Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Recuperate

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When people are unlucky, everything becomes unsatisfactory. Jian Chi understood this truth through personal experience.

When he woke up, he was changed to a strange room, more spacious and brighter, and Jian Chi realized that the time had come to the next day. His headache eased a little. He tried to sit up from the bed, his eyes fixed on the bandaged left ankle, the vague pain easy to ignore, but when Jian Chi wanted to move, the pain suddenly turned his vision black.

“You’re awake.”

The man who walked in had a stethoscope hanging around his neck, dressed like a doctor. He took a flashlight to look at Jian Chi’s pupils, and then touched his plastered ankle, “The ligament was sprained, the plaster will be removed after four weeks. Make sure you are careful when walking during this time and try not to get out of bed as much as possible. Did you take any medicine before? You are so weak.”

Jian Chi’s attention was taken away by the other party’s words of “ligament sprain” and “four weeks”, “Is it so serious? I don’t feel any pain.” The last sentence was not true, Jian Chi just can’t believe it would take a whole month, and most importantly: “Who are you?”

The man seemed to be annoyed, “I told you so much just now, do you think it was all nonsense? I’m the personal doctor of the Bai family, my surname is Han, you can call me Dr. Han. It’s not up to you to decide whether it’s serious or not. Take good care of it during this time.”

Doctor Han looked to be in his early thirties, and his tone was so strong that Jian Chi didn’t even have the chance to dismiss him. He had never seen such a simple and rude doctor with patients, but what made Jian Chi more concerned was the word “Bai Family” in front of him. 

He guessed right, this was Bai Xiyu’s home.

Everything became obvious. Bai Shuyun discovered a very important secret of Bai Xiyu, and used it as a threat to have Bai Xiyu kidnap him from the boat. However, probably not even Bai Shuyun himself would have thought that he would encounter such an accident as soon as he came.

It was not known where Bai Shuyun was now, and he was struggling to even walk out of this room. After Dr. Han’s instructions, he left without any hesitation, and Jian Chi, who heard the door closing, immediately looked for his mobile phone. He made sure to bring his mobile phone and room card when he went to the appointment, but since he woke up, both of these things have disappeared.

Jian Chi opened the bedside drawer, which was the furthest distance he could go so far. No doubt, it was empty. He was already mentally prepared, but Jian Chi still felt a while of loss.


The door opened unpreparedly with a low inquiry. Jian Chi froze there, it was too late to hide the open cabinet door. Bai Yinnian had already walked to his side and closed the drawer firmly for him.

“Do you understand what the doctor said?”


Bai Yinian was still wearing that black shirt, standing there. Even just doing nothing would give people an unspeakable sense of oppression. He didn’t ask what Jian Chi was doing just now, maybe he didn’t care, maybe he knew so he didn’t speak. His eyes came to his face along Jian Chi’s plastered ankle, his eyes darkened a little when he passed his neck, “You should understand the situation now.”

“Actually, I don’t understand,” Jian Chi said.

“Bai Shuyun asked someone to bring you back without authorization when I was on a business trip. I got home early yesterday and he didn’t know,” Bai Yinian said concisely, “I’ll ask him to apologize to you about this.”

It should be more appropriate to replace ‘bring’ with ‘kidnap’, Jian Chi nodded after listening, in a sense, it was Bai Yinian’s appearance that saved him. Bai Shuyun’s purpose for doing this was still unknown, but he didn’t need to guess to know that it was nothing more than revenge, and Jian Chi had given up understanding his brain circuit.

“We can talk about the apology later. I can’t find my mobile phone.” After knowing that this matter had nothing to do with Bai Yinnian, Jian Chi was a lot less wary. At present, it seems that Bai Yinnian should be a person who knows right from wrong. “Can I get in touch with my family and friends?”

In the past day, Ji Huaisi and the others must have discovered his disappearance. Thinking of this, Jian Chi couldn’t hold back his eagerness to contact him, but when Bai Yinian’s mobile phone was in his hand, Jian Chi was in trouble. He communicated with his classmates on HS. The software was downloaded and bound to his mobile phone for security reasons. There was no way to log in remotely. Jian Chi was only hoping for his phone. Unfortunately, he didn’t know Ji Huaisi’s or the number of anyone at school.

Bai Yinian saw that he had not made his next move, “Is there any problem?”

Jian Chi could only whisper ‘no’, his brain was running fast. He dialed Jian Chengchao’s number, and a familiar voice soon came to his ears: “Jian Chi, what’s the matter?”

Jian Chengchao’s usual inquiry made Jian Chi understand that he didn’t know what was going on outside, so he settled down and replied in the same ordinary voice: “The route had changed, I may not be back in a few days, you don’t have to worry, the school allowed us to inform our family.”

The last sentence completely dispelled Jian Chengchao’s doubts. He trusted Saintston very much, and also trusted Jian Chi, “Okay, then send me a message the day before you come back, so that I can pick you up.”


The phone hung up, Bai Yinian looked at the phone that was handed back in front of him, “Done?”


“It’s faster than I thought.” For some unknown reason, Bai Yinnian left this sentence and lifted the corner of his lips indistinctly, but Jian Chi was sure that it wasn’t a smile since it brought an indescribable coldness.

Before Jian Chi could continue to think about it, Bai Yinnian had already glanced away, “Three meals a day will be delivered, and if there is anything else, just ring the bell next to you. Doctor Han will come to check your condition every three days until you recover. Is there any problems?”

This tone of giving orders to subordinates made Jian Chi subconsciously say ‘no’, but he quickly realized that something was wrong, “I can go home to recuperate, I don’t have to stay here… I’ll trouble you.”

“After all, it’s Bai Shuyun’s fault,” Bai Yinnian stopped his sentence before walking out the door, and turned his back to Jian Chi, then used his cello-like voice, “As his older brother, I have to make up for his mistakes. It’s necessary.”

“It…” In fact, he didn’t need this kind of compensation at all.

But it was too late. Jian Chi heard the sound of the door closing in his ear, and the room returned to silence again. Not long after Bai Yinian left, the servant brought today’s lunch, obviously a nutritious meal specially customized for the patient. Jian Chi asked for two crutches. After he left, he got out of bed with crutches. To walk from the head of the bed to the bathroom, it took five minutes for just ten simple steps.

Jian Chi leaned against the sink, washed his face slowly. His messy mind was washed with water and calmed down a lot. He looked up at himself in the mirror, the flesh on his face disappeared after this toss around, and his face was pale. There was no blood on his lips, and the few pale pink dots under his open neckline were particularly obvious.

Jian Chi’s expression in the mirror was blank. With such a mood, after half a beat, he realized what it was and raised his hand to cover it, but this action could no longer make up for it. Jian Chi couldn’t help but recall, could these traces be discovered just now from Bai Yinian’s point of view? Of course, the answer was not what he wanted, and Bai Yinian could probably see it clearly.

He and the entire Bai family probably had bad fate. Jian Chi gave up on himself and thought with great conviction.

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