Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Show Weakness

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In the face of questioning, Jian Chi was extremely eager to plead guilty. However, when he opened his lips he didn’t know what to say, only two undulating breaths could be heard in the dark elevator.

Apart from his, the other one was obviously much heavier.

Jian Chi forced himself to calm down and pressed the emergency contact button of the elevator. A few seconds later, a rustling male voice sounded. Jian Chi couldn’t wait and hurried in front and said, “Hello, we are trapped in the elevator now. Can someone come over and save us?”

The raspy voice was intermittent, and it was difficult to hear what the other party said. Jian Chi tried to call out a few more times, but the vague contact sound was finally interrupted.

Jian Chi had foreseen the worst, but the reality was often even worse – the phone had no signal.

The screen went out automatically, and Jian Chi felt like he was just waking up from a dream. He looked back at Shen Shuting, who was hiding in the dark, and took a deep breath, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible without appearing too nervous.

“Does your cell phone have a signal?”

Shen Shuting didn’t say anything. Jian Chi pursed his lips, “I know you have an opinion on me, but now is not the time to settle personal grievances, my mobile phone can’t receive a signal, how about yours?”

In all fairness, Shen Shuting was indeed arrogant and annoying, but Jian Chi didn’t think he would be a person who can’t tell the difference when it was a time of need. Now that they were in danger together, with such an unexpected accident, Shen Shuting should adjust faster than him and think about self-help countermeasures.

Unfortunately, reality seems to be out of hand again. After two inquiries, Shen Shuting’s figure was still standing still in the corner, and Jian Chi felt that something was wrong.

He hesitantly walked towards Shen Shuting, “Shen Shuting? Did you get hurt just now?”

“Do not come over.”

Shen Shuting’s cold voice came out with force, and the three words drew a line of demarcation that could not be ignored in the short distance between him and Jian Chi. He breathed slightly. In the dark he could vaguely see the undulating chest under the suit and his heavy sounded: “Stand there, don’t come near me.”

Jian Chi’s eyebrows twitched, and he couldn’t help but want to laugh, but he couldn’t laugh at all in this situation, “Okay, I won’t come, you just need to check the signal on your phone, is that all right?”

After a few seconds of stalemate, Shen Shuting took out his mobile phone from his pocket. The flickering light reflected his tense and three-dimensional face. The long eyelashes covered the emotions in his eyes. After a while, he spat out the words: “No signal.”

The last glimmer of hope was extinguished, but fortunately, Jian Chi didn’t dare to have too much expectation at all, and leaned against the elevator wall and sighed, “We only have one option now, wait for them to find out, and then come and rescue us.”

No response.

His vision was limited in the dark, and Jian Chi had to shout, “Shen Shuting?”

“What else do you want?”

Shen Shuting’s unsteady breath gave off a hint of hostility, which was different from the tone he used to speak with Jian Chi. After grinding through a layer of heavy sandpaper, he shivered. Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat, and he stood up slowly, “Are you all right?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Good, it means something happened.

Jian Chi felt that the situation in front of him was more difficult than the sudden stop of the elevator. Standing in the same place was not good, nor was it to go over. He could imagine what kind of eyes Shen Shuting would look at him with, or how he would reject him more indifferently and decisively. Two thoughts collided in his mind, and Jian Chi asked in a compromise, “Are you afraid of the dark?”

The breathing in the dark seemed a little heavier, “Shut up.”

Jian Chi tentatively took two steps, not sure if what he saw was true, “Shen Shuting…Are you shaking?”

“…Shut up.” This voice was weaker than before, mixed with a slight nasal sound.

Strange, this was Jian Chi’s first thought. He dared not imagine what kind of turbulent waves would be set off if the people of Saintston saw Shen Shuting like this.

After regaining his senses, Jian Chi couldn’t take back the third step he took. This was the first time he had seen Shen Shuting’s face up close. Hiding in the dark, he vaguely glimpsed the bridge of his nose, the contours of his eyebrows and cheeks, and his lips pursed very tightly. His breath was tighter than before. He was frowning and revealing a hint of vulnerability that was not easy to detect. He pretended to be calm and said, “Stay away from me, I won’t repeat it a third time.”

“You can’t faint before the rescuers come, or I don’t know how to help you,” Jian Chi’s tone became even tougher in the face of Shen Shuting, who had lost his momentum, “Can you get through this kind of… situation? Or do I need to do something?”

“Leave me alone, I said leave me alone… Get out of my sight…”

Shen Shuting covered his sweaty forehead, as if he saw an extremely terrifying scene. He groaned in pain, and leaned on the elevator behind him and slowly slid to the ground. Jian Chi was startled by his sudden reaction, and squatted down quickly, holding Shen Shuting’s shoulder and shaking it, “Shen Shuting? Relax, this is just an elevator…”

Without waiting for the words to fall, the back of Jian Chi’s hand was slapped away hard, and when they looked at each other at close range, Shen Shuting’s eyes were full of suppressed scarlet, and he squeezed a low voice from the depths of his throat: “Don’t touch me, filthy.”

Jian Chi wasn’t sure whether he was speaking to him, or just saying nonsense without realizing it. No matter what kind of words it was, Shen Shuting succeeded in arousing his rare anger. He looked directly at him and replied in a cold voice: “I don’t want to touch you either, but you have to understand that it’s the two of us who are trapped here. I can leave you alone, but if something happens to you, I can’t help you by myself. Ji Huaisi should soon find out that something is wrong, as long as you hold on until then, I will definitely be ten meters away from you next time we meet, is that enough?”

It was unclear if it was because of his tone, or because of the few tossings just now that he lost his strength, Shen Shuting lowered his eyes and breathed heavily without answering.

Jian Chi suppressed the irrational anger in his heart, and when he relaxed his hand, he accidentally touched the back of Shen Shuting’s hand. It was so cold that he almost thought it was a cold dead object. Jian Chi couldn’t hold back and pursed his lips, “Are you cold?”

There was no heating in the elevator, and the cold outside seeped in unknowingly. Shen Shuting seemed to be somewhat awake, turned his head and let out a low ‘en’ from his nose.

The Shen Shuting in front of him was no longer the elegant and vigorous man riding on a white horse for the first time, nor was it the inviolable awe-inspiring aloofness when he interacted with ‘ordinary people like him’. He couldn’t help showing his weakness, trembling. This feeling was extraordinarily novel for Jian Chi. After a while, he opened the zipper of his down jacket, and covered it over Shen Shuting. The jacket still had his body temperature.

Once the b*stard became pitiful, it was difficult to continue to condemn him.

Shen Shuting’s eyelashes trembled. He slowly opened it, watched Jian Chi walk to the opposite corner furthest from him, and then sit down. His dark eyes flickered uncontrollably, his fingers under the down jacket moved slightly, not knowing what he wanted to do.

In the end, he pinched the piece of fabric, as if he wanted to tear it apart, but he maintained this action without moving.

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  1. At this point i dont really like MC, Shen Shuting say to stay far away and he looks scared but MC still go near, MC keep asking SS to tell him what can MC do to help, um hello? He keep saying stay away , he already said what you can do (stay away) , why would you go near, its dark and cramped space if SS is claustrophobic, MC getting near is not helping. And looking at SS reaction is like that and his obsession with cleanliness, it seems he experienced harassment or kidnapped. MC crowding him and enveloping him with his jacket (which would contain MC smell etc) would not help and just making things worse, its just happen to help SS coz this is romance novel. And MC had the gal to get mad when SS is mad MC is invading his personal space despite being told not to get near. In real life if someone is stuck in a cramped space with you and said stay away then you stay away, it’s already cramped as it is, encroaching other people space is not gonna help. I feel like the more I read, the more MC look like brainless white lotus that sometimes become stubborn in certain aspects suddenly and accidentally gain ML interest coz the plot says so. This is my first harem BL novels with this kind of school background tho so im still gonna read coz im curious hwo it develops, not sure if im gonna drop halfway.. i tried to ignore all the plot holes and MC questionable action, hopefully i can preserve until last chapter

  2. Considering that the alternative was SST continuing his breakdown and maybe even passing out, I guess he did what he could. The jacket wasn’t for comfort, he was shivering and ice cold. Most people with claustrophobia find it helpful to have another person around to distract them from the situation on hand (I’m not an expert or anything), besides helping as best as he could, MC retreated.


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