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When Jian Chi fell asleep, he felt something rubbing against his face, slightly piercing and shaky.

He wanted to avoid him, but he couldn’t move his body in the dream. This kind of unavoidable acquiescence seemed to give the other party the courage to move forward. The warm skin was very tight and close. Jian Chi felt a little breathless, like he was drowning in waves, and then he was rescued until he was completely awake.

“Are you hungry?”

Ji Huaisi, who was sitting at the head of the bed, closed the book in his hand. Jian Chi recognized that it was the one he had put in the suitcase before he came but had never had time to read. He shook his head when he sat up, and asked after two beats: “Has the school affairs been dealt with?”

Ji Huaisi raised his hand to straighten a few strands of Jian Chi’s hair, and smiled, “One day was enough.”

At this time, Jian Chi took a moment to glance at his phone. In fact, there was one sentence in Bai Xiyu’s words that was correct. The boat couldn’t feel the passage of time, and the lights were bright everywhere, lacking a sense of reality. The vague dream just now reappeared in Jian Chi’s mind, and his eyes stayed on Ji Huaisi’s head for two more seconds. His hair was neat, his expression was natural, and his collar was clean without any wrinkles, as if it had been maintained since he came in until now, his posture unchanged.

Jian Chi felt a little ashamed for his guess, and Ji Huaisi’s unhurried voice sounded at this moment, taking away his thoughts: “When I came over, I saw Wen Chuan standing at the door, he said you dropped your things at his, I brought it in for you.”


When he saw the bath towel stacked aside, Jian Chi’s heart shrank tightly, and he subconsciously turned his head to look at Ji Huaisi’s eyes. There was no condemnation or disappointment in it, it was more like him patiently waiting for his next move to explain.

It was hard to hide what happened that day. Jian Chi abbreviated the process as much as possible, hesitated for a moment, and told Ji Huaisi what he said to Wen Chuan in the movie theater. When the last word fell, Jian Chi nervously observed the expression on Ji Huaisi’s face. Fortunately, the dark color in Ji Huaisi’s eyes melted a little when he explained, and turned into a familiar gentleness mixed with a touch of helplessness. He sat beside the bed and leaned closer to Jian Chi when he lowered his head.

“You don’t have to hide this from me, I’m not that stingy.”

He didn’t know why, but Jian Chi felt that this sentence was half true and half false.

“However,” Ji Huaisi paused, “I’m still a little unhappy knowing what he did.”

“I have rejected him.”

“I know, so other than that, I’m happy.”

When Ji Huaisi’s kiss fell, Jian Chi was not surprised. He knew that he should close his eyes when kissing, but he couldn’t help but look at Ji Huaisi’s long eyelashes covering his eyes. He hesitated for a few seconds, feeling a little rusty, responding to the kiss.

Jian Chi was sure that it was going to be a shallow one. Ji Huaisi’s breathing stopped for a short time, then in an instant, Jian Chi was pressed on the bed before he could react. With Ji Huaisi’s weight, his back was deep into the mattress, and the back of his head was protected by Ji Huaisi’s palm. There was no discomfort, except for his beating heartbeat at the moment.

This kind of intimacy was too unfamiliar to Jian Chi. He couldn’t say whether he liked it or hated it, he couldn’t tell the difference at all. All his senses were gathered in the place where Ji Huaisi touched, his cheek, the back of his head, his wrist, and his lips. He wanted to take a breath, but even so, Ji Huaisi didn’t give him complete space, and he still kept his lips to his lips when he gasped. Jian Chi felt that the place he touched was hot, and silently leaned back a little bit, but before he could do anything, it was too late, and the kiss fell again.


Jian Chi only had time to make a sound, and the rest was swallowed up in the wet and hot kiss, interrupted by the entanglement of lips and tongues. Ji Huaisi was like a pool of soft water, and his not-tough position made it difficult for Jian Chi to breathe as if he was slowly restrained. A danger signal sounded in his brain. When the red light flashed, Jian Chi finally escaped this lingering kiss. .

“You…” Jian Chi breathed calmly, unable to control the rising temperature on his face, “Are you going to get up?”

At such a close distance, every detail on Ji Huaisi’s face can be clearly seen, including the wet lips, the bridge of his nose, the clear and gentle eyebrows, the end of his eyes that was dyed a little red at the moment, it looked like a hazy mist. Jian Chi took a breath and couldn’t tell why he couldn’t take his eyes off, but he thought, probably no one else would be much better than his reaction.

Hearing his words, Ji Huaisi moved a bit. Instead of getting up, he bent his back, put his head on Jian Chi’s ear, and his voice when breathing was deeper than usual, like turbid water: “It seems like it.”

Jian Chi didn’t understand this ‘seems like it’ until he tried to move his frozen legs and accidentally brushed them somewhere when he lifted them up. After a moment of blankness, Jian Chi couldn’t understand more of what it represented. It also finally reflected the ambiguity contained in the sentence just now. In the silence, Jian Chi wanted to bury his head in the pillow below, but was stopped by Ji Huaisi, with a slightly stuffy smile: “Are you shy?”

“No,” Jian Chi almost bit his tongue, “Do you want… the bathroom is there.”

“But I’m uncomfortable,” Ji Huaisi snorted indistinctly, and his breath seemed to brush his ears, “Jian Chi, can you help me?”

This sentence, which normally would not cause the slightest splash, was like a stone smashed into the water at this moment. Jian Chi had no idea how to think or how to react. He seemed to have encountered a difficult problem on his first day on the job. The apprentice looked helplessly at the predicament in front of him. Ji Huaisi’s existence and voice became the wave that pushed him forward, making him further and further away from retreating, so he had to try to get started and solve this novel problem slowly and rustily.

Jian Chi opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. The phone just lit up, and a message popped up. As soon as he sent a reply, the hand behind him wrapped around him and pressed against the bed to look closer at the time on it.

“We missed dinner,” Ji Huaisi’s body was mixed with the fragrance after bathing, and the familiar scent of gardenias, “Did Zhang Yang send you a message?”

“He asked me where I was and if I wanted to go and sing with him.” Jian Chi didn’t dare to turn to look at Ji Huaisi’s face. Now that he was sober, it seems that just looking at him can make him ignite spontaneously.

“Do you want to go?”

“No, he would definitely toss around until late again, I’m a little tired.” At the end, Jian Chi’s voice became vague, and it seemed that a chuckle was heard, which quickly dissipated in the air. Before getting up, Ji Huaisis kissed his ear lightly, and said, “Then the two of us, how about going to have some supper?”

After half a beat, Jian Chi said ‘ok’, and quietly looked in Ji Huaisi’s direction from the corner of his eye. The movement of changing clothes revealed a smooth and well-proportioned back, which went into his pants along the waistline. Jian Chi didn’t dare to look down. When he swept back, he caught a glimpse of the faint red spot on Ji Huaisi’s neck. He took a breath, and then silently, slowly, finally successfully buried his head in the pillow this time.

Originally…actually…he didn’t think about developing into this at all. What went wrong?

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