Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Showdown

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It’s been a sleepless night for Jian Chi

Before falling asleep, he thought about things, such as Ji Huaisi’s family background, this bizarre world, everything that happened since meeting Ji Huaisi… In the end, all that remained in his mind was: Ji Huaisi confessed to him, and he accepted it.

It’s that simple, there is nothing to dispute over. Being overwhelmed, perhaps it was because this was his first love.

Jian Chi was awakened by the bell coming to deliver breakfast. He took the clothes by the bed, got out of bed and opened the door, the waiter pushed the table full of exquisite dishes into the room, and after introducing the dishes, he did not forget to say the last sentence: “This is what Mr. Ji ordered for you.”

One sentence instantly woke up the half-dreaming and half-awake Jian Chi. He said ‘thank you’, then after the waiter left, Jian Chi looked at the porcelain vase with flowers on the table, feeling a little strange. He took out the phone that had just been turned on, and the first pop-up that appeared was one message, Ji Huaisi’s ‘good morning’, followed by the familiar smiling face with stars.

Jian Chi replied: Good morning, thank you for ordering breakfast.

Ji Huaisi quickly replied: how does it taste, do you like it?

Jian Chi, who saw this sentence, bit half of the small cake on the plate. The taste was sweet but not greasy. It was hard to describe the feeling, it must have used excellent ingredients. Jian Chi freed his other hand to type slowly: it’s delicious, have you had breakfast?

Ji Huaisi: Not yet.

Ji Huaisi: But you can invite me over.

Jian Chi hesitantly issued a sentence: Invite you?

The moment the message appeared in the dialog box, there were two crisp knocks on the door. Ji Huaisi was standing at the door, smiling softer than usual at Jian Chi who came to open the door, his eyes flashing with clear eyes, “Good morning. It feels better to say this in person.”

From the night when the relationship was confirmed, Jian Chi felt that there had been subtle changes between them, but it didn’t seem to be an earth-shattering difference compared to before. When chatting, it was often Ji Huaisi who asked or did something, raised topics and asked questions, he only needed to express his opinions and ideas. But the difference was that Ji Huaisi no longer hid what he had done. He expressed his love more blatantly, such as having the unexpected breakfast in the morning, and before Jian Chi reacted, he would give him a kiss, using ‘good morning kiss’ as a reasonable explanation.

When he did these things, when he said these words, Ji Huaisi put on that gentle and handsome face, one couldn’t pick out a single mistake in his gentle tone. Jian Chi, who had never been in love, let alone seen other people in love, accepted it all in a wavering manner. After confirming their relationship, it was normal for him to be clingy, and he should gradually get used to this feeling.

The weather was fine in the afternoon, and the pool on the top floor was more lively than anywhere else. Jian Chi remembered the swimming trunks but wasn’t going to bring them – but fortunately, Jian Chengchao thought of it and asked him to bring it no matter what, as well as a bath towel. Taking the two things together, Jian Chi took the elevator to the top floor. Only then did he remember that he could have changed his clothes in his room. Fortunately, there was also a dressing room next to the outdoor swimming pool. Jian Chi walked in and just took off his shirt. To be precise, his arms were still in his sleeves, when a force suddenly hit his back and pulled him over, so he had to face the person.

“… Wen Chuan?”

Jian Chi, who had reacted from the dull pain, thought for the first time that he had seen the wrong person, but the cold face dripping with water, the long wet hair tied behind his head, and the hermaphrodite eyebrows all reminded him that this was indeed Wen Chuan.

The stunned look on Jian Chi’s face seemed to make Wen Chuan’s sanity return in an instant. He moved his lips and said nothing. He slowly released Jian Chi’s arm and closed his palm.

“I’m sorry.” After a long while, Wen Chuan said in a hoarse voice, and his long lashes concealed his confusion.

“What happened?” Jian Chi looked at Wen Chuan, who was dripping with water and only wearing a pair of swimming trunks, he wondered if there was something wrong with the swimming water. He asked, “Are you here to take a shower and change your clothes?”

“I saw you.” Wen Chuan said.

In other words, he only came in when he saw Jian Chi come in.

Jian Chi didn’t know what to say. The communication between him and Wen Chuan was always concise, and they were all people who didn’t like to talk too much. At this moment, Wen Chuan’s eyes were covered with deep thoughts that he couldn’t see through, and Jian Chi didn’t dare to open his mouth easily.

“Last night,” Wen Chuan’s fist-clenching hand was visibly blue, and a low voice came out of his throat, “What exactly did you have to do?”

The tense nerves twitched, and Jian Chi said, “I…”

“Go see Ji Huaisi, right?”

Wen Chuan’s eyes made Jian Chi feel a little bit of fear for the first time. The familiar feeling of being stared at by a poisonous snake had a hint of a comeback. Jian Chi originally wanted to hide it for a while, and wait for him to fully adjust to the relationship before speaking to the people around him, but Wen Chuan obviously already knew a thing or two. No matter how he found out, Jian Chi nodded, “I went to see him.”


“Then…” Jian Chi suddenly stopped here and raised his head, “Were you there last night?”

In the darkness of night, the blurry shadow that turned and left reappeared in his mind. Wen Chuan pursed the corners of his cold lips tightly, and before he made a sound, Jian Chi knew his answer. It seems that the first step in trying to hide this matter was not very successful, and it was seen through by Wen Chuan.

“Then… did you see it?” Jian Chi asked tentatively, already knowing the answer in his heart. Wen Chuan was so angry just now, maybe it was because he didn’t tell him about it right away.

Wen Chuan stared at Jian Chi, the distance gradually narrowed, and Jian Chi’s face was reflected in his well-informed eyes, “I want to hear you tell me.”

As expected. Jian Chi breathed a sigh of relief. It was not difficult to understand his thoughts. If Zhang Yang was secretly doing things with Fang Yu and waited until he found out before telling himself, he would definitely have suspicions like ‘did you treat me as a friend’. Jian Chi apologized. Slightly embarrassed, he avoided Wen Chuan’s eyes, “Well… it’s actually the same as what you saw.”

Silence. There was silence for a long time, until Jian Chi finally realized that something was wrong, Wen Chuan’s dark eyes made his heart skip a beat. In a trance, he thought back to that night. Wen Chuan staring into his eyes in the dark, an unpredictable expression when he said that sentence. Obviously there was no connection, but Jian Chi suddenly remembered this scene and lingered on it.

“He confessed, so you accepted.” Wen Chuan said.

Jian Chi felt something was wrong, and couldn’t tell what it was, “Yes… No.”

“Last night, I stood there thinking for a long time and didn’t come out to disturb you.”

Wen Chuan stared at him quietly, “But now I regret it. I should have come out to stop it. There were so many opportunities in front of me, yet I haven’t seized any of them.”

“Wen Chuan, what are you talking about?”

“If I stood there and confessed to you last night, would you have accepted?”

Jian Chi was completely stunned. He and Wen Chuan, a problem must have occurred, “…what?”

Wen Chuan lowered his head, water droplets slid across his high nose along his forehead, and sipped into his thin, bloodless lips. Jian Chi leaned his back against the locker, and the surrounding air suffocated him. He felt that something was changing in Wen Chuan. The ground collapsed, overwhelming his senses, driving Wen Chuan to get closer, and layers of waves surged in his cold eyes.

“Do you really like Ji Huaisi?”

Jian Chi couldn’t answer, he thought he liked him, otherwise he wouldn’t agree to Ji Huaisi’s confession. But adding a certain “yes really” in the stagnant atmosphere at the moment, Jian Chi didn’t know how to answer. His breath was unstable: “Wen Chuan, calm down first…”

“I’ve always been calm, including last night,” Wen Chuan said, “I don’t know if you really don’t know, or if you pretend you don’t. Jian Chi, I don’t want to be calm anymore. I should have known this earlier, that this is of no use to you.”

Jian Chi’s eyes widened. He stared at the handsome face close at hand, then cold lips pressed downwards with the water droplets. It was shivering cold, and softly fixed him in place.

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