Flying Ash Extra 2

Extra 2 Another novel completed!!! Thank you to all the readers who joined us on this journey and everyone please give a special shoutout to Sonata123 for translating this novel! This novel wouldn’t have been translated at all without her support and effort!!! Also, if you enjoyed the translations and the novel, please make sure … Read more

Flying Ash Extra 1

Extra 1 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Zhou Jinheng wanted to give Yi Hui an unforgettable marriage proposal. Not the kind of unforgettable that Yi Hui once gave him, but the kind of unforgettable that would be full of happiness and beauty, so that even if he wanted to cry remembering it, he would throw … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 59

Chapter 59 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> On the day he was discharged from the hospital, it was snowing in S City. The first thing Zhou Jinheng did when he walked out of the hospital was to take pictures. A few days ago, he took his Weibo back, flipped through the comments casually and was … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 58

Chapter 58 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> At dawn, Zhou Jinheng, who moved and spoke far more than his instructed share yesterday, was only allowed to say a hundred words today. He craned his neck to see Yi Hui sitting on the edge of the bed playing with his cell phone, and ached to say … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 57

Chapter 57 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Yi Hui wouldn’t kiss him. Not only did he not kiss, but he also did not allow him to talk more. Fearing that he would pass out again after waking up from a coma, he shoved the peeled apple into his hand and ran away with the kettle. … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 56

Chapter 56 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> A gust of early winter wind bent the branches and made the leaves rustle. At the end of the hospital corridor, Yi Hui leaned against the window, looking at the bright red words “in operation”. He was wearing a cotton-padded coat and holding a bottle of hot water … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 55

Chapter 55 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Yi Hui groped for the mobile phone in Zhou Jinheng’s pocket, but after a few attempts, he couldn’t unlock it. Blood coated the screen, quickly coagulating and drying up, and his fingers could not wipe it. Yi Hui’s mind was a mess; he was breathing in shuddering gasps. … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 54

Chapter 54 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The day Tang Wenxi reappeared after a long silence, Yi Hui had just put Jiang Yimang on the plane home. Hearing that he was coming to the station, he rushed over there. There was no one at the place where they were supposed to meet. When a grimy … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 53

Chapter 53 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> A few days later, Jiang Yimang asked for a leave to come to S City again. Yi Hui learned that she was coming by train when she was already halfway there. When he met her at the train station, he couldn’t help but nag, saying that his mother … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 52

Chapter 52 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> When he went back in the evening, Yi Hui felt a bit at a loss about the new number in his phone address book. He wanted to call as promised, but he was afraid that something unexpected would happen. His sister-in-law had sharp teeth and a sharp tongue … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 51

Chapter 51 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> His heart suddenly missed a beat; wide-eyed, in a dizzying shock, Yi Hui darted forward, reaching out to stop him. But it was too late. Zhou Jinheng estimated the distance and knew that Yi Hui could not run up to him in such a short time. In the … Read more

Flying Ash Chapter 50

Chapter 50 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> In the end, Zhou Jinheng straightened up his arms first and then got out of bed. Yi Hui, finally free, sat up hurriedly. He didn’t have time to take off his shoes and stepped on the sheets several times during the struggle just now. He didn’t care about … Read more