Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Conflict

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Strongly kissed by Shao Hang and being seen by Shen Shuting, Jian Chi didn’t know which thing he should react to first.

Worst of all, none of them can be refuted.

If a gaze can be turned into reality, Jian Chi believed that he would have been slashed by Shen Shuting thousands of times. Shao Hang frowned, looked up at the uninvited guest, and said in a bad tone, “Is something wrong?”

“It’s you guys who has something the matter.”

Shen Shuting stared at Shao Hang coldly, not letting go of Jian Chi who hadn’t fully recovered from the side. Even if there were no ups and downs in his voice, he couldn’t hide the faint anger in his words: “What do you think a classroom is for? The bed in a bedroom? If you want to do such a disgusting thing, move somewhere where no one can see. Clean up for me and get out.”

‘Disgusting’ was definitely more deafening than the sound of ‘filthy’ in the elevator. Jian Chi wanted to explain, but Shao Hang had already stood up. The aura of his body instantly overwhelmed Shen Shuting, and he approached with a lukewarm smile. “If President Shen feels sick, he should go out and wash his eyes. No one told you that I bought the right to use this classroom? Why don’t you get out of here, I won’t send you off.”

The corners of Shen Shuting’s lips were pursed tightly, and his breathing gradually deepened. He didn’t say a word, but it was enough to make the air feel oppressive. Jian Chi noticed that he put his right hand behind his waist, and the electric shock by the pool that day appeared instantly. Without thinking, he went to pull Shao Hang away, then stood in front of Shen Shuting and said, “Sorry, we’ll go out right away.”


Shen Shuting stopped the hand that was about to draw out the electric baton, with sharp ice blades in his eyes, the words fell into his ears with sarcasm: “You shouldn’t tell me, but go and tell Ji Huaisi.”

“What does it have to do with Ji Huaisi?”

Shao Hang’s dangerous question came from behind, and Jian Chi felt that his mind was going to spin. There were two giant Buddhas, one cold and one hot.

During class hours, there were not many members in the student council, which was the only good thing for Jian Chi today. Shao Hang was forcibly sent back to the dormitory because he was drunk, and the remaining sober Jian Chi and Shen Shuting came to the office for already an unknown number of times.

There was still some warmth on his lips that didn’t belong to him, showing a distinct sense of existence. Jian Chi wiped it off several times, feeling a line of sight pierced deeply on his body. He raised his head to meet Shen Shuting’s gaze, and subconsciously put down his hand.

Jian Chi didn’t know why he felt guilty. Of course, he couldn’t understand what Shen Shuting was angry about.

“Isn’t Ji Huaisi enough to satisfy you?”

Shen Shuting slammed the door, emphasizing his words coldly, as if it wasn’t Shao Hang who was touched just now, but him, “I thought you knew about restraint, but I was wrong. Does Ji Huaisi know that you are this shameless and casual, that you can get along with others in the classroom?”

It was not only the door that was closed, but also the inviolable and arrogant face that Shen Shuting had always shown to the public. The suppressed anger almost burned Jian Chi in front of him.

Jian Chi’s feet were fixed in place, and it took a long time for him to react and explain: “It’s not like that, Shao Hang, he…”

“Are you trying to say that he forced you?” Shen Shuting interrupted.

This was indeed the truth, but Shen Shuting sneered at it, as if it had become his quibble. Jian Chi organized his words countless times in his mind, and finally turned it into a helpless sigh, “He was in a bad mood, so he drank and said a lot. I was comforting him, I didn’t know he would suddenly… I was trying to get out.”

“Consolation, do you do this to everyone?”

Jian Chi didn’t respond for a while, what did this rhetorical question mean? In the next second, Shen Shuting turned his face away, as if looking at him one more time would deepen the disgust in his heart, as if he didn’t want Jian Chi to see the turbulence in his eyes. He said coldly: “From now on, you have two choices, disappear in front of Ji Huaisi, or stop having any contact with Shao Hang.”

“President, I think you may have misunderstood…”

“I only believe what I see,” He interrupted without temperature, “don’t forget, you still owe me five million.”

This old account was brought up by Shen Shuting on his own initiative. Jian Chi tightened his fists, unable to maintain the politeness and calmness on the surface, his mouth one step faster than his brain: “Shen Shuting, in the elevator at that time, although I can’t say that I saved you, at least I didn’t leave you alone. In addition, you threw away my coat and wallet inside, and I didn’t even bring it up. Ji Huaisi once said that you were a very cautious person in decision-making, but until now I haven’t found this in you.”

“Very good.”

Shen Shuting twitched the corners of his mouth, this rare sneer made the surrounding air drop a degree again, “From now on, every lunch break, you must be where I can see, and you are not allowed to meet anyone until you correct your rambunctious behavior. This is the third option.”

“You,” Jian Chi was dumbfounded, and even wanted to laugh, “Why? Even if I’m as shameless as you say, what does this have to do with you?”

“Ji Huaisi is my most important friend,” Shen Shuting stared at him with emerald eyes, and said firmly, “I can’t watch him be deceived by someone like you.”

A person like him – Jian Chi didn’t know whether he was a monster in Shen Shuting’s eyes or a monster that deluded people with lies. Except for the former Shao Hang, he had rarely felt this kind of offense and hostility. It made no sense and he was misinterpreted again and again.

Obviously he had never done anything to Shen Shuting, he even got blindfolded and helped him once, but it didn’t do any good; even if it was just a ‘thank you’, he would have to be reprimanded from beginning to end like this, unable to complain.

Jian Chi thanked himself for his good temper. At this time, he didn’t even think about refuting it hysterically. It was absolutely impossible for Shen Shuting’s thought to be easily reversed by him, and the third option was not in his hands. Jian Chi turned around and faced the closed door. He probably had to accept it and leave now, but his feet seemed to be out of his control, it didn’t lift up.

“What are you still standing there doing?” Shen Shuting’s voice sounded behind him, unabashedly chasing away the guest.

Jian Chi took a deep breath and turned back to meet Shen Shuting’s cold gaze, “You’re right, I really don’t know what’s right, I don’t know how to be satisfied, I accept this punishment.”

Shen Shuting’s expression was strange for a moment, as if he knew that Jian Chi was lying, but it was difficult to understand his intentions. His eyes darkened, “Do you know the price of lying?”

“I’m just telling the truth,” Jian Chi blinked slowly, “Since you think I’m this kind of person, it doesn’t matter if I become this kind of person.”

“What are you saying?”

Shen Shuting’s face was ugly, and the voice had not yet finished, Jian Chi had already stepped forward in three steps and without hesitation, hugged Shen Shuting who was too late to avoid ir. He folded his arms and hugged Shen Shuting’s waist tightly without leaving a gap.

The moment the fabric touched, Jian Chi had goosebumps, probably because Shen Shuting had always resisted intimate contact. He had already marked ‘close to Shen Shuting’ with a red cross in his heart, as if the other party was a high-ranking person who could not tolerate it. This was so much the case that Jian Chi felt a little dazed when he hugged him – it seemed that there was no different feeling.

He could feel that Shen Shuting’s body was terribly stiff, and his initial resistance was stopped by him. Shen Shuting seemed to have completely lost his thoughts and stood in the same place like a sculpture. If it were not for his breathing and chest movements, Jian Chi would have thought that Shen Shuting had lost consciousness. He raised his head, and met his profile that was close at hand, “Look, I was just like you at that time, I couldn’t escape at all.”

This sentence awakened Shen Shuting’s unused rationality. The anger and disbelief in those eyes were replaced by renewed anger and disbelief. He pulled away Jian Chi’s arms, but because the shaking was so severe, his strength was not enough, and his chest was going up and down. Up and down, like a stranded fish on the shore. He rebuked erratically: “Get out, get out.”

This time Jian Chi left. He felt that if he didn’t leave again, Shen Shuting might really go crazy, his eyes, neck, and even the roots of his ears were already scary red.

But Jian Chi’s mood improved uncontrollably.

This was the first time he has fought back with Shen Shuting. Although he had shamelessly exploited Shen Shuting’s weakness, as long as he thought that this was enough to make Shen Shuting nauseated for several days, he felt that it was worth sacrificing this hug.

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