Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Leaving Home

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It’s not that he hadn’t seen dyed hair, but he hadn’t seen Shao Hang’s. He could actually be like this… obedient.

He was so troubled that day that all the requests he said were made on the spot, including ‘don’t like red hair’. Aside from the other things, Shao Hang was actually very suitable for red, it was rebellious and reckless, just as rebellious and reckless as his personality.

Jian Chi stared at it for a while, then finally got his voice back: “You listened to me…”

“I’m tired of seeing red, I’ve wanted to change it for a long time,” Shao Hang interrupted in a deep voice, without looking into Jian Chi’s eyes, “It has nothing to do with you.”

If Shao Hang denied it like this in the past, it might still be somewhat convincing.

Now it seemed more like a deliberate clarification, but it instead actually confirmed Jian Chi’s guess.

Glancing at Shao Hang’s face, Jian Chi stopped looking at it, grabbed the album and returned to the original question: “Why are you at my house?”

“I’ll come if I want,” Shao Hang swept around the bedroom, his black hair made his facial features more deep and cleancut. Although his expression was fierce, he didn’t feel as bad and scary as before, his tone was slightly disgusted, “Can your room be occupied by people? It’s so small, why is there a musty smell?”

Jian Chi’s eyebrows twitched. He reminded himself not to curse, “You…”

There were a few movements from the door, and the two turned their heads at the same time. Jian Chengchao had a smile on his face, he didn’t realize what he was interrupting, “Are you up? Breakfast is outside, Jian Chi, why didn’t you mention your classmate is coming over in advance? I’ll go to the vegetable market to buy some food later. Little Shao, what would you like to have for lunch? Just mention it, don’t be shy.”

Jian Chi was startled when he heard the sound of ‘Little Shao’. Unexpectedly, Shao Hang smiled and replied politely and modestly: “I’m fine with anything, thank you for the bother Uncle.”

“No trouble, no trouble, you guys have fun.”

After that, Jian Chengchao closed the door. A string of ellipses popped up in Jian Chi’s mind, unable to think of what words to use to evaluate his overly careless father, when he heard Shao Hang’s complacent voice, “Look, it was your father who welcomed me.”

“What did you tell him?”

“I just showed him a few photos of us together,” Shao Hang smiled, with his long legs crossed leisurely, “Uncle is more reasonable than you and he let me in without asking anything.”

Jian Chi never remembered taking a photo with Shao Hang, and it probably wasn’t anything good. He rubbed his temples, took the coat beside the bed and put it on, ignoring Shao Hang and got out of bed, “I’m going to change, can you get out?”

He had insomnia for too long last night, and he was still a little dizzy. He didn’t want to be annoyed by Shao Hang, so he asked kindly. Shao Hang frowned, and when he got up from the chair, the small bedroom seemed even more cramped, “Why do you want me to go out?”

Jian Chi couldn’t help but glance at him with the eyes of a fool, “This is my home.”

Shao Hang touched his nose, maybe he couldn’t think of anything to refute, then finally walked out.

Jian Chengchao didn’t notice Jian Chi’s low air pressure after returning from grocery shopping. He thought it was because he didn’t slept well last night, so he told Jian Chi not to play with his cell phone before going to bed, and then he took out some fruit and poured tea. Shao Hang was entertained. Jian Chi felt the corners of Shao Hang’s mouth were about to stiffen from smiling while maintaining his superficial politeness and reply to Jian Chengchao’s question. This picture made Jian Chi want to laugh a little, which slightly offset the displeasure of getting up in the morning.

“Dad, you let him in in the morning?” Jian Chi went into the kitchen to help, but in fact wanted to have a good chat with Jian Chengchao, who was completely unwary.

Jian Chengchao cut the radish, and replied casually, “Little Shao showed me pictures of your school and a few pictures of you, saying that you are good friends, and that he agreed to come over to play with you early in the morning. And I think Little Shao is handsome and majestic looking, not like a bad guy, and he knows our address, so of course I let him in, what’s the matter?”

The words ‘handsome and majestic looking’ and ‘not like a bad person’ made Jian Chi silent for a while, only to release the green cabbage leaf in his hand when he found it torn, “It’s alright, you have to be more careful next time. If someone comes, tell me in advance, I woke up in the morning and was startled.”

“What’s the matter, the more people there are, the livelier it is,” Jian Chengchao laughed, and the fine lines at the end of his eyes were filled with a smile, “I feel more relieved when I see you having made so many friends. When you were in junior high school, I was worried. Qingqing and I are not very boring characters, so who knows who your temper is like. Since Little Shao is here, your expressions have become a lot richer.”

Jian Chi didn’t refute, just thinking of the phrase ‘Your expressions are richer’ a few more times around his ear.

Shao Hang’s appearance was unexpected and reasonable. Jian Chi originally thought that a young master like him would definitely be unbearable in such a simple environment, but Shao Hang not only adapted well, but also chatted with Jian Chengchao. When Jian Chengchao happily ran to clean up the kitchen, Jian Chi finally couldn’t hold back the restlessness, turned on the TV volume, and asked in a low voice, “What the h*ll do you want to do?”

“You’re not welcoming me?” Shao Hang leaned on the sofa, ate a cherry that was washed just now, and raised his eyebrows slightly, as if it was a lowly thing for his status to come here.

Jian Chi didn’t even want to ask how he found this place, so he made serious his expulsion order: “After dinner, you should go.”

Probably because Shao Hang didn’t wear his school uniform or that unruly red hair, looking like he had changed from a messed-up devil to a rebellious teenager in a neighbor’s house, his threat has been reduced by half. Also, without Saintston’s ubiquitous gossipping eyes, Jian Chi’s refusal was even more confident and strong.

“Who said I’m leaving? I’ve already told uncle I’m sleeping here tonight.”

Jian Chi suspected that he had heard it wrong, or that Shao Hang was joking, “What did you say?”

Shao Hang tutted softly, and sounded more as a matter of course than the owner Jian Chi: “I have nowhere to go now, you have to take me in.”

“You were kicked out of your house?”

Jian Chi asked without thinking, but Shao Hang suppressed his cold eyes and rubbed his black hair, feeling a little irritable, “I quarreled with them, and I ran out myself.”

Even this kind of naive ‘running away from home’ can be taken for granted by Shao Hang. Jian Chi really didn’t know what to say. Looking at Shao Hang was like looking at a problem boy, and after a while he said: ” Then why come find me?”

Shao Hang squinted over, the small scar on his brow bone moved slightly following the deep meaning in the bottom of his eyes. He held the cherry stem in his mouth, next to Jian Chi’s ear, and lazily dragged the last sound: “Anyways, you have nothing to do, and I have nothing to do too, so can’t I come and do something with you?”

“You…” Jian Chi’s heartbeat stopped for a beat. He looked back at Jian Chengchao’s back in the kitchen, and warned, “Don’t mess around in my house.”

Shao Hang smiled meaningfully, “Can I mess around if it’s not at your house?”

Jian Chi really couldn’t stay in the same space with Shao Hang, it made him feel a sense of separation, Shao Hang and his family. Thinking that Jian Chengchao was still there, Jian Chi was afraid that Shao Hang would do something bad in the next second, so he just found a random reason to pull Shao Hang out.

Usually residents can often see elderly aunts and uncles strolling around. Today, perhaps because the weather was too cold, there were not many people in sight. For a while in Jian Chi’s mind was the call with Bai Shuyun last night, then for a bit was Shao Hang, who he didn’t know what to do with. He heard a movement in front of him, looked up, and saw a silver sports car parked in front of the intersection. The eye-catching luxury car body was incompatible with the dilapidated street, and many passing residents casted their curious gazes, some even make a tsk tsk sound.

Jian Chi’s head hurt faintly, “Did you drive over?”

Shao Hang disagreed, “I can’t walk here, it’s too inconvenient, you don’t even have a parking spot.”

It’s a really unique way to run away from home.

Jian Chi wanted to take back the above sentence ‘without Saintston’s ubiquitous gossip’. With Shao Hang around, it was absolutely impossible for him to escape the fate of being watched.

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  1. I’m just finally gonna comment, because what. The. Fuh.
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    • If MC really did that, you’d be calling him dumb. Why? Because the consequences of his actions would Destroy. His. Life.

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