Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Preposterous argument

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Jian Chi waited until the end of the movie’s announcement and when it started playing the second movie to move. His legs were sore from sitting for too long, and he threw the empty popcorn bucket into the trash can at the door. His eyes were temporarily unable to adapt to the bright light of the outside world.

Dinner was served at this time. Jian Chi originally wanted to wait for Ji Huaisi to have dinner together after his work, but now he had no appetite. He didn’t know if it was because he ate too much popcorn or because Wen Chuan’s words lingered for a long time, Jian Chi had trouble concentrating along the way and almost went in the wrong direction. The sea breeze blew across the water intermittently, as gentle as the gradually sinking sunset. Jian Chi simply stopped by the railing and felt the wind blow.

Occasionally someone passed by and recognized him. They didn’t look at him as recklessly as before, whispering, just glancing at him from the corner of their eye and leaving in a hurry. For Jian Chi, it didn’t hurt or itch.

“Jian Chi?”

This sound brought back Jian Chi’s wandering thoughts, and his mood calmed down a lot after letting go. When he saw Bai Xiyu, he was stunned for a moment and then calmed down. He was just about to leave, but he didn’t want Bai Xiyu to misunderstand anything, so he asked, “You came out for air too?”

Bai Xiyu said: “There was everything I needed in the cabin, but I’m not used to it. Every time I go out and see the sea, I feel more at ease. Maybe it’s because it’s my first time on a boat. You’re not used to it too?”

Compared to the boat ride, what Jian Chi was more uncomfortable with was everything that had happened these days, as if the slow timeline suddenly pressed the fast-forward button in two days. But in the face of Bai Xiyu’s inquiry, Jian Chi just said: “It’s too stuffy to stay inside, so I came out to breathe.”

“Yeah, before I came, I thought I could relax for a while, but now I still stay in my room every day,” Bai Xiyu smiled, his eyes curved, “Why didn’t you stay with the vice president? Should I be saying congratulations to you?”

When it comes to Ji Huaisi, Jian Chi recalled the unfinished secret love of Bai Xiyu for Ji Huaisi in the original plot, which created a subtle wave. There was no loss or hatred in Bai Xiyu’s eyes, he looked at him cleanly with sincere congratulations.

“Thank you.” Jian Chi decided not to think deeply, and responded to this concern with the same seriousness.

“Actually, I could see it from a long time ago that the vice president’s attitude towards you was very different,” It was unclear what Bai Xiyu was thinking of and he continued, “When you blocked that bucket of water for me, I remember that the vice president said that we can contact the student union for anything, so I went to ask for help. When he saw me, he just routinely asked the whole story, until I said your name. Then he became serious and asked me to lead the way to find you immediately. “

This scene seemed to have been a long time ago. Jian Chi’s strong impression of it was Shao Hang, who was the instigator, followed by the blanket with a touch of gardenia that Ji Huaisi draped over him. He didn’t know that there was such a story behind it, “It was a long time ago, and I only met him once before that.”

“Doesn’t this mean that the vice president had been interested in you from the very beginning?” Bai Xiyu blinked, with a playful look that was not offensive, “Jian Chi, in fact, at the beginning, I really wanted to be your friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about you, it’s just a pity. For a while I wondered if you hated me or if I did something wrong.”

These words seemed to be a natural expression of his emotion, and when they came out, there was a soft sigh, Jian Chi didn’t know what to say. At that time, he just knew the secrets of this world and was trying to avoid the people at the center of the plot, but he failed completely, and Bai Xiyu was the only one who succeeded. He didn’t hate Bai Xiyu, and it can even be said that he pitied the uncontrollable ending of the original plot, and finally chose to compromise with Bai Xiyu.

But now, the situation had changed absurdly, and Jian Chi felt that he should have pity for himself who was unknowingly involved.

Bai Xiyu received no answer, and the smile returned to his face. His mood changed very fast, and he couldn’t see the loss just now, and said, “Just don’t hate me, in fact, I still want to be able to get along with you after graduation. Let’s keep in touch, otherwise, I don’t even have any friends I can talk to. Jian Chi, do you find me annoying? “

No matter how dull people are, they can still hear something wrong with Bai Xiyu’s words, not to mention Jian Chi, who can barely be regarded as the solution for Bai Xiyu. He didn’t know why Bai Xiyu kept emphasizing ‘don’t hate’, but he couldn’t find the opportunity to ask. The sinking sunset took away the last ray of light on the sea. Jian Chi returned to his room. Before the lights could fill the dim room, the hand that pressed the switch was pulled away, and Jian Chi, who had been prepared for a long time, struggled, but he could not escape the shackles of Shao Hang.

“Let go.” The light came on, and Jian Chi saw Shao Hang in front of him, and the original tough tone was weakened by half.

Shao Hang looked the same as usual, but he couldn’t hide the tiredness and the hard aura all over his body. He stared at Jian Chi’s eyes, and his slightly hoarse breath fell with his voice: “Who did you meet just now?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“You can see others, but you reject me,” Shao Hang’s mouth curved, feeling slightly ridiculous, “You really don’t want to see me this much?”

Jian Chi said, “I told you that Ji Huaisi and I…”

“You agreed to my confession.”

“I didn’t agree at all, that’s a decision you made without authorization.”

“You also took my brooch.”

“That’s what you forced on me.”

Shao Hang tightened his grip on Jian Chi’s wrist and said word by word, “I don’t care, what can you do with that guy surnamed Ji? According to the sequence, he has to be behind me, what is he… ..”

“Shao Hang,” Jian Chi interrupted him, his temples jumping, “This kind of thing is not a game that can be decided, you don’t know what liking is like, you just hate anyone who goes against your decision. “

Jian Chi wanted to tell Shao Hang a long time ago that he was not the winner of the game, and no one should be Shao Hang’s toy to relieve boredom. He didn’t hold out any hope that Shao Hang could understand this truth.

Shao Hang’s dark eyes stared at Jian Chi, and there was a palpitating danger in the silence. This time, Jian Chi didn’t choose to avoid it, so he sighed, “Ji Huaisi is very good, you also understand that he is very good, but you just don’t want to admit it, I…”

“I hate when people disobey me.”

Shao Hang suddenly loosened the shackles on his hands, “But for you, I used all my patience.”

Jian Chi thought that all this was really pitiful, his wrist was aching, and he didn’t answer. Shao Hang didn’t need his answer either, he turned his face aside to prevent Jian Chi from seeing his eyes, his voice was so dull that he couldn’t tell who he was sneering at, “Don’t think I’ll give up, it’s absolutely impossible. I can’t pretend to be gentle and greasy, and I won’t be as indecisive and calm as Wen Chuan. It’s a good thing he is so cowardly, if he can leave, then its better than none, but I will never leave.”

“You…” Something flashed through Jian Chi’s mind, “How do you know about Wen Chuan?”

Shao Hang lifted his eyelids, and let out a sour and cold snort from his nose, in a shady way, “I said so much, but you only heard Wen Chuan?”

His ability to twist his reasoning still left Jian Chi speechless as always. After so many words, the effect was mediocre, and his central idea still couldn’t get away from the words ‘won’t give up’. Jian Chi fully understood that ordinary persuasion was useless to Shao Hang. He said everything he could, and it was impossible to put a knife on Shao Hang’s neck and force him to leave, let alone put it on his own neck.

Jian Chi closed the open window, thinking that the top priority was to buy a lock to block Shao Hang’s way.

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