Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Investigation

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The door was pushed open from the outside, and leather shoes stepped on the soft carpet without making a sound. It wasn’t until Bai Shuyun weakly reacted that he realized the existence of Bai Yinnian behind him.

Jian Chi stood up, his legs were numb after squatting for too long, he said aloud: “He has been in this state the entire time and his consciousness is very confused, but fortunately he did not faint completely.”

Before he finished speaking, two men in black carrying a stretcher came in and carried Bai Shuyun onto it, their movements proficient like a well-trained machine. Bai Yinian’s eyes first turned to Bai Shuyun, his anger fluctuated then sunk into his dark eyes. When Bai Shuyun was taken out of the room, he caught Jian Chi off guard, “How did Xiao Yun become sick?”

After standing firm, Jian Chi realized that the man in front of him was too tall, like a model coming out of a magazine. Hearing this question without extraneous feelings, Jian Chi’s heart froze, and he replied reluctantly, “I don’t know either. He suddenly twitched and fell to the ground. Maybe he was stimulated while chatting.”

“What did you talk about?”

“You can ask Bai Shuyun when he wakes up,” Jian Chi held his forehead, avoiding Bai Yinian’s strong gaze, “I was a little scared just now, I can’t remember clearly, can I go back first?”

“Is that so?”

Bai Yinian approached him, the muscles wrapped in the suit fluctuated with the movements, and his sharp eyes seemed to penetrate Jian Chi’s body, forcing Jian Chi to retreat to the table. He lowered his head and looked at the small section of neck exposed under Jian Chi’s black hair. After a while, he said coldly, “I don’t think you were scared. What did you guys talk about?”

This kind of pressure was different from Shao Hang’s undisguised danger, or Shen Shuting’s arrogance in his bones; it was like a sharp edge hidden under a calm lake, every word was heavy and shaking, causing thousands of waves. Jian Chi felt a little breathless, clasped his palms, and said vaguely: “Some things about… Shao Hang.”

He didn’t know if Bai Yinian heard something wrong, his eyes lingered on his face for a moment, as if to distinguish the truth from the fake. Jian Chi didn’t look up, and his heart was beating violently.

Bai Shuyun in the book can always escape punishment. Besides his family background, the main reason was his elder brother above him who protected his shortcomings. Bai Yinian was resolute in the business world and his methods were ruthless. He only took special care of this brother who was not in good health. No matter what mistakes Bai Shuyun made, he would solve them cleanly in the end. Bai Yinnian was not a villain in the true sense, but he was definitely more difficult to deal with than the spoiled young master Bai Shuyun.

Jian Chi didn’t know if Bai Shuyun would speak out about the content of today’s conversation. If so, he would most likely be ‘cleanly resolved’ by this unprincipled older brother. At that time, he would not even have the chance to use such a method today.

“Mr. Bai, can I go?”

After finishing the psychological barrier, Jian Chi raised his head to meet Bai Yinian’s eyes, and whispered, “Bai Shuyun is all right, it’s getting late, I have to catch the bus.”

“What’s your name?” Bai Yinnian didn’t answer his question as if he had never heard it.

“Jian Chi.”

These two words had a kind of magic power. Bai Yinian’s eyes were frighteningly sharp in an instant, and Jian Chi was stared at for a moment. At the same moment, the sharpness dissipated as if it had never appeared. Bai Yinian stood up straight and after opening up this excessively oppressive distance, the aura on his cold face overwhelmed his own beauty, making people dare not look directly at him.

“Jian Chi,” he called out his name. His lips moved slightly, mixed with deep unknown meaning, then he took out a business card from his suit bag, and handed the thin business card to Jian Chi with his wrist-wearing right hand, “Thank you. You saved Xiao Yun today, so you can call the number above as much as you want.”


Jian Chi took it without knowing why, the black and white business card had a name surnamed Han, probably the ‘Assistant Han’ that Bai Shuyun said when he stopped him from calling. When he raised his head and wanted to return it, Bai Yinnian had already moved to the side, answering his phone. Noticing Jian Chi’s gaze, Bai Yinian glanced sideways and answered the words on the other end of the phone unhurriedly, a clear and unspoken message: You can go.

Until he stepped out of the restaurant door, Jian Chi realized that he was still holding the business card in his hand. With just a few words of confrontation, Bai Yinian completely affected his every choice. In the sudden situation just now, Jian Chi didn’t have time to think about it. He hesitated for a few seconds, then temporarily put the business card in his pocket.

“Jian Chi.”

The moment he pulled his hand out of his pocket, his wrist was tightly grasped, and Jian Chi turned his head. Shao Hang’s tall figure blocked the light, stared at him, and asked without a smile, “Didn’t you say you were going to the supermarket?”

Bad things always happen in groups.

“Why are you…”

“Why am I here? Of course I have to ask you that,” Shao Hang stepped closer and asked, “What are you doing here? Who did you meet just now?”

In the gap between the words, he swept over at the restaurant next to him, his dark eyes unconcealed. Jian Chi sighed, his voice unsurprising: “Are you following me?”

“You should see your lying face. Saying you were going to go to the supermarket but acting as if you wouldn’t return.”

Shao Hang snorted coldly. His words were full of sarcasm, but he let out a trace of anger that he didn’t hide. Jian Chi listened carefully and it sounded like he was more worried, and couldn’t help but want to laugh. He pulled his wrist out of Shao Hang’s hand and turned around, “Did you come by car?”

The sudden change of topic made Shao Hang frown a little unhappily. After a while, he spit out a few words: “So what?”

“Since you’re fine, take me back along the way,” Jian Chi walked in front, repeatedly thinking about Bai Shuyun, who had just fallen ill and Bai Yinian’s oppressive gaze, “I have something to ask you.”

Shao Hang stood there for a few seconds, then finally raised his heels, “About what?”

“Bai Shuyun.”

By the window of the room upstairs, the thick brick-red fabric blocked the incoming sunlight. Bai Yinian stood behind the gap in the open curtain, looking down at the two people who were downstairs, seeming to be chatting intimately. After a long time, there seemed to be an agreement, and they got into the same silver sports car.

His eyes were a little darker than the shadows, and after a dark thought, he held the phone to his ear, and ordered the subordinate on the other end without any hesitation: “Investigate a person named Jian Chi, and send all the information about the person before tomorrow to me.”

“Yes, Mr. Bai. The doctor also sent a message that the young master’s condition has stabilized.” Assistant Han didn’t ask any further questions and reported the situation concisely.

“Keep an eye on him,” Bai Yinian said sharply, “lock all the doors, arrange bodyguards by the windows and the door, and don’t step out of the room. I’ve been too lenient with him during this time, and I have to make him remember not to do this again.”

Big Brother Bai’s luck comes later

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