Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Exciting

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As Shao Hang said, the original items were quickly sent by someone and put back to its original position. Jian Chi knew that there was no hope of driving Shao Hang out. After repeated warnings, Shao Hang reluctantly laid on the opposite bed. He had probably never slept in such a narrow single bed and turned over frequently. The next morning, Jian Chi was not woken up by the alarm clock, but was woken up by the heat of the stove beside him.

Second time.

Jian Chi turned around on the single bed with difficulty, and Shao Hang’s sleeping handsome face suddenly magnified in front of him, and was swatted down by Jian Chi mercilessly, with great strength. Shao Hang opened his blindfolded eyes, and squeezed out an unpleasant low voice from his nose: “…What are you doing?”

“You forgot everything you promised me yesterday?”

Jian Chi’s questioning made Shao Hang sober a lot. He yawned lazily, wrapped his arms around his waist, and lied without blushing: “I forgot, you can remind me again, maybe tomorrow I will remember. .”


In the face of this rogue behavior, Jian Chi squeezed a sound out of his throat, unable to speak. He had a bad feeling that this scene might become the norm. Fortunately, Shao Hang had no class in the morning, so Jian Chi was able to leave alone. If Shao Hang entangled him and they walked out of the dormitory together, he believed that there would be no need to wait until the next day, and there would be rumors and the school would be out of tune again.

The mood calmed down a little, but when he walked into the classroom and faced Zhang Yang’s expression of hesitation to speak, the feeling came back again.

“Jian Chi, do you really live with Shao Hang?”

Careless Zhang Yang could see Jian Chi’s bad face, and quickly added: “I heard it from someone else, someone saw Shao Hang walk into your bedroom and brought a lot of things in. You know, what Shao Hang does is too dazzling.”

Of course Jian Chi knew, so much so that there was only unsurprising powerlessness left. Seeing that he was silent, seeming to have misunderstood something, Zhang Yang racked his brains, but the description became more and more dark: “Although Shao Hang is sometimes annoying, I have never seen him treat others so seriously. Don’t worry, Jian Chi, I don’t discriminate… …”

“I don’t have that kind of relationship with him.”

Jian Chi reluctantly interrupted, and Wen Chuan’s voice came from behind him: “What kind of relationship?”

Zhang Yang raised his head and just answered: “We are…” Then he was intercepted a second time by Jian Chi: “It’s nothing, Zhang Yang is talking about the gossip he saw on the forum.”

“That’s right.” In this regard, Zhang Yang’s mind turned quickly, and he quickly nodded in agreement, realizing that Jian Chi didn’t want others to know the content of the conversation just now.

Wen Chuan probably won’t believe this casual and flawed lie, but Jian Chi really didn’t want to let this topic continue. From Wen Chuan’s face, he couldn’t tell if he saw through the lie. He sat beside Jian Chi and was silent for a while, without questioning the response before, “Have you made up your mind?”

“What?” Jian Chi didn’t react from the topic that suddenly jumped out.

“About Jing Jing.”

The appearance of Shao Hang made Jian Chi almost forget about it. He thought about it for a long time, it was probably more appropriate to say he was entangled for a long time. Now that he can’t control his freedom in Saintston, whether it is because of Shen Shuting, who is biased, or Shao Hang, who occupied his dormitory, Jian Chi couldn’t ignore them thoroughly. Wen Chuan had the school’s approval, but he didn’t.

“Sorry,” Jian Chi felt that these words were particularly difficult to say, but there was no better way. “After you go over, we can start a video call.”

Wen Chuan’s straight eyes made Jian Chi see a cold depression that he hadn’t seen for a long time. He said in a deep voice, “Is it because of Shao Hang?”

“No.” Jian Chi lowered his voice unconsciously, surrendering after a stalemate for two seconds: “Well, he is part of the reason.”

“Jian Chi, I thought we were friends,” Wen Chuan said, his eyes flashing slightly, he rarely said a complete long sentence, “I have never taken the rumors to heart because I believe in you. You have to refuse due to Shao Hang’s sake?”

The declarative words were bland and powerful, and the rhetorical question at the end made Jian Chi dumbfounded. He didn’t do it for Shao Hang, but for himself, but as Wen Chuan said, this was a choice that can’t have both parties happy. Either compromise with Shao Hang or accept Wen Chuan’s invitation. His feelings for the former were too complicated, but Wen Chuan was undoubtedly a friend.

While hesitating, Wen Chuan seemed to have understood the answer, the corners of his lips pursed tightly, and he made a sound after a while: “I see…”

“I’ll go.” Jian Chi hurriedly answered.

Sure enough, the heavens finally moved in Wen Chuan’s direction.

Jian Chi knew that his most distinctive label in the eyes of others was a ‘good student’. A good student who would never skip class or violate school rules. But in fact, it was not the first time that Jian Chi had done something contrary to the rules. The rules of Yuncheng High School were not as strict as those of Saintston. At that time, Jian Chi would spend a whole evening in the air-conditioned office for self-study on the grounds of helping the teacher to correct papers. As long as he said that he had completed his homework, he believed his teacher wouldn’t say much. When the outcome of an event can be easily foreseen, Jian Chi of course couldn’t avoid choosing a shortcut that made him more comfortable.

He didn’t like to regret, and when the decision was made, he won’t think about it again. At night, the empty roads of the campus were shrouded in the silent moonlight. Wen Chuan was dressed in black, with his hands in his pockets, standing under the streetlamp, merging with the shadow. His eyes followed Jian Chi who came down from the dormitory building, the corners of his lips tilted upward indistinctly and he asked in a low voice, “Are you nervous?”

“Don’t ask this question at this time.” Jian Chi took Wen Chuan’s arm and walked forward quickly. He couldn’t guarantee that Shao Hang believed the rhetoric of ‘going to the library to counsel Zhang Yang’, and Shao Hang almost followed. But thinking of Shao Hang’s expression after being fooled, Jian Chi’s mood was as comfortable as the evening wind blowing across his cheeks.

Compromise was self-preservation, and did not mean that he gave permission for Shao Hang to move into his dormitory without authorization. This feeling of revenge made Jian Chi ignore the nervousness, and only after walking a long way did he turn his head to answer Wen Chuan’s first question: “It’s very exciting.”

Wen Chuan let him pull him forward and smiled silently.

The location of the school was too remote, and it took a lot of time to take a taxi to the city. This was the first time Jian Chi had seen the night scene of Chuanlin city center. The first thing of course was to buy a gift. Jian Chi bought the set of books in person, only to know that Wen Chuan had ordered a cake in advance. It was six inches in size, the color was a bright rainbow, and there was a little candy man on top, which had the words ‘Happy Birthday’. Looking at it separately, it looked unsophisticated, but together it looked quite good.

“Does Jing Jing know that I’m coming tonight?” When he was about to arrive, Jian Chi became nervous. This was his first birthday surprise.

Wen Chuan said, “I didn’t tell her, she would be happy to see you there.”

In order to ease the tension, Jian Chi made a joke: “Do you guarantee that she will be happy?”

“En, promise.”

Wen Chuan turned his eyes away, the long hair tied up made his face clear and thin, and the eyelashes casted a shadow, which was not so clear in the night, however, Jian Chi couldn’t look away, and a low voice flowed into his ears: “She accepts the people I accept, she also likes everything I like.”

When he walked to the door, the voice-activated light came on, which also illuminated the momentary turmoil in Jian Chi’s heart. It was probably because the light just now was too dark and the words were too heavy that he could see a strange color in Wen Chuan’s eyes, which was exactly the same as what Ji Huaisi once showed.

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