Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Right and wrong

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Jian Chi didn’t feel like he was recovering from his injury, but was trapped in this villa, this room. He rang the bell three times all afternoon. The first two times were asking if he could talk to Bai Yinnian again. The last time he asked for a few books to relieve his boredom, the results of the first two times were obvious.

He couldn’t move his body, he couldn’t contact the outside world, and in just two days, Jian Chi felt that two years had passed. In the past two days, Bai Yinnian did not appear again. As for Bai Shuyun, Jian Chi couldn’t be sure whether he was here. The only chance to talk was when the servants came to deliver the meal, but they ignored Jian Chi’s words and left the room like ghosts after putting down their plates. Jian Chi couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live here for so many years, maybe he would turn crazy.

When Dr. Han appeared here for the second time, Jian Chi felt a kind of gratitude like an amnesty. During the interval between checking his physical condition, he couldn’t help but ask, “Where is this place? I mean the specific location of the house.”

Dr. Han did not answer, but instead asked, “What do you want to do?”

Jian Chi replied tactfully: “I think if I can go home to recover, maybe I will get better faster.”

“There is the best environment and medical equipment here. If you are not feeling well, I can immediately call the top medical team in Chuanlin to come here for consultation.” It didn’t sound like a lie. Guessing what he was thinking, Dr. Han asked, “Aren’t you satisfied?”

“No, I mean this is not the place for me to stay,” Jian Chi stressed, “I want to go home.”

“Then you should go talk to Bai Yinian.”

This was what Jian Chi was most concerned about and had the most headache about: “I can’t find a chance to talk to him.”

When Dr. Han packed up his tools, he replied without looking up: “If you can’t find a chance to talk to him living in his house every day, what can I as a doctor do?”

He answered casually, and Jian Chi actually choked up. What’s worse was that this sentence was not wrong. He should have been the person who had the best chance to contact Bai Yinnian, but in the past two days, he didn’t even know when Bai Yinian went out and if he came back, let alone find a chance to talk to him.

“Can you answer my first question?” Jian Chi hurriedly said before Doctor Han left.

“It takes an hour and a half to drive here from the city center,” Dr. Han said. “I know what you’re thinking, get rid of that thought.”

Jian Chi was silent.

Right now, he had no way out, and even the idea of ​​escaping from here had vanished after hearing Doctor Han’s reply. What’s more, with his current body, he can’t stand another toss. All roads were blocked, and only the last one remained, and the most difficult one.

Before it got dark, Jian Chi limped out of the room with a cane. Fortunately, elevators were installed on each floor, otherwise Jian Chi thought he might create a second injury when going down the stairs. After slowly moving to the sofa and sitting down, Jian Chi sighed in relief. At this time, the time on the wall clock just passed five o’clock.

Waiting was a stupid strategy, but it would work.

When his vague consciousness returned, Jian Chi realized that he had fallen asleep on the sofa, and hurriedly looked at the clock on the wall, it was already eight o’clock in the evening. The clear sky outside the window was covered with a layer of gray fog, silent and depressing. Jian Chi braced himself, and after another hour, the crisp sound of the door opening came from behind. It was no exaggeration to say that this was the most pleasant sound Jian Chi had ever heard.


The names ‘Bai Yinian’ and ‘Big Brother Bai’ flashed across his mind, and they didn’t seem to fit their relationship. The man at the entrance who had not changed his suit jacket, “Do you have time now? I have something to speak about with you.”

When the last word fell, Bai Yinnian resumed the action when he came in and paused. He handed the jacket he took off to the servant next to him, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned the top two buttons as he walked. Exposing the collarbone under his neck, he sat opposite to the restrained Jian Chi with his long legs folded. At this time, Bai Yinnian spoke up, but did not answer the above question: “When did you start waiting?”

Jian Chi was slightly startled, “Five o’clock.”

Bai Yinian looked at him, ice cold eyes seemed to confirm the authenticity of the sentence, and after a while, he said, “What do you want to say?”

“I don’t think I should stay here,” making sure that Bai Yinnian was ready to listen, Jian Chi dared to say the first sentence, and the rest of the content naturally went smoothly, “I don’t need you to make up for Bai Shuyun’s mistake. I want to go home first, recover from the injury, and talk about the rest later. And I can’t contact my friends right now, they must be very worried.”

“Do you mean Ji Huaisi or Shao Hang?” Bai Yinian tapped the sofa with his slender knuckles leaning on the armrest, and the play down when he pronounced his name did not let Jian Chi immediately discover the deeper meaning, “Apart from them, is there anyone else?”


Jian Chi suspected that he had heard it wrong, his heart beat a little faster, he vaguely understood what Bai Yinian wanted to express, but he was not sure, and asked, “What other people?”

“I’ve heard a little about the things at school, there are many versions, and it’s very exciting,” Bai Yinnian took a sip from the water glass on the table, it seemed a little cold, and he frowned slightly, “Xiao Yun and I have talked a lot about you. I am very curious, the person he liked for so many years, what kind of person would he be infatuated with.”

In just two seconds, Jian Chi realized that the person between the words was referring to Shao Hang, and he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded, “I…”

Bai Yinnian didn’t need his answer, he turned the cup in his hand, and his voice was calm and steady: “I have asked someone to investigate you. Generally speaking, I will not tell the other party about this, and they will never know, but for you, it makes no difference whether I hide it or not.”

There was a buzzing sound in Jian Chi’s ears, and it felt as if Bai Yinian was looking through him, head to toe without a trace, “Why?”

Bai Yinian’s eyes moved from the cup to Jian Chi’s face, and the cold face showed a hint of something unfathomable under the influence of the light and shadow, “Some people’s information are far more wonderful than what he shows, but you are the opposite.”

After going through it twice, Jian Chi vaguely understood what Bai Yinian meant. His eyes followed Bai Yinnian, who got up, and wanted to get up too, so he had to hold on to his crutches, when he heard Bai Yinian’s voice: “Xiao Yun wants to see you, I will take you to meet him tomorrow. Prepare well.”

“Just now……”

“The doctor said, don’t get out of bed until your injury is healed,” Bai Yinian said, “unless you can throw away the crutches and go back by yourself, don’t ask that question again.”

Jian Chi frowned, Bai Yinian’s words made no sense at all, “This is house arrest. I will go back after I meet Bai Shuyun, and I will not stay here any longer.”

Before he finished speaking, the crutch in his hand was taken away by Bai Yinnian. Jian Chi, who had lost his focus, leaned forward uncontrollably. The moment before he fell, his shoulder was held by a big hand, and the tip of his nose almost touched Bai Yinian’s arms. Jian Chi, whose heartbeat had not recovered, heard a slow voice from above his head: “The crutches belong to the Bai family. If you want to leave, leave this behind.”


Jian Chi raised his head and met Bai Yinian’s eyes, a breath in his chest that he couldn’t swallow. He wanted to take back his previous evaluation of Bai Yinian knowing right and wrong. It is more accurate that he inverts right and wrong.

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  1. oh my god, bai yinnian makes me feel so incredibly stifled. he’s continuously mocking jian chi’s lack of societal worth/standing to his face, implying ‘i can do anything to you and you can’t do anything about it’ without actually saying the words.

    he’s honestly the most terrifying of the side characters so far. Is he one of the MLs?

    his brother freaking kidnapped jian chi! and instead of compensating him and covering up the situation, he’s keeping jain chi captive, under house arrest, cutting off his communication to his family and peers. since he knows that jian chi doesn’t have the power to stop him, he’s bowling over human decency and the freaking law to do as he pleases.

    i have no idea how jian chi isn’t as scared as i would be in this scenario. maybe because he’s a boy, he’s not as immediately concerned with the nature of his captivity? a girl MC’s take on this situation will be entirely different…

    • also, what does he mean by: “Some people’s information are far more wonderful than what he shows, but you are the opposite.”

      is he saying he found jian chi to be underwhelming?


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