Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Accept

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At 8 o’clock in the evening, the brightly lit giant cruise ship became the only spotlight on the sea. The moon hidden under the clouds was attracted by the melodious dance music on the cruise ship.

Jian Chi loosened the tie that was too tight around his neck. In the year he spent in Saintston, he had gone from ignorant to being able to tie a beautiful bow tie without looking, but at this moment, he suddenly lost his grip. This was the third time he had adjusted the neckline since seeing the outfit and the invitation. There was no problem with the clothes, but Jian Chi just couldn’t get rid of the nervousness in his heart.

The dance had been going on for a while. Walking out of the elevator and going around the hall full of singing and dancing, Jian Chi heard the music floating inside through the glass. Fortunately, his outfit was no different from the people who went to the ball. He met a few familiar faces on the way, but they just glanced at Jian Chi, then realized that he was alone and looked away with an expression that there was no good show to watch. It seems that unconsciously, he still cannot escape the power of public opinion.

Contrary to the lively hall, the unmanned deck under the night was especially lonely. Jian Chi faced the direction of the sea, and was chilled by the sea breeze blowing on his face, he couldn’t help but think about why he appeared here.

The answer was obvious.

“Jian Chi.”

Looking back, Ji Huaisi was in a white suit and seemed to be preparing to go to some high-class banquet. White was not an easy colour to wear, it seemed to be tailor-made for his temperament and stature. Just standing there, the focus was on his eyes. The breeze blew the scattered hair in front of Ji Huaisi’s forehead, and the warmth in his eyes was also wrapped in a misty softness, he came to the startled Jian Chi and held out his left hand.

The misty music was indistinguishable from a distance, but Ji Huaisi’s voice was clear and fell to into his ears: “Am I lucky enough to dance with you?”

Jian Chi looked into Ji Huaisi’s eyes, there was a gentle pulse that was deeper and more attractive than the sea, rubbed with some seriousness, driving him to forget the surrounding environment. The cold wind blew on his cheek. He put his right hand into Ji Huaisi’s warm palm.

The people inside were dancing, and the people outside were stealing the melodious dance music and dancing in the moonlight. Jian Chi learned a little bit from a video for the New Year’s party, and now it came in handy, but he only learned the men’s steps, and Ji Huaisi was also doing the man’s steps, which caused him to step onto Ji Huaisi’s toes from time to time. He even said ‘sorry’ a few times.

Their hands were clasped together, while one of Ji Huaisi’s was around his waist. Ji Huaisi leaned over to his neck, his lips almost touching Jian Chi’s ear. His voice was clearer and more pleasant than the music: “I want to hear some other words at this time.”

Jian Chi’s ears were hot, and his face and neck burned together. Fortunately, the sky was dark enough for him to bear this face without changing expression. He hesitated for two seconds, imitated Ji Huaisi’s appearance and came close to his ear: “I don’t think the violin inside is as good as yours.”

Ji Huaisi laughed. First, the corners of his lips raised more deeply, and then it was rendered to the ends of his eyes and brows, together, there was an undisguised joy. Jian Chi was also infected, and his heart beat a little faster. With this distraction, he stepped on Ji Huaisi’s shoes again.

There was no time to say ‘sorry’, and Ji Huaisi said, “Remember the song I played on your birthday?”

“I remember,” came out almost immediately. Apicture appeared in Jian Chi’s mind, the same moonlight as tonight, “Schubert’s Serenade.”

The music progressed, and the performance reached a climax. Ji Huaisi came close to his face and said: “In addition to happy birthday, that song had another meaning.”

“What does it mean?”

“I love you.”

At this moment, Jian Chi experienced complete stillness, the music in his ears stopped abruptly, the surging waves were silent, and he seemed to be unable to hear his own breathing and heartbeat. It was as if his soul and body were separated. Ji Huaisi’s undisguised tender and handsome face were reflected in his eyes, close at hand. It took a long time for Jian Chi to find his own voice, jerky like a worn accordion: “I…”

“You don’t need to say me too, I want to hear the real answer.”

Jian Chi couldn’t say ‘Me too’, let alone spit out ‘I love you’ like Ji Huaisi. This heavy, sincere feeling forced himself to look straight into his heart. The dance music in the room came to an end. Jian Chi stopped, and the hand in Ji Huaisi’s palm was not taken back, “Actually, I don’t know what it feels like to like someone.”

When these words were said, Ji Huaisi’s eyes darkened for a moment, and he quickly covered them up with gentleness, waiting for the next response. Jian Chi continued: “When you helped me at the beginning, I felt that you were a person who was far away from me in every way because you were too good. Zhang Yang told me that no one in Saintston hates Ji Huaisi, I don’t doubt it at all. Later, you helped me far beyond the scope of a friend, and it was getting harder and harder for me to convince myself not to care.”

“It means I’m still bothering you.” Ji Huaisi’s smile was mixed with a bit of bitter apology.

Jian Chi shook his head, “But as you said before, I don’t hate this feeling, such as now… and the last time.” The specific content was a little hard to explain, and Jian Chi cleared his throat and looked away.

“I think,” after a long pause, Jian Chi could still feel Ji Huaisi’s gaze on him. Under this strong gaze, Jian Chi said the second half of this sentence, “We may be able to give it a try.”

Give it a try. There was no answer more in line with Jian Chi’s heart than these words. He still didn’t know how to have a sincere relationship. From a long time ago, the word ‘like’ was a beautiful but useless decoration for him.

But that didn’t mean his heart was rock solid and would never loosen. Jian Chi knew what it meant to be with one person, and this looseness was pried off silently by Ji Huaisi. He should be a little bit like Ji Huaisi.

The moment the words fell, Jian Chi felt like he was unable to breathe. In fact, he really couldn’t breathe. Ji Huaisi hugged him tightly as if he was a tied balloon, and if he let go, he would float far away. Slightly rapid breathing fell in his ears, “Say it again.”

“I said, we can give it a try together.”

Jian Chi added a lot of uncertain modifiers, which did not prevent Ji Huaisi from automatically removing them, leaving only the word ‘together’. He finally realized that he was hugging too hard, loosened a little, and the bright colour in his eyes was more beautiful and shining than the moonlight. He whispered: “So you accept?”

Jian Chi nodded, having a sense of an illusion.

“I mean let’s give it a try first…”

The emphasis was not finished but melted into a kiss. Jian Chi’s head was dizzy from the wind, and it was close to the temperature rising from Ji Huaisi’s body, so he didn’t know where to dodge. Maybe he shouldn’t dodge, now Ji Huaisi was his boyfriend, a whole new identity.

After a long time, when they finally lacked air did they barely separate. Ji Huaisi’s unstable breath made his words tremble: “Jian Chi, I’m very happy, you don’t know how fast my heart was beating just now, I thought you would reject me.”

Jian Chi asked, “What would you do if I refused?”

“Continue in another way,” Ji Huaisi looked at him and smiled, “Of course, I would be sad for a while first and doubt my own abilities.”

If people like Ji Huaisi doubted their own charm, there would be no perfect man in this world.

Jian Chi was not as excited as Ji Huaisi, but had more of an unreal sense of nothingness, like stepping on a piece of cotton. He was about to answer when he caught a glimpse of a shadow in the darkness in the distance, only the back of someone turning and leaving. He didn’t know how long they had been standing there. When Jian Chi came back to his senses, he couldn’t see anything.

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