Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Private Rights

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When the travel location was decided, Zhang Yang sent a text message to Jian Chi, lamenting that the prayer did not manifest itself. Jian Chi on the other end of the phone felt a little guilty, so he comforted Zhang Yang with a few words. After chatting for a long time, Zhang Yang forgot his initial depression and kept talking about his expectations for this trip.

Jian Chi inevitably had some expectations. Apart from Yuncheng and Chuanlin, he hadn’t been to a third city, not to mention a small trip. The weekend before the trip, the school allowed all third-year students to go home and pack their bags, and the following week, they will hop on board, uniform no longer a requirement. After the news came out, it overwhelmed the enthusiasm of the cruise ship. Jian Chi didn’t know how much the students in Saintston hated uniforms. He didn’t quite understand why, at least he couldn’t find a second set of clothes more delicate than the uniforms in the wardrobe.

“Are all the expenses covered by the school?”

“Yes, the school is covering it all.”

In the beginning, Jian Chengchao was shocked and suspicious, and then he helped Jian Chi pack his luggage and praised the generosity of the school. Jian Chi originally wanted to do this kind of thing by himself, but he couldn’t resist Jian Chengchao’s enthusiasm. It seemed as if it wasn’t him who was going to travel, but Jian Chengchao. On Monday morning, Jian Chi and Wen Chuan came to the port together by car. Jian Chi didn’t know how to describe the behemoth docked on the sea. It was no exaggeration to say that he was like an ant compared to the cruise ship’s size. Fortunately, Jian Chi’s expression compared with other special admissions students who were stunned, there was a calmness that showed it was no big deal.

“Hey, why didn’t you send me a message when you arrived?”

Zhang Yang patted Jian Chi’s shoulder from behind. Wearing an orange sweater, beach pants, and a sun hat on his head, it was as if he was going to Hawaii to enjoy the sea breeze next, he was in two separate worlds compared to Wen Chuan, who was in black long-sleeved trousers. Jian Chi looked at his outfit and asked in confusion, “Aren’t you cold?”

They were just half a step into Spring, the sun was shining, but the air was still a bit piercing cold. Zhang Yang grinned nonchalantly, “I’ll go to the top floor to bask in the sun later. Such a good opportunity cannot be wasted. Jian Chi, do you want to go together?”

Jian Chi politely declined the offer. Time to board the ship.

The melodious music accompanied by the luxurious interior was revealed in front of his eyes, and Jian Chi mistakenly thought he had arrived at a palace in a European city. The carpet under his feet was incredibly soft, and the fresh smell permeated the air, whether it was from aromatherapy or some other source. Jian Chi noticed that there was an oil painting with shocking colours on the wall, it looked like an authentic work.

“I heard that this cruise ship was a private cruise ship under the president’s name. Allowing it for this trip, how generous.”

“A cruise ship is nothing to him, right?”

“That’s true.”

A few words floated from the whispering chatter of the people in front. Jian Chi noticed Shen Shuting’s name and quickly understood the meaning of it, and was a little surprised. This surprise was very rare, and it faded quicker than when it came. After all, Shen Shuting was someone who was willing to spend five million for a bunch of flowers.

“I’m on the tenth floor.” Wen Chuan glanced at the room number and looked at Jian Chi, “How about you?”

“I’m also on the tenth floor,” Jian Chi was slightly startled, he remembered that this was the top floor of the cruise ship, “Is there a rule for room distribution?”

“I don’t know, I’m 506.” Zhang Yang shrugged. He didn’t think into it as much as Jian Chi, and soon found a companion on the fifth floor to go to their rooms to put down his luggage. If Jian Chi remembered correctly, these people were YC. But if the room was divided by brooches, shouldn’t he be on the first or second floor?

This question haunted his mind, and he couldn’t find the opportunity to ask. Taking a map of the cruise ship and the schedule of activities, Jian Chi and Wen Chuan took the elevator to the tenth floor. The corridor was so silent that even the sound of footsteps falling on the carpet could be captured, only Wen Chuan’s low voice carried some ambiguity: “There is a dance tonight, are you going to attend?”

Jian Chi had a lot of psychological shadows from this word. The first thing that popped up in his mind was the suffocating embarrassment at the New Year’s ball, and the two broken flowers that annoyed Shen Shuting in the middle of the night. They were not good memories. Jian Chi asked, “How do you know there’s a dance tonight?”

Wen Chuan shook the activity booklet in his hand, “It’s written on it, do you want to go?”

“It’s only the morning. I’ll wait for the boat to start first. I don’t know if I’ll get seasick or not.”

This explanation sounded better than a direct rejection. Wen Chuan didn’t ask any further questions, but he still asked Jian Chi to go downstairs for a few laps after packing up. Jian Chi agreed, and the room card was swiped to open the single bedroom. In this regard, Saintston was very generous, they did not hesitate to let everyone, including special students, to have a single bedroom. Jian Chi walked in with his luggage, his eyes were first attracted by the spacious balcony facing the sea and then moved to the right to a rose petal on the snow-white bed sheet.

Flashy – Jian Chi’s first thought.

His face was touched by a cold glass, and the unexpected temperature difference made Jian Chi shudder for a moment. When he turned around, he subconsciously stepped back, but he was caught by the knee-length bed. It made Jian Chi dizzy for a moment, his eyes focused, and he finally saw Shao Hang pressing down on him, and the bottle of red wine in his hand.

Only Shao Hang can do such a thing.

Facing the helplessness in Jian Chi’s eyes, Shao Hang raised the corners of his lips, but instead leaned to the side of his neck as if encouraged to exhale: “Did you miss me?”

“I thought this was my room.”

“I’m not welcomed?”

Jian Chi couldn’t stand the smell of roses, he pushed Shao Hang away and sat up, rubbing his dizzy temple, “How did you get in?”

“I came through the window,” Shao Hang took the goblet that had been placed on the bedside earlier, handed it to Jian Chi, raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Would you like some?”

These words made Jian Chi completely ignore his hand holding the wine glass. The open glass door of the balcony poured in the sea breeze, and with a sound, the boat started to sail. Jian Chi retracted his disbelieving gaze, “You mean you climbed the tenth floor to come in?”

Shao Hang let out a low laugh, almost unable to hold the goblet in his hand. He leaned half of his body on Jian Chi, laughing with a long and lazy voice: “Sorry to disappoint, I don’t have such good kung fu. Next door is my room.”

Yes, Shao Hang does not have the skills to climb like that, but he has the ‘super power’ that he can get everything he wants. Jian Chi pushed him back a bit, he didn’t budge, so he simply asked the question he had always wanted to ask: “How are the rooms arranged?”

“What kind of method do you think Saintston will follow?” Shao Hang’s meaningful voice sounded dissatisfied with this arrangement, “This floor is for BCs, but… “

Before Shao Hang finished the second half of his sentence, Jian Chi’s mind was already buzzing. That is to say, except for Bai Shuyun, who was unable to participate due to illness, there should only be him, Wen Chuan, Shao Hang and Shen Shuting on this floor.

At this moment, he actually wished that Bai Shuyun could appear here.

The two knocks at the door took away Jian Chi’s thoughts. He thought it was Wen Chuan who had packed his luggage and came to look for him. Jian Chi got up but unexpectedly heard a gentle voice, it was slightly obvious even through the door, Jian Chi also recognized that it was Ji Huaisi’s voice.

“Jian Chi, are you inside?”

The last information has not been digested, and the next one can’t wait to catch up. This time, Jian Chi finally heard the second half of Shao Hang’s statement which was full of sarcasm and displeasure.

“However, some guys abused their private rights and moved their rooms up.”

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