Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Become Sick

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Bai Shuyun didn’t reply to the message, and dialed directly after half an hour.

“Why is Ah Hang with you?”

After saying the first sentence full of gunpowder, Bai Shuyun asked hastily, “What did you do to him?”

Jian Chi wanted to laugh, what can he do to Shao Hang? His calm tone contrasted sharply with Bai Shuyun on the other end: “You were right before, I was hanging onto Shao Hang on purpose, I just like to see him chasing after me. Not mentioning tasting something fresh, isn’t it the case that you can’t even get that freshness? At first I was a little tired and wanted to reject him outright, but you had to fight against me, but now I don’t want to let him go so soon. Bai Shuyun, what you did is the truth. If I tell Shao Hang, do you think he will investigate? Then won’t he be disappointed with the real you?”

Every sentence was stabbed ruthlessly at Bai Shuyun. The more Jian Chi spoke, the more fluent it was. For the first time, he experienced the joy of being a vicious male supporting role. Especially when he can imagine what kind of resentment Bai Shuyun would have on the other end, an angry look that wanted to beat him but can’t.

“Jian Chi!”

Bai Shuyun gritted his teeth and spat out his name, as if he was going to tear him apart fiercely. Jian Chi slowly continued: “My request is not too much, let’s meet and talk about it. We will meet every day once school starts, so don’t make trouble. It’s too ugly, don’t you think?”

“Have you told Shao Hang?” Bai Shuyun asked after a long while, as if he was too angry to speak.

“Not yet,” Jian Chi didn’t know if his IQ was worthy of being a villain, coming up with these schemes, “If you don’t agree, I’ll tell him now.”

“Okay, I promise you.”

Without any hesitation, Bai Shuyun squeezed out an address in a cold voice, and hung up the phone with a ‘pop’.

Jian Chi achieved his goal and didn’t bother with his attitude. Before going, he sent Zhang Yang a text message. If he didn’t reply at ten o’clock in the evening, he should notify others. When Zhang Yang asked him what happened and who should be notified, Jian Chi hesitated for two seconds then called out Ji Huaisi’s name.

“Where are you going?”

When Shao Hang woke up, Jian Chi was ready to go out. He casually reported ‘supermarket’ before Shao Hang, who had just regained consciousness, realized something was wrong, then he immediately closed the door.

There was not much guilt for saying that nonsense to the phone just now, but Jian Chi didn’t want to see Shao Hang’s face now. Perhaps it was because he was not only taking advantage of Shao Hang, but also himself.

To be an excellent vicious male supporting character, it really required a strong psychological quality.

Jian Chi came to the restaurant that Bai Shuyun mention on the phone. This was the first time he had set foot in the center of the city alone since he arrived in Chuanlin. The intersection was busy with vehicles, and the shadows of high-rise buildings were pressing on the pedestrians passing by. Jian Chi was in the middle of it, and never thought that the first time him coming here was to go to this unknown risk agreement, a very memorable ‘first time’.

The waiter in the restaurant seemed to have been waiting for his arrival, and brought him upstairs after asking for his name. The surroundings were quiet and quaint, and at a glance, one could tell that it was not a cheap place. Jian Chi originally thought that Bai Shuyun would leave an address to a coffee shop, but he didn’t expect it to be an isolated private room.

Door closed, it was completely isolated from the outside world.

Jian Chi was fortunate that he had paid more attention before he came out, and sent that text message to Zhang Yang. Looking around, it was a spacious room that could accommodate ten people, and there was no tableware placed on the round table. It could be seen that the real purpose of the person who made this reservation was not in that.

Bai Shuyun was sitting in front of the door, wearing a hat and a mask. If it weren’t for the arrogant and beautiful eyes that were exposed outside, no one would have recognized him immediately.

“Finally stop pretending?”

His first sentence stabbed straight at it, and entered the subject without any detours. Jian Chi sat opposite, not knowing who this sentence was more suitable for, and also directly bypassed Bai Shuyun’s cynicism: “Don’t make it hard on my family again, I will reject Shao Hang and stop dealing with him. “

“Do I have to believe whatever you say?” Bai Shuyun took off his hat, and his clear eyes turned gloomy, which was not in line with his usual character, “Even if you reveal the matter to Ah Hang, he will never alienate me because of this. We grew up together, how could the relationship between childhood sweethearts and friends be comparable to that of an outsider like you? He will definitely stand on my side and on the Bai family’s side.”

Jian Chi didn’t want to continue chatting with him about Shao Hang, this was just the bait he threw to Bai Shuyun, and now that it was caught, he no longer needed the bait to deviate from his original purpose. Despite this, Jian Chi still noticed Bai Shuyun’s last sentence, ‘Stand on the Bai family’s side’.

Double affirmation means a guilty conscience. Bai Shuyun’s confidence seems to be very strong, but this hold on Shao Hang was inevitable, and was inseparable from the identity behind him.

“Him standing with you can only mean that the position of the Bai family is high enough, not that you have any attraction to him. You grew up together, but has he shown any goodwill to you over the years? I don’t think so, otherwise, you won’t regard me as an enemy. You can’t avoid this. The fact is that he has no interest in you at all. Whether it’s me or someone else, anyone who may appear can attract Shao Hang’s attention, except you.” Jian Chi said, “the relationship between you is only childhood friends. Are you confident that Shao Hang, who knows the truth, won’t lose this friendship with you because of this?”

Even Jian Chi, who has minimal emotional experience, knew that no one wants the person they like to see another side of themselves. After the blow was over, Jian Chi gave Bai Shuyun enough time to react, and after a pause, he spoke, slowing his voice: “I have never regarded you as an enemy. I don’t like Shao Hang, and I don’t want to get anything from him. Compared to continuing this senseless fight, why don’t you think about the pros and cons? I can say good things for you in front of Shao Hang, and I can also help you create opportunities. What you want is him, not me, an outsider who has nothing to give.”

Changing the conflicting views, he tried to leave himself out as much as possible. Jian Chi’s heart was hung high, waiting for Bai Shuyun’s reaction.

Bai Shuyun was silent for a long time, his five fingers tightened on his knees. Only half of his face outside the mask could be seen, and it was an ugly expression. The voice from behind the cloth was no longer weak, covering a strong sense of irony and disdain: “I need you to say good things about me? Who do you think you are? How could Ah Hang listen to your one-sided words? You are thinking too simply. Since I have done it, it is absolutely impossible for people to find out, nor is it possible for Ah Hang. You should just give up and stop begging for your family with your sad face. When you’re done, get out of here and stop wasting my time.”

Jian Chi’s heart sank slowly, there were no surprises. The task of persuading Bai Shuyun was definitely not that simple. His thoughts were already solid. Except for the few people he recognized, the words of others will only make Bai Shuyun feel amused and provoke anger, let alone from someone he despises.’ 

“Then I have nothing else to say.”

Jian Chi took out the phone in his pocket and turned on HS, “I’ve recorded everything since I entered the room. I recorded everything you said just now. Since you don’t want to stop it, I’ll send the recording to Shao Hang to see who he will believe.”

If it weren’t for this series of bad things, Jian Chi wouldn’t know that he could fool people so much.

“You dare?!”

Bai Shuyun’s face panicked, he didn’t ponder the truth of this sentence at all. He got up suddenly and was about to take away Jian Chi’s mobile phone but Jian Chi was a bit taller than him. Moving a little bit faster, his fingers on the screen, Jian Chi met his eyes, and told him coldly, “It’s sent.”

“Jian Chi, you…” Bai Shuyun glared at him with gritted teeth. No doubt he had stabbed Jian Chi in the bottom of his heart, but he couldn’t say the next few words, he couldn’t hold his breath. His face was a little paler than before, the mask was bulging, and he hurriedly used the table beside him to support himself, unable to stand even for just a few seconds.

Jian Chi immediately discovered that something was wrong with Bai Shuyun, and wanted to support him, but was one step too late. Bai Shuyun was already sitting on the ground clutching his left chest, with tiny beads of sweat oozing from his forehead. He asked: “Bai Shuyun, what’s wrong with you?”

“It hurts, it hurts…” Bai Shuyun’s eyes were already wet with tears, and he tried with his last strength to throw away Jian Chi viciously, “Don’t, don’t touch me.”

There was only one thought left in Jian Chi’s mind, he forgot that this arrogant villain suffered from congenital heart disease. He ignored Bai Shuyun’s words and touched the other’s pockets and pants, which were empty.

“Where’s the medicine? Did you bring it?”

“In…in my pocket…”

“It’s not there, did you remember it wrong?”

Bai Shuyun’s face became even paler, unable to hide his panic and confusion, and murmured, “I obviously put it in my pocket, no… I can’t remember it wrong.”

Jian Chi put the weak Bai Shuyun flat on the ground, “I’ll call the ambulance, don’t move. If you can’t bear it anymore, tell me. I learned a little CPR before.”

“Don’t, don’t…” Bai Shuyun grabbed Jian Chi’s cell phone with all his strength, his tone was unprecedentedly decisive, “Don’t call an ambulance, use my cell phone, call, call my brother… .”

Jian Chi didn’t think about it. He just took Bai Shuyun’s mobile phone, unlocked it with his face and clicked into the address book. Bai Shuyun suddenly thought of something, and shook his head in a panic, “Don’t call my brother, don’t… call Assistant Han cough cough…”

It was too late, Jian Chi had already pressed ‘brother’ at the top of the address book, and when he heard Bai Shuyun’s words, he wanted to hang up, but the other side had already picked up quickly, and there was a low ‘hello’ across the current sound.

“Mr. Bai, I’m Bai Shuyun’s classmate,” Jian Chi’s mind was in a mess. Forcing himself to calm down, he explained one by one, “Bai Shuyun’s heart hurts now, he must be ill, the medicine is not around, we are outside. Can you hurry and take him to the hospital?”

After two seconds of silence, a majestic question sounded: “Where is he now?”

Jian Chi reported the restaurant and room number, and just after he finished speaking, Bai Yinnian replied, “Take care of him, I’ll come right away.”

After speaking, he simply hung up the phone.

Jian Chi held up his mobile phone and listened to the beeps for a few seconds before realizing that the call was over, there was still that deep and powerful command in his ears. It was undeniable that when this situation was completely out of control, that command brought a most needed reliability, a sense of security.

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