Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Secrets 

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The advanced mathematics test was in the first session in the morning. The students around were full of sleepiness and heavy expressions. 

Jian Chi took the paper handed in front, first glanced at the questions, and then started to solve the questions in order from difficult to easy. He completed all the questions ten minutes before the paper was collected.

“Jian Chi, after is club activity. What club did you sign up for?” 

After finishing the course, Zhang Yang came over to chat with him enthusiastically, “The presidents of the tennis club and the track and field club are my good buddies. If you choose these two, I will have them take good care of you, but if you are interested in any mathematics research club, there is nothing I can do about it.” 

Jian Chi planned to put the notebooks and textbooks back in the dormitory before going to the clubs. After calculating the route back, he replied, “I signed up for the literature club.” 

This answer made Zhang Yang raise his eyebrows unexpectedly. He joked: “I thought you would choose a science club. A bookworm really won’t be partial to subjects.” 

“I’ve already chosen a lot of science subjects, so I can’t let the extracurricular life be science subjects.” Jian Chi smiled, “Studying also needs to pay attention to balance.” 

“It seems to make sense.” 

When returning to the dormitory, he bumped into Wei An. He also came to put things down. Seeing that Jian Chi neither spoke nor raised his head, he completely ignored him. 

This made Jian Chi sigh in the bottom of his heart. If possible, he didn’t want to strain the relationship with his roommate in the first week of school, but he couldn’t agree with the remarks made by Wei An last night. Perhaps, not bothering each other would have the best results. 

The popularity of the literature club was unexpectedly high. When Jian Chi walked in, he did not expect such a lively scene. 

He swept through the vacant seats and chose the penultimate row to sit down. The president delivered a speech on the stage, recommending the poetry collection in his hand. Just as Jian Chi went in, he suddenly heard someone whispering beside him, “Will Shao Hang come today?”

“Who knows,” said another, “the literature club is too boring. If Shao Hang wasn’t here, who would sign up for this boring club?” 

After the conversation went back and forth, Jian Chi probably understood why the niche literature club was so popular. It could be regarded as some kind of celebrity effect. 

The president had already opened the poetry collection, cleared his throat, and read the excerpts from it. His voice was very rich, and every syllable was full of emotion, which reminded Jian Chi of the announcer in the news. 

“When I observe all the lively and lively vitality, it is only for a moment that they can keep their beauty, the stage of the universe only plays some tricks, and is pulled by the stars of God in the dark…” 

It’s a pity that the hard-working president didn’t attract the attention of the members. They all focused on the door not far away – Shao Hang was wearing a dark blue suit with two buttons on the neckline loosened, and his coat was draped over his shoulders. The casual gesture was as eye-catching as his red hair. 

He came in at the sound of the poetry being read, as if the elegance and this ruffian collided. Jian Chi had a bad premonition. When his casual gaze passed him, Jian Chi knew that his premonition had become a reality. 

Shao Hang raised the corner of his mouth, pulled out the seat behind Jian Chi and sat down calmly. The two people who were talking beside him gathered around, and their voices had already overshadowed the president’s reading. 

The pen between his two fingers turned at a constant speed and Jian Chi had to force himself to concentrate. It was a movement he often did when he felt irritable. 

“Shao Hang, will you participate in this equestrian competition?” Jian Chi heard the man’s very soft and even flattering voice, “You must participate, everyone is coming for you, no one is more deserving than you of the championship.” 

“Let’s talk later.” Shao Hang sounded perfunctory. Perhaps because of his unique and magnetic voice, his tone of voice only made people feel lazy, but Jian Chi could hear his hidden impatience. 

The president on the stage finally finished reading the poem, still looking unfinished, “I have a total of ten books here, and there are more translations in the library, whoever wants to take them can raise their hands, the theme of this issue will be poetry.” 

Jian Chi swept around the drowsy members. He couldn’t bear to beat the enthusiasm of the president. He raised his hand and asked, “Can I get a copy?” 

“Of course you can!” 

Jian Chi took a book of Sonnets from the enthusiastic president. In fact, he didn’t have much interest in poetry, so he flipped a few pages at random. Then, a voice surprisingly sounded in his ear, “Do you understand?” 

Without looking back, Jian Chi knew that it was an inquiry from Shao Hang. 

He stopped his hand turning the page and there was a sense of a ‘finally here’ relaxation. “I can’t understand it, maybe I can understand it after I understand the story behind it.” 

A low laugh rang out from the side of his ear, mixed with an imperceptible sneer, which made Jian Chi feel the same kind of offended discomfort as the ‘get lost’ that day. Shao Hang said: “Don’t meddle in others’ business in the future.” 

Jian Chi closed the poetry collection, feeling a little helpless with this forced tone. Then remembering Ji Huaisi’s sentence ‘he was such a character’, he said as calmly as possible: “You misunderstood, I was just helping out that day.”

“Do you want me to praise you for your kindness?” 

Jian Chi was speechless at his misinterpretation of the meaning of words. 

Shao Hang emphasized his words, his breath seemed to follow the air along the back of his neck, itching slightly and was accompanied by a meaningful warning: “Remember to put away your useless kindness, you are the same as him, understand?” 

It sounded like he was giving orders from above. 

Jian Chi turned his head and they looked closely at each other. He could clearly see himself in Shao Hang’s eyes, as well as a slender scar on the other’s left brow bone. Shao Hang lifted his eyelids lazily, and his pupils as black as a brooch released a dull light when they looked at each other. 

No matter how bad some people act, they couldn’t erase their innate nobility and arrogance. Their gestures were like giving charity, as if to say that it was their greatest tolerance ignoring you. Don’t continue being delusional.

Zhang Yang said it very well, high-level attitude and low-level character. 

“You can tell him yourself,” Jian Chi suggested. “Actually, Bai Xiyu and I don’t know each other very well. We just transferred over on the same day and said a few words.” 

Shao Hang’s faint smile conveyed four words – I don’t believe it. He seemed too lazy to talk nonsense with Jian Chi anymore. He found a comfortable position and closed his eyes. The person next to him wanted to say something else, but with a glance from him he immediately shut his mouth.

Jian Chi couldn’t help laughing. He felt that the title in the post was very appropriate, he really resembled the moody prince and the quail-like eunuch below. 

Jian Chi took the “Sonnet” back. Maybe after reviewing boring economy, the fun of poetry will be produced. 

The library was open 24 hours a day. Jian Chi didn’t want to go back and be awkward with Wei An, so he stayed in the library to finish his homework and read the borrowed economic books for a while. It was already late at night on his way back. 

He turned on HS, saw the friend request from Zhang Yang a few hours ago, and clicked accept. 

Zhang Yang sent a message in the next second: How could you only just see it? I had something to tell you. 

Jian Chi stopped to type: what’s the matter? 

Zhang Yang: Didn’t you choose the literature club? In the morning I forgot to tell you that Shao Hang is there too. He is a person who holds grudges, you remember to stay away. I heard that he goes to the literature club just to sleep, so nothing should happen. 

Jian Chi thought, something had already happened, but he still replied to Zhang Yang: I see, you should rest early.

After sending this message, Jian Chi turned off his phone and continued to walk to the dormitory building. 

In the autumn night, the temperature difference was very large and the wind blowing against his cheeks was a little cool. He stopped and heard the rustling of branches and leaves in the darkness. He recognized it for a moment, it seemed to gradually overlap with another steady footstep. 

Step by step from far to near. 

Jian Chi calmly looked at the corridor not far away, and a dark shadow came out of it, the reality could not be seen in the night.

The street lamps on both sides of the campus road cast a dim light on the ground, and the dark shadow slowly walked under the lamp, finally illuminating the whole face. 

Jian Chi’s heart beat twice unexpectedly. 

Wen Chuan was not wearing a uniform. The black sweater and trousers made his body extremely slender and he had a huge bag on his back, and his long hair tied behind his head. When he saw Jian Chi, there was no fluctuation in his cold eyes, as if what appeared in front of him was just a cloud of air brushing past him at a constant speed. 

For a while, Jian Chi thought of many things, such as the smell of blood on Wen Chuan’s body in chemistry class, and why he left the dormitory at this point and wore private clothes. 

Jian Chi turned around, determined that Wen Chuan was walking towards the school gate, and stopped the other party: “I remember that the school does not allow students to leave the school without permission at night.” 

Not loud, but more than enough on a silent night. 

Wen Chuan’s back stopped for a while, then he ignored his words and ignored him, and disappeared into the night.

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