Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Betray

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Saintston’s senior year was more like the last carnival before graduation than the final ‘sprint’ that ordinary people understood. Although it can be seen from Zhang Yang’s mouth that they have been reveling for three years, they still continued this habit when it came to the end.

Most of the students were very self-conscious – fun-loving when together, but would never disturb others in the study room. Jian Chi, Wen Chuan, and Zhang Yang formed a study group. Whenever they had free time, they would go to the study room to write questions and learn from each other’s strengths.

Jian Chi’s goal was to be admitted to the Law Department of the University of Boros. The school required an HSST score of 98, a rather harsh figure, which meant that he must get a good score in the top 2%. Wen Chuan’s idea was much simpler, finance was his first choice, and there was only one reason, to make money. Zhang Yang didn’t have such a clear goal, and he often said “as long as it’s not too bad”, but under the leadership of the two of them, he also gradually reduced the number of running clubs and nibbling on books. Different goals did not prevent them from making the same effort at the moment.

But not every time could they have the same opening. For example, right now, Zhang Yang was still in literature class, and there was only Jian Chi and Wen Chuan in the study room. In Jian Chi’s opinion, Wen Chuan was much more worry-free than Zhang Yang, and he rarely needed him to explain the topic over and over again, so he could actually spend more time on his own learning. Glancing at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, the bell was about to ring. Jian Chi skillfully packed up the textbook, and Wen Chuan’s voice interjected without warning.

“The day after tomorrow is Jing Jing’s birthday.”

Jian Chi moved for a while and asked ‘the day after tomorrow?’. His first reaction was to prepare a birthday present for the little girl, and then he responded, “Are you planning to leave school to accompany Jing Jing?”

Wen Chuan did not deny it, but hummed, “I promised her.”

“Then you can bring a gift for me too,” Jian Chi thought for a while, “last time she saw a copy of “Natural History” in a bookstore, it was wrapped in plastic wrap. I think she liked it and wanted to buy it, but she pulled me away, insisting she didn’t like it.”

Jian Chi didn’t have any special feelings for children. If he encountered naughty children in restaurants or in the car, he would have a headache, but it was difficult for him to not favour the sensible Jing Jing. Wen Chuan’s lips lifted briefly, as if it wasn’t Jing Jing who was praised, but him, “I see. She will like the gift you give.”

“Are you going to leave school that night?” Jian Chi asked, remembering that he had passed by Wen Chuan, who left school late at night without being detected. Looking back at Wen Chuan, whose smile hadn’t completely faded away, it slowly overlapped with the cold face in his mind, which felt different.

Wen Chuan nodded to indicate his answer, and lowered his eyes slightly, as if he was making some kind of determination that he didn’t want Jian Chi to notice. A few strands of long hair were hanging down his face, and he said in a low voice, “Do you want to… come together?”

The bell rang.

“What did you say?” Jian Chi didn’t hear clearly, and asked again after the bell passed.


Wen Chuan glanced away, and even though they didn’t look at each other, he could see the nervousness and a trace of annoyance he had concealed. Jian Chi vaguely guessed what Wen Chuan had said, and his movement to get up stalled for a while. He tentatively asked, “Do you want me to go with you?”

Before Wen Chuan could answer, the answer already appeared on his face. Jian Chi didn’t think of rejecting him immediately,  but was slightly shaken for a moment, “School wouldn’t allow it.”

“You won’t be discovered, you can feel rest assured,” Wen Chuan’s eyes flashed a dim light, and added: “If you can go, Jing Jing will be very happy.”

Jian Chi believed in the assurance given by Wen Chuan, who had done this countless times. There were a few footsteps outside, study time was over, and new people were about to come in. Jian Chi retracted his gaze and said hesitantly, “I’ll think about it.”

To be honest, he was not afraid of being discovered, but was afraid of being discovered by Shen Shuting. The school did not allow students to leave the school without permission, but after a semester of baptism, Jian Chi had figured out some unwritten rules of Saintston. They were strict, but did not hinder those who took advantage of the loopholes.

Jian Chi was not a straight-forward character, and occasionally wanted to be lazy, but Shen Shuting’s unstoppable existence made him have to be on guard at all times, so that he would not be caught.

When he returned to his bedroom, the sky was already dark, and Jian Chi opened the lock. Before stepping into the room, he was stopped by an alarm bell from his mind. He was about to turn on the light when in the darkness, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist. Before he could pull it back, Jian Chi was pulled into the instantly bright bedroom, he closed his eyes subconsciously, and a familiar low laughter sounded in his ears.

“Are you waiting for me to kiss you?”

This sentence made Jian Chi open his eyes despite the dazzling light, and Shao Hang made a ‘tsk’ sound, looking a little disappointed. This time, Jian Chi finally pulled back his wrist, it took a long time to get his voice back: “I remember that I told you that I don’t like your uninvited behavior.”

“Before was before, now is now.”

Shao Hang walked to Jian Chi’s bed, as if he was in his own territory and sat down naturally. He turned around and raised his eyebrows at Jian Chi, unable to hide his pride, “Are you going to keep your boyfriend out?”

Jian Chi choked for a moment, and burst into an absurd laugh. He did think about what he should say when he saw Shao Hang again. For example, he did not accept at that time. For example, Shao Hang should think about this matter carefully… But at this moment, Jian Chi felt that there was no need to say more.

“What are you doing here?” Jian Chi changed the subject.

Shao Hang asked back, “What do you think?”

Jian Chi followed Shao Hang’s line of sight to the opposite bed, which had been idle since Wei An left. A few days ago, the teacher approached Jian Chi and told him that there might be new roommates moving in. Jian Chi took it for granted that it would be a newly enrolled special student, so he deliberately cleaned the bed. He never thought about this possibility – the bed has been covered with a new quilt, and the personal belongings belonging to Shao Hang were placed.

This realization made Jian Chi’s brain buzz. He walked quickly into the bathroom, where two cups of the same style were placed on the sink. The toothbrush, toothpaste, and towels were all replaced with brand new ones. Jian Chi felt that he should be angry. In fact, he did feel the anger of being offended. He turned around and was about to go out. He was blocked at the door by Shao Hang who came at an unknown time. He asked without thinking, “Where are my original things??”

Jian Chi didn’t hide the impulsive dissatisfaction in his tone. The joy on Shao Hang’s brows suddenly faded. He stared at him for a while, his voice slightly muffled, “You don’t like my arrangement?”

“It’s not a question of whether II like it or not. You didn’t ask my opinion at all when you did this.”

Although Jian Chi told himself countless times not to argue with Shao Hang, when things really happened, all he wanted to do was argue. After all, it is impossible for him to go crazy like Shao Hang, and he did not have powerful capabilities like Ji Huaisi. In front of Shao Hang, the weapons in his hand were too weak, except for his words.

As if to confirm something, Shao Hang asked again: “You don’t like it?”

It wasn’t that Jian Chi didn’t like the layout inside, what he didn’t like was Shao Hang taking things for granted, and he replied without hesitation, “I don’t like it.”

Speaking like this, Shao Hang in the past would probably sneer and say that he didn’t appreciate kindness or break the door angrily and leave. What Jian Chi didn’t expect was that Shao Hang would turn around and dial a number. He hung up after a few words, and turned his head towards Jian Chi. He came over, raised his chin, and Jian Chi could see that he was still a little unhappy, but what he said was the exact opposite: “In ten minutes, they will send your original things back.”

For a moment, Jian Chi wondered if Shao Hang had been taken away and switched. He subconsciously asked, “Really?”

“What am I lying to you for?” The suspicion in Jian Chi’s words made Shao Hang irritably rub his hair, revealing a trace of grievance that he had not concealed. It was unclear whether his suppressed voice was speaking to himself or Jian Chi, “I, I didn’t know if you would like it or not.”

In this way, Shao Hang, who did not play his cards according to routine, made Jian Chi not know what to say. The flames that had just ignited were extinguished with a ‘swipe’, leaving a little confusion and puzzlement. Shao Hang being stared at caused him to grind his back molars, his black hair lining his reddish ears were a bit conspicuous. He raised the corner of his lips, and said bluffingly, “Now you’ve discovered I’m nice?”

Reason returned to the cage in an instant, and Jian Chi withdrew his gaze, “No, I was wondering if you took the wrong medicine.”

Once again, Shao Hang’s reaction did not come as Jian Chi thought. He didn’t get angry but smiled, as if he understood something. He lowered his head and approached Jian Chi, “Are you trying to make me angry on purpose?”

He was discovered.

Jian Chi answered ‘no’, thinking in his heart that he had failed again. He now somewhat missed Shao Hang, who slammed the door and left as soon as he disagreed with something. Now Shao Hang was not only not angry, but also seemed to have the momentum to continue this for a long time.

Shao Hang seemed to have read what he was thinking. He hooked his lips and dragged out his deep voice, “I said it before, now it’s different, now you are my person, I will be more patient and restrain my temper, but if you choose to challenge my bottom line…”

“What will happen?”

“What do you think?”

Shao Hang raised his eyebrows, and his smile made Jian Chi’s back cold, “What’s your bottom line?”

“For example, when you meet the hypocrite Ji Huaisi, and hang out with that illegitimate child every day,” Shao Hang seemed to be fully aware of his charges, and his words revealed a familiar danger. He lightly pinched his earlobe, more playful than before with some tenderness that he didn’t notice, “Jian Chi, don’t betray me.”

This reminded Jian Chi without warning of the final ending of Bai Xiyu in the book. Without refuting or agreeing, his heart rate was slightly fast. He had long known what the consequences of touching Shao Hang’s bottom line would be.

Unfortunately, he was not the Bai Xiyu in the story, and he would never go to such an ending. Jian Chi avoided Shao Hang’s hand and left a sentence: “It’s the same sentence, you can’t mess with my things without my permission in the future.”

Shao Hang’s successful laughter came from behind, “Got it, you can touch my things in the future.”

This sentence contained an ambiguous and profound meaning, and Jian Chi’s eyebrows twitched, then he suppressed the urge to block Shao Hang’s mouth.

He can already foresee how ‘wonderful’ the next life would be. Definitely not the brilliance he wanted.

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