Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Lie

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Jian Chi opened his eyes, the dim light around him appeared intermittently and some not so good memories reappeared in his mind. He took the mobile phone under the pillow, 8:59, and then in a blink, it became 9:00.

It was obvious that he couldn’t make the morning class. Jian Chi blocked his eyes and let out a slow breath. If Jian Chengchao saw this, he would definitely say that it was unlucky for him to sigh so much at a young age. However, what other methods were there to relieve the frustration and stuffiness in his chest.

It would be a lie to say that there was no feeling at all.

Seeing Shao Hang revealing a completely different side of him under the influence of alcohol, and recounting the past in a calm tone, Jian Chi was indeed moved for a moment, largely because of his deceptive face and the huge and unexpected shock.

Shao Hang was bad, but at the same time he was not just bad. He had deeply analyzed himself and covered up the truth with other characteristics. It was not until this moment that Jian Chi began to think about every word that Shao Hang said and every action he did, including the sentence ‘I admit that I like you a little’, which he was too scared to ask for proof.

This statement did not contain capricious banter, nor did it sound like a joke, which made Jian Chi the most uneasy, and what was turbulent in his heart was that he saw the seriousness on Shao Hang’s face.

Jian Chi tried to recall the plot in the original book, but he hadn’t thought about it for too long, and many plots became blurred.

From Bai Xiyu’s point of view, what he saw was more of Shao Hang’s unruly side: inputting instructions like a machine, demandingness, possessiveness, and even being terrifyingly paranoid in some things, which led him to change his mind from one to another. He didn’t have a positive impression of Shao Hang from the beginning. About the past, it was not like a word was not mentioned, but reading the content of the book was far less impactful than hearing it.

But the thoughts did not remain the same. Jian Chi was reluctant to admit that he really didn’t hate Shao Hang as much as he used to. They couldn’t be categorized as friends but this delicate relationship seemed to be more hazy and ambiguous under the deliberate guidance of Shao Hang. He didn’t think deeply before, because he didn’t believe that the plot would deviate so thoroughly. Later, things gradually got out of control, and Jian Chi still didn’t think that a person like Shao Hang could learn to like and respect a person.

Encountering such a unique confession, what made Jian Chi even more astonished was not the identity of them being same sex, but that the sentence came from Shao Hang. It seems that he has not even had the chance to refuse. Perhaps Shao Hang already knew his thoughts, so he would use such a strong and undeniable approach.

Jian Chi can only temporarily hope that Shao Hang was not serious, although the possibility was slim.

In chemistry class before lunch break, many people were absent-minded. Jian Chi, who was sitting in the back row, could see several people’s computer screens showing pictures that were not related to the subject. Yang Zheng approached while talking, and the mouse immediately switched to a textbook. Only a week after the start of school, most of the students had not entered a ready state. Jian Chi turned the pen, his fingers slipped and it was too late to catch it, and it rolled under the table.

Before he could lean down, Wen Chuan had already picked it up and put it on the table. Jian Chi said ‘thank you’. Wen Chuan lightly pursed his lips: “You have been distracted the entire time just now.”

“Really?” Jian Chi’s hand that wanted to continue to turn the pen stopped, “I have already previewed today’s content, and I feel a little bored.”

This tiny lie didn’t convince Wen Chuan, he looked at Jian Chi, “What happened?”


“Shao Hang didn’t go to class for two days.”

Jian Chi sighed helplessly, “Am I being obvious?”

Wen Chuan glanced away and said, “I’m just stimulating you.”

Jian Chi was dumbfounded, and the first reaction in his mind was that Wen Chuan was broken. He glanced at Yang Zheng on the stage, and when he turned around, he whispered, “It’s nothing, why did you think of him?”

“I don’t know.”

Wen Chuan dropped three unwavering words, and when Jian Chi wanted to speak again, he glanced at the podium and interrupted what he wanted to say. Jian Chi was in a little mess due to this. After class, Zhang Yang brought his things and walked over. He didn’t notice the subtle atmosphere. He patted Jian Chi’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Let’s go eat.”

“You go first,” Jian Chi slowed down the speed of packing up, “I still have something to do. I’m going to the student union.”

Zhang Yang raised his eyebrows, he must have been suspicious, “Didn’t you also go to the student union yesterday, what’s the matter? Why do you have to make so many trips?”

Because Shen Shuting is crazy – of course, Jian Chi couldn’t answer like this, so he ambiguously said: “I want to apply for a foreign university and I need to consult the Student Union about some procedures.”

“That’s it,” Zhang Yang suddenly realized, then realized something was wrong. ‘Sss’, “But can’t the HSST score be used directly for application? What process do you need to go through… Jian Chi?”

Jian Chi, who had already left the classroom, was unable to answer Zhang Yang’s question. Zhang Yang touched his head, and was about to turn around and ask Wen Chuan if anything had happen, when suddenly a dark shadow passed by, and Wen Chuan left a cold ‘I have something to do too’, and headed in the direction Jian Chi went.

Zhang Yang looked at the door inexplicably, feeling that he had overlooked some important details.

Despite being extremely reluctant, Jian Chi knocked on the door of Shen Shuting’s office on time. Shen Shuting had all his file information and even the absolute right to decide whether he stayed or left Saintston. It would be a fantasy for other schools, but in Saintston, everyone was used to this operating system. Balancing pros and cons, Jian Chi had to endure and obey for the time being.

A clear and quiet voice came from inside: “Please come in.”

Jian Chi pushed the door open, put on his shoe covers silently, and sat behind the makeshift desk farthest from the desk. He dared to bet that as soon as he left, Shen Shuting would spray the table and chairs with excess disinfectant, or even throw them away, ordering someone to bring a new set every day. For this reason, Jian Chi deliberately left a mark on the corner of the table yesterday, which made him feel relieved and a little puzzled that the mark was still there.

Before he came yesterday afternoon, he thought that Shen Shuting would target him moer because of the hug, but unexpectedly, Shen Shuting seemed to have completely erased the memory of the hug. Except for the sound of ‘please come in’ when the door was opened, he didn’t say a word to him during lunch break, as if he really regarded this as a prisoner, and Jian Chi, as a prisoner, felt tormented.

He convinced this to be a ‘study room’ for the time being, at least the environment of Shen Shuting’s office was one and a half star more than that of the library. Jian Chi reviewed the content of the next class, looked at Shen Shuting behind the desk, and was a little dazed, wondering why students would have so many jobs. Apart from office work and gardening, doesn’t Shen Shuting have any other hobbies? His imagination couldn’t be taken back for a while, until Shen Shuting raised his eyes and looked straight at him then did Jian Chi regain his senses.

“Actually, I’m a little hungry,” Jian Chi found an excuse for himself but it was true, “Why don’t we set a time later, I’ll come over in the first 20 minutes, and then I’ll go back in the next 20 minutes, or vice versa.”

Shen Shuting stared at him for a few seconds. Without the slightest sign of agreement, he pressed the button of the landline, and after connecting, he ordered coldly, “Pack a meal over here.”

The other party sounded puzzled, as if he had never received such a request: “President, what did you say?”

But it was one step late, Shen Shuting released his finger, indicating that the order had been issued. He looked at Jian Chi and said, “There is a room in the back, clean up after eating.”

Jian Chi looked at the door behind him, it looked like a small lounge, and he couldn’t help but wonder if Shen Shuting’s desire to implement the established plan had exceeded his cleanliness? Otherwise, how can he explain that he would rather let him have lunch in the office than let him go back.

“…Thank you, President.” Jian Chi could only speak with a conscience.

Shen Shuting retracted his gaze and turned his attention back to the desktop computer in front of him. From Jian Chi’s direction, he looked very focused and did not allow anyone to disturb him, but as long as he came behind Shen Shuting, he would find that he had already finished writing in five minutes. Twenty minutes were wasted on the report.

The silence in the office was interrupted by two regular knocks on the door, Jian Chi stood up in relief, “I’ll open the door.”

Regarding the unknown lunch, Jian Chi was a little uneasy, hoping that the other party hadn’t bought the most difficult to eat meal because of Shen Shuting’s freezing temperature. This possibility was not high, after all, it was ordered by Shen Shuting, but Jian Chi never expected to see Wen Chuan’s cold face after opening the door.

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