Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Conspiracy

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Jian Chi can’t say that he understood the others, but he can definitely say that he understood Jian Chengchao. They were father and son, but were more like friends who knew each other well and understood each other.

Jian Chengchao didn’t have many vices that middle-aged men often have. He may have had them before, but after He Yueqing’s death, his wife’s departure hit him hard. From the beginning of Jian Chi’s impression, Jian Chengchao was busy working, taking care of him, and then working more. If he didn’t work so hard, the family would not be able to make up for the medical bills that have been spent. Although Jian Chi wanted to be with him when he was a child, he also understood very early on that Jian Chengchao did not have it easy and understood all of this.

Jian Chi didn’t believe that Jian Chengchao, who used to work hard to support his family, would owe debts and refuse to pay them back. He now had a full scholarship from Saintston, so he didn’t have to worry about tuition fees and living expenses.Judging from Jian Chengchao’s performance, it’s more like he didn’t want him to worry after knowing it, rather than avoiding debt collection.

Lying on the bed, Jian Chi stared at the few photos he took and thought for a long time. If the problem was not with Jian Chengchao, it was with him.

Before entering Saintston, he had a hard time believing that someone would use vicious means to frame their own younger brother again and again.

The reality was like the understatement Zhang Yang said that day. Born in a prominent family, interests have become the main way to connect relatives, not feelings. Bai Shuyun kept framing Bai Xiyu, just because he felt that Bai Xiyu stole Shao Hang and his father and eldest brother. So now in Bai Shuyun’s eyes, has he also become an ‘obstacle’ to steal Shao Hang and deliberately provoke him? Will Bai Shuyun take revenge on him like this?

If it wasn’t for Wei An’s slandering post on HS, Jian Chi might not have guessed this, but the side of Wei An’s eyes before leaving confirmed that the mastermind was actually someone else, and Jian Chi couldn’t not look at this at the most negative angle.

As soon as Bai Shuyun returned to school, Wei An suddenly grasped a lot of inside information that should not have been known, and used this to deal with him. He had just been unilaterally regarded by Bai Shuyun as a thorn in his side. He had seen the true face of the other party, and now his family’s store has been destroyed for no reason.

There are not so many coincidences in the world.

At dinner in the evening, Jian Chengchao’s attitude was completely unremarkable, and he laughed and chatted about trivial matters of the past few days. Jian Chi’s mouth and heart felt unpleasant, he slowly chewed the rice, and said, “Dad, my laptop has crashed. I took it to the store to repair it in the afternoon, the clerk said it couldn’t be repaired.”

Jian Chengchao was probably taken aback by the sound of ‘Dad’. Jian Chi seldom called him that, and he almost couldn’t speak, “How did you get it? If it can’t be repaired, do you need a new one?”

“I fell once in school before, and it should have broken the internal parts at that time,” Jian Chi lied without changing his face, describing it as if it had really happened, “I looked at the new computer of the same brand and will need more than three thousand dollars.”

“When I bought it, I told you to be careful. A computer is so fragile that it won’t work if you drop it a few more times.”

Jian Chengchao spoke a few words in a painful way to teach him, but his tone was not serious. Seeing that Jian Chi also looked like he knew what was wrong, he quickly relaxed: “I’ll transfer the money to you later, you can get a new one tomorrow. Don’t throw away the bad one, you should be able to sell a second-hand one, and you can take it as pocket money. It’s New Year’s Day, and you have to buy a few more new clothes. Seeing you wear this coat all day long, it’s long overdue for you to change it. “

“I understand,” Jian Chi said. “Thank you, Dad.”

Jian Chengchao quickly transferred 4,000 yuan, and Jian Chi kept 500 yuan. The next day, he transferred the remaining money back intact, and told Jian Chengchao he went to another store to have a look, and the people there said it was easy to repair, two hundred yuan was enough. Although Jian Chengchao was puzzled, not understanding the twists and turns in the maintenance cost at all, he praised Jian Chi for being mindful. Fortunately, he was careful, otherwise the thousands of dollars would be wasted.

After a little probing, Jian Chi was sure that the content written on the door of the store was all unwarranted slander. Back then, the family was struggling to pay off the medical bills they owed, and they were hard pressed for money. They even hesitated to buy pork, not to mention thousands of dollars to buy a computer and clothing. Jian Chengchao did not act like he had a debt at all.

This fact didn’t make Jian Chi’s mood better, on the contrary, it became heavier. After deliberating for a long time, he sent a message to Bai Xiyu: Can you give me Bai Shuyun’s contact information? It doesn’t matter if you can’t, sorry to bother you.

Bai Xiyu was the only way he could contact about Bai Shuyun at present. Although Ji Huaisi and Shao Hang can also do it, doing so was almost equivalent to leaking what happened. Jian Chi didn’t want to take this risk.

The reply came quickly: of course, what happened?

Jian Chi breathed a sigh of relief and typed: Thank you, I have something to ask him.

Bai Xiyu sent a string of phone numbers, followed by a worried expression, and said: Is it really fine? When I heard my brother give a call a few days ago, it seemed that your name was mentioned. I thought it was an illusion. He really…

Bai Xiyu: Sorry, I should have told you earlier.

The heartbeat in Jian Chi’s ear beat heavily, and after a while, he remembered to reply to Bai Xiyu who was waiting on the opposite side: It’s okay, it’s not your fault, I do have some conflicts with him, it will be resolved soon, you don’t have to worry.

There was no need to ask any further, Jian Chi already knew the answer that was about to come out.

When the call was made, Jian Chi looked at the sinking sunlight outside the window, and his heart was unexpectedly calm. After beeping a few times, a gentle and weak voice mixed with a little electric sound entered his ears, and Bai Shuyun said casually:

“Who is this?”

Jian Chi didn’t talk nonsense, “It’s me.”

After a few seconds of silence, Jian Chi patiently held up the phone until a disdainful hum came from the other end, and when they spoke again, his weak voice was gone: “Who gave you my number? Bai Xiyu?”

Jian Chi didn’t answer his question and asked, “What do you want?”

“Now you finally know to be afraid?” Bai Shuyun seemed to be smiling, a knife hidden in the soft cotton, “I didn’t think it would turn out like this, I already reminded you, stop pestering Ah Hang, Because you didn’t listen, you’ve caused trouble for your family; if you only listened obediently, I won’t be bothered to take care of you.”

The arrogant explanation made Jian Chi purse his lips, his phone was pinched too tightly, and his palm hurt slightly, “You should investigate to see who is pestering who.”

There was silence in his ear, and suddenly, the sound of falling things rang loudly one after another. Jian Chi took the phone away from his ear, and Bai Shuyun’s voice finally sounded gloomy: “Ah Hang is not that kind of person If it weren’t for you giving him hope, hanging onto him, he wouldn’t even look at you. I thought you made this call to plead for mercy, if so, I might be willing to consider stopping, but now you have no chance. “

“Bai Shuyun, will doing this kind of thing make you happy?” Jian Chi asked word by word, “If so, you should really check your mind.”

Just halfway through the angry scolding, Jian Chi hung up the phone.

At first, he really thought about persuading Bai Shuyun with good words. After all, he had been a good citizen for 18 years. His principle was that he if he didn’t need to get physical, then don’t get physical. If you can not curse, then speak rationally, but Bai Shuyun did not give him that chance.

His sickness has become a weapon for Bai Shuyun to ask for the care and love of his relatives, and the Bai family’s tolerance towards him has made him a young master who was spoiled by gold and jade. Jian Chi never thought that pampering could be equated with viciousness. In front of outsiders, Bai Shuyun cleverly used the former to cover up the latter. At the same time, he was not so smart, and he did not hide his evil deeds, exposing himself to the enemy.

He was able to successfully frame others again and again, escape punishment, and live to the end of the whole book because of one reason, he was protected by the Bai family.

Jian Chi clearly realized how small his resistance was in front of Bai Shuyun, maybe the other party could easily and completely destroy his life with just one sentence.

The last light in the sky was completely extinguished, and it was the first time that Jian Chi had insomnia until the early morning after returning home. The next day at noon, he slowly opened his eyes, first staring at the ceiling, and then facing Shao Hang who was sitting beside the bed.


Shao Hang was leaning on the chair, his long legs crossed, and he was flipping a photo album in his hand, looking at him with a half-smile. When Jian Chi composed himself, the album turned out to be a photo of him when he was a child, and he suddenly lost all sleepiness. He got up and was about to take it back. Shao Hang raised his arm high, and the other hand hugged Jian Chi who rushed over, deliberately misinterpreting: “Are you in such a hurry to give me a hug?”

“Why are you here?” Jian Chi’s mood at the moment was as bad as his state after insomnia, and he couldn’t even care about refuting his words. He wondered if he scolded Shao Hang, the culprit in the dream last night, too hard, causing the nightmare to come true.

Pent up frustration and astonishment filled his messy brain alternately. Without waiting for a reply, Jian Chi’s eyes first focused on Shao Hang’s hair. After staring for a long time, Shao Hang turned his head, touched the black scattered hair on his forehead unnaturally, and tutted, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a person dye their hair?”

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