Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Family background

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Taking off his jacket, there was only a sweater and a single shirt left. Jian Chi touched his thin arm and looked at Shen Shuting who was wearing his clothes. He regretted being the hero and having a soft-heart just now.

Time traveled extremely slowly in the dark, and every second was like a minute of torment. He believed that Shen Shuting was the primary reason for this feeling. If the person trapped here was replaced by Zhang Yang, the atmosphere and mood would not be icy.

Jian Chi leaned against the elevator wall behind him, closed his eyes, and saved his energy while waiting for rescue. When his consciousness was blurred, a swaying faint light shone through the gap of the elevator door and a voice called his name.

“Jian Chi, Jian Chi, are you inside?”

Ji Huaisi’s voice.

At this moment, half of Jian Chi’s coldness was driven away. The elevator door was pried open by the rescuers, and the influx of light made Jian Chi squint uncomfortably, then he was suddenly firmly held by a warm and powerful palm. Pulled out of the dark elevator, his stiff legs couldn’t adapt to the sudden rise and he fell into Ji Huaisi’s arms.

That familiar, elegant fragrance entered the tip of his nose, bringing an unprecedented sense of security. Jian Chi held onto Ji Huaisi’s arm unsteadily, his heart seemed to stop in place and didn’t keep up with the fast movement.

“Are you alright?” Ji Huaisi held Jian Chi’s arm and looked at him, unable to control the strength in his hand. Each word made it hard to hide his remorse and worry, “I’m sorry, I was late.”

“I’m fine.”

Jian Chi looked back at Shen Shuting who was trying to stand up in the elevator, and said hesitantly, “Shen Shuting doesn’t seem to be in a good state.”

Ji Huaisi’s eyes narrowed slightly when he touched the coat on Shen Shuting’s body that did not belong to him, and then he naturally hid that expression. Watching Jian Chi, he slowed down his voice: “I have informed the driver accompanying him, don’t worry, nothing will happen to him. Are you tired? I’ll help you back to the car first.”

The person in charge kept bending over and apologizing beside him, saying that the accident caught them by surprise, and they would definitely take it as a warning to prevent such a thing from happening again. Ji Huaisi’s smile was faint, and he no longer seemed to be in the mood to be polite to him. His eyes did not have his usual peace and casualness, it brought a heavy pressure that could not be concealed, “This accident is your full responsibility, I will need a satisfactory response, understand?”

Jian Chi felt that the cold sweat on the face of the person in charge was about to flow down. He turned his head and coughed a few times. He interrupted the endless apology and said to Ji Huaisi, “I feel a little cold. Can we go back first?”

Ji Huaisi withdrew his cold eyes and said no more. The heater in the car wrapped his icy body, and Jian Chi’s frozen blood finally flowed again and came to life. Suddenly putting on a coat and jacket, Jian Chi turned his head to meet Ji Huaisi’s deep eyes, remembering a moment later, he said, “Thank you.”

“I’m sorry for causing you such an accident,” Ji Huaisi reluctantly raised the corners of his lips with a touch of guilt, “Are you really all right? Do you need to go to the hospital for an examination? I’m still not at ease.”

Jian Chi hesitated for a moment, then held down the coat that was still mixed with residual warmth, “No, this is an accident that no one could have imagined. Besides me being a little scared at the beginning, nothing else happened. Shen Shuting’s situation should be more serious than mine, he seems to be sensitive to that claustrophobic environment.”

Not only sensitive, but fear and disgust were more appropriate descriptions. Jian Chi recalled him sitting in the corner, weak and panting, he still had lingering fears when Shen Shuting pushed him away with red eyes and a hoarse voice.

Ji Huaisi lowered his eyelashes to hide his trivial emotions. He didn’t look surprised. Pressing the button at hand, an impervious barrier automatically separated them, forming a closed space, then a gentle and heavy voice sounded: “Shuting was born in a royal family, and he is destined to have a life trajectory that cannot be changed at will. He looks bright and beautiful, but the hardships and helplessness behind it are unimaginable. Ordinary families will have countless trivial matters, not to mention a complex family like his. Shuting’s severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and psychological cleanliness all come from his experiences in childhood. I am his only friend and I don’t know much about it. I used to persuade him to see a psychiatrist regularly, but now it seems that his heart is still knotted, not relieved.”

Jian Chi moved his lips. He wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it. Shen Shuting’s usual cold and arrogant face reappeared in front of his eyes, and he was no longer so annoying for some reason.

Of course, he didn’t think that this could be the reason why Shen Shuting despised and misunderstood everyone, it just temporarily cancelled out the previous unpleasantness. It was best to clear it up completely after Shen Shuting sobered up. The sentence in the elevator ‘the next meeting, we will be ten meters away’ were not words of anger.

After returning home, Jian Chi immediately took a hot bath to wash away the coldness from his body. Jian Chengchao asked him how going out was today, and why lost his coat. It was difficult for Jian Chi to find suitable words to describe it. For the second time, he began to regret the momentary soft-heartedness in the elevator. He lost a coat he just bought and only wore twice.

The probability of finding Shen Shuting to get it back was probably zero, and Jian Chi even guessed that he would throw it away as soon as he woke up.

In an instant, a forgotten detail came to mind, and Jian Chi touched the pockets of his trousers. There was nothing in the front and back, let alone the wallet he took out in the morning.

It’s finished-Jian Chi didn’t know how many times this thought occurred to him today.

He seldom took anything other than his mobile phone out of the house. Yet going out this time, he didn’t want Ji Huaisi to treat his guest and spend money, so he deliberately brought his wallet. Except for two bank cards, it still contained his identification certificate.

Now it seemed that this was definitely the most unwise choice.

Jian Chi searched for the procedure for re-applying a lost bank card. It was complicated and he would have to wait for a long time. When he saw the section that required an ID card, Jian Chi closed the page and clicked on Shen Shuting’s HS for the first time. He hesitated for a long time, then sent a private message.

Jian Chi: President, is my coat still with you? Can it be mailed if convenient?

Then he added another sentence: I will pay for the postage.

The reply came an hour later, with only two words, and it was concise and to the point.

Shen Shuting: Thrown away.

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