Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Plunge

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“Where do you want to hang out?”

Jian Chi, who didn’t want to have a dispute, started the topic and tried to guide him in a peaceful direction. If possible, he hoped that he could persuade the rebellious young master to go home, and not to stay here. After several months of ups and downs in school, he had thoroughly figured out Shao Hang’s character.

“Do you have a place to hang out here?” Shao Hang raised his eyebrows slightly, looking like he was pointing out the facts.

Jian Chi searched for options in his heart, not too fun or costs too much money. He led the way, “Then let’s take a walk, we can go back when you’re tired.”

Shao Hang laughed angrily and grabbed the collar behind Jian Chi, “I came all the way here and you’ll just take me for a walk?”

“The road here is narrow, you can’t drive,” Jian Chi thought he was being very considerate, and glanced back, “Your car is too much, it’s better to walk and exercise.”

“My body is very good and I don’t need to exercise,” Shao Hang raised his lips in a meaningful way, “but you need to exercise well, thin arms and legs, you will fall into the water if you get pulled.”

Jian Chi pulled back the crumpled collar. Without looking at Shao Hang, his tone was flat and somewhat polite: “Yes, not as amazing as you.”


After Shao Hang finished laughing, he clicked his tongue.

“Still can’t be teased.”

Jian Chi didn’t want to answer at all, Shao Hang seemed to have inexhaustible energy, chattering in his ears, but he didn’t say anything good, Jian Chi’s enduring anger until now has already given him enough face. His instinct tells him that he would not end well if he provokes Shao Hang. He had already tasted that feeling several times, and of course he did not want to take the initiative to provoke him another time.

The kindergarten next to the bookstore rang out with the familiar nursery rhymes and children’s screams. Jian Chi was used to it and regarded it as background music. Shao Hang, who heard it for the first time, glanced at the group of children in the garden impatiently, and spat out a word: “Noisy.”

“Children are like this,” Jian Chi heard his tone as if he wanted to eat the children raw, “you weren’t much better than them when you were young.”

“Who said that?” Shao Hang was displeased, “I never did this before.”

“Do you remember when you were a kid?”

Jian Chi originally wanted to take the opportunity to ridicule Shao Hang a few words, but his ears suddenly quieted down and he turned his head. There was no warm smile, “How can you forget?”

It was not a joke, the indifference and gloom made Jian Chi unable to react.

Zhang Yang once said that Shao Hang didn’t like others mentioning his parents, and the reason behind it was not hard to guess. Even if Shao Hang’s father was a member of the bureaucracy who is respected by everyone in the officialdom, he was just a husband and father at home. It was extremely difficult to be the best at every identity of yourself.

Jian Chi didn’t like to delve into other people’s family affairs, but remembering the reason that Shao Hang said when he came over, there may be a way to persuade him to go home. “What happened?”

After a moment of silence, Shao Hang turned his head and stared at him for a long time, so that Jian Chi couldn’t hear the wind during the daytime. The bell of the bicycle behind him urged him to give way. Shao Hang’s voice seemed to be delayed, mixed with some cold and deep meaning, then suddenly creeped into his ears, like a basin of cold water suddenly pouring on his face.

“You should ask them that.”

Jian Chi originally thought that Shao Hang would continue speaking, so that he could find the flaws and say his prepared remarks, but after this sentence, his side was completely quiet.

This kind of quietness seemed to be more heart-wrenching than the noise at the beginning. Jian Chi didn’t know how to respond and he didn’t know when he had walked out of the established route. He looked at the unfamiliar street scene ahead, breaking the slightly frozen atmosphere: “It’s the end.”

“There is still a path, how can it be considered the end?”

Shao Hang didn’t mean to stop at all. Jian Chi looked at his back, paused, and raised his heels. Jian Chi had never been to this block ahead, and the pedestrians passing by and the shops passed by were all unfamiliar. The leader turned into Shao Hang at some point. He walked in front of him with a steady pace, showing some heroic aura in his bones. Jian Chi looked at the building not far away and stopped.

“Is this a school ahead?”

A small, run-down high school.

The adjacent streets were full of stationery stores and food stalls next to each other. Newsstands had hung up signs that they were closed for business. During working hours, everywhere was deserted. It’s not hard for Jian Chi to imagine the lively scenes here after school every day. The red brick building behind the wall slightly overlapped with some of the pictures in his memory, and a little familiarity emerged.

Shao Hang raised his eyes and looked at it casually, leaving the same comment: “It’s really worn.”

Jian Chi originally thought this in his heart, but he said it out loud out of nowhere: “My original school was similar to this one.”

“Just as worn?”

His eyebrows twitched slightly, and Jian Chi very much hoped that Shao Hang, who was disappointed, could disappear on the spot. Unfortunately, there was no such superpower in the world, so he replied coldly: “Not just how worn it is, but also the same small size, in short, you look down on it.”

Shao Hang smiled in a low voice. His smile was very strange. His arms naturally rested on Jian Chi’s shoulders. “You studied really well in this worn school, why run to Sainston?”

“I also want to know,” Jian Chi tried to break free for a while, then didn’t, “why didn’t I first understand the actual situation when I first chose the school.”

“No matter how deep you search, you won’t be able to dig out the real Saintston,” Shao Hang hooked his lips and leaned over, “unless you experience it yourself.”

After experiencing it for yourself, you can’t escape even if you want to.

Jian Chi looked up at the school’s wall, which was a little more worn than his high school in Yuncheng. It was hard to imagine that the rich Chuanlin would have such a broken corner to it, but it seemed very natural. In the end,, things always needed some completely different opposites to balance it. Shao Hang followed his line of sight, raised his eyebrows, and showed some flickering interest, “Want to go in and have a look?”


Shao Hang raised his chin, arrogant as if it should be like that, “I asked you, do you want to go inside and take a look?”

“Students are still in class,” the suggestion came so suddenly and unreasonably that Jian Chi thought it was just a joke, “and how do you want to get in, climb over the wall?”

He mentioned it casually, but Shao Hang really took a few steps back, noticed Jian Chi’s gaze, raised his thin lips and smiled. The familiar vicious and high-spirited interest appeared on this handsome and rebellious face. He dropped a sentence :”How else?”


Jian Chi was too late to stop him. With the combined force of his legs and hands, Shao Hang’s swift figure easily climbed over to the top of the wall after running. It was obviously not the first time he had done this with his skilled posture.

After standing firm, he stretched out his palm to Jian Chi under the wall, “Come up”

Jian Chi swept the surroundings, the streets were deserted, no one was looking over, he couldn’t help but feel nervous in his throat, “Are you crazy? If the security sees it, we’ll all be kicked out. I won’t stop you if you’re crazy, don’t pull me in.”

“Too late.”

The wind swept the scattered hair in front of Shao Hang’s forehead, and the pair of piercing eyes under the smooth forehead seemed to be able to look straight into the bottom of his heart, and there was a faint smile on his lips. The youngster’s attitude was rampant and natural, as if he was not afraid of anything.

The lazy provoking tone came out again.

“Either you come up, or I will jump down and break a hand or a leg, then I will stay at your house for the next month.”

“Shao Hang!”

The person in front of him was simply sent by God to torture him. Jian Chi gritted his teeth and squeezed out these two words, squeezed the palm of his hand, and jumped up to face Shao Hang’s inevitable smile. He grabbed the other person’s hand. At the moment of holding each other, Shao Hang simply pulled over Jian Chi’s still unsteady body, carried him horizontally, and jumped down.

With a dull sound, both feet planted firmly on the ground.

“I said it long ago, thin arms and thin legs, it’s time to exercise.”

Jian Chi’s mind was filled with the humming sound of wind. His violent heartbeat seemed to have not fallen from the top of the wall back to his chest, and his vocal cords lost their ability to vibrate briefly. The wind carried a magnetic low laugh from Shao Hang, similar to an exhaled heat wave, it sprinkled into his ears.

“Look, you were dragged down by me again.”

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