Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Drunk

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“A lot of newcomers have come this year.”

When he came to the auditorium where the freshman ceremony was held, Zhang Yang made such a comment.

Jian Chi swept over the vast amount of students in front. There were many unfamiliar faces. If he relied on brooches alone to tell the difference, yellow overwhelmed all other colors, and there were only less than ten special students in rough count. They seemed to be restrained by such a big battle, some looked around at the novelty, while some stared cautiously sideways at the center of the auditorium. Jian Chi felt like he saw himself who had just entered school.

“When the principal and the director’s speeches are over, it will become the student union’s stage.” Zhang Yang yawned beside him. Like everyone around him who was drowsy, it seemed that only the freshmen were listening carefully.

The view from Jian Chi’s position was good. Thanks to Zhang Yang, he could clearly see the impassioned dean on the stage, “Are you going to class directly in the afternoon?”

“On the first day of school, we will talk about holidays and it’ll be very relaxing. I don’t know if it will still be the same in third year.” Zhang Yang reluctantly cheered up a little. “Sainston gives third years one outting each year, the final relaxing event before HSST. I wonder where we will go this year.”

Saintston was indeed humanized in this regard. If 80% of the time in the classroom was studying the textbook, then the remaining 20% was extracurriculars. The subjects chosen by Jian Chi were not so easy, and he usually participated in a lot of large and small activities. Hearing that there were still trips in the third year of high school, the surprise did not last long, and he asked, “Where did they go last year?”

“They should have gone to Northern Europe to see the aurora. The student union of the last class was relatively wealthy. They booked a private island to play for three days. I don’t know about this year… I just know that the student union will be there.”

Zhang Yang’s words came to an abrupt end when Shen Shuting stepped onto the stage. In fact, most of the sleepy students woke up at this moment. The light was cast on Shen Shuting’s well-proportioned and tall back, and the dark blue school uniform seemed to be tailor-made for him, elegantly fitting just right.

He walked to the microphone, adjusted the height, and did not bring any manuscripts. His eyes that were as clear and cold as gems appeared on the big screen, making Jian Chi feel as if he was being stared at, his back was chilled. Judging by the reactions of those around him, he wasn’t the only one.

There was no sign of his sorry state in the elevator.

Jian Chi couldn’t get rid of the image in his mind, and wanted to look away, Shen Shuting seemed to be able to clearly capture his heart from the auditorium that accommodated thousands of people. His clear voice spoke fluently, and his eyes passed through the front row and locked onto Jian Chi. He glanced so quickly at his body that before Jian Chi could react to what was happening, he heard Zhang Yang’s ‘hiss’, “Did he just stare at me? I didn’t do anything.”

This was what Jian Chi wanted to say.

The two-and-a-half-hour ceremony ended, and the freshmen continued their tour for the second portion of the day, while Jian Chi and Zhang Yang went back to the classroom. The foreign guests invited to the ceremony had already left the venue early, but Jian Chi saw a middle-aged man sitting in the front row still standing outside the auditorium. The traces of the years on his face could not hide the handsome silhouette of his youth. The secretary-like woman beside him said something in his ear, the man frowned, then he relaxed, regained his composure, and waved his hand.

Jian Chi couldn’t help but glance a few more times. For some reason, he seemed familiar, but when he heard the word ‘Shao’ popping out of the mouths of students passing by, Jian Chi had a guess and lowered his voice: “That man Is Shao Hang’s father?”

Zhang Yang glanced back and raised his eyebrows, “That seems to be the case. Shao Hang’s father attends the freshman ceremony every year, but usually leaves very early, I haven’t seen them. Now that it’s over, why is he still not back?”

“He may be waiting for Shao Hang.”

“Impossible,” Zhang Yang shook his head with an inscrutable face, and did not forget to add, “their relationship is bad.”

Jian Chi didn’t know how bad it was to make outsiders dare to be so sure.

In the afternoon, he went to submit the application for resignation from the club. The president looked very reluctant, sighed and tried to hold him back, making Jian Chi reluctant to say anything decisive. It took a week to change clubs, so Jian Chi had to continue to take class in the literature club. Somewhat unexpectedly, Shao Hang was not there, nor was Bai Shuyun.

His phone received a message at this time: Come here.

From Shao Hang, two words with no head and no tail*.

* no beginning or end; random

Jian Chi replied with a question mark, and Shao Hang continued to send two words: accompany me.

Come and accompany me.

Jian Chi felt that Shao Hang might be sick again, and asked: What’s the matter?

Suddenly, he remembered the man he saw during the day, and the ‘bad relationship’ that Zhang Yang said, the two seemed to form a connection. Jian Chi thought about it for a while, then replaced the words he thought in his mind: if you feel uncomfortable, you should go back to the dormitory to rest.

Shao Hang did not reply.

This is rare, after all, he used to send one piece of nonsense after another. Jian Chi turned off his phone and threw himself into the last activity of the Literature Club, trying to erase the strangeness in his heart, but it was not very successful.

He could have ignored it. If it was him from two months ago, he would definitely not feel the slightest burden, and there would be a trace of annoyance. But Jian Chi couldn’t ignore the help Shao Hang gave him last time. Even though Shao Hang also contributed to the beginning of him being harmed, he still remembered the feeling of relief and not having to worry about everything.

At that time, Jian Chi even thought that Shao Hang’s previous behavior was not unforgivable.

Jian Chi turned the pen, and a familiar tangle came to his mind. He couldn’t believe he was actually worried about Shao Hang. At the end of the club activity, Jian Chi left the classroom through the back door without attracting anyone’s attention. The text message didn’t mention any place, and he didn’t think much about it. He came to the piano classroom by instinct.

The door was unlocked, and a crack was ajar, revealing the correct answer to him. Jian Chi slowly pushed it open. The piano in the center had its lid opened and the seat was pulled open at will. Shao Hang, whose eyes were half-closed, was leaning against the underside of the open window, and the wind outside blew on his forehead. The scattered hair seemed to be moved, and he opened his eyes and turned to look in Jian Chi’s direction.

Jian Chi swept a look at the few empty wine bottles on the ground, finally knowing where the pungent smell came from when he walked in just now. He frowned, “Why did you drink?”

Shao Hang moved his lips and said slightly, “Come here.”

“For what?”

“Come here.”

Jian Chi thought that he would not listen to Shao Hang’s words like this, but he did it when he met Shao Hang’s dark eyes. His legs gave instructions before his brain, and before he could stand still, Shao Hang stretched his arms and hugged him tightly, making him fall into a hot embrace in a heartbeat.

His mind went blank for a moment, and Jian Chi reached out his hand to push him away, but he was caught off guard when he heard Shao Hang’s voice, which was different from his usual strong and cannot be refuted tone. It was pleading and hoarse, filled with grievance: “I won’t do anything, I just want to hug you.”

After he became drunk, he was a wet puppy

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