Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Take Advantage

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A narrow single bed was in the center of the room. When Jian Chi came out of the bathroom, half of it was occupied by Shao Hang. He was wearing the one-size pajamas that Jian Chi had just found, and seemed to be waiting for him.

Jian Chi stood there and said euphemistically, “One bed can’t sleep two people, why don’t you go to the sofa and squeeze, or I’ll go.”

Shao Hang said: “It doesn’t matter, I can still fall asleep even if I feel wronged.”

“I don’t want to wrong you, I’ll let you sleep on the bed.”

“I don’t mind,” Shao Hang lifted his eyelids and smiled unhurriedly, “It’s late, you probably don’t want to continue to toss around, come here and talk about the Wen Chuan situation.”

Listening to the questioning in his words, Jian Chi was helpless and puzzled. He did not move, “He just happens to live nearby, does this have anything to do with you?”


Shao Hang seemed to be listening to a joke.

“He just happens to live nearby and runs to you every day?”

“It’s just a coincidence, and we’re friends.”

Jian Chi explained it for some reason, and after realizing something, he closed his mouth in annoyance. Shao Hang squinted his eyes, mixed with gloom, and repeated the sentence ‘Friend?’, a familiar oppression floated all over his body. He leaned against the head of the bed, his posture casual, but the innuendo in his words could not be ignored.

“You guys eat together every day, he dares to fight me for you, he was the one who provoked me first earlier, and then pretended to be pitiful; this is a friend? In addition to that Ji Huaisi, Jian Chi, you are really amazing.”

Jian Chi felt that Shao Hang was angry, “Is it too much to have a meal with friends?”

Shao Hang snorted, mixed with disdain, “What are they? Don’t interact with that surname Wen in the future, I can take you to the BC cafeteria during lunch break.”

After all this, it was nothing but belittling others and secretly elevating oneself. Jian Chi sighed in his heart, and agreed on the surface: “Okay, I understand, it’s very late, go to bed quickly, I’ll go to the living room first.”

After speaking, without waiting for Shao Hang’s response, Jian Chi went over to open the cabinet. When he just reached the top quilt, a strong breath approached from behind. A similar fragrance of shower gel enveloped his body, and before he could turn around, Jian Chi was caught by his waist. The shaky ceiling was replaced by the handsome face of Shao Hang who was close at hand, pressing down on Jian Chi, breathing slowly, overbearing and irresistible: “Let’s sleep together.”

The mattress was very soft, but Jian Chi was still hit by it suddenly and had a headache. After a while, he said with his last bit of patience, “I’m not used to sleeping with others.”

Shao Hang raised his arms and stared at Jian Chi’s dodging eyes, frowning his brows, revealing irritability and confusion. He reflexively wanted to say something excessive, his lips moved, and he lowered his voice: “I have endured it for you the whole day, is that not enough? You can agree to Wen Chuan entering and leaving your house at will, and you can wear the clothes that Ji Huaisi gave you to the dance, why do you only refuse my requests?”

These words plucked him clean. It was as if the teasing and ridicule in the past were not what Shao Hang did. He only recognized his own giving, but in Jian Chi’s view, this kind of robber-style of giving is not giving at all, but charity.

People in high positions even have to calculate when it’s for things they like, not to mention that Jian Chi doesn’t think Shao Hang’s childish possessiveness is liking at all. It was more like the novelty of a child who couldn’t get a new toy, that curiosity and the need to snatch it. After the sharp edge, Shao Hang didn’t look so scary anymore, even a little obedient, however, Jian Chi wouldn’t be so quick to forget the basin of cold water poured down from the beginning all over his body. Shao Hang sat at the window and looked at him, playful eyes that had nothing to do with him.

In Bai Xiyu’s story, Shao Hang was a complete lunatic, and Jian Chi had lingering fears and did not want to be the victim of this lunatic at all.

“Shao Hang, I didn’t ask you to come over. If you don’t want to be wronged, you can leave immediately,” Jian Chi said, “I said, I don’t like you refuting me, and I don’t like you coming to blows, if you remember what I said before, then get off me.”

“Say those words again?”

Jian Chi looked into his eyes as calmly as possible, “No one asked you to come over, and no one stopped you from leaving.”

At this moment, Jian Chi had no doubt that Shao Hang would strike down. Dark clouds rolled in his eyes. After staring for a long time, his breathing became long and tight, and he could only hear the beating of his heart beating in his ears. Before Jian Chi had to resist his gaze, Shao Hang got up without any warning, pulled the quilt in his hand, and walked out of the room without leaving a word.

It was very strange that he didn’t squeeze his chin involuntarily like before.

Jian Chi stood up slowly, his mind as scattered as the sheets under his body. If he read it right, Shao Hang took the quilt away. He walked to the door lightly, and listened for a while. There was no sound of rushing out of the door. He began to think about the possibility of Shao Hang sleeping on the sofa. This seemed to be the most unlikely thing to happen before, yet it appears to be the most likely outcome.

Looking at the dark ceiling, Jian Chi was not as relaxed as he imagined. If Shao Hang refuted him and satirized him like before, maybe it would make sense, but Shao Hang at some time started to change, in a good direction, but it made his heart more and more hopeless.

Those words were originally said to persuade Shao Hang to quit. If Shao Hang really did what he wanted, what should he do?

And most importantly, why is Shao Hang willing to do this?

Jian Chi didn’t dare to think deeply, and touch the answer he didn’t want to get.

“Is there really no other way?…I understand, but…hey, I understand what you mean, but I can’t afford to offend those people above, I went to your bureau so many times, I can’t even file a case. He still has a year to graduate, if I take out the money now, will those people stop?”

Jian Chi was awakened by the sound of birds chirping outside the window. He touched his phone. It was not eight o’clock yet. He walked out of the bedroom. He heard Jian Chengchao’s call through the door of the bathroom opposite. His not awake brain ordered him to stop moving.

“I believe my son, he is definitely not the kind of person who causes trouble. You have also investigated. Those people are working for others and deliberately making me uneasy… He finally went home for the New Year, I don’t want this matter to affect him, and it’s not good to admit it. I also know that the background of the person behind is not simple… Hey, as long as the person is okay, the rest is not important. “

Jian Chi went back to the bedroom, closed the door and waited for a long time. He didn’t come out until the call on the other side was over, then he happened to bump into the surprised Jian Chengchao, who put the mobile phone in his pocket, and smiled at him like nothing happened. “Wow the sun must be rising from the west, why did you get up so early today? Is Little Shao still sleeping?”

“He felt too hot and went to sleep on the sofa.”

Jian Chengchao rubbed his head in confusion and muttered, “Too hot in the winter? You are really young, and your heart must be full of fire.”

Jian Chi didn’t explain, and watched Jian Chengchao walk to the kitchen, make breakfast like every morning, and then go out. Shao Hang frowned on the narrow sofa in the living room, quilt wrapped tightly. He had probably never slept in such a wronged place in his life. His long legs had to be bent, and there was nowhere to put them.

In his mobile phone address book, the number that had been dialed only once was still lying on the list. Jian Chi couldn’t tell what he was thinking about in his hesitation, but after clicking on it, he edited a text message and sent.

Jian Chi: Don’t bother my family again, let’s talk face to face.

After sending it, Jian Chi looked at Shao Hang who was sleeping on the opposite side with his sharp eyes. The lines of his facial features were much softer, there was even a tameness about him that shouldn’t be there, so he didn’t seem so annoying.

Aiming at this face, Jian Chi took the next photo.

Jian Chi: Shao Hang is here with me. If you don’t want him to know about this, agree to my request above.

It was the first time for Jian Chi to do this kind of thing, and his heart that he thought was calm jumped violently after confirming the text message was sent. Although Shao Hang had done countless things that annoyed him, he still felt a trace of guilt from the bottom of his heart by taking advantage of Shao Hang.

If the matter can be concluded smoothly, he was willing to postpone the plan to drive Shao Hang away, but it was impossible for him to agree to a non-excessive request.

The premise is that it can end successfully.

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