Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Providing Guidance

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Jian Chi stood at the back of the line with his luggage, bowed his head and sent a text message to Jian Chengchao. The day after he moved to Chuanlin, he was taken to Saintston, so he had little impression of his new home. He had to rely on the address sent by Jian Chengchao to search for a panoramic map and write down the streets.

The special recruits in front got into the car one after another, but Jian Chi didn’t see Bai Xiyu’s figure, probably picked up by the Bai family ahead of schedule.

“The next car will arrive in twenty minutes.” The driver closed the door and said to the remaining special students who were waiting there.

“Twenty minutes more?” someone complained.

Jian Chi continued to chat with Jian Chengchao and told him that he would be home later. Jian Chengchao took a picture of the kitchen: don’t worry, I’ll cook the dishes first. I made your favorite braised prawns, which I just picked from the market in the morning, you can eat it when you come back.

In fact, Jian Chi didn’t like eating shrimp very much. When he was admitted to the hospital with a fever a few years ago, he didn’t know why he wanted to eat braised prawns. The doctor didn’t let him eat too greasy. After he was discharged from the hospital, whenever Jian Chengchao cooked, he would choose this dish to cook. Jian Chi felt very greasy, but he never told Jian Chengchao and replied ‘good’.

A moderate voice called Jian Chi’s name from behind, just enough to be heard without being too ostentatious. Jian Chi turned back to meet the gaze of Ji Huaisi, and was stunned for a moment, thinking that there was some kind of hallucination, “Didn’t you already go back?”

“Did someone say I’m going back?” Ji Huaisi asked.

“No, I heard Zhang Yang say that except for special enrollment, all the other students went home two days ago.”

Ji Huaisi pursed his lips and smiled, “Members of the student union usually leave the school last, and they have to deal with everything before leaving the school. Are you waiting here for the car? I just heard that it will take 20 minutes. “

Jian Chi nodded, “It should be here soon, by the way, the suit…”

He was about to tell Ji Huaisi that he had accidentally soiled his suit and wanted to take it home to wash it before returning it. Ji Huaisi interrupted Jian Chi with a gentle voice: “It just so happens that my driver is here too, I can give you a ride.”

“Thank you,” Jian Chi paused, for some reason, remembering the invitation from Ji Huaisi at the dance, “but the school car will be here soon.”

Ji Huaisi, who was rejected, calmed down, his long eyelashes dropped slightly, and he seemed to be down. Jian Chi couldn’t help but reflect on whether he was being too straightforward just now, and heard Ji Huaisi say slowly, “Actually, I have something to tell you. If it doesn’t happen now, it may take two months.” He raised his eyes to look at Jian Chi, “Let me take you back today, okay?”

Jian Chi got into Ji Huaisi’s car again.

Before that, the car that came to pick up the special enrollment had arrived at the school, and Jian Chi watched the people in front get on one after another, but in the end he couldn’t refuse Ji Huaisi’s sincere eyes.

He fastened his seat belt, looked around, and found that Ji Huaisi was also looking at him, with a gentle smile on his expression. In the past, Jian Chi thought that this was Ji Huaisi’s unique courtesy. Thinking back to Shen Shuting’s sentence, “He would never care so much for an ordinary person,” his heart seemed to jump a bit more.

“What did you just say?”

“Did Shao Hang trouble you?”

Ji Huaisi’s voice was not heavy, and he directly poked the target in the center. Jian Chi squeezed the seat belt on his waist. He hadn’t organized his words yet, and his silence had gone on longer than the allowed period. “He looked for me a few times before, and he also forcibly gave me a brooch. I wanted to find a chance to return it, but didn’t expect him to say that at the dance.”

“Did he give you the brooch?” Ji Huaisi’s expression froze for a moment, and then returned to normal, except for the deep meaning in his eyes, “other than that, has he done anything?”

There was ample space in the rear of the car, more than enough for two people. Even so, Jian Chi felt an inexplicable nervousness, and said after a while, “No, but he broke into my dorm room several times. I locked the door and he could still come in.”

Jian Chi couldn’t bring up that forced kiss in front of Ji Huaisi, not to mention that he had long chosen to forget about it completely.

Ji Huaisi looked into Jian Chi’s eyes earnestly, and pondered: “I will deal with this issue with the school, we cannot let him continue to do whatever he wants. Shao Hang’s parents are one of the shareholders of the school, so he will act more recklessly than others. But this time it has gone too far, I will let him reflect on it and restrain his behavior.”

Jian Chi wanted to say thank you, but any amount of thank seemed too shallow, and he moved slightly uncontrollably, “A few days ago, a lot of posts on the forum have been deleted… .”

“I deleted it,” Ji Huaisi smiled slightly, there was a trace of reassuring strength and stability in the calm, “Of course you have to make good use of your privileges, right?”

Jian Chi didn’t know how to answer. He had said too many thanks to Ji Huaisi, but what Ji Huaisi did for him was much more than what a ‘thank you’ can offset.

In his field of vision was the streets that flashed by the window, and Ji Huaisi’s warm and handsome face in front of him. Jian Chi thought for a long time, then asked the question that had always been on his mind:

“Why are you helping me?”

After speaking, he added: “I still don’t understand, why do you want to be friends with me?”

At least from Jian Chi’s point of view, Ji Huaisi was the best of the best, but he was just a boring and ordinary person who can be seen everywhere.

Although Shen Shuting’s attitude was uncomfortably mean, some of the words he said were indeed not without reason. Shao Hang’s teasing was out of temporary interest, looking for freshness and fun. If a second person appeared, his attention would be attracted. He treated Bai Xiyu like that at first, and then treated him like this.

Ji Huaisi was not such a frivolous person. He was more rational and calm than others his age, but Jian Chi couldn’t see through him. Even if Ji Huaisi was always polite and considerate, many of his thoughts were actually hidden beneath a gentle, harmless smile.

Ji Huaisi didn’t answer this question quickly. He decided to look at Jian Chi for a while. Watching him like this, Jian Chi felt frightened in his heart, he couldn’t help but want to look away. Ji Huaisi smiled first, the corners of his lips were raised, then he softened his temperament and slowly opened his mouth.

“Does this even need a reason?” he asked. “If I had to say it, I thought we would get along very well from first sight.”

Jian Chi was slightly startled, “At first glance?”

“Strictly speaking, it’s not the first time we met but it was when you walked into the classroom and turned around and praised my brooch.” Ji Huaisi just laughed, “Isn’t it weird? No one has said that before, so what you said, I remembered it for a long time.”

This reason sounded very far-fetched to Jian Chi, or it had an unusual softness, so it pinched him slightly. His heart seemed to be immersed in some pantothenic acid liquid, wet and astringent, and the frame by frame scenery outside the window became blurred in his peripheral light. Jian Chi rarely looked at Ji Huaisi’s face so clearly.

“One more thing,” Ji Huaisi’s eyes flickered with the flickering light, which was more attractive than all the light sources outside the window, “If you don’t want Shao Hang to find you again, I have a way that may help you.”

Jian Chi subconsciously asked, “What can I do?”

“You can accept my brooch.”

Ji Huaisi’s soft and slender voice drifted into his ears along the air.

“That way no one will ever bother you again.”

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