PCTG Chapter 39

Chapter 39 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> In the middle of the night, the bonfires outside the tent crackled and burned and a few soldiers were outside on patrol.  The candlelight inside the tent gave out a bubbling noise with moths occasionally passing through, attracted by the blazing fire. They entered the fire with no … Read more

PCTG Chapter 37

Chapter 37 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> In the blink of an eye, it was already autumn. After several rounds of repeated hot spells of autumn, the weather turned completely cool.  Afraid that King Guang’an would catch a cold, Zhou Dawu ordered the servants to disassemble the water wheel in front of the study early … Read more

PCTG Chapter 35

Chapter 35 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Nightfall came.  The last bit of sunset also disappeared without a trace. The night soaked the sky like ink. Early in the evening, Zhuque Street had resumed its usual tranquility. The two stone lions in front of King Guang’an’s mansion gate stood quietly, overlooking the patrolling soldiers passing … Read more

PCTG Chapter 32

Chapter 32 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The wind and rain stopped. There was a delicate layered fragrance inside the bedroom curtain, hot and humid. Under the dim candlelight, a beautiful view came into sight. Ni Lie gasped. The sweat from his temples slid down, dripping along the sharp lines of his chin soaking the … Read more

PCTG Chapter 30

Chapter 30 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The scorching sun’s flaming tongue roasted the earth. The festival in the market had passed, and there were less people on the street now. Finally in the afternoon, people seemed to disappear from the streets and alleys, having the lazy, tired characteristics of summertime.  Ni Lie looked at … Read more

PCTG Chapter 29

Chapter 29 <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The heat wave gradually rose, as if in the middle of summer. Like a flower bud with dewdrops blooming into an extravagant beautiful flower, it released a fragrant and sweet scent, making the people who inhale it to sniff it together with the collected nectar. It looked like … Read more