchen, it’s inconvenient to answer the phone.” Jian Chi put on his slippers, and the smell of oil and smoke mixed with the humming of the appliance was very familiar.

The residential building was located on the west side of Chuanlin. The living room was connected to the dining room, and the kitchen was blocked by a glass door. The two bedrooms were next to each other, and there was a toilet that could only accommodate one person. Chuanlin’s house price was so expensive that they had to save money to buy this two-bedroom, one-living room house while buying the storefront, which was already very good for their family.

The sofa was covered with lace blankets that have been used for more than ten years. The TV wall opposite was covered with various awards from his middle school period, as well as a photo of He Yue when he was young. When Jian Chi walked over, the corners of the photo frame had been punctured and exposed. He wanted to buy a better photo frame to replace it another day, when Jian Chengchao brought out the last dish from the kitchen and called him to wash his hands quickly. .

“It’s hard to find this place,” Jian Chengchao was very fond of smiling, but he didn’t pass on this characteristic to Jian Chi at all. When he smiled, his small eyes narrowed into invisible slits, cheerful and simple, “I see that parking is not allowed below, so I was worried that you would not be able to find your way. Fortunately, the school can send you back. Lao Zhang’s daughter next door is going home for winter vacation soon, but their school does not arrange a car. They have to buy their own train tickets.”

Jian Chi was chewing the rice slowly to avoid choking, “Saintston is very remote, it’s normal to send students home.”

“It’s incomparable,” Jian Chengchao had an inexplicable pride, and seemed to understand better than Jian Chi, “you are at a real noble school, filled with sons of big bosses. You should meet more friends like them, and when you are out in the future, they will definitely help out in society. You and Dad will talk about your school stuff later, by the way, have you taken pictures? I haven’t seen what the school looks like.”

Jian Chi picked up a shrimp, put it in Jian Chengchao’s bowl, and said succinctly: “Eat, we’ll talk about it after dinner.”

Jian Chengchao was in high spirits. After drinking two sips of wine, it reached not only on his face but also his head. No matter what, he had to praise Saintston to the heavens. Even though he had never been there at all, his determined tone matched the information on the official website. Jian Chi never interrupted Jian Chengchao’s big talk and nodded in agreement from time to time. He put the plates in the sink after eating, and sat to accompany Jian Chengchao to chat about schoolwork and activities in the school. Of course, all of them were beautified. Jian Chengchao listened to it for more than half an hour, then let go of his hands contentedly, Jian Chi was finally able to take his luggage back to his room and take a short rest.

The furniture in the bedroom was moved from the previous home, and the newly painted room had a faint smell of paint mixed with the smell of wood that would linger for a long time after decoration. Lying on the bed, Jian Chi couldn’t help but miss the elegant gardenia fragrance on Ji Huaisi’s body. He turned over, and many pictures came to his mind.

Facing Ji Huaisi’s proposal in the car, Jian Chi was stunned for a long time, not knowing what kind of answer to give. Whether he agreed or refused, he seemed to be a little less certain. In the end, it was still Ji Huaisi who tried to help him remove his problems, and gently told him not to rush to answer, this proposal had no time limit and would never be overdue.

It was clearly a smoke bomb that resisted Shao Hang, but Jian Chi felt that Ji Huaisi who said these words had an unprecedented seriousness and gentleness, and was wrapped in deep meaning and bewitchment.


Why was he so hesitant?

Jian Chi often felt that the months in Saintston were like a dream, the clean and bright dormitory, the mean or friendly classmates, and the unexpected intersection with Ji Huaisi and Shao Hang, often made him feel isolated. It was unreal as fog. After stepping into the residential building under his feet, this feeling finally dissipated, as if he stepped from cotton to the ground, everything became real and reassuring.

Just let him relax temporarily and escape for a while.

There was no homework during Saintston’s vacation. Jian Chi didn’t know how to organize his two months. After thinking about it, he simply got up from bed, unzipped the duffel bag and sorted out his luggage. When the clothes on top reached his eyes, his action suddenly stopped.

The suit was still with him.

“Master Bai, welcome back.”

The housekeeper addressed him politely and distantly. The servant at the back took the luggage in Bai Xiyu’s hand and took it upstairs. The business attitude made Bai Xiyu feel a little cramped. He looked at the empty living room and the second floor where no sound could be heard. 

“Eldest young master is in the room.”

Bai Xiyu nodded slightly and walked up the stairs to the third floor. After passing Bai Shuyun’s room, the sound of a glass shattering came from the room. Bai Xiyu paused and stopped in place.

“Xiao Yun, don’t be willful.”

An extremely calm and magnetic male voice sounded from the door, like sandpaper that had been polished, a sternness that could not be ignored.

“I’m not,” Bai Shuyun’s weak voice followed, “it was Jian Chi who deliberately went against me. I just wanted to teach him a lesson. Who told him to fight with me? I just can’t stand him, refusing but sticking close, that cheap…look, I’m sick to death.”

“What did you promise me before you went back to school? It’s only been a month, and you ran after Shao Hang again,” the man said in a deep voice, “Our Bai family can’t afford to lose face for him, he’s not worthy. “

Outside the door, Bai Xiyu couldn’t help but stay away. Sure enough, the next second, Bai Shuyun’s angry and aggrieved call came, describing him as making an unreasonable scene  was more appropriate. He hit the other person dully with something like a pillow, “You are not allowed to say that about Hang, I just like him, I don’t want anyone but him! If it wasn’t for that Jian Chi, Ah Hang would not have treated me like that. I had given him a chance to leave, but he still came to provoke me, obviously on purpose! Brother, do you want to continue watching me being bullied like this by a poor man?”

Hearing this, Bai Xiyu could completely guess that Bai Yinnian would not refuse.

The room was quiet for a long time, and there was a long sigh. After a while, the calm voice was a little more indulgent: “Xiao Yun, you have grown up, think about the consequences before doing things. If you really decide to deal with that person, there is no need to do it yourself, ask other people to deal with it cleanly, and don’t leave problems behind. But I still want to say, Shao Hang is not worth it.”

“Then do you agree?”

“Call Assistant Han if you have anything, he will arrange everything for you.”

Bai Shuyun’s voice couldn’t hide his satisfaction and excitement, and he kept saying ‘Brother, you are the best’, there was no more Bai Yinian’s voice. The sound of footsteps in the house approached, Bai Xiyu quickly backed away, turned his head in the direction of his bedroom, then was stopped by Bai Yinian who came out. He froze for a few seconds, and turned around cautiously.

“Big Brother.”

“You came back?”

Different from being doting and helpless when facing Bai Shuyun just now, Bai Yinian swept towards Bai Xiyu coldly and asked casually. He took off his outermost suit jacket, the gray vest and the white shirt underneath showed strong and full muscles; approaching a height of 1.9 meters, just standing there made it hard for others to speak. Below his neat short hair was a cold and hard face with clear edges and corners. With a high nose bone, deep eyebrows and deep eyes, he was not angry or arrogant. He glanced down at his watch. The simplest movements revealed a mature charm that made people’s heart beat faster.

“Lunchtime is over. When you’re hungry, have the kitchen make a new meal for you.”

He looked coldly at Bai Xiyu, who had been burying his head down the entire time, as if the person opposite was not his half-brother, but a subordinate who was sent to him. Bai Xiyu seemed to be accustomed to such an imperative tone. He nodded hastily, quietly observing Bai Yinian’s expression from the corner of his eye, and said obediently, “Thank you brother for your concern, I’ll go down after I unpack my luggage.”

Bai Yinnian didn’t seem to care about his answer at all. He answered his phone call and went straight up the escalator to the fourth floor. Bai Xiyu could still vaguely hear Bai Yinnian’s unpretentious answer at the other end. Whether in the company or at home, Bai Yinnian will always have this daunting and unrestrained attitude that belongs to a superior.

Bai Xiyu returned to his bedroom, locked the door, and the tension around his body gradually subsided. He took out his mobile phone and clicked on the chat page with Jian Chi. The last chat was a month ago.

After writing in the input box for a long time, he then deleted it altogether. Bai Xiyu turned off his phone and laid on the bed tiredly, staring at the gorgeous and exquisite chandelier on the ceiling.

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