Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Tou Pai*

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* taking a picture of a person without their knowledge

Back in the dormitory, Shao Hang, who was guarding the door, inevitably met Wen Chuan who brought Jian Chi up. The atmosphere was tense, and neither of them spoke, but they seemed to have seen through each other’s mind by their glares. One mocking, one indifferent. Just as Jian Chi was forced to wake up from his sleep, he bypassed Shao Hang and went straight to the bed, ignoring the two people outside.

In a trance, Jian Chi opened a slit and looked at the door with the faint light. Shao Hang’s back was still there, and in front of him stood Wen Chuan, who had not left. He was too far apart to hear what they were saying.

Jian Chi thought he was still in a dream, or had a realistic dream in a dream. How could Wen Chuan and Shao Hang, who had always been incompatible with each other, have a good conversation? This question was thrown away after waking up.

Early morning the next day, Shao Hang only said displeasedly, “Wen Chuan sent you up last night”, while Jian Chi continued the lie he said at the beginning to fool him. Intuition told him that Shao Hang must know something, but Shao Hang did not ask, but Jian Chi would not be stupid enough to take the initiative to reveal it. It wasn’t his obligation in the first place.

Everything was calm and peaceful, him and Wen Chuan’s escape became their secret. Jian Chi’s restless heart slowly calmed down over time, until several photos were neatly arranged on the solid wood table, and this hard-won peace was shattered – the dark wood grain lined the photo of him and Wen Chuan with their backs, particularly clear to see his hand pulling Wen Chuan.

In terms of angle, their intimate relationship appeared unusual.

Jian Chi stared at those photos, his mind in a mess. In fact, from the moment he received Ji Huaisi’s text message, he was enveloped by a bad premonition. Facing the evidence on the table, Jian Chi even forgot the embarrassment of him not daring to face Ji Huaisi, and was speechless: “I…”

“The photo was taken by a member of the student council. It was handed to me without being sent out.” Ji Huaisi’s first sentence calmed Jian Chi’s mess in his head. He tapped the photo rhythmically with his index finger. He paused, picked up one of them, and lowered his eyes with the usual smile. Jian Chi could not feel the slightest warmth.

“That night, there was actually a reason.” Jian Chi explained, but it was an indisputable fact that leaving school without permission violates the rules. His voice did not contain much confidence, and it became lighter and lighter, and he couldn’t help lowering his head: “…Sorry, I am willing to accept my punishment.”

“Jian Chi.”

Ji Huaisi put down the photo when he raised his eyes, and his gentle voice was a little less gentle: “I want to hear the reason.”

Ji Huaisi’s expression was not expectant or one of questioning. This indifferent, somewhat cold look made Jian Chi panic uncontrollably for a moment. He told the truth about Jing Jing’s birthday, the grandmother in the hospital, and when he was narrating, he carefully observed Ji Huaisi’s expression from the corner of his eye, and found that the coldness between his eyebrows showed signs of melting. Why do you care so much about Ji Huaisi’s mood? He can’t tell instinctively, he didn’t know.

“I’m sorry.” At the end, Jian Chi repeated it again.

Ji Huaisi shook his head, not knowing whether he was answering this apology or the above explanation. Facing Ji Huaisi who got up and walked towards him, Jian Chi tensed his body. He thought about what punishment he would receive, what Ji Huaisi did when he was angry, can he be coaxed? The mess was so heavy that he didn’t dare to move. He watched Ji Huaisi come to him and he looked up at him.

“That I’m sorry, is it for the vice-president or for Ji Huaisi?”

Jian Chi was stunned, his nervous heart seemed to be stagnant for a second, then it beated faster. His thoughts ran wildly, and his instincts urged him to respond.


This answer was cunning and slightly conspicuous. Jian Chi wanted to avoid his gaze, but his cheeks were supported by Ji Huaisi’s palm, and he had to turn back to look at him. Ji Huaisi’s gentle eyes contained innumerable deep meanings, and he opened his lips lightly: “Jian Chi, I waited for a long time. Seeing Shao Hang take action, and then watching you and Wen Chuan leaving school together late at night, I wonder when you’ll give me an answer, or rather, when will it be my turn?”

This pierced the problem that Jian Chi had been trying to circumvent. He was originally reluctant to come, precisely because he was afraid of answering him. If it wasn’t for Ji Huaisi’s text message saying that there was an urgent matter that must be said in person, he would definitely be a shrinking tortoise for a while longer.

Jian Chi was a little apprehensive about Ji Huaisi like this, just like that kiss without warning that day that was mixed with irresistible coercion. This feeling was more uncertain than pure coercion. He couldn’t be sure whether the emotion at that time was because he liked it, or he couldn’t bear to refuse.

“Soon,” Jian Chi felt chaotic, his thoughts shifted from the photo just now, “I promise, it won’t be more than a month.”

Ji Huaisi smiled, raised his pale lips, and seemed to return to the harmless and gentle Ji Huaisi for a moment. Jian Chi was dazzled for a while, then heard him speak slowly: “I will wait until the trip in two weeks. On the cruise ship, you have to give me an answer.”

“Okay….What?” Jian Chi caught an unexpected point, “Has the location been set?”

“It’s set, the European cruise ship, are you looking forward to it?”

Jian Chi remembered that this was the choice he filled in, but he never thought that it would be selected in the end. After all, among the three choices, the cruise ship did not look exciting and eye-catching. Jian Chi wondered if this was the result of the final vote but he didn’t know how to speak, and whether the answer he got would be what he wanted. In the end, he didn’t say anything. Ji Huaisi didn’t seem to notice Jian Chi’s entanglement. The cold feeling just now had faded from his brows. He looked back and picked up the photos and put them back in the envelope. 

“These pictures…”

“I’ll throw it away and no one will find out.”

Jian Chi was stunned again, as if it was different from what he thought, “But I violated the school rules, and I was seen…”

This sentence seemed to make Ji Huaisi realize this lack of distinction between public and private life was really not a good thing. He put down the envelope, walked back to Jian Chi, bowed his head and placed a kiss on his forehead. Seeing Jian Chi’s frozen expression, he asked, “Are you scared?”

Jian Chi nodded his head truthfully, the warmth on his forehead continued to spread, making him unable to hear Ji Huaisi’s voice, besides his soft smile and eyes.

“This is punishment, there will be no next time.”


Jian Chi stepped in here apprehensively, and came out dizzy. Ji Huaisi was so serious and angry at first, but in the end he solved the problem with just one kiss. What is he going to do with those photos? Wouldn’t the member who took the photo question this treatment? So…is it solved?

Excluding all the wrong options, the answer seems obvious. Jian Chi’s heart was in a mess, and when he pushed open the door to leave, he couldn’t help but pause.

He remembered closing the door when he came in, when did a gap appear?

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