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On the night of New Year’s Eve, Jian Chi and Jian Chengchao had a New Year’s Eve dinner for only two people. Although there were also only two of them in the past, because this was the first year in Chuanlin, it was a few times lonelier than when they were in Yuncheng.

Wen Chuan originally wanted to bring Jing Jing over, but he couldn’t let his grandmother living in the hospital spend New Year’s Eve alone, so he had to abandon that idea. Some people set off fireworks outside at midnight. Jian Chengchao couldn’t stop watching TV, but it was more like a lullaby in Jian Chi’s ears. When the fireworks outside finally subsided, he couldn’t bear the sleepiness and went back to his room to sleep. He didn’t know who set off firecrackers again early in the morning, awakening Jian Chi from his sleep.

A lot of messages were piled up on his phone, including New Year’s wishes from Ji Huaisi and Wen Chuan. Zhang Yang asked him if he wanted to meet up after the new year, and there was a video of fireworks sent by Shao Hang, which seemed to be shot from the balcony of his room, with an extraordinarily wide field of vision in a dark night. The fireworks were splendid and beautiful, even more spectacular than what Jian Chi saw downstairs last night.

Below the video was a message from Shao Hang after midnight last night: What are you doing?

Another ten minutes later.

Shao Hang: Are you asleep?

Shao Hang: It’s so annoying. There are people downstairs, and I can’t sleep because of the noise.

He sent a few nonsense messages in a row, and finally did not forget to post a photo. The pulled tie hung loosely at the neckline. His black hair was obviously carefully taken care of, which made his eyebrows and eyes more deep and sharp, and a little less childish. His casual attitude did not lessen his natural extravagance, and he looked like he has just come out of some high-class banquet, if you ignored his sullen eyes.

The message was sent a few hours ago, Jian Chi didn’t know what Shao Hang wanted to say after reading it for a long time, so he replied with a ‘Happy New Year’, which seemed a little out of place, and quickly received a reply.

Shao Hang: Did you see the above messages?

Jian Chi: I saw.

Shao Hang: What number am I?

Jian Chi didn’t understand, so he sent a question mark, and Shao Hang replied: New Year’s greetings, have you sent it to others?

The question mark becomes an ellipsis.

In order to prevent Shao Hang from continuing to entangle on this childish issue, Jian Chi skillfully fooled him: The first one.

After a few minutes.

Shao Hang: .

Jian Chi had no interest in studying this ‘period’. Zhang Yang had already responded to the New Year’s greetings he sent earlier, and excitedly asked him how his holiday was, if he wanted to meet, and have a good time in the last few days.

Three days later was the day to go back to school. Jian Chi had nothing else to do, so Zhang Yang said he could stay at his house for two days, and then they can take the bus back to school together. Jian Chi thought about it for a while and thought it was a good idea, so he messaged the school car and agreed.

The game on the big screen was at it’s last moment. Zhang Yang held the handle tightly, grinned and didn’t dare to be distracted. The screen was scarlet like blood, then he fell on the carpet and let out a wailing: “Ninth time, I followed the strategy to play but what went wrong?”

Jian Chi was eating strawberries. Accidentally biting a sour one, he frowned, “If you are this serious in your final review, you will definitely be able to rise up a few more places.”

“Teacher Jian, you will have a place to exhibit your skills in two days. It is forbidden to mention studying now,” Zhang Yang grabbed the phone next to him and shouted, “I’m not playing anymore, this game is boring, I get abused every time. I was looking for teammates in the forum before. These guys said okay at first but then when it was time to go online, they all went out or they can’t find time. Now we are starting school again. It’s been two months, are they not tired of playing?”

Jian Chi had a deep understanding of this. He may forget how to speak if he stayed at home too long, but the extracurricular activities of the students in Saintston were obviously much more exciting than his. When logging in to HS, the original classroom rants and gossip had been replaced by photos. The location was either an entertainment place such as a bar or a foreign country with the photo, exquisite and high-profile. The boys and girls in it were gathered at the booth and the party. They were all dressed in famous brands and their accessories also revealed eye-catching logos. Jian Chi could count ten plus luxury cars with a swipe. For a moment, he didn’t know if it was a school forum or an Auto Show Conference.

“You didn’t go to Li Bai at the beginning of your vacation,” Jian Chi recalled the place that Zhang Yang had posted before, “How was it?”

Zhang Yang was lying on the carpet. Holding the back of his head, he organized his words while recalling: “It’s alright, our family goes to Libai to play for a few days every year. The winter is very warm, but this time I met Fang Yu, you remember the girl at the dance?”

Jian Chi nodded, “Are you guys together?”

“No, she came with friends. After we played together for three days, she left to go to other cities,” Zhang Yang said. “She and her friends planned to visit all the cities. It seems that this plan started a few years ago. Last holiday, she set a travel route, and had traveled to 20 or 30 cities so far. She talked to me about a lot of interesting things on the road. I feel that she is really different from other girls. Although she also likes shopping and buying cosmetics and bags, I don’t know how to say it, it’s so relaxing and enojyable to chat with her.”

“Do you like her?” Jian Chi asked involuntarily when he heard Zhang Yang’s description, although he didn’t know the exact definition of the word ‘like’ either.

Zhang Yang shrugged helplessly, “I can’t say I don’t like her, but I didn’t think about chasing her. I feel that everything about her is too far away from me. I can’t reach her friend circle, moreover, she has seen so many excellent people, she definitely doesn’t like me. In fact, I added her HS at the last dance. I think she must have guessed my thoughts and didn’t want me to be embarrassed, so she never talked about it, and still treated me as a friend.”

Jian Chi thought for a while, “Why don’t you ask her?”

“If you ask, you can’t even be friends, and even if you are friends, the relationship will be awkward,” Zhang Yang sat up with a ‘pretend to die’ expression. “Jian Chi, haven’t you ever felt this way, falling in love with a person who is too good or who is much better than you in all aspects, you are not sure whether he is being nice to you out of politeness or interest, and you don’t dare to ask? This feeling is really tormenting.”

The words ‘person who is too good’ made Jian Chi slightly startled. Until now, it was unknown. He felt that the only person who could match this title was Ji Huaisi. Zhang Yang’s words made him think, what would Ji Huaisi be like when he fell in love with someone? Will he maintain such polite restraint so that people can’t notice it?

It’s hard to imagine that picture. He remembered the words Ji Huaisi said when he sent him home before the holiday, and the purple brooch that was mentioned.

Ji Huaisi has said that the proposal had no time limit and will never be overdue. Jian Chi felt that maybe he should give Ji Huaisi an answer.

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