Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Voice

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“Did you meet Bai Shuyun?”

Shao Hang held the steering wheel, and there was a hint of deep meaning in the question.

Jian Chi gave a vague ‘en’, leaned back in his chair, and looked out the window flying over the street scene, “You two have known each other for many years?”

“You can count it as that, doesn’t v always say that he and I are childhood sweethearts,” Shao Hang hooked his lips with a half-smile, with some sarcasm, “His grandfather and my grandfather were comrades-in-arms. When I was a child, I lived with my grandfather. I often saw Bai Shuyun. His body is not well, so the elders told me to look after him. They said this every day, it made it seem like I wanted to harm him, and he always had to follow behind me. I couldn’t get rid of him, he was like a shadow.”

Jian Chi never thought that would be the reason. Shao Hang paused for a while, and continued: “He has had a bad temper since he was a child. He pretends to be good in front of others, he will cry and make trouble when things go wrong, and he will be presumptuous in front of acquaintances. There is no limit. Since I can see it, the adults can also see it, but because he is in poor health, they all let him.”

“……you can tell?”

“I’m not blind,” Shao Hang said lightly, “I watch him act every day, I wonder if he’s tired or not.”

Jian Chi was dumbfounded, and suddenly felt some sympathy for Bai Shuyun, who was trying his best not to be seen for his true side. People who could make Shao Hang evaluate them as a ‘bad-tempered’ person had a high probability of being really bad-tempered. Thinking of Bai Shuyun’s panicked expression when he mentioned Bai Yinnian, Jian Chi asked, “Is he afraid of his brother?”

This sentence seemed to have touched a sensitive spot. Shao Hang pulled the corner of his mouth without emotion and stepped on the accelerator, “He is afraid. Their family has two brothers, one more crazier than the other. Why do you even care about his brother? Did he say something to you?”

Hearing a person who was very ill calling others “crazy”, Jian Chi replied in a complicated way: “It’s nothing, just something small.”

“I told you everything and you answered me with those few words?”

“It’s the truth,” Jian Chi was patient because he had baited out Bai Shuyun with Shao Hang before, “If he really did something, would I still be able to get out of there?”

Shao Hang sneered inexplicably, “I put up with him because of family relationships. Why are you putting up with him? If he is rude to you, you can just go back for revenge.”

This was really simple for Shao Hang, and it was especially funny in Jian Chi’s ears, but he didn’t reply. Shao Hang also seemed to have something on his mind, he pursed his lower lip, glanced from the corner of his eye, then moved back to Jian Chi’s head, then picked up the phone that pierced the silence without looking.

“Speak.” He spat out a word.

Jian Chi was exhausted physically and mentally by the accident just now. The sleepiness he missed last night came slowly at this time. He just closed his eyes when he was interrupted by Shao Hang who hung up the phone beside him, who asked firmly: ” Bai Shuyun found someone to deal with your family?”

His heart missed a beat, and Jian Chi felt a little blank in his mind, unable to continue the conversation, “…what?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Shao Hang threw the phone to the back seat, slamming it on the leather cushion of the seat, “You saw him just now for this, right?”

Two to three sentences settled the facts, and Jian Chi reacted after a while. He straightened his body, “Why are you investigating this? It has nothing to do with you.”

Shao Hang looked at him, with faint anger and confusion in his eyes, as if he had been stabbed, “I’m helping you, what do you mean it has nothing to do with me?”

“I didn’t say I needed your help,” Jian Chi found that his tone was too impulsive and hurtful, and was silent for a while, “I can solve this matter without your intervention.”

“Too late.”

Shao Hang looked directly at the road ahead, and said in a deep voice that can’t be refuted: “I have already asked someone to deal with it, and it will be solved before the day after tomorrow.”

A short sentence directly blocked Jian Chi’s words. Confusion faded, and mixed feelings came over him. He couldn’t help thinking of the image of Shao Hang’s ridiculing glances sitting by the window, and calling him indifferently to ‘get lost’ which now overlapped with Shao Hang, who was sitting in the driver’s seat at the moment despite being short-tempered, still driving towards his house.


The atmosphere was deadlocked for a while, then Shao Hang said with a cold face: “This shouldn’t be one of your insane rules, right?”

It took a while for Jian Chi to understand what he meant. The emotion that had just risen was swept away, and he even wanted to laugh, “What insane rule? That’s obviously a legitimate rule.”

“Whatever you say,” Shao Hang smiled and said lazily, “Why don’t you say thank you?”

Jian Chi leaned against the window, closed his eyes, and pretended not to hear clearly.

Still the same annoying, but a different type of annoying.

He had a long-lost feeling of relief. The taut strings in his heart were finally untied by Shao Hang, strangely and undeniably loosened. There was a vibration in his pocket. Jian Chi took out his phone, and the screen popped up. Several pieces of messages from Zhang Yang, two hours ago, half an hour ago and now.

Zhang Yang: Did you solve it on your side?

Zhang Yang: It’s been an hour. If you see this, reply to me, I’m very panicked now!

Zhang Yang: Jian Chi, are you alright? ?

Zhang Yang: I sent Ji Huaisi a message, if you see this, let me know.

Jian Chi didn’t dare to delay for a moment and replied: I’m fine here, what did you send Ji Huaisi?

Before waiting for Zhang Yang’s reply, Ji Huaisi’s message popped up as if it had been agreed on: Jian Chi, where are you now?

Zhang Yang followed closely: I told him that you were in a bit of trouble and could not be contacted. Has the matter been resolved?

Jian Chi: resolved.

Ji Huaisi, who didn’t get a reply, sent a second message: Is it convenient to call?

Jian Chi hurriedly entered the chat box, glanced at Shao Hang next to him, and typed a reply: It’s not very convenient, but it’s fine now.

Ji Huaisi: Zhang Yang said you were in a little trouble, what’s the matter?

To be honest, before Jian Chi went, he thought it would be impossible to leave so easily, and he never thought that Bai Shuyun would have an accident. It seemed a little wrong to say anything now, let alone explain this complicated encounter from the beginning. Jian Chi could only reply: It was a little troublesome before, but it has been solved just now. I was worried that something would happen, so I asked Zhang Yang to contact you in case. Did I disturb you?

Ji Huaisi said: “Not at all. If you really had an accident and I couldn’t help you, it would make me feel more guilty.

Jian Chi looked at the short line of words on the screen, and replied after a long time: Thank you.

The opposite side fell silent, and the chat seemed to stop here. Jian Chi waited for a while, then suddenly received a twenty-second long voice message. He wanted to change it into texts but because he wasn’t steady and didn’t press properly, Ji Huaisi’s warm voice suddenly sounded in the car.

“This period of time, I…”

Jian Chi quickly pressed the button, but it was still a little late. Shao Hang glanced at him with a hint of danger and dissatisfaction, “Who are you talking to?”

“TV drama,” Jian Chi recalled the relationship between the two people, and explained without changing his face, “accidentally opened the show.”

Shao Hang was dubious, and seemed to want to ask more, but the road ahead was getting narrower and narrower, so he had to temporarily focus his attention and put the inquiry behind him. Jian Chi carefully changed it to words this time, his heartbeat beating slightly faster.

Ji Huaisi: This period of time, I was busy and I couldn’t find time to find you. I just got two tickets for the auction a few days ago. This weekend, if you have time, would you like to go see it together?

Immediately, a text was sent: I could not find a friend to accompany me, and I planned to return the ticket, but I felt that you might be interested, so I kept it for now.

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